Cydia Installed On iPhone 4S Running iOS 6.1.3 !

Cydia Installed On iPhone 4S Running iOS 6.1.3 – Amidst this rumble of rumors and leaks concerning the upcoming iPhone(s) and perhaps even iPad(s), we have been having a hard time getting hold of some jailbreaking news. Most of jailbreak stuff these days comes from fraud devs who try to snatch some popularity by claiming to have developed a new jailbreak or found a new exploit. However, a known name in the jailbreaking field may have finally broken the ice to develop a sort-of jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3!

Cydia Installed On iPhone 4S Running iOS 6.1.3


@winocm may not be the most popular name in the jailbreaking dev community, but due to his numerous contributions in the form of jailbreak tweaks and his work on iOS 6 jailbreaks, we are convinced that he has some real talent! Well now, he may have finally managed to develop a jailbreak for the still un-cracked iOS 6.1.3. As we said above, it is a “sort-of” jailbreak as it is currently in the developing stages. What is great is that @winocm did at least manage to run Cydia on an iOS 6.1.3 running on an iPhone 4S. We know this for sure as @winocm did this in front of Jeff Benjamin, who is a writer on Apple-related stuff on the famous tech blog iDownloadBlog.

Still not convinced? Well we even have a video of it embedded below,

There is a catch though, as even the creator of this jailbreak isn’t sure that whether this jailbreak would ever see a public-release or not. Yeah, releasing a jailbreak to the masses isn’t as easy as it sounds, but we do wish @winocm good luck to make it possible! Even with iOS 7 about to hit public launch, a lot of people who are regretting their move to upgrade their iDevices to iOS 6.1.3 or above would happily hold back onto iOS 6 just to enjoy all the jailbreak freedom!

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9 Responses to “Cydia Installed On iPhone 4S Running iOS 6.1.3 !”

  1. Poster496844958 says:


  2. Cody says:

    if no one is gonna release it to the public then why flaunt your iOS 6.1.3 running Cydia?!

  3. Greg S says:

    Great video Jeff, I have always loved your video reviews of tweaks and now jailbreaks that we didn’t think were going to be released. Also ” lets talk jailbreak ” is a great idea and I’m glad you started doing it. Thanks for the quality work you push out man !

  4. Greg S says:

    And I just realized that this site isn’t Jeff’s. hope he sees the comment anyway and whoever wrote this article, great job. Thanks for the info.

  5. Walter says:


  6. Ciccio says:

    I want it…. NOW!!!!! hihihihh like a boss Wincom

  7. leroy says:

    hey why can you not do the download sachring whits the public i weighting a one year i head a crash on my iphone and i can not fix t only whits the update and want the jailbreak om my ipad 3 for the game’s can you tel my wen the jailbreak s coming

  8. eguerrero says:

    hola quisiera saber cuando lanzarian el jailbreak para el iphone 4s con IOS 6.1.3,

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