How To Enable Turn-by-Turn Voice Navigation on iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4

Turn-by-Turn Voice Navigation on iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 – We have already posted that Apple Maps application in iOS 6 is poorly designed a criticized all over the web, but you can add Google Maps to Home Screen to enjoy the much needed features. Still, there is a thing which can’t be achieved using Google Maps, “Turn-by-turnVoice Navigation”. In this situation, a third-party app is the best solution.

How To Enable Turn-by-Turn Voice Navigation on iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4

Scout is one of the best free GPS application which provides the Turn – by – Turn Voice Navigation support. It is very simple to use and even best part is that this application works perfectly on iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. This free application provides real-time traffic details and commute drive times. Just like Siri, you don’t need to type anything, simple speak using your iPhone’s hands free and the application will do rest for you. Just like many paid GPS application, you will also be able to easily find nearby places. (more…)

World Wide Jailbreaking Convention 2012 Live Video Streaming

World Wide Jailbreaking Convention 2012 Live Video Streaming – After covering the year’s biggest event, iPhone 5 Launch event, we are here with the WWJC (Worldwide Jailbreak Conference). In this event the Jailbreak developers talk about the vulnerabilities in iOS and Jailbreak software. The event has started and we have embedded at the end of this post, you can enjoy the live streaming of the event.

The event will start streaming here starting at 9 AM sharp…

World Wide Jailbreaking Convention 2012 Live Video Streaming


How To Set a Song as Alarm Tone On iOS 6

How To set a Song as Alarm Tone On iOS 6 – Other than 10 prominent features, more than 190 features are also hidden in iOS 6. We are already digging out and finding every details and minutes features in iOS 6. Apple introduced new clock application for iPad and that’s not it, they have also modified the alarm clock application. Unlike previous alarms, now users can set a song as an alarm tone. This new application integrates with music application and users can select any song from music library and can set as Alarm tone.

How To set a Song as Alarm Tone On iOS 6


Transfer Old iPhone apps, games and data to New iPhone 5

How To Transfer Old iPhone apps, games and data to New iPhone 5 – If there is something missing on your new iPhone 5 even though you synced it up with iCloud, you might need to move the data manually. You don’t want to do the hectic process of selecting each and every application in iTunes. If you are on a Mac, simply copy off the data from your device and this article will guide on how it’s done.

How To Transfer Old iPhone apps, games and data to New iPhone 5


  1. First of all, you will need your old iPhone with the date you want transferred still in it.
  2. You will also need a Mac and PhoneView that works only on the Mac. This is priced at $29.95.
  3. You will also need a 30-pin sync cable for the old iPhone.
  4. You will need the lighting connector cable for the iPhone 5.

Although PhoneView offers a free trial, it limits what you can actually pull from your old device. But you will not be able to transfer it. So, you will need to buy it to recover all the data. (more…)

Facebook Deleting Fake Accounts

Facebook Deleting Fake Accounts – Facebook is one of the largest Social Networking website with more than 845 million monthly active users. Everyone knows there are thousands of fake Facebook accounts that people use for all sorts of purposes. Facebook has finally rounded them up and are going to delete them. It’s being done in order to remove non-genuine likes in order to clean up the social network. Although it’s not very clear just how many accounts have been deleted, but a number of pages have seen a massive drop in the number of likes over the last two days.

Facebook Deleting Fake Accounts

Facebook Deleting Fake Accounts

TechCrunch was reported to say that Facebook has confirmed that it is finishing off fake accounts and page like increasing the authenticity of Facebook. Zygna’s Texas Holdem page lost around 96,000 likes in one day and that sure is a massive number of likes. Lady Gaga lost as well, around 31,700 fans in a day.

A lot of people will be upset after seeing this huge drop, and getting rid of all these fake accounts should also mean a lot less spam. However, they need to be careful not to remove real accounts by mistake, as that can happen. What are your thoughts? Feel free to leave comments. (more…)

UnTethered Jailbreak iOS 6 Done again

UnTethered Jailbreak iOS 6 Done again, We have already posted that Chpwn uploaded a screenshot of Jailbroken iPhone 5. Yes, he got his iPhone jailbroken but he didn’t post any further details about iOS 6 and iPhone 5 Jailbreak.  The day before yesterday, Chpwn also updated the a website which tells about the status of iOS jailbreak. He updated under the section of iOS 6 as “Nothing available right now”.


Top iOS 6 Problems – issues

How To Fix iOS 6 Issues – Problems on iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS – iPod Touch 4G, 5G and iPad 3, 2 . After Apple’s recent  firmware release IOS 6 many i-device users have updated their devices to iOS 6 in order to taste over 200 new features but unfortunately the new iOS 6 doesn’t attracted the admiration of many users due to the unstable new features, so we have covered most of the iOS 6 issues on our forum through the links below.

ios-6 isues

How To Fix iOS 6 Issues – Problems :

iPhone 5 VS. iPhone 4S, 4 and New iPad Performance Tests

iPhone 5 VS. iPhone 4S, 4 and New iPad Performance Tests – No doubt, iPhone 5 is the fastest Smartphone available in the market; it easily outscores the Android King, Samsung Galaxy S3 in benchmarks, durability and drop test. How it can be compared with other iPhones and new iPad. iPhone doesn’t simple outscored other smartphones  in benchmarks and speed test but it also provides real-life amazing speed which is pretty fast as compared to iPhone 4, 4S and even the new iPad.

iPhone 5 VS. iPhone 4S, 4 and New iPad Performance Tests

The folks at iMore have posted a video of Comparison of iPhone 5 with iPhone 4, 4S and the new iPad. They have run different performance tests for all the devices. The main point is that how we can say a device is faster? There are certain things which show the performance of the device such as Boot Test, Startup speed test and Multitasking test. They have performed all of these tests to show the exact comparison of these devices.

The first test is the boot test, iPhone 5 clearly boots up faster, but iPad really disappoints because it has A5x Chip processor and still take much time to boot up. The next thing is Geekbench test in which iPhone 5 outscores all devices with a large margin. New iPad again couldn’t score even the half of what iPhone 5 did. For more details, please watch the video embedded below and don’t forget to share your thoughts about the latest iPhone 5 speed. (more…)

How to improve iPhone 5 on iOS 6 Battery

How to improve iPhone 5 on iOS 6 Battery ? Battery life is one of the most important issues in the smartphones. We have seen terribly poor battery life in iPhone 4S while some people are complaining the same thing about iPhone 5 Battery life.

According to Apple, iPhone 5 has more battery life as compared to the earlier iPhone 4S but the real-life usage shows something else.

How to improve iPhone 5 on iOS 6 Battery :

How to improve iPhone 5 on iOS 6 Battery ? Battery life is one of the most important issues in the smartphones.

The battery life of iPhone 5 depends upon how you are using it. Some people are hardcore users while others use it only for Emails, Text messages and calls. There may be certain reason behind the poor battery life. However, we have compiled some tips that you can try to increase the battery life of your iPhone 5.

How to improve iPhone 5 on iOS 6 Battery :

Complete a Power Cycle:

What is power Cycle? It means draining out the complete battery of your iPhone until it turns off and then charging it to make full. This will surely improves the health of battery of your iPhone. You should at least complete one cycle per month.

Restore your iPhone and Set as New:

Many people believe that restoring iPhone improves the battery life. Yes, it does only if you “restore” as new iPhone instead of restoring from Backup. So, if you ever want to restore your iPhone. Set as New instead of “backup from previous device”, we know that it is really hectic job but it is very effective as well.

Turn off Location Services:

Location services eat your battery very quickly, so turn off the location services when you are not using them. Moreover, you can turn off for single app by navigating to “Settings > Privacy > Location”

Turn Off Raise to Speak:

Raise to Speak feature automatically turn on the “Siri” when your raise your iPhone. This feature actually uses accelerometer, so by turning it you will see some improvements in battery life.

Notification Widgets:

Notification widgets also drain battery especially when they are not particularly useful. Such as Weather and Stocks, turning them off will also increase the battery life.

Push Notifications:

Just like Location Services, notifications also drain battery fast. Turn them off or use them for specific apps. Navigate to Settings to turn them off.

Kill Background Apps:

Multitasking also plays an important role in draining battery of iPhone 5. So, kill all the background apps. Double press the Home button. Tap and hold an icon to put in “jiggle” mode. Tap on “Red bar” to kill an application.

Other Options:

These were some important services, you can also turn off the following options especially when you are not using them such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE, decrease brightness and Turn off the iPod Eq.

How to Copy all Data from Android Phone to iPhone 5, 4S, 4

How to Copy all Data from Android Phone to iPhone 5, 4S, 4 like Mail, Contacts, Calender, Media files, photos, Videos on any iOS Firmware iOS 4.x, iOS 5.x, iOS 6.x.

The new iPhone is going to a great device to own. If you’re an android owner, and are looking to make a switch to the iPhone, you may want to transfer everything to the iOS. Today you’ll learn how to.

Copy all Data from Android Phone to iPhone 5, 4S, 4

Copy all Data from Android Phone to iPhone 5, 4S, 4

How to Copy all Data from Android Phone to iPhone 5, 4S, 4 :

Transfer Calendars and Contacts from Android to iPhone: 

There are two methods to transfer calendar dates and contacts. Each method depends on the way the information is stored into the Android phone.

Method if the local data is synchronized with a Google account online:

  1. Open up Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars on the iPhone
  2. Make a new ‘Microsoft Exchange account’
  3. Input the details which include the login info and the email. If you have a domain for an actual ME server, enter it. Gmail users can skip entering it.
  4. Choose ‘Server’ > put “” for Gmail, or input the ME server address
  5. Choose what you want to import (calendars, contacts, mail, reminders etc.) on the final screen > select Accept.

If the data is in the local memory of the Android device

  1. On the android, open the Contacts app > tap the menu key > select Import/ Export.
  2. Choose the option to “Export to SD Card” (by default it should save as 0001.vcf).
  3. Connect the SD card to the PC (through a USB cable/ phone/ card reader). From the SD card, copy the .vcf file from the SD card onto the desktop
  4. Open the Gmail account and choose contacts from the drop down menu in the upper left corner of the screen. From the More Actions menu bar, choose Import. Choose the .vcf file and import it.
  5. With the online contacts, they can be imported on the iPhone. Follow the above-steps.

How to Transfer Media files? 

There are a few options in this one. iTunes can be used if the transfer is just for photos and videos form Android to iPhone:

  1. Plug in the Android device to the computer and using Outlook or Exchange, Sync it.
  2. Now unplug it, and connect the iPhone with a Wi-Fi or a USB cable. Open iTunes.
  3. Choose “Sync with iPhone”. Choose the things desired to be imported on the phone, apps, audio etc., and let iTunes do the rest.

Keep the data you keep in the cloud as it is, while iOS apps can be downloaded for storage lockers like Evernote, Dropbox and Amazon Cloud Player, allowing the data to sync automatically.Google Play data may not transfer, and there’s a fee on iOS. However, the music can be uploaded manually with iTunes to the iPhone.

How to Transfer Apps? 

This is important. Apps like Instagram, Foursquare etc. can be duplicated on the App Store, but what about the apps you paid for, will you pay them again?You can just call or email the customer service and explain them that you’ve already paid for the Android version and are simply switching the operating system. Tell them, you don’t want to stop the using the app just because of a few dollars. If you are polite, then you be in lock. But be careful, if you can buy a new phone, for them an app for you won’t be a big cost.

[Via: Gizmodo]

Buying Cheap iPhone 5 Lighting Cables will not work – Warning

Buying Cheap iPhone 5 Lighting Cables will not work – Warning ! Apple introduced iPhone 5 with completely new smaller dock connector called “Lightning”.

Have you just got an iPhone 5 and looking for buying a new lightning cable which may cost you hefty $30. Well, we have already posted that you can get many cheap charging cables from “Amazon” and “EBay”.

Are you planning Buying Cheap iPhone 5 Lighting Cables ? Hold on, Read this post first!

Buying Cheap iPhone 5 Lighting Cables

As posted by Gizmodo, Double Helix Cables told that there is an authentication chip inside the Apple Official “lightning” cable and cheap third party Cable probably won’t work without this chip. This awkward chip is placed between the power pin of the lightning cable and the USB contact of the cord. And this chip is the basic key which will prevent working of other third party cables with new smaller dock port.

Buying Cheap iPhone 5 Lighting Cables Will not work – Warning !

Buying Cheap iPhone 5 Lighting Cables

There’s another thing, basically this chip doesn’t block and data lines, however, data and power cable should be connected by the USB cable.  Here’s what peter from Double Helix Cables told:

This could mean that it’s less nefarious than a authentication system, that it’s just for power regulation – but it looks like a serious microcontroller of some sort, it doesn’t look like a garden variety voltage regulator that I’ve ever seen. It has a mirror-finish shiny metal exterior with lasered numbers on it, it does not look like a generic black IC. If it really costs $3.50 for a lightning plug, then it could be something quite high tech. Whatever it is, it’s expensive and highly miniaturized. And the cable isn’t going to function without it, that I can tell at this point.

The main thing which we learned from this news is that one can’t simply make a cable by copying a cable of same shape and connectivity. So, if you are planning to buy any cheap cables for $10 or $20, don’t buy it.  Because you might end up with non-functioning cable. Simply head over to Apple Store to buy a genuine cable for $30 or wait for anyone who can manage to make a perfectly working third-party cable for iPhone 5.

How to use iOS 6 Panorama Camera iPhone 5, 4S, 4 – Video

How to use iOS 6 Panorama Camera iPhone 5, 4S, 4 ? Apple introduced iPhone 5 with one of the most amazing cameras available for Smartphones. This camera is much similar to the iPhone 4S but it takes much sharp photos and work better in the low light. One of the biggest feature in iOS 6 for both iPhone 4S and 5 is taking Panorama photos.

Using 8 MP camera on your iPhones, you can take 28 mega pixel panorama photos. This 28 MP is made by stitching multiple photos taken during the panorama shoot.

How to use iOS 6 Panorama Camera iPhone 5, 4S, 4

How to use iOS 6 Panorama Camera iPhone 5, 4S, 4

Although there are many third party apps available in App store which will allow you to take panorama photos but none of them have such an amazing quality, all thanks to the iOS 6. This new feature is also very easy to use and is present right in camera app.

Open camera app on your iPhone 4S or 5 running iOS 6. Tap on the options in “Camera”, here you will see the button “Panorama”. Click on it and follow the instructions to take panorama photos. “Move your iPhone from left to right to take the photos. Make sure that you are doing this very slowly, otherwise you will get a blurry image. For full demo, please watch the video embedded below.


Enable 3D Maps On iOS 6 for iPhone 4, 3GS and iPod Tuch 4G

How To Enable 3D Maps On A4 devices on iOS 6 We mean iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod Touch 4G . One of the best iOS 6 features is the 3D Maping images which includes turn-by-turn navigation and flyover maps view but the bad thing in this feature that its only available for iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch 5G, iPad 2, and the new iPad and not available for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPod touch 4G,

Enable 3D Maps On iOS 6 for iPhone 4, 3GS and iPod Tuch 4G

Enable 3D Maps On iOS 6 for iPhone 4, 3GS and iPod Tuch 4G

The iOS hacker and developer Ryan Petrich has created new free Cydia tweak called Unlock iOS6 Maps this tweak will give you the ability to use and enable the new Maps features on the older devices (iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPod touch 4G) running iOS 6 .

Note: You have to know that this features will be sluggish in terms of performance on iPhone 3GS but will be slightly smoother on the iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G cause of the difference in the CPU between iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS.


Unlock iPhone 5 on iOS 6 Possibilities

What is the Unlock iPhone 5 on iOS 6 Possibilities ? Have you just got an iPhone 5 which is locked to a specific network such as AT&T ? Do you want to unlock your iPhone 5 ? Are you searching for a reliable method to unlock your iPhone? This is a basic guide about everything you need to know about iPhone 5 Unlock and how it works. (more…)

Pod2G and iOS 6 Jailbreak News

Where is Pod2G and iOS 6 Jailbreak News ? After the Apple’s iOS 6 recent update many jailbreakers asked for the untethered jailbreak but the Bad news is that Pod2g, the well know hacker the man who was responsible for the untethered jailbreak of iOS 5.1.1, has announced via his twitter account that he is not working on the iOS 6 and he is focusing his job.

However Last week, iOS hacker Chpwn has pushed an image for a jailbroken iPhone 5 on iOS 6 whether it is a tethered or untethered jailbreak which means that the jailbreak has already done, but when will it be released ?

Note: If you tend to update your device to iOS 6 you have to know that you will enjoy only the tethered jailbreak no untethered available and its not clear to stay that Pod2g will jailbreak iOS 6 Soon, so its better to stay away from the update.

Jailbreak iOS 6

About the iOS 6 JB : I’m not working on it ATM, sorry. I’m focusing on my job. Maybe discussions at #WWJCwill generate ideas (?). 


Apple Sold 5 million iPhone 5 in First three days

Apple Sold 5 million iPhone 5 in First three days – Finally, Apple has announced sales number of iPhone 5 and like always, the fruit company didn’t fail to amaze their fans. Apple has sold whooping 5 million iPhone 5 in just three days, that’s a big achievement, indeed. This news came straightly from press release posted by Apple. According to the press release, in less than seven days of iOS 6 release, more than 100 million devices have been updated to iOS 6. (more…)

Download Google Chrome For iOS 6

Download Google Chrome For iOS 6 – Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers available for different platforms such as Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Chrome for iOS was released back in June and it is a perfect alternative of Safari in iOS. The even best part is that it automatically syncs all of data between your iPhone and Computer. (more…)

iOS 6 Cydia Tweaks – Compatible List

Apple released final version of iOS 6 on 19th September and the very same day, we posted that only A4 devices can be jailbroken using previous version of Redsn0w. This is a tethered jailbreak and doesn’t have that much potential as that of Official Jailbreak

iOS 6 Cydia Tweaks - Compatible List

However, Adam Insull, a theme designer has uploaded a complete list of iOS 6 compatible Cydia tweaks. Some of these tweaks are working perfectly, while others don’t work at all. However, some tweaks work in between of both scenarios.  I recommend you to stay away from iOS 6 and developers’ jailbreak even though you have A4 devices. (more…)

Download iPhone 5 HD Wallpapers

Download iPhone 5 HD Wallpapers – One of the major things in iPhone 5 is the larger display and improved resolution to cope with large display. Have you just received your iPhone 5 and are looking for best wallpapers available for iPhone 5? iPhone 5 has large resolution as compared to iPhone 4/4S, so the wallpapers from older devices will not perfectly sit in the brand new iPhone 5.

Download iPhone 5 HD Wallpapers

We have compiled two best applications to cope up with this problem. These apps have high resolution (1136 X 640) which will perfectly fit in your brand new iPhone 5. (more…)

iOS 6 Adoption Rate is Faster Than iOS 5

iOS 6 adoption rate is faster than iOS 5 – Just like iOS 5, iOS 6 also brings more than 200 features but due to poor maps app, it is believed that iOS 6 is not a major update like iOS 5. Currently, we know that except A4 devices, no other jailbreak is available for iOS 6, but still its adoption rate is very high as compared to previous iOS 5. People around the globe are updating their iPhone, iPods and iPads to iOS 6. (more…)

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