Fix “Hash Sum Mismatch” Cydia Error [How To]

I have received many comments from my Facebook fans regarding a Cydia error called “Hash Sum Mismatch” this error happened when the jailbreakers tried to download any Cydia tweak what ever the Repo is,  in this post i will show you how to fix this issue follow the steps below.

Here’s How to Fix “Hash Sum Mismatch” Cydia Error ?

Step 1: Try to reboot your jailbroken iPhone and restart Cydia (turn off your device through the power button and turn it on again ) then try to download the tweak again if this step doesn’t resolve the issue, try Step 2

Step 2: Reset your network settings by tapping “Settings” –> General -> Reset ->Reset Network Settings. Also, reboot all your hardwares, including your iOS device, modem, and router. This is to ensure you have better Internet connection.

Step 3: Make sure that you have updated your Cydia, Also make sure that all packages are up to date, Launch “Cydia” –> “Changes” –> “Refresh” then update any available update.

Step 4: after all the above steps if the error still appears so it’s better to uninstall the repo that containing the Cydia tweak then try to install it again.

Step 5: iF the error still appears so you should restore your iPhone and install a new Cydia

That’s it. Please let us know which step solves your “Hash Sum Mismatch” Cydia error problem.