How To Downgrade iOS 6.1.3 to iOS 6.1.2

Downgrading from one iOS version to another can be very challenging when one lacks information, understand, tools and help.

Whenever, Apple releases a new firmware for their devices, older firmware will not be signed anymore. This means that it would be impossible to restore an iDevice to a firmware that Apple terms as obsolete or old.

While this is not a bad thing in itself, the issue is that some firmware can be jailbroken untethered on some devices while some cannot be jailbroken at all.

Right now, iOS 6.1.2 can be jailbroken untethered on all iOS 6 compatible devices using Evasi0n tool, however, some can not be jailbroken at all on iOS 6.1.3, Therefore, the need to downgrade to this earlier version (iOS 6.1.2).

To achieve this, the following items are needed


Compatible Devices

  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 3GS

How To Downgrade iOS 6.1.3 to iOS 6.1.2

Step 1: Launch downloaded Sn0wbreeze and click OK

How To Downgrade iOS 6.1.3 to iOS 6.1.2

Step 2: Click on the Blue arrow at the bottom right of the window

How To Downgrade iOS 6.1.3 to iOS 6.1.2

Step 3: Click Browse for an IPSW and Select iOS 6.1.2 IPSW

How To Downgrade iOS 6.1.3 to iOS 6.1.2

How To Downgrade iOS 6.1.3 to iOS 6.1.2

Step 4: Click on the blue arrow again and then click iFaith Mode to select your locally saved SHSH blobs. for this tutorial, 6.1 SHSH blobs are saved and would be selected since am using am downgrading to iOS 6.1

How To Downgrade iOS 6.1.3 to iOS 6.1.2

Step 5: Click Open and SHSH blobs would be accepted. Click Build IPSW. Allow snowbreeze to build IPSW

How To Downgrade iOS 6.1.3 to iOS 6.1.2

Step 6: New IPSW built by Snowbreeze would be stored on the desktop. Now put your device in DFU mode by following instructions from Snowbreeze.

Step 7: Launch iTunes. At the summary page, while holding the shift key on the keyboard, Click RestoreHow To Downgrade iOS 6.1.3 to iOS 6.1.2

Step 8: Select the IPSW that Snowbreeze created for you and iTunes will begin restoring your device to iOS 6.1.2

Step 9: This is a tethered jailbreak. Therefore, device won’t boot unless you boot tethered with Redsn0w. Therefore launch Redsn0w and click Extras

How To Downgrade iOS 6.1.3 to iOS 6.1.2

Step 10: Click on Select IPSW and select iOS 6.0 that you downloaded

How To Downgrade iOS 6.1.3 to iOS 6.1.2

Step 11: After selecting IPSW, click Just Boot and then put device in DFU mode again. Redsn0w will then boot up device.

How To Downgrade iOS 6.1.3 to iOS 6.1.2

Step 12: Finally, after device boots, you will be in iOS 6.1.2 and then you can download Evasi0n untethered jailbreak from Cydia

How To Downgrade iOS 6.1.3 to iOS 6.1.2 is fairly easy if all the steps are followed carefully.

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35 Responses to “How To Downgrade iOS 6.1.3 to iOS 6.1.2”

  1. lolkip says:

    what if u dont have saved the shsh blobs for 6.1.2 how downgrade then?

  2. Akin says:

    If you don’t have any saved shsh blobs for ios 6.1.2 whether remotely or locally, you won’t be able to downgrade

  3. Mormecy says:

    Me too, anyone ?

  4. asad says:

    I have iPhone 4 I hv accidentally updated to iOS 6.1.3 n my baseband is 04.12.05 . My qus is can I downgrade my phone to 6.1.2 ? Plzz help

  5. Akin says:

    If you have your full SHSH blobs for iOS 6.1.2 saved to your computer with iFaith or TinyUmbrella yyou can downgrade. But it will be a tethered jailbreak just like 6.1.3. So you may just remain on your current firmware and save its blobs for future restoration

  6. FYI says:

    Finally, even on cydia it tells you about the problems with shsh blobs on iOS 6. I do hope you guys have saved shsh blobs aside from 6.1.2.

    Again, if you follow these steps right here, you’ll have yourself a tethered jb on 6.1.2. No more solution to that, for now.

  7. jailbreakwhere says:

    Nobody gives a damn. Whatever you prefer, they’re all just phones. So relax, don’t be so insecure. ;)

  8. asad says:

    I haven’t saved Shsh blob before :( . Ooo I hv to wait for the next jailbreak , there is no way I can turn to 6.1.2 :( …. Thank q for replying :)

  9. Akin says:

    Try saving blobs for your present firmware in case you want to downgrade from iOS 7.0 or 6.1.4 if they become available

  10. odedo1 says:

    I used redsn0w and 5.1.1 firmware to downgrade iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 from 6.1.3 to 5.1.1 then I jail broken both and installed ultrasn0w, now both are unlocked and running.
    your problem is that ultrasn0w was not upgraded to iOS 6 so the best solution is 5.1.1

  11. Folk says:

    Not useful for 4s! Damm

  12. dinesh says:

    Hi all,

    I do not have the SHSH blobs for 6.1.2 . Please help me i am stuck with 6.1.3

  13. Rana says:

    Is there any way to Restore ios 6 backup to ios 5.1.1? I just downgraded my iphone 4 from ios 6 to ios 5.1.1 but now i can’t restore my backup :( Any Help?

  14. Paulson says:

    please can u send me your own shsh blobs if your it’s from an ipad 2. i really need to downgrade from ios 6.1.3 to ios 6.1.2. in fact if i can get for blobs for ios 6.1, i need to downgrade

  15. random guy says:

    it is supposed to be teathered.

  16. random guy says:

    they added an update to sn0wbreeze, now it is automatically untethered with evasi0n (if it helps anyone)

  17. random guy says:

    try to use evasi0n to rejailbreak

  18. Kayla says:

    After I do step 5 all I get is a message that says processing. It stays like that for like an hour and doesn’t do anything.

  19. Vlad says:

    Hi ! i can’t downgrade to ios 6.1.2 do due error 3194 , what should i do ?

  20. akin says:

    @Vlad,First, did you stitch a locally saved 6.1.2 shsh blob with the 6.1.2 ipsw before downgrading to it? If you didn’t, that might be d problem.

    Secondly, if you did d first step already, check your host file, perhaps its pointing to the wrong server. If it is, you can try correcting that or using another computer.

  21. jane says:

    i am trying to upgrade from ios 4.1 to at least ios 6.My first upgrade because my phone is jailbroken too. i have no other upgrades before this and only available now is 6.1.3 which i dont like. what steps should i follow. I wanted to be in ios 6.

  22. Akin says:

    I don’t think you can do that if you don’t have shsh blobs stored on your computer. You can only upgrade to iOS 6.1.3 as of now

  23. shenna says:

    Well I do everything with snowbreeze correctly and whe it starts to downgrade in itunes the icon of the snow comes out in my ipod correctly and all and it seems to be downgraded right but then it finishes with error 37 and my ipod stays complety on black screen.Itunes does read it but it wont restore or turn back on after a few trys with itunes I managed to restore it back to 6.1.3 but I cant seem to downgrade it at all I did my brothers downgrade prefectly to 6.1 but It dont want to work for mines any solutions? Please I really want to jailbreak my ipod again. I upgraded thinkink there was a jailbreak for that version. :(

  24. Akin says:

    Error 37 sometimes happens when you stitch the wrong shsh blobs for one device to another device. So make sure you stitch the right shsh blob for the device.
    You can’t use another person’s blob to stitch to your own blob for another device.

  25. PUN says:

    Hi. When we welcome full jailbreak for 6.1.3 for iphone 3gs?

  26. Imfamousguy says:

    Can we downlgrade iPhone 4S iso 7 beta to ISO6.1.2
    Please tell me if I can restore iso 6.1.2 on iPhone 4S
    I m already on 6.1.2 and jailbreaked.

  27. Akin says:

    Have you saved your SHSH blobs with iFaith locally? If yes, then you can successfully downgrade. Just stitch your shsh blobs to your iOS 6.1.2 firmware and downgrade normally.

    On the otherhand, if you have not saved your SHSH blobs locally with iFAith, you won’t be able to downgrade to iOS 6.1.2.

  28. Jgelety says:

    Where can I get these SHSH blobs I need? I’m on the iPad 3 which is running 6.1.3. It came with that version when I bought it. Aren’t SHSH blobs device specific? If so am I screwed since I’ve never been able to save them prior to this device running 6.1.3?

  29. mehan says:

    Its device specific and since it came with your device, it means you don’t have any available shsh blobs saved.

    Furthermore, you can’t jailbreak iOS 6.1.3 or downgrade.

    So yes, you are screwed. However, perhaps, an untethered jailbreak would come soon after iOS 7 release.

  30. Adevian says:

    I have an iphone 4 8gb with 5.1.1 jailbroken. I want to upgrade to a 6.1.2 and do the evasi0n jailbreak.

    In TinyUmbrella I only have the iphone 4 6.0.1 SHSH, how can i do the trick ?

    Thank you.

  31. eric says:

    hi there mine is ipad ios 6.1.3. can it be downgrade to 6.1.2 ?

  32. rhodel says:

    hello! mine is ipad 2 wi-fi 16GB running on iOS 6.1.3 when bought… I wish to downgrade it to iOS 6.1.2 so I can jailbreak it untethered.. are the steps mentioned above applicable on my device? thanks!

  33. adrain says:

    when i open the ipsw, there’s no ifaith. only simple mode, expert mode, and baseband preservation mode. please help!!!

  34. Yosh says:

    I cant get cydia I got Ipod 5 and it says ipod5 is not out yet

  35. Irfan Sarder says:

    I need some help snowbreeze is not reading my SHSH BLOB and i have a BROKEN POWER BUTTON. HELP PLEASE I REALLY WANT A JAILBREAK ON MY IPOD 4G!!!!!!!!!!!

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