How to Fix iPad Wi-Fi Issues

How to Fix iPad Wi-Fi Issues – We have received many e-mails regarding iPad Wi-Fi Issues, many iPad owners complains about the difficulties of connecting and reconnecting to wireless networks or the poor Wi-Fi reception we have some tips to those iPad owners will help them to fix iPad Wi-Fi Issues

How to Fix iPad Wi-Fi Issues

How To Fix iPad Poor Wi-Fi Reception ?

This issue is a public for all iPad owners specially iPad 3, to fix this issue follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open Settings and tap on “General”
Step 2: Tap “Network” and tap “Wi-Fi”
Step 3: Tap the blue arrow next to the wireless router you are connected to
Step 4: At the next screen, tap “Forget this Network”
Step 5: Go back to Wi-Fi and rejoin the network you just forgot

After finishing all the above steps you should now have full reception bars, if Wi-Fi is still not working, then you have to rest your network follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open Settings app, tap “General” then “Reset”
Step 2: Tap on “Reset Network Settings”
Step 3: Reboot the iPad
Step 4: then try to connect to your wireless network again

How To Fix iPad WiFi Connecting difficulties ?

A small number of iPad users complain about the WiFi Connecting difficulties, for those who complain about this issue follow the steps below also you have to know that the solution below is according to Apple support:

1- Update Wi-Fi router firmware

  • Note: This is important if your WiFi router supports 802.11n, as it may still be using the draft specification of the 802.11n standard.
  • For AirPort Base Stations, check here

2- Use WPA or WPA2 Wireless Security

  • Check the wireless security option of your WiFi router. If WEP is being used, try using WPA or WPA2.

Some WiFi routers using WEP wireless security may cause intermittent disconnects to iPad which requires re-typing a password. Using WPA or WPA2 wireless security on your network will correct this issue.

Note: WPA and WPA2 is better that older WEP protocol.

3- Renew IP address

  • Tap Settings app –> Wi-Fi
  • Locate the Wi-Fi network you are currently using and tap
  • Tap Renew Lease

If the issue persists, try turning WiFi to Off and then to On.

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  1. kamal says:

    after jailbreaking with absinthe, i cant connect my ipad 2 (5.1.1.) wirelessly at home. I have tried all the methods on the web so far but no luck .. I even changed the name of the network on my home wireless, still in vain. Is there some otherway to fix the issue ???

  2. John says:

    Same deal here everything worked fine until I reloaded cydia my wifi kept dropping and kept getting the error code no internet connection available, even though my wifi worked perfectly before the jailbreak. Tried all the wifi fixes avail here and none worked. In the end I had to restore my ipad 2 back to factory settings. Please fix the wifi bug with this jailbreak 5.1.1

  3. Abdul says:

    I experience a problem with internet connection on my ipad 4G using wifi. Wifi still connected, however, but most of the times I need to reboot my ipad to get internet access. I did reset of network stteing but this did not solve the issue. I Used Absinthe 2.0.4 from it’s official website.

  4. Barrett says:

    I have same issue,iPad 3 ver 5.1.1 wifi only unit. I made a restore back to apple, no wifi issues..I guess the jailbreak made a issue

  5. Test User says:

    same issues on iphone 4S

    5.1.1 jailbreaked with absinthe 2.0.4

  6. Lorna says:

    you helped me get back on wifi, thanks much appreciated

  7. Aswad says:

    I faced this issue on iPad 2, with IOS 5.1.1, Asbsinthe JailBroken.

    Here is how I was able to fix it:
    1- Go to RESET->Reset Network Settings.
    2- After the reset unlock screen comes. Unlock but DONOT do anything else.
    3- Power recycle the iPad.(Shutdown completely by holding down the power button and using the slider to shut it down. Turn it back on by holding down the power button.)
    4- The Wi-Fi will be in working condition now.

  8. krisofleek says:

    Just log into your router’s setting page, change broadcasting channel to different than the present one. After saving the new setting your wifi connection should be up and running ;P

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