How To Fix Slow App Store on iOS 6

How To Fix Slow App Store on iOS 6 - We have already covered all of iOS 6 issues and their fixes in one post, but some glitches and problems are being nominated and we are trying to find out of the best solution for those problem. One of these problems is the really slow speed in App Store. Although, iPhone 5 and the new iPad has the latest 4G technology which is ten times faster as compared to previous 3G technology, but users are still facing problem while moving from one section to another or while opening an app.

How To Fix Slow App Store on iOS 6

How To Fix Slow App Store on iOS 6

We know that Apple has completely redesigned the App Store application with many new features and improvements. One of these features is the “Genius for Apps”; it arranges applications in a specific manner. This feature also uses the location based services which means it usually takes much longer time as compared to simple features. However, this feature is not so important, so you can turn it off. According to folks at OSXdaily, by turning this feature, you will see dramatic increase in App Store speed.

How to turn “Genius for Apps” Off?

Go to

Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Genius for Apps

Turn this feature off. After doing so, don’t forget to quit the app store. Re-launch the App store and you will see improved speed in App Store. This feature works perfectly with any iDevice running iOS 6. In case of any other problems or issues, please check this All-in-One post.


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  1. Avnit says:

    Thanks it works.. :)

  2. On my boot loop I held power button for 5 sec
    Then home screen without releasing power button
    Then released power and held hom for 5 secs, then it helped.

    Did it few times though for my iPad 2 ver 5.1.1 – 9B206

    Was I of help? Visit me

  3. Suresh says:

    I can able to connect appsstore once after 20~30 times rebooting my phone. Though it connects i can able to instal only one apps then the same issue repeats again.Please help

  4. Marios says:

    it doesnt work!! any other suggestions??

  5. Creepy says:

    Yep perfect it worked for me. App store works well after turning off these

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