Fix Charging is not supported with this accessory

How to Fix Charging is not supported with this accessory ? on iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, 3G or iPad 3, 2, 1 or iPod Touch 2G, 3G, 4G on iOS 4.x or iOS 5.0, 5.0.1, 5.1, 5.1.1 or the Upcoming iOS 6 here is the Details.

Fix Charging is not supported with this accessory

Fix Charging is not supported with this accessory :

If the accessory is the actual charger that is not working then get a new one.
When you get the message are you charging by:
- USB on computer
- A dock
- A wall charger
- Did it happen after updating to iOS 5.0, 5.0.1, 5.1, 5.1.1 ?

If you have connected your iPod to speakers, stereo, etc and it says on the box/ packet that it is supposed to charge it than this device is faulty and you need to take it back and get a new one.

If on the box/ packet it says that it doesnt charge or it says nothing about charging then it is not meant to chage and your smart little ipod is just notifying you of this.

Fix Charging is not supported with this accessory

If the accessory is the actual charger that is not working then get a new one.

If you have connected your iPod to speakers, stereo, etc and it says on the box/ packet that it is supposed to charge it than this device is faulty and you need to take it back and get a new one.

If on the box/ packet it says that it doesnt charge or it says nothing about charging then it is not meant to chage and your smart little ipod is just notifying you of this.

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  1. Jonathan says:

    after upgrading my ipad 1 to ios 5.1.1, i started getting an error message of “charging not supported with this accessory” any opinions as to what i can or need to do?

    • Stone says:

      Plug it into the usb port slowly until you hear the charging sound but don’t slide it in all the way. It will charge without giving you that message or cutting you off

    • John says:

      For a reference. I was able to fix it by turning off the device and directly plug the charger. The device will force to open and voila it is now charging. :)

      • wellstoner says:

        Yeah, I did the same. worked fine. The phone still charges even with that message. Apparently once you get to 20% charge or so you can unplug then plug back in and it will accept. Anyway it still charges even with the message.

  2. dustin says:

    That’s not a fix at all! You can not call it a fix when you’re only suggestion is to take it back and get a new one, unless I am missing something in that post.

  3. uhh says:

    Why on earth did you waste 1 min of my life reading this crap?


  4. your dad says:

    Absolutely agree, buying a new cable is not a solution, ’cause eventually, the new cable starts failing again, so does that means to buy always a new cable every time it decides to crash? Definitely is the iPhone/iPod/iPad that doesn’t work at all. A real solution is needed and many users are still expecting that from Apple. I’d searched a lot in the internet with this issue (big problem) and all the f**cking answers are the same every where all over the net “buy a new cable” c’mon that’s bullsht.

    • Madelyn says:

      I bought a new cable. It worked for a while but it started failing again. It does this annoying off and on charging thing. Best way is to charge on a dock/stereo :/

  5. sal says:

    i agree with the last 3 guys, doesnt make sense at all.
    there is no perfection in life, it just happens.
    i bought a jbl speaker/dock 18 months ago,(it says on the box that is compatible with iphones 4) to use with my iphone 4. everything was fine, till a few months later, i started getting a message on the iphone saying: device not compatible/supported, even though it still chargers it, and plays the music.

  6. pat gold says:

    The ATT&T Store said the message “charging not supported with this accessory” indicates water damage. I had no recollection of how that could be (other than summering in a humid area), but the charging socket showed a telltale red dot. My humble advice: Get a new phone.

  7. tdf201 says:

    Your an idiot for wasting people’s time. Dipshit.

  8. Leo says:

    Same problem, started out of nowhere. I have 3 different authentic Apple
    USB charging cables. Phone intermittently gives charging not allowed message.
    I keep on unplugging/replugging till it works long enough
    To get juice above 60%. Running 5.1.1 OS indeed maybe
    Inherent OS problem ?
    It’s a royal pain in the ass. Any real thoughtful
    Suggestions would be helpful besides the standard
    Apple apologetic BS putting the blame on the user.

    • Jamie says:

      Judging by what I’ve been reading here, and other places on the internet, I’m quite certain this is a direct bug of the new OS update. This problem never occurred until the update was released and now it’s turning into a growing issue by all iphone users.

      Somewhat off topic, but I’m certain that people having this issue are also having there apps and programs crashing more often, and the iphone randomly rebooting now.

      Whatever happened to the saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?”

      • EK says:

        You are 100% correct. This bug came with iOS upgrade (downgrade for users) and my problems started like all of you guys. Apple needs to fix it and fix it soon or they can lend up in court. These phones are too expensive for this BS. Apple crippled and Apple needs to fix it.
        Other solution: when I plug in to my other loptop’s port and turn on the computer I don’t get this message and it’s charging very fast too. There are at least two different ports on my computer. My car charger is acting semi- charging very slow and car needs to be started after phone is in.
        My wall charger is not working pretty much.

  9. Lee says:

    I agree with above posters. Telling someone to check the box and see if it is supossed to be a charger. What a crock! I, too have been looking for a fix. Putting it in airplane mode and plugging into a computer USB vs wall outlet has also given me limited success. If I Never let it go under 20% battery, it works fine. I also used air to blow out the pins on the ipod and that has helped. Anyway, it is charging today using all above tips, except that it went under 20 by not charging the last few days. Turned off airplane mode and it quit charging and gave the error again.

  10. Gregor says:

    Hey folks,

    How about keeping things civilised?!
    It is neither helpful nor respectful to post something as a solution when in reality it isn’t.
    But does that justify obscenity and insults?

    The only ‘solution’ I have found is plugging my iPhone 3GS in and out several times, closing open programs and apps till it works. Not something I would expect from Apple. Bat then again, they’ve become bigger than Microsoft and unfortunately start to behave more and more like them….

  11. tinorama says:

    I get a new cable and a new computer, still no charging…

    You are an idiot, and I’m an idiot for reading you, idiot.

  12. L says:

    I have two iTouch devices and they both started this at the same time after the ios update. I’m using the OEM USB cable and a computer!!

  13. Mitch Conner says:

    This isn’t a fix, fuck you. There doesn’t need to be a whole fucking article that sums up to ‘get a new charger’, fuck you.

  14. Sunny says:

    Wow … THIS is really helpful. For every Apple-follower. “if it doesn’t work, get a new one”. And the best bet is to get two.

  15. Mel says:

    Last week I bought a new ipad 64gb wi-fi with cellular capabilities. Already I’m getting the same message as you guys about charging not supported with this accessory. I’m talking about the wall charger that came with the ipad. I paid almost $1000 for this ipad (Australian price) and am feeling ripped off.

  16. ram says:

    i brought new iphone from ebay it is started getting an error message of “charging not supported with this accessory”
    please don’t go with apple any more…………….fuck.

  17. Nazareth says:

    My I phone is not 4s is not charging

  18. TK says:

    What is it about internet forums that brings out the worst in people? How is a post that is purely name-calling and F-words any more helpful than a post just telling you to buy a new charger?

    In an effort to make this thread more useful and less of a long string of pointless obscenities, I’d like to thank Lee for the tip about putting it in airplane mode before plugging in – that’s worked for me so I’d suggest anyone else experiencing this problem gives it a try. However I should mention that whilst it’s charging the phone it didn’t launch iTunes to automatically sync, however I opened iTunes manually and initiated sync without further issue.

  19. Beth says:

    Mine did this and I got told it was just the dirt/dust in the space of the chargers, simple blow into both of them and it works fine now!

  20. dj says:

    I got the same error msg with brand new iph4 cables i bought from and found i get the error when i plug the charging cable into my usb hub but no error when i plug the cable into the AC adaptor.

  21. jt says:

    sometimes all you have to do is to unplug and replug to make the message go away. I get it usually when I connect my dock cable to a USB extension cord which gives me about 6′ worth of cable length between my iPod touch and my computer’s USB port. And there’s another trick I found. try not plugging the cable all the way inside the USB port. leave it like 20-25% out

  22. Blessedrelief says:

    wow.You lot are all lucky.. Ive plugged mine into PC, 2 Docking stations about 6 different chargers and blown the charger port with compressed air and still get the message..Please help someone im bolloxed without my phone!!

    • Tmel4198 says:

      Replace the charging port, or update your USB drivers

    • Chris says:

      i also plugged mine into PC and different charges and changed the cable and i am still getting the error, i also cleaned the charging port with compressed air and got nothing positive, what should i dooo ???

  23. DA says:

    Waste of time why did I bother reading this.

  24. antonio says:

    this shit is crazy!!!! i have the same proplem 2 & now my cell won’t charge at all & won’t turn on at all this is crazy!! i hand the phone for 2 years now pad 500.00 I WAS RIP OFF!!! HUMMM NOW I GOT TO PAY TO GET THIS FIX 2 !! MORE MONEY!!.COM SHIT

  25. TomTraubert says:

    I had this problem with my iPad on 5.1.1

    The same charger was being used to charge it and my iPhone.

    After a while it kept throwing up this problem charging the iPad.

    What I discovered is that it was being caused by a USB extension I was using.

    I removed it and problem disappeared.

  26. Tmel4198 says:

    This is a quick fix that has helped many people! since this thread is total waste of a so called “fix”!

    1. Turn on airplane mode Settings>Airplane Mode>Toggle On
    2. With airplane mode on, hold the power button and “slide to power off” the iDevice.
    3. Connect your iDevice to a pc/mac or what ever you are trying to charge it with. Let the phone turn on!
    4. Turn of “Airplane Mode”
    5. Simple and easy fix

    If this does not work then the accessory doesnt support charging or it has faulty hardware

  27. Tmel4198 says:

    Another simple fix:

    1. Turn on airplane mode Settings>Airplane Mode>Toggle On
    2. With airplane mode on, hold the power button and “slide to power off” the iDevice.
    3. Use some air duster or blow into the charging port on your iDevice to clean out all the dust and gunk. Also clean SIM slot if you use a SIM card
    5. Connect your iDevice to a pc/mac or what ever you are trying to charge it with. Let the iDevice turn on!
    6. Turn off “Airplane Mode”

  28. bluemarlene says:

    just plug the usb wire into pc or laptop ……done

  29. Stone says:

    This guy should drown himself.

  30. Lachlan says:

    Iv tried 2 different chargers and it still says “Charger is not supported with this accessory”

  31. Lachlan says:

    It sucks I found out a way to do it now!!! I HAVE TO HOLD IT IN THE IPOD TO MAKE IT CHARGE

  32. IRBILL says:

    My 3 yr old Iphone 3 got wet in the rain today and tonight it gave me the infamous message! I looked in the charging port with a loupe and it was filthy and green!!! I took some contact cleaner with a stiff small paint brush and cleaned it and blew it out with a duster can and all is well.

  33. zoolman88 says:

    i just replaced the dock connector in my friends 3gs with a stock oem one i had from and bad 3gs and still have the same problem. it wont charge when plugged into the computer. i tried the plug in half way trick and it worked. i feel it is a software problem. it only does it when its plugged into my computer now. its odd. if it keeps up i am replacing the battery and will see if that fixes the problem.

  34. sehrish says:

    what you just need is that plug the usb half in that holder not completely then put ur iphone to charge it will work possibly…
    it does for me
    stay happy:)

  35. yvonne says:

    i turned my wifi off and it started too charge again.

  36. Chris says:

    This is a total waste of time. All you fuckers must keep to what you know.. Cleaning toilets or sweeping the streets. FUCKHEADS ||||||||

  37. chris says:

    a good way to check and see if it is still charging or atleast plugged in to your computer but dosent say its charging, download redsn0w and click jailbreak it should tell you if its connected or not

  38. balichalla says:

    i hv problem with iphone 3gs

    charging nor supporting with this accessory

    pls help

  39. Tiffany says:

    After I update my my I pad mini to iOS 6 then when I charge they say charging is not support in this accessory

  40. Kingkong says:

    This might probably ne caused by incompatibility with itunes.. I tried checking my devices on devicd manager on my pc and my iphone drivers were not working. Since iphone drivers are built in eith itines j think you have to keep your itunes up to date.. This error showed up when i upgraded to the latest iOS ipdate.. I’m currently updating my itunes now and will see if this works.

  41. Sarah Raymond says:

    What about if I have an iPhone 5 and it keeps happening when i plug it into my car but has only started saying this in the past few days and has been been working perfectly for months before hand and now its just not charging out of nowhere

    • FYI says:

      Did you do anything before this happened? Is it only on your car, does it charge on your wall, computer? Try a different cable?..

  42. Ale says:

    This problem just happened to me with iOS 6.1.2. I updated it but the problem doesn’t go away. My iPod didn’t get wet or anything, so I have no idea what’s happening. I will see if I can get a new USB cable, but this seriously sucks…

    By the way I tried the “half connecting USB port” and it works for a while but then it doesn’t. :/

  43. Romeolove says:

    I have try all that everyone suggested, but is still not working.
    But i have realize that even if caption charger not supported it still charge but this time not as fast as it charge without charger not supported.

  44. Jsinnn75 says:

    Recently I had the same issue. My iPhone 3GS started reading “charger not supported by this device”. I went through three chargers in a month. I tried all the above listed remedies. Nothing worked. Since my phone is jailbroken, I went into the Cydia app and saw a lot of upgrades. My phone is on the IOS 6.1.1 already. I was worried at first about something else going wrong with all the upgrades or losing my jailbreak. My phone upgraded everything just fine. I didn’t lose anything. The volume works now too. I don’t know if this will work for anyone else. It was the only thing that fixed my issue

  45. Deepak kumar says:

    Can anybody tell me that if the charger is faulty, then what is the actual fault in it. Is it the inappropriate current, voltage, or something. pls help me if u can…

  46. Marty says:

    I have a similar issue.

  47. Marty says:

    I have a similar issue. Running an IPad mini on iOS 6.1.3. I have two USB cables, two wall chargers and two car chargers. Both cables work with both wall chargers and charging is not an issue. However, neither cable will work with the car charger, nor through the USB ports on my pc. I get the “Charging is not supported with this accessory”. Have already tried the Airplane “off”, switch it off, etc to no avail. The car chargers both charge my Ipod Touch running on iOS 6.1.3, so I can’t understand why it won’t for the Ipad.
    Does anyone have a foolproof method if getting this working?

  48. sanket says:

    Hi guys, *****(( charging is not supported with this accessory)))***I suggest not to go to any repair shop and get yourself ripped off. I have fixed the problem myself..u can too.
    The problem is YOUR (dock connector) reassembled existing dock OR Buy one dock connector assembly from ebay will cost max £6 and rest you can? do by yourself. and follow the link below to replace your dock? connector… problem solved.
    sorry cant post full link youtube not allowing. ((watch?v=0E__WtK-Nd0))? on youtube

  49. Bryan2Blazed says:

    Who wrote this piece of shit article? I would like to stomp on their balls and smack them in the face with a tire iron. What an arrogant rich asshole this guy must be. I hope he has died in some horrible way.

  50. Frank says:

    My situation is puzzling and a bit different. I can directly plug my Iphone 3GS into the wall and it charges. However, when I plug it into a usb hub on my Imac G5 core duo OSX Lioni it says, “charging not supported with this accessory”, but it will update my apps and sync. The battery level indicator says it’s decreasing in charge during. It has to be software related ( I think.) When I connect it to my Win XP it charges fine. However, I don’t use it to sync or anything. Any thoughts? Thanks.

    • Frank says:

      I also have another puzzling situation. Unless I’ve defined Airplane mode wrong? I have it in this mode and I can still do Wifi. Hm….can somebody explain it to me? Thanks.

  51. dlkhds says:

    I have the same problem.I have an iPhone 4 working on the iOS6.The problem occurred even before I updated the OS.I went out to get it fixed,they changed the motherboard and they tried it out and it charged.I used it then when the battery was running low, I charged it but nothing happened.Except for the message “this charger is not supported with this accessory.”

    Tried other cables and my PC to charge it but nothing worked.

    • Frank says:

      I don’t know if this will help anyone, but it works very consistently if I put it in Airplane mode going into my Imac. I own a 3gs. Imac core duo. Good luck!

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