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  1. nabil says:

    why my iphone battery is dying fast after jailbreak(within five hours it will be 25%)???????

    • ali says:

      using 3g insted of wifi in iphone will make ur iphone battery dies faster

    • Mofreh says:

      Check if you have Bluetooth on you can located in general .
      After all 5 hours with 3G and Mobile Date on that is not bad
      But check your Bluethood if it is on please turne it of
      I don’t think jailbreak has any thing with your battery life
      Have a life and enjoy the 5 hours whic is too much to be on the phone any way
      Wise old man

    • yusuf says:

      hye my iphone 4s is running on ios 5.1,i’ve searched for jailbreak for ios 5.1 and i couldnt find it,so ive tried upgrading by downloading ios 5.1.1 from the internet,when i connect my phone to itune i press shift + update,but the itune fail to update my phone,a short massage with error code 3194 came out,any solution for this since ios6 for 4s on the time being cannot be jailbreaked

    • Edward says:

      Just of 3g, wifi, bluetooth. date and low its brightness

    • layth says:

      you had to wait because there is no jailbreak ipad 2 there is just the A4 devices

    • Tohin says:

      if this is the nabil I know greetings. If not then whatever anyways. The problem is with the jailbreak as jailbreaks on iDevices tend to kill hardware performance (including battery life.) You could try and change your settings to make battery life last, switch off 3G or 4G or edge and use wifi instead, lower your brightness and keep locked when not in use. Other than that it can only be your jailbreak that is the root of the problem.

  2. Jermaine says:

    Hi i done all the necessary steps backing up and the jail breaking step, and the cydia icon appeared, i opened it then the screen went off and when I unlocked my ipad 2 (wifi), only the newsstand appears and nothing else. I have no access to settings or anything. Is there a way to resolve this? I tried to restore and the same problem still exists.

  3. mitch says:

    wont let me erase all setting and content, after i installed absinthe

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  5. David Rodriguez says:

    I have a iphone 4s iOS5.1.1 and I recently jailbroke the phone.
    Some how some way every time I take a picture or video, it says its saving what ever I was doing video or pic.
    But when I go to view it in photo stream or camera roll, theyre not there.
    Only thing that is in the photo stream is what was taken before the phone was jailbroken.
    Nothing is in camera roll either. One of the main features of the ipone I like is their camera, and whats the point of having the phone with no camera.
    I really do not want to go out and buy another phone. or switch to a android phone.

    • XombeR says:

      If the problem really wont be fixed by any methods, you should restore your phone by using iTunes. This most offen fixes any issues.

  6. Juan Vinaixa says:

    How to download Absinthe for Ipad 1?

  7. Sandra says:

    How to Download for ipad3?

  8. Om'Anand says:

    I used absinthe fine, it went through all the way to the end and told me my phone was jailbroken. However when I try to sync cracked apps i’ve downloaded my phone tells me that they cannot be installed. i’ve tried restoring and “re-jailbreaking” my Iphone 4s about 7 times now. no change in the situation. it runs on ios 5.1.1. how can i use the cracked apps i’ve downloadeD?

    • Yakup says:

      After You have jailbroken your device go to cydia> manage> sources and then add this repo:
      Then go to that source and download installous, that will automaticly download app sync 5.x too and that will allow you to install cracked apps

  9. Badie says:

    Non posso scaricare installous 5

  10. Badie says:

    Non poso scaricare installous 5

  11. Jordan says:

    Near the end of the installation of absinthe untethered 2.0.4 it suddenly says it failed and stops the installation by itself. When I connect to iTunes I notice two things, my pictures are gone and there is a extra 4.3 gb of “other” data that came from nowhere. Then I do a restore from my backup, sweet my pictures and everything are back, but the 4.3 gb of other data is still on my iPhone. I made the backup before I tried to install absinthe, that means the 4.3 gb were not on my backup. I want to get rid of the other data.

    • Yakup says:

      I’ve had a stimulat problem, just try to hold your sleep button and home button for 10 sec, it’ll reboot your device in another waynans that should do it ( maybe you need to press longer than 10 sec

  12. alan says:

    i have a new ipad 3 wifi tryed Absinthe v2.0.4

    many times on 3 diferent windows machines.
    one windows 7 64bit
    second machine windows 7 32bit

    and finally a win xp pro machine
    same result avery time the jailbreak box is grayed out and cant do a thing

    tryed recomended compatability setting on win7 still n0thing.

    what gives lol
    help getting desperate now

    • jose luis says:

      I execute in any options (normal, compatibility mode, administrator, etc.) and any options after 5 minutes the winodws return messa with the absinthe dont respond anymore, and close aplication. I try 20 times, or more, whats happend?

  13. Nancy says:

    I am trading my jailbroken 4s to my daughter for her 4 on Sprint.
    Both are backed up in Itunes to our computers.

    Do I need to remove Cydia and jailbreak on mine, does this cause it to brick?
    Or can I leave alone, let her upload and restore settings from her Itunes and it carries over?

    I know I will have to jailbreak the 4, but this question is for swapping phone numbers on a jailbroken 4s, what to do.


  14. Atul says:

    Thank you for the great software. I have a problem with my iphone because when I try to use your software to terminate the DFU mode, the phone shuts off and disconnects from iTunes so I cannot upload a custom IPSW. I keep getting Error 1015 in Itunes, but my phone won’t connect unless it’s in DFU……once I stop the DFU it disconnects. Thank you.

  15. mina magdy says:

    i tried several ways to unlock it but it still locked to AT&T it’s version is 5.0.1 and all i know is IMEI number …i can’t use it as an ipod as it’s locked and need a sim and the itunes couldn’t support because of the sim needed

  16. Ray says:

    When IOS 6 comes out, will my jailbreak and unlocked be lost? Since I have just Jailbreak with Absinthe 2.04 and then unlock my iphone3gs away from At&t and have Pure-GSM running great on my i-phone
    I wouldn’t want to lose my new service.
    I know my service is cheap. But to many phone company are getting to Rich from the Hard working small people.
    Thank you for all your Great work!

  17. Aaron says:

    Error detecting device (Lockdown error-5) .. at the first step. can click jailbreak button cuz its dim. plz help thanks.

  18. Ken says:

    No unlocking store in Thailand can unlock or Will accept Thais main mobile carriers..I am from the UK and this phone was a gift to my wife..Why can i not use it in Thailand?

  19. Ken says:

    Iphone 4…. 5.1.1 Sorry..

  20. Aidan says:

    Hello, i have tried number of attempts at trying to successfully jailbreak my 4th gen ipod touch.. once the jailbreak reboots my ipod after going through the steps.. it shows the cydia for a minute.. then reboots and starts up with no stock apps except, stock and weather and no cydia.. i’ve restored my ipod back to 5.1.1, re-jailbroke it again and same thing.. please what do i do to successfully jailbreak my ipod without losing apps..

  21. bell says:

    i dont know what link too click to keeps taking me to a diff link that has nothing to do with it. i have a iphone 4 with ios 5.1.1. and all that i just need the correct link to download it so i cant get the ball rolling. if someone could e mail me that damn thing i would be so greatful.

    • Mofreh says:

      I assume you iPhone is jail broken , it is go to cydia and add this repo
      A) http://
      Then to to the repo you added or search for instullous 5 or 5.1 depends on your iOS
      The instullous icon will appear of your iPhone with download arrows
      Click on it refresh

  22. andreas says:

    locked o2uk bb 04 12 1 ios 5 1 1 iphone4 32gb black

    • Mofreh says:

      Jail break your iPhone first then add to cydia this two repo
      A) ( it is zero 0 not letter o)
      Then from cydia click on the repo you add and install untrasn0w
      Then the important fis is
      B) add to cydia http://
      Then from that repo install ultrasn0w fixer to 5.1.1
      Best of luck

  23. Paul says:

    I do not see a jail break or unlocker listed for the 3G. I see the 3Gs is listed. Will the same jail break work on the 3G?

  24. merci says:

    i have trouble in these two jailbreaks :

    1-Teathered Jailbreak
    2-Unteathered Jailbreak

    can you explain me about teathered jailbreak and unteathered jailbreak ? which one of them is best jailbreak

    i am using ipad 3 (GSM) A4

    • Thomas says:

      Merci, my granddaughter (she’s 4 years old) likes to turn off my cellphone because she knows it saves the battery. I have a “tethered” jailbreak. I cannot turn my phone back on until I plug it into my computer and reboot it through Redsn0w (my jailbreak program). If I had an “untethered” jailbreak, I could just turn my phone back on. The same scenario would be true if I let my battery run down to the point that the phone shut off. If you’re traveling and don’t have your computer with you when that happens (and it has a couple of times) you’re screwed and without a phone until you get back home to your computer. So….”untethered” is the best way to go.

    • jackie says:

      Unteathered jailbreak is the best.

      Unteathered jailbreak is up do not need a computer to start up your iDevice

      Teathered jailbreak you need a computer to start up your iDevice. this one also limits your uses with the jailbreak an iDevice.

      when i jailbreak i only use UNTEATHERED for the simple reason there are not any problems with your iDevice only capable to do way more with then manufaturerly.

      hope this helps:)

  25. matt dina says:

    I would like to restore my iphone 4s which was jailbroke on OS 5.1.1. I have version 6.0 on it now. I have downloaded 5.1.1 but cannot seem to get the restore to work. It looks for the firmware for 5.1.1 but cannot find it.
    Does apple hide the firmware so you cant downgrade? Please help, I miss my 5.1.1 OS on my 4s. Thank you

  26. Andrius says:


    I have a Iphone4 16GB it was working fine and everything was ok but yesterday i upgraded to IOS6 and some troubles have arised. Always if someone will ring me it is only vibrating no sound, furthermore if i have a conversation the sound level is so low i hear the other person very distantly. Im very frustrated Maybe any one knows the solution or maybe anyone experienced anything similar? Is it possible that a fix will be released in near future.

    Thank you for your answers.

  27. joetan says:

    Hi, i can’t update my 4s phone from 5.1 to 5.1.1 as the jb only works on ios 5.1.1
    the itunes keep prompting me the problem 3194 when i want to update my iphone using ipsw 5.1.1 ? how can i solve tis problem?

  28. TigerBomb says:

    would like to know if updating to 5.1.1 from 4.3.1 is anyway possible now that ios 6 is out, thanks

  29. jim says:

    ios 6.0 on a 3g is it a good idea or not and what ios 6.0 verion do i down load 3gs for 3g

    • Dealonwheel says:

      You would need to Download IOS 6.0 For 3G.

      But you cant as Apple Stopped Firmwares for Iphone 3G the Latest you Can Download is if am not mistake IOS 4.3.2

  30. Preet says:

    I am having jailbreak iPhone 3Gs ,iOS 4.0.1. I was trying to upgrade it to 5.1.1 using custom IPSW created by redsnow. While restoring it is giving error 3194. I tried adding/Removing entries from host file, But nothing worked out. Pls. help me in this regard. Thanks in advance.

  31. htun says:

    hello! What is mean “apple store download: False” when i check with IMEI number?Please reply me immediately! please help me!please

  32. Naqeeb says:

    When the unthetered jailbreak has coming

  33. Joseph says:

    Hi can someone please me,I tried to full reset my IPad 3 because I want to upgrade and jailbreak it but always unsuccessful.It always stuck at the circle and nothing happen and I have to press power and home buttons to restart it.why I can’t make a full reset?

  34. Francisco says:

    I did the jailbreak and for some reason the Cydia icon disappeared need help please..

    • Richard says:

      Everything went fine with jailbreak. Cydia icon disappeared when had to “respring”. Performed a Restore on itunes and updated software to 6.1. Re-jailbroke the phone, everything fine for couple days until it had to Respring from Winterboard. Cydia gone agian. Noticed that Skype app wouldn’t work (never used it) after jailbreak, said that it wouldn’t operate with altered system software. After Cydia app missing, Skype doesn’t give the message any more.. Not sure if phone is still partially jailbroke or what. Also need help.

  35. agus says:

    when new redsnow is comming?

  36. Evie says:

    I recently updated to the 6.1.1 software, I have the iPhone 4S, everything is fine, I was just curious if the cydia systems sounds worked with this update/jailbreak or not, my regular iPhone systems sounds work fine, but not the ones I get from Cydia and activate through winterboard?! Am I missing something?!

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  38. faisal says:

    i have jb my iphone 4s ios 6.1.2.At first it work very well but later i got some problem while istalling packages from cydia thats why tried to jb it again.Now the jb but cydia icon doesn,t appear on my iphone screen.Instead of cydia icon,winterboard+my wi4.0+ishshit+barrel+aptibacup installed & appear on my screen not cydia icon.Now what should i do.plzzz do reply me i am really confused.

    • FYI says:

      Hmm, would you mind restoring again? And make sure you jailbreak first before restoring from back up data. And btw, if you encounter errors while installing cydia packages, it is not because of the jailbreak, maybe your wifi connection is weak, or the repo hosting the package you’re trying to install is having maintenance or is just having a lot of traffic because there are a lot of people using cydia simultaneously. Just letting you know. :)

  39. corz says:

    anyone know how to remove siri (assistant extensions etc)from ipad2 with ifunbox?i cant open cydia to remove it can anyone help with this problem all of wich started when I installed native siri pack from repo ..anyhelp would be greatly appreciated .. to the EVASI0N SQUAD thankyou n a 6.1.3 release would be awesome ..

    • FYI says:

      That’s tough. Honestly I would recommend you to just restore your device, and if ever restore like a new device, don’t restore from back where you already have that problem, it might happen again. That’s just me, if anyone has a better idea, be my guest. :)

  40. Peter says:

    Hello. I was just wondering if you could help me in any way with downgrading my iPod Touch4G from iOS 6.1.3 to 6.1.2. I have the .ipsw file, but not any blobs from the 6.1.2 version. The iPod has been jailbroken before when it was running 4.1 I think. Anyway, when I try to restore I just get 3194 Error code. I’ve tried editing the hosts, but then I just got error code 11. It would be great if I got some help, and yes, I know there is a tethered one for 6.1.3, but I don’t like tethered ones. Please help me in any way! Thank you so much in advance.

  41. Marcin K. says:

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  42. SIDIBE ISSA says:

    Je possède un iPhone 4S et je voudrai savoir si je peu passer de IOS 6.1.3 à IOS 6.1.4 ou IOS 7.0 ?
    Y’a t-il une solution une solution pour installer cydia sur IOS 6.1.3 OU le dowgrader à une version inférieur ?
    S’ils vous plait aidez – moi.

  43. Thi Guillan says:

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  46. naqeeb says:

    how can i copy my contect from sim to iphone

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  48. shafik says:

    I have an iPhone 3GS iOS 5.1.1 jailbroken & untethered with Rocky Racoon. But for the past couple of months I can’t reload Cydia for updates. It goes straight to Database page & below is the problem written in RED:
    x Wow, you exceededthe number of package names this APT is capable of.
    x Problem with MergeList/var/lib/apt/lists/apt.modmyi.com_dists_stable_main_binary-iphoneos-arm_Packages
    x The package list or statusfile could not beparsed or open

    I would really appreciate if someone could tell me how to go about it.

    Thanks guys.

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