How To Fix iPhone 4 No Sound

How To Fix iPhone 4 No Sound - My iPhone 4 sound stopped working, i can hear it only when it rings, but i can’t hear messages, notifications, sounds from apps and also when i play music, there isn’t any mute selected and the volume is switched at its final bar

but when i use the volume keys on the side of the phone, it shows the ringer with the speaker but i can’t turn it up or down.

How To Fix iPhone 4 No Sound

We will show you in this post methods will help you to fix your issue try every method one of them will fix your issue

Method 1:

Try to clean your iPhone charging port and headphone jack using isopropyl alcohol and a q-tip with a clean dry toothbrush also the video posted below help you.

How To Fix iPhone 4 No Sound

Method 2:

Try to use your head Phone speakers if it works well so your iPhone is probably not damaged.

This issue may be caused by the headphone jack sensor being stuck due to some dust on the sensor.

All you have to do is to play any music or something and insert the headphones in and out several times this will solve it.

Method 3:

If the Headphones and Speakers do not work. No sound at all:

I think that this issue is a software issue so follow the steps below it will help you to fix this issue

  1. Restart your device by holding power off and then turn it on again.
  2. You can try the video below:
  3. Reset all settings go to your Settings App –> General –> Reset Network Settings.
  4. If the reset did not work, you can try the restore using our link then jailbreak again. (Recommended)

Method 4:

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  1. Jerry had rice says:

    Tried ALL of the methods you listed. None worked. iPhone has been opened so no warranty. Any other suggestions??

  2. Jerry had rice says:

    Oh yeah. It has no sound at all w/ or w/o headphones.

  3. Dean says:

    All you need to do is replace the dock connector. As a full time iPhone engineer I see this problem almost everyday. If that fails I normally replace the audio flex as well which almost always eliminates the problem. First though, hold down the power button and the home button at the same time to restart the phone as that sometimes cures audio issues. Also back up you phone and reset it in the settings, general tab.

    • Dean says:

      Just to briefly explain why this happens.

      The faulty dock connector is causing the phone to think it is plugged into a dock and is therefor routing it audio down to the dock connector and not the loudspeaker.

      • DIY David says:

        Hi, done all the stuff with toothbrush and alchohol still no sound. Noticed when placing iPhone in dock the volume bar was shown for a moment and then disappeared. I then sprayed the cleaner onto the charger plug which came with phone pushed that in and out gently four/five times. Hay presto lovely sound and no more problems. Thanks for all the tips. DIY David.

        • Surendra Mandal says:

          Thankyou so much. I have also the same problem there is no sound on audi video. but when i used a little amount of sprit and washed a charger jackk and iam free from sound problem and hear a same sound as before.

      • J82 says:

        So I have replaced the doc, speakers, audio Flex, and done a full reset from DFU. 100% factory was never Jailbroken. Also having the gay out of the Wi-Fi option (another known yet ignored problem by apple) I wouldn’t go around bragging that your an apple engineer… this is your fault to begin with. makes me glad to have an S3 myself… and keeps my repair business booming so thanks for your quality engineering apple.

    • Dan says:

      Just wanted to say thanks Dean. My daughter’s iphone 4s had the ‘no sound/no volume slider’ problem. I was fortunate enough to resolve the problem with the simple solution….”hold down the power button and the home button at the same time to restart the phone as that sometimes cures audio issues.” Relief!

  4. Bob says:

    I’ve spent hours upon hours trying to find a fix to me and my wife’s iPhone “no sound” issue that happened after both of us updated to iOS 6. We both updated at different times so this is no coincidence or dust in the dock connector. What you’re saying is true, the iPhone thinks its plugged into a dock. When I plug the phones into a charging cable it’ll play sound just fine. After I pull it out it mutes it about 2 seconds afterwards. If I connect to Bluetooth device the generic “Dock Connector” shows up as one of the audio device options. Although replacing the dock connector hardware may be a fix, it’s hands down a software issue that MAY have something to do with the new dock connector pin that came with the iPhone 5 release. I’m no techy but that’s my 2 cents and I believe Apple is trying its best to pretend the problem doesn’t exist in hopes that it’s competitors don’t use the info against them. In the meantime people like me and my wife are caught in the middle with no sound on our very expensive iPhones.

  5. Mike says:

    I tried the last step and it worked. Thanks for posting!!!

  6. Jay Hansen says:

    Had the same issue…this worked on FIRST attempt. I connect my iphone 4s through a dock connector to my Alpine INA-W910 head unit (Audio/Video/Satellite/Nav) in my vehicle. After reading the replys to this stream, I connected to the dock connector, looked at the audio options:
    iPhone Speakers
    Apple TV
    Dock Connector
    Selected iPhone Speakers…immediately the sound came from the phone. Unplugged and haven’t had the issue since.

    Sincerely hope this helps…so frustrating.

    Best of luck.

  7. Raffik says:

    The real issue with no sound in 4 & 4s is the ios 6. The sound problem started after the upgrade from 5.1.1 to 6.0.1 / 6.1.1.

    I do not agree with any hardware failure in this case. It must be a known bug from Apple to customer brick the old phones and buy the new version.

    Well my question is, what is the best way to roll back from 6.1.1 to 5.1.1. (No backup of 5.1.1. available and do not care to restore 5.1.1 factory settings.

    Any Advise…

  8. Kenzie says:

    My phone got sprayed with hairspray and now my sound turns all the way down when I try to turn it up. What else can I try?

  9. neal says:

    after installing 6.0.1 my iphone 4s getting sucks tube gone , speaker gone i ll never suggest anyone for iphone

    • sylvs10 says:

      I’ve had the same problems since I updated to iOS6 – sound works intermittently, I do get sound when receiving calls, but playing anything on youtube or any videos is useless – no sound at all. iOS6 has also stuffed up my calendars and lots of other issues. Wish I’d never updated. I won’t be getting another iphone.

  10. soukdala says:

    iphone 4s ?????????????????????????? ????????????????????? ??????????????????? ???????????????????? ????????????????????????????? ???????????????? USB ??????????????????? ???????

  11. Davey See says:

    I try so many time at Method 2 but it still cant working. Can anyone help me ? Please, thanks for your help.

  12. Lance says:

    I found a way to solve the problem for me anyways.I had the same problem. No sound except for the ringer and I could not adjust the volume from the keys on the side of the phone. No apps, music, typing, texts, or new emails would make any sounds. It seemed like my phone was stuck in some kind of docked mode. Although it never has been in a docking station. I tried the reboots and resets. I really thought it was a software problem. I tried the headphones in and out of the headphone jack because all the sounds did work with the headphones. Then I decided to try and clean the charging port like some people recommended. I blasted it with a can of air that did nothing. Then I took a business card because it is kind of thicker paper and gently used the sharp corner to clean around inside of the charging port and voila my phone worked instantly. My sounds were back. It was a white business card and you would not believe the crude I could see on it and I have only had the phone for about 1 month.

  13. Tina says:

    I put the headphones in and moved them around some took them back out and now I have sound.

    • Lorraine says:

      Just done this to my iPhone 4 as it got wet, put headphone piece in and wriggled it about a bit and now I have all my sound back.

  14. Addi says:

    Thnx absinthe method 1 worked for me

  15. Hery says:

    I try all from method 1 n 2 but still not working at my iphone 4s,i using headphone sound can working but when i pull my headphone out n sound not working……need help..

  16. migro says:

    I used my vaccum cleaner to clean the ports, ”speakers” and mic.

  17. aimee says:

    my iphone4 isnt working ever since i got it it seems to make a buzzing sound when i record i tryed everything i used the hairdryer and blew into it its still not working it droped a few times but my calls are still working and on facetime there seems to be no sound aswell any ideas what i should do ? thanks

  18. Kitty says:

    I had the same problem with my 4s and I cleaned the charging socket with a bit of paper and it works perfectly again, hope this helps!

  19. Abdul Kaium says:

    I updated to IOS 6.1 and now I can’t hear anything on my earphones.any suggestion?

  20. brenda says:

    I tried the toothbrush cleaning and the card nothing works for me any one have any more suggestions

  21. Marty says:

    It’s a jailbreak issue!!! only!!
    • After full restore and jailbreak moved 4 albums across to itunes and synced every song played fine no issues or bugs

    • Re formatted phone, jailbroke only installed PWNTUNES moved 4 albums across, sometimes pwntunes crashes, however, muting and spasmodic muting, volume functions not functioning, volume disappearing and reappearing.

  22. Marty says:

    Yep as mentioned above, I have restored using itunes and jumped onto Safari > Youtube watched a video on a 100% clean install.! then used evasi0n tool then whoala! dissapearing volume bar!

    did this 3 times today! it’s not Springtomize, pwntunes, not the charger unit or phone plug! it’s the jailbreak!!!!!!!

  23. Bob says:

    Cleaning the charging port with a white envelope and there was some crude in there. All my sounds are now back and everything works great! thanks

  24. Annoyed_alot says:

    My iPod’s sound stopped working,
    when ever I try to turn up the volume to try and get
    sound it always says “headphones” I’ve tried everything
    And this is really annoying me please help D:

    • Denisi says:

      U might of damaged the headphone, what happened is there are 2 connectors in there, they sometimes widen. What I did was to replace the headphone jack.

  25. mr.b says: works

  26. Karl says:

    Thank you so much it worked reseting the network settings :)

  27. Nazef says:

    M using i phone 4S, i can hear the ring and all, but m not able to hear the sounds like key pad , lock button, sounds of application like youtube and flash player vedios etc.. so guyz help me please>>>>>>>>>

  28. Carrie says:

    I’ve tried cleaning it out with a Q-tip, business card, turning it off and on, and reset my settings back to network settings nothing seems to be working. Are there any other methods out there?

  29. John says:

    The problem seems to be software related, my fix was connecting it to a dock, then the sound came back, hope it fixed your problem.

    • mbb says:

      I connect my 4s to a radio dock every night and use the alarm in the am for my iPhone music, which works, but – as of a week ago – once it is off the dock the sound control disappears and I only have the phone ringer and sound on the call. The Geniuses say that since the red mark has appeared they have no solution except to replace the phone of course. What other options do I have except to jailbreak?

  30. Budsal says:

    4s , 6.1.1, jailbroken with evasi0n.
    I would have sound with headphones and sometimes without. Ringer and clock and other alerts worked no problem. Games, vids, & music had no sound 90% of the time except through headphones as I said. I followed someone’s method of a business card corner to clean the dock connector and that seems to have done the trick. Thanks. Lots of dust and lint & debris

  31. ScottBrant says:

    I had the same problem…Had sound when someone rang or text, sound with earphones plugged in, but no sound from Music, YouTube, Video and couldn’t control sound via side volume buttons. Was so angry about this as the phone is only a month old after my last 4s started overheating so they replaced with a brand new 4s.

    None of the steps above worked and as a last resort i decided to stick a sewing needle into the docking port and removed the TINIEST spec of dirt from one spot and the sound started working. I’m not kidding the rest of the phone and dock was clinically spotless but for a spec in one spot.

    What a serious design flaw.

  32. sam says:

    Im having problems with sound ,the ringer sounds but not anything else unless i put in headphones,if i did a reset on fone will i lose everything on there? please help im at the end of my tether now

  33. Kimo says:

    Just cleaned my sound jack by blowing using my mouth and worked :D

  34. annette says:

    Used a business card to clean the charging port and it really works!

  35. Sergey says:

    Vacum cleaner help me! Clean all holes in iPhone 4S with him

  36. Kerry says:

    Absolutely mad. Tried for 2 hours then read the business card trick.tried it and it worked .

  37. James says:

    What if u have an iPod 5g cause mine still doesn’t work I hear the sounds but through my headphones

  38. Kenzii says:

    Thank youu sooooo muchh.. this helped alot <3 I was soo worried *phew*

  39. Janine says:

    Brilliant, thanks… worked great. Also another tip I just came across, if you pierce a few pin holes into the speaker mesh you get better & louder sound

  40. Gurehemu says:

    I have tried everything short of the holding home and power button can anyone tell me if doing that means I’ll lose everything from my phone?

  41. Judy says:

    Thank you!!! The business card worked!!! Who knew!! Thanks for posting…

  42. Angela says:

    So, I am having the same issue as the majority of you- only ringer sound and a few random alert sounds, otherwise, no iTunes, video sound, etc. I felt like I had tried it all until the card trick. I cleaned around the port and got sound back…. for about 15 minutes :( Now I’m back to square one! I don’t trust myself to use jailbreak, but it’s clearly a port issue. Any other suggestions?

  43. Sarah says:

    I think the videos might be helpful but I can’t really hear them:(

  44. Bjorn says:

    Easy fix. Blow compressed air into the dock connector. You won’t believe how much stuff (dust, dirt, etc) will come out from there. Yikes! Or maybe it’s just me being extra dirty…

  45. Manpreet says:

    The same is my problem no volume low and high bar appearing on music player, video player, none of app playing sound, I tried all methods restart, switch off, restore, and all but nuthing is working, some tyms it automatically starts working and some tyms it stops, wat shud I do now???!! No idea!!!

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