Download vShare / App VV – Alternative installous but Direct Download Links

Download vShare AKA App VV – Alternative installous but Direct Download Links – The first big Chinese App for Downloading Applications like installous and it is for iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, 3G – iPad 3, 2, 1 – iPod Touch 2G, 3G, 4G on any iOS 4.x – and iOS 5.x, iOS 6.

Download App VV - Alternative installous but Direct Download Links

Different between vSHare /APP VV and Installous :

  • All download Links are Direct no going to the Uploading Sites.
  • Fastest than installous.
  • All apps are Up to Date.
  • No Broken Links

Mass quality software, you can always find what you want

Increasing resources, software classification is complete: the hottest games, travel, food, social entertainment, utilities, everything! Timely updates, fast, and hold live all the most popular applications in the most fashionable, down to the soft

Ultra-high-speed download experience as the cyclone

Optimization to determine the network status, node, and recommend you to download to experience the ultra-high-speed download! More HTTP download does not lock screen, the background download functionality, fewer steps, faster download experience. Without waiting for the freedom to enjoy more applications fun!

Automatic application management, let you enjoying the easy life

Batch installation of a key set of applications, all the upgrade, backup, sharing, uninstall feature as one of the more downloaded the automatic installation, clear the download cache and other services provide the experience of a new application management services. Intimate Province, traffic patterns, the flow of money you save time and more peace of mind!

Download APP VV 1.0.53.Fix Version:

1- Open Cydia

2- Manage –> Sources –> edit –> ADD

3- ADD this Repo [ Http:// ]

4- Search for vShare and Download it

5- install vShare and enjoy with AppVV or vShare.

Important Links (Untethered Jailbreak iOS 6, iOS 6.0.1, iOS 6.1, iOS 6.1.1)


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184 Responses to “Download vShare / App VV – Alternative installous but Direct Download Links”

  1. Drew says:

    An English version or setting would be amazing.

  2. Job McKee says:

    Step 5 should say Cydia not installous. Go to Cydia to get App VV once you’ve added the repo. Installous is still great, but you do not need to have it to get App VV.

  3. Andrei says:

    You need installous as after installing it in cydia it appears in downloads in installous. As it is shown to us in the video

  4. PappaPidanha says:

    Its in japanese! Ok well.. Lets see if i can manage to get something done… But sometimes it disturbs me the pop up messages: Accept (left) or Cancel (Right) … Asuming those boxes don’t say “Your phone will self destruct in 5 seconds, accept?”

  5. Krish says:

    Link not working as usual

  6. Job McKee says:

    My bad, you are right. Very cool way to install it!

  7. TimesCoder says:

    This is so not the offical absinthe website, because they are against piracy.

  8. Ben says:

    Hi there, i noticed that in the settings panel,under device information, there is something called ‘coverage end date’ other word..i assume that it is an expiration date to the app vv itself, can anybody please explain to me about the ‘coverage date ends’ all about? Anyway, it is a very very good application to download ipa,it even includes alot of apps that installous couldn’t find of but app store do. Thanks for the apps ;)

  9. Mário Alves says:

    Quem conseguiu baixar o Jourist Verlags GmbH com o Download App VV???? não funciona! :(

  10. jaymaster103 says:

    Update v1.0.44 is all english:), open your appvv and it will update automatically to a new version called vshare.

  11. jaymaster103 says:

    Actually it is the expiration date of your iPhone’s warranty

  12. meena says:

    Where can i find v1.0.44

  13. meena says:

    got it. thanks

  14. Steady RollingMan says:

    The display language is not Japanese, it is Chinese which basically makes this app worthless, to folks that do not speak Chinese. It just freezes on an iPad1. All in all pretty crappy!

  15. Krocku81 says:

    Someone above said to open appvv and it will automatically install an update. I opened it, and no update. The apps names come up as english, but EVERYTHING else is in chinese. Is there a way to fix this? Anyone?..haha

  16. Carl says:

    I installed but when try to install threw installous it says invalid ipa… Any ideas?

  17. Lalit behl says:

    I like this app.

  18. simon says:

    check twitter @app_vv.
    You can install vShare on original site directly. It runs in mobile privilege, not root.

  19. simon says:

    new server added for users outside China. Please try and give us feedback.

  20. Skytouch says:

    App vv is not disponible in installous :s
    Source is OK
    My iphone is OK

    WTF ??

  21. simon says:

    You can install vShare from original site. DO not need installous.

  22. lol says:

    what do we download to get all the things we need to download absinthe

  23. Jose says:

    Even in chinese it is a great APP..!! much better than installous. It feels like a perfect AppStore but blackmarket xD
    What is the route used by the APP to store the downloaded ipas..?? Cant seem to figure it out :-( so i can not store any ipas on my pc

  24. simon says:

    1. Open vShare. enable wireless sharing in setting
    2. find device IP address in iPhone ->settings->Wi-Fi.
    3. open http://iphone:10110 on your PC, you can download all the IPA U have downloaded.
    If you iPhone IP address is, the address should be

  25. fadwa mawaheb says:

    i need whozcalling app and it is not on it and it doesnt work with me so i thought i will find it in your store,,, any help?

  26. Ross says:

    You dumb asses
    it’s in chinese wtf … go to the settings tab and change them ‘language’ to the ‘language’ you speak / read / write


  27. Gu says:

    It works perfectly after update … Thank you devolpers

  28. Unkown says:

    When I try to download a file from app vv it goes into the download list but it does not start and also when I try to update app vv itself I can’t it says it can’t at the moment

  29. Unkown says:

    Yeah I’ve got the same prob

  30. Ry says:

    For me it downloads fine but it wont install after it’s downloaded. It just says installation failed.

  31. richard says:

    Hey guys. This program works great but the installed apps and updates won’t sync with itunes. I downloaded vshare directly from their site. Does that matter?

  32. lizer says:

    cool app, it even started updating my app that the App Store didn’t wanna update. I love it…PS: its all in English (Vshare)after automatically updating from chinese

  33. Richard says:

    Can u sync with itunes. Where did u install vshare from?

  34. ygklan says:

    I did everything. but when I go to installous to install, I get kicked out of installous.

  35. Richard says:

    Download from their website

  36. Unlockerworld says:

    VVshare not bad for IPad works now

    but not installous seems all IPAD problems white screen no captcha screen so ppl cant download well hope team fix it soon

  37. semo says:

    after jailbreaking my iphone 4 IO6 using redsnow , i have installed installous & Vshare , and tried to download and install apps but it always failed .
    installous : nothing happened
    Vshare gives this msg: installing “apps” failed

    please advise?


  38. paul says:

    u r fuckin right!!!! Is in Chinese mother f…ker..!!!! how u manage it?

  39. paul says:

    guys…how u change the chinese language? PLS PM at

  40. Diego says:

    I have installed the vv app and y started downloading some apps but it doesnt start they just appear in the downloading screen but they seem to be frozen altough i jave wifi connection. Help please

  41. Melanie says:

    I installed app vv and it’s slower to download them installous. It took almost 12 hours to download one file and them it wouldn’t install it due to an error.
    One good thing about this app is that it has the games that i want where’s installous did not have it but it wont help if I can’t instal them
    Two I can close the app and it will still download in the background where’s installous will just delete it.
    Any suggestions on how to download the games I want without running into these problems?

  42. Bianca says:

    Same problem here!! Anyone knows how to solve this?? Pls. Pls

  43. VannaKH says:

    i tried to install vShare from the website, but error message “Cannot connect to”…and the app wont install on my ipad.

    can anyone tell me how to fix this, pls?

  44. Chora says:

    This worked like a charm !!!! TY whoever you are ! ( main poster ) ty ty

  45. Hani says:

    I want install the sims 3 on my iPhone
    But I want get the sims 3 free
    Please help me how can I download it for free?

  46. Ithaa says:

    My v share error can’t connect to How can I do ? Help…

  47. adi says:

    For me it downloads fine but it wont install after it’s downloaded. It just says installation failed. can somebody help?

  48. Ray mech says:

    This is awesome, works perfect much easier than app cake & installus

  49. Kes says:

    I not find appVV in installous

  50. haze says:

    I have managed to download viber using this app but icon does not show on my screen. How do i get it

  51. haze says:

    I downloaded Viber using Vshare but the icon is not showing on my screen

  52. simon says:

    You may try new version 1.0.53, support jailbreaked IOS6.

  53. simon says:

    New version supported jailbreaked IOS6. You may try it. For the error of “can not connect”, pls find the solution on the official Facebook page @appvv.vshare or TW:@app_vv

  54. Nicholas says:

    Japanese, not chinese!

  55. Nicholas says:

    Oops, it’s chinese, the comment above you confused me.

  56. Lara says:

    It took a while before it started to download, but now that the app is downloaded I can’t seem to install it.. Did anyone find a solution for this yet?

  57. Anes irban says:


  58. Jamil says:

    I Did What Every It Says Here it installed no error
    But The Icon Is No Where to be Found
    Help Any Obe Please

  59. Reine says:

    I deleted installous just before install the app can I install in my iPad? I tried directly from website but it keep on showing message ” vshare 1.0.53(need to jailbreak) could not e downloaded at this time.but the matter is I already jailbreak…pls help :-))) tq

  60. tony says:

    I downloaded it from cydia and then installous but mine said error installation failed: invalid ipa.

  61. syltheboy says:

    At first, your internet-connection must be turn off. Then you startup the Installous-app and you can install App VV via the download-tab.

  62. Dave says:

    The manage tab shows two apps to update. I have updated from vShare but the updates are still there. Is there a way to refresh so th eapp knows that they are updated?

    Please help.


  63. Kinan Shunaigat says:

    You should now add working to the differences between Installous and App VV

  64. Jean Luis says:

    Apps are in Chinese or Japanese whatever but once you install it it’s in your countries language.

  65. steve says:

    My download speeds are still slow…around 25-50kbps at best

  66. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone help App VV downloads are really slow. I know it’s not my connection I also tried deleting Cached Pic but it still downloads slow.

  67. Damon says:

    So this is actually a lot better than installous :D

  68. Varun says:

    I did a mistake by deleting installous first then downloaded app VV in cydia, now what do I do? I have already deleted installous.. Now what to do?

  69. Felicia says:

    The game downloaded from vshare is NOT full version?

  70. Chris says:

    Felicia u twat lol

    not all will be your downloading pirate versions of software deal with it lol

  71. aditya says:

    help me ! the latest version is japanese !

  72. AJ says:

    Does anyone know how to delete an app that is still in the process of downloading? It can be paused but it cant be deleted unless it has finished downloading. Can anyone solve this?

  73. AJ says:

    I have a problem that vshare keeps on shutting down by itself after a certain period, thus making all the downloading process stop. Anyone has the same problem? any solution?

  74. Michael says:

    does it work for io6?

  75. wessel says:

    i get an error while downloading at cydia:
    timed out!?

  76. rohit says:

    does it use torrent site for downloading ?

  77. Akson says:

    Ive got the same problem.

  78. Lorain says:

    Why does it show installed but its no where to be found( game app) also what when you type in a search it never shows up? Its very time consuming to ho through so many games

  79. AJ says:

    Some of the apps are not supported by your ios version, check the compatible version before downloading. If you on auto install (default), then you will not know if the app is installed property or not. Best solution to turn off auto install and install the apps manually so you will know if it is being installed correctly.

  80. Christian says:

    when i start vshare, it just shows “i am vshare” then shuts down. what should i do?

  81. Lorain says:

    Since im absolutely non techical and installous was a no brainer to use, may i ask you a couple questions? First which of the settings inside vshare should i have on ? Second are all the downloaded files magnet type? Last one what is the 3g switch for does it need to be turned on or off in settings? This is very frustrating the downloads are taking close to a hour or more do i have to download via wifi only.

  82. Mkarolia says:

    I’ve installed it and when I open it it says: download error. Can’t download data. Please check your network, I have iPod touch 4g

  83. youri says:

    i used it for a long time but now it show’s me that error “”can’t download data. please check your network “”
    the same error whene i entre the appvv site

  84. Lorain says:

    I also have that problem or they download then say installion failed

  85. Mickey says:

    Yeah, I have the same problem. Is there any solution for this?

  86. Seanram says:

    Works good on 3GS/iPhone 4/4s but it keeps jumping out on start up… on the iPhone 3G
    Is it that the 3G is outdated cause even whatsapp has left us out in the cold
    What can I do for my iPhone 3G customers who can’t upgrade to a newer iPhone

  87. Seanram says:

    If u having problems
    Download vshare to your computer use iphonebrowser etc place it in installous/Appcake downloads area must turn off wifi on your device to open installous then install vshare from in there
    Worked on iPad / 3GS / iPhone 4 / 4s

  88. Sophat says:

    Yes, I am having the same problem, I can’t use vShare.

  89. Mniq says:

    Can’t download anything from vshare, I’ve tried to download some apps and wait for a while but it finally gives me error like “source may changed, please try to redownload” I’ve redownload it as well but it still doesn’t work.

  90. Josh Collier says:

    Install AppSync 5.0+!
    It worked for me!

  91. Josh Collier says:



  92. Mniq says:

    I had appsync 5.0+ installed already but it still didn’t work . Please someone help me, I can’t download anything now!!!

  93. Cthulhu says:

    Yea, I have the same problem. I really wish that Installous would still work, as I have so many problems with vShare

  94. Michal says:

    Guys, how to ignore or dismiss updates? The app shows wrong updates and I want to ignore them just like I did in Installous. Please help.

  95. Oscar says:

    hi…just wanna know if vshare does work on ios 6.0.1?
    everytime i try to download just says that “this file has been removed, please download again”…

  96. KingHL says:

    Mniq, same problem with you … cant do anything with this vshare

  97. vibhor says:

    make sure you have appsync for ios5+ installed from cydia

  98. Farzad says:

    You have to wait really long. Finaly it Will instal it

  99. Mniq says:

    I’ve solved mine, just keep redownloading, it works for me

  100. Khalid says:

    I have installed Vshare app in my iphone 4, running 6.0.1 ios. I installed it successfully and open it and dowonload some apps from Vshare, it downloaded apps as well but it did not install any app and it’s instalation fails everytime and apps doesnot seem at spring board, any help? thanks.

  101. Paru says:

    I have the same problem.
    Can find apps and download them. But installation fails everytime. I get the status message “installation failed” everytime I try to install a downloaded app.

    Any Solution?

  102. Paru says:

    Btw, I have an IPhone 3GS, ios 6.0.1

  103. Paru says:

    Ok, the installation of Appsync 5+ afterwards solved the problem, at least for a test app.

  104. Khalid says:

    how could I install activesync 5.0 in my phone.because doesnot work now.plz help

  105. Taha Hassan says:

    When will installous work again

  106. Paru says: provides appsync.

  107. Khalid says:

    you are so nice person, helped me a kind, thanks

  108. Mniq says:

    I dont think the installous would work again.
    The Installous has shutdown

  109. Dsw says:

    It doesn’t work with IOS 4.2.1 and below.

  110. fillzoe says:

    Same problem here….

  111. djingol says:

    no comment because i never use it

  112. Hardeep hans says:

    Sources may changed is error when I download any app from vshare?? Why dis so ???

  113. JohnnyLee says:

    Yup…me got the same problem too!!starting using last version is ok,almost my iPad is full,but after a few week then the installer get the same problem like urs…pls fix it!!!!

  114. JohnnyLee says:

    I try many time,download all thing from repo cydia ,then appsync5+,now it showing “Source may change,pls redownload again!”….why…….

  115. kent says:

    ive got the same problem, after I install google earth app, the app keeps on reinstalling inside vshare , then it crashes, so i deleted the app, and when i open again vshare there is a notification above saying “google earth installation failed” and then it crashes right before I touch anything,. how to fix that problem? plsss help me,. thank you..

  116. liverpool says:

    install via installous
    first have a app called ifile
    then moove apps downloaded form vshare to download of installous and then install via inatallouc keeoing ur wifi off

    this fixem my problem hope it helps mate

  117. Fu**Appstore says:

    Thats fucking great !!

  118. NAK says:

    Its working all fine with my 4g with ios 6.01.
    but as Vshare got insatalled so many bank icons appeared on screen.
    should i delete em or wat ?

  119. NAK says:

    How can i install the downloaded apps ,i searched for the options found Reinstall , but its fails , help me :/

  120. NAK says:

    OH i see above comments for the same problem , i got the app , Ifile , but how can i get installous ??

  121. NAK says:

    Funny , i got ifile from Vshare, but how to install it :S

  122. NAK says:

    All solved !
    No need to transfer , i got installous 5 & its installs directly from Vshare :D

  123. NAK says:

    Source may change error , what to do with it , any suggestions ???

  124. Mehdi says:

    When i download the app it can not b installed i dont know why

  125. Avnit says:

    everything is perfect for me but except it downloads apps very slowly! i got 24kb/s! Any help please!

  126. Aladin says:

    How to ignore apps updates in vShare

  127. Hanks says:


  128. Ashley says:

    Does anyone know how to send IPAS from Vshare to other devices?Installous you just click on your downloaded App and it gives you an option to send IPA, can’t seem to find out how to do it on Vshare?

  129. jack frost says:

    Whenever a game finishes downloading it doesn’t show up in the “downloaded” section, and even if I have the “install automatically” option on, the apps are nowhere to be found. I’ve tried downloading apps multiple times, but the same thing always happenes. What do I do?

  130. Sam says:

    I found a solution. add the cource and download appcake. It patches the problem with installing IPA’s on iOS 6.+

  131. Sam says:

    Oops *source, I had to fix that so I didnt look like a dumbass.

  132. mas says:

    worked for a while under iOS 4.2.1 but after trying to upgrade just keep crashing

  133. Lorain says:

    I have app sync installed so far only one app has actually been innstalled the rest go missing. Whats the problem?

  134. Lorain says:

    I still cant get vshare to show me where apps are after it says they were downloaded. Help!

  135. Thom says:

    Please help! Vshare is pretty good, but the damned thing keeps crashing on my iPad. The download speed is agonizingly slow as well. Also annoying that so many available games are the trial versions. Anyone can get those with less hassle through AppStore, so why upload them to vshare?
    Is there anyone here that has ANY usable pointers for those of that are not born computer wizards?

  136. Nizy says:

    Cant download data check network connection does anyone have solution for this problem vshare worked fine then didn’t ?????

  137. Hanks2 says:

    Too bad there is no more space. We should not use this mush space with useless comments

  138. Mniq says:

    Hi guys,
    I have problem with vshare, I’m running on iOS 6.1 iPhone 3GS but vshare doesn’t seems to work, anytime I download something it just says try to redownloaded, is it because of appsync 6 or what appsync should I install? Please help

  139. Tabitha says:

    Since then, I have been feasting on piping hot, delicious home cooked pizzas, which I have eaten
    whilst sitting on the beach at night. Just be sure
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    the pizza will slide easier and pull the oven rack out
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  140. Mniq says:

    Exactly, vshare is not working anymore.

  141. rica says:

    vShare App VV is running perfect on my iphone 4, but dont work on my ipad 3… please help

  142. Som phorse says:

    Hello my iPad running on 6.1 why I can’t download vshare ,it just say(can’t download in this time need to jailbreak)

  143. qnim says:

    just reinstall appsync and it starts working

  144. Help! says:

    The Walls Are Coming To Me
    Its Getting Small In Here O.O

  145. dkimmex says:

    can someone help ?mine is an ipod 5 6.1. I downloaded cydia repo but i cant get vhsare

  146. Burt says:

    Tried that, didn’t work.

  147. Kevvin says:

    Deleting the line in host actully worked for me ! Now i can finaly download. Not fast but it does download the apps now

  148. Polo says:

    Yes it does

  149. Polo says:

    I have same problem.
    I try to fix it then ill let u know how

  150. Manak Yadav says:

    m using iphone 4 ios 6.1 installed vshare but its to slow the best allternative of installous i find yet is hipstore it is also not good as installous but better than vshare …Thanku

  151. drgwmz says:

    I have same problem: source may changes,try download again” Why it will solved?

  152. lol says:

    HELP MEEEEE!!!!!

  153. Anissa says:

    Ive got the same prolem too

  154. MissG says:

    Hey guys! Can u help me? I can’t instal vshare cuz when I press “instal” installous crashes. IOS 5.1.1 heeeelp meeee

  155. Hassan says:

    Loulou 2atiab 2amoura

  156. Gaisal says:

    I am using vshare on my iPhone 4S iOS 6.1.1,though I download the apps from vshare but it doesn’t installed on my iPhone .I don,t know where they installed b/c I can access the apps I downloaded .Now should I do.plzzzzz guide me thnx.

  157. santika says:

    i’m using Iphone 4, iOS 6.0.1. when I run my vshare, it’ll close soon, I can’t used it anymore. It works great before but now I can’t open it. What should I do?

  158. Garry Read says:

    Can some one help me has i use Vshare but Apps store in itunes keeps asking me to update my apps i have installed useing Vshare

  159. jessie says:

    i have the same problem with you. can someone please tell me how to fix this? thank you very muchh

  160. enes says:

    i have installation failed after download.
    what can i do ? help please

  161. ester says:

    Awesome, worked for me! Thanks.. :)

  162. Evan says:

    Quality content is the crucial to be a focus for
    the viewers to go to see the web page, that’s what this site is providing.

  163. Dani says:

    hi Friends. please Help me.
    i m using Iphone 3g Ios 4.1. i download vshare but it totaly in arabic and chaines. how i can change language . i want English . how i can change

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  178. I was curious if you ever considered changing the layout of your website? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or 2 pictures. Maybe you could space it out better?

  179. Howdy! Would you mind if I share your blog with my zynga group? There’s a lot of people that I think would really enjoy your content. Please let me know. Thank you

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