Fix iOS 5.0.1 battery issue problem on iPhone 4S After Absinthe Jailbreak

Fix iphone 4s iOS 5.0.1 battery issue problem ? Strange but true, we can confirm it. However, it is not available from a new tweak called “IOS BatteryFix 5? that promises to improve the battery life of iPhone OS 5.0.1. We’re trying and it looks that it works.

Fix iphone 4s iOS 5.0.1 battery issue problem

Compatible with: iOS 5.x
Dev: SourcesCachees
Pre-Depends: firmware (= 5.0) | firmware (= 5.0.1), cy + model.iphone (= 2.1) | + cy model . iphone (= 3.1) | + cy model.iphone (= 3.3) | + cy model.iphone (= 4.1) | + cy model.ipod (= 3.1) | + cy model.ipod (= 4.1)
dependence: com. ericasadun.utilities, bash, system-cmds
Price: Free

You can download “iOS 5 Battery Fix ” from this link  and Follows the guidance for the installation of the tweak.

Warning to avoid any error:

To avoid any errors during installation requires the following dependencies : Erica Utilities, bash, system-cmds.

How to install iOS 5 Battery Fix on iPhone 4S using iFile:

1. Connect to this entry through the mobile Safari and click on this link to start downloading the files. deb iOS 5 BatteryFix directly from your iPhone.

or Go to Safari and Type

2. Click “Download” and then “Open in iFile.”

3. iFile is open, click on “Install” to configure the package.

4. Perform a reboot of your iPhone.

Now you have installed on your iPhone iOS 5 BatteryFix , and after a reboot, you should notice an improvement in battery life.