COOKOO: Bluetooth Smart Watch Brings Connectivity to iOS Devices

COOKOO: Bluetooth Smart Watch Brings Connectivity to iOS Devices – Recently, there has been a surge to develop smart watches that connect with our smartphones. Thanks to the app-era, doing it is easily possible and a number of manufacturers have proved it though none has managed to nail it quite yet. The KickStarter-based project Pebble did manage to break through and had a successful launch but it still hasn’t created a big stir in the market that we have been anticipating. Announced at CES 2013, COOKOO is another new KickStarter-backed smart watch that looks really promising. (more…)

How To Use An External Keyboard With Your iPhone Or iPod Touch

How To Use An External Keyboard With Your iPhone Or iPod Touch – The iPhone and iPod Touch really are portable power-houses that make our daily lives easy by bringing games, mail, news, photo-editing and a lot more things right into our hands. The touch-based Retina screen really is a joy to see and use but one big catch with the iPhone or iPod Touch’s screen is that inputting text using a touch keyboard really isn’t up to the mark and is much slower as compared to a physical keyboard. Thankfully, you can also use a wireless keyboard along with your device to increase the speed of text-input and here is how to do it. (more…)

Casio G-Shock iPhone-Connected Watch Announced

Casio G-Shock iPhone-Connected Watch Announced – Smartphones have now become connected to our daily lives. Our smartphones are a part of our routine, thanks to things like social networking, mail, gaming, reminders, alarms and God knows whatever in that single device. Recently, there has been a surge to introduce new smartphone-connected smart watches that link with your smartphone to keep a track of notifications and stuff and now, Casio has now introduced its own iPhone-connected watch called G-Shock. (more…)

Defend Your Self Using Your iPhone Swiss Army Knife

Defend Your Self Using Your iPhone Swiss Army Knife – Third-part Manufacturers have never been shy to show their love for the top-notch products that come out of the Cupertino-based tech giant, Apple. Just a few days ago, we saw a unique leather-made book-like iPhone 5 case that combined your wallet and iPhone 5 into a single beautiful case and now, a former Apple engineer has made an iPhone 5 case that also houses all the tools of a Swiss Army Knife. (more…)

Defend Your Self Using Your iPhone

Defend Your Self Using Your iPhone – Again the iPhone the device I love to call the ultimate device where you can use in the way you feel better are you a camera man and love taking pictures all the time then set a side all the cameras you had and buy the new gadgets were invented to use your iPhone as a professional digital camera with an amazing out comes. (more…)

Unofficial Lightning Cables And Adapters For Half The Price

Unofficial Lightning Cables And Adapters For Half The Price – Apple finally made the shift from those traditional Apple 30-pin dock connectors to lightning connectors this year. This move was met with much disappointment and frustration among the Apple fans because most of the old iPhone and iPad accessories won’t w6 oork with the new lightning connectors, while the other accessories required a special Lightning connector cable. And it angered even more fans when Apple announced the high prices of the Lightning cables. But thanks to iPhone5mod, all these products can be bought for half the price of the original. (more…)

iPad Mini New adapter with Faster Charge Times Confirmed by Apple

iPad Mini New adapter with Faster Charge Times Confirmed by Apple – Apple has created a lot of buzz by introducing its new iPad mini and it seems that the technology news section will keep getting latest updates about this new device until many coming weeks. The latest development about iPad mini is the new charger that can charge this mini device very fast. The lightning-enabled technology introduced by Apple is now actually available in the market. A new charger that is now available online provides 12 watts of power instead of 10 watts that is provided by conventional chargers.


iPhone 5 Cases now available on The Apple Stores

iPhone 5 Cases now available on The Apple Stores – If you are searching for old iPhone accessories then it should not be a big problem to find those. However, accessories for latest versions of iPhone, especially the iPhone 5 are hard to find. The design of iPhone 5 may look similar to iPhone 4 and 4S but it is slightly larger and slimmer than its predecessors. (more…)

iExpander Gives New life to your iPhone Battery, Camera and Memory

iExpander Gives New life to your iPhone Battery, Camera and Memory – We all want our smartphones to have longer battery life, more storage, brighter screen, and equipped with extraordinary camera. If you are an iPhone user and you are not happy with the way your iPhone works, you can change it easily with the help of iExpander. (more…)

Lock – Unlock Your Door using iPhone

Lock – Unlock Your Door using iPhone – iPhone is one of the most amazing products ever made by Apple. One of the biggest advantages of iOS over other Mobile Operating system is the vast collection of Apps in the App Store. We have already seen many apps covering approximately every category. If you are a doctor, you can find an app for you, if you are an engineer; apps are also available for you. If you are a heavy gamer, you will also find amazing action games in App Store. No matter which discipline of life you are, you will find an app for yourself.

Have you ever imagined of locking and unlocking your doors with an app from iPhone? I still remember when Apple introduced the Siri and developers were able to hack it, we also posted some videos of hackers turning Lights ON/Off using Siri. But that was not available publicly. However, a company called Apigy has successfully made an app which will let you to lock and unlock your door right from your iPhone.  So, now you don’t need to up and unlock the door, simply open up the app and unlock your door from anywhere in your house.

Lock - Unlock Your Door using iPhone

Lockitron is actually a device which can easily be attached with your current lock at the door, so using Lockitron app on your iPhone, you can unlock the door. The even best part is that you can even unlock the door by using the SMS. This device will basically connect with WI-FI Network at your home. So, you can control the lock system of your home from anywhere in the world. (more…)

iPhone 5 New Earpods Unboxing Video

One of the major changes brought to the Apple’s product line is the completely redesign and amazing earbuds, and Apple has named them as “Earpods”. The engineers at the fruit company have designed these Earpods in such a nice way that they easily set down in everyone’s ear. They have also posted a video on their site regarding the making of these Earpods and the science behind them.

iPhone 5 New Earpods Unboxing Video

These Earpods are somewhat oval shape which looks pretty different and sits perfectly in approximately every person’s ear. Apple’s earbuds have always been a great pleasure for talking but they have a poor quality when we talk about using them for listening the music. However, this time, the Apple has done an amazing job and hasn’t even improved the quality of the Earpods but also made they perfect for daily usage. (more…)

Convert Lightning to 30-pin Adapter

How to Convert Lightning to 30-pin Adapter ? Use this intelligent and ultracompact adapter to connect your 30-pin accessories to devices featuring the Lightning connector.

The prices can be found in Apple’s newly updated online store. The standard Lightning to 30-pin Adapter comes in a compact size and allows many, but not all, 30-pin accessories to work with newer devices like the iPhone 5.

convert Lightning to 30-pin Adapter

This adapter lets you connect devices with a Lightning connector to many of your 30-pin accessories.* Support for analog audio output, USB audio, as well as syncing and charging. Video output not supported.

You Can Buy it now only for 29.00 $ from Apple Store.

Charge your iPhone in your Purse Using Everpurse

Charge your iPhone in your Purse Using Everpurse, The battery of your iDevice is of utmost importance. iPhone 4 and 4S has poor battery life which can hardly withstand a day using them over Wi-Fi or playing some games. However, that is not the case in the real world. There is one revolutionary thing that can change it all, and it’s called the Everpurse pocket.  All you require to do is slip your phone into this pocket in order to charge it. It has a charging mat for wireless charging and that’s the beauty of it. (more…)

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