How To Fix Sound issues On Your iPhone 4/4S

How to Fix Sound Issues On Your iPhone 4/4S - Apple’s known for its excellent top-notch hardware quality and its devices usually last a long time. Its latest iPhone 5, 4th Generation iPad and iPad Mini are a great example of that. Even with that, electronics are not able to last that long without suffering from some basic issues like sound and battery. Paying Apple to fix them for you means a heavy hit on your budget.

How to Fix Sound Issues On Your iPhone 4/4S

Thankfully, sound issues with your iPhone 4 and the last-Gen iPhone 4S can be easily fixed. Here are some sound issues you might be experiencing,

  • Not able to hear System Sounds like keyboard clicks, lock/unlock sounds, and certain system notifications.
  • No Alert Sounds like phone calls, text messages, or email notification sounds.

How To Fix Them

DFU Restore:  Don’t resort to a hardware repair at the first signs of some sound issues. Sometimes, a DFU restore is all that is needed to fix that.

It can be done by connecting your iPhone to iTunes and holding down the sleep and home button for 10 seconds (if you see an Apple logo, you have held on too long). After that leave the Sleep button but keep holding the Home Button for another 5 seconds(Seeing a “Plus Into iTunes” screen? You have held on too long so start from the beginning). If the screen remains black, then your iPhone is now in DFU mode.

Replacing Dock Connector: Yup, if you are facing any of the sound issues as described above then there is a 90% chance that it is an issue with the dock connector. It doesn’t cost too much and nor takes a big chunk out of your precious time so replacing the dock connector is the best solution for fixing the sound of your iPhone.

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  1. saqib says:

    hi I update iphone4 on iOS 6.0.1 but when I click on iCloud create new I’d then iPhone moveback nd hang why????nd next is my other iPhone 4 version 5.1.1 modem fern ware 4.12.1 cane it unlock through jeilbreak via Sam tell me it’s true or not ????tell me plzzz

  2. Raffik says:

    Let me try to restore in DFU mode ad let you know.

    Thanks for the tip.

  3. Emma says:

    I’ve got an iPhone 5 and my sound isn’t working I’ve tried toothbrush method and
    Holding down the right corner nothing works! Plz help me or my parents will kill me
    If they find out!!!! :(

  4. Lars says:

    No sound? Music won’t play, but works with headphones? Here’s a quick common sense fix. While it’s common knowledge that you must turn the phone off as soon as it gets wet, and you should remove the battery, take it apart and clean and dry everything that might have got wet ASAP, Apple ( post Jobs) has made it impossible to remove the battery. So I went online and bought a special screwdriver for $10, but that wont arrive for many hours or days. Who can wait even one day for a phone repair? So here is what I did:
    1. Remove the otter box
    2. Use a hairdryer or fan.
    3. Place the phone at least 6″ away and use mild temperature on hairdryer
    4. Aim the air at the two lower speakers and docking connector.
    5. Let it run for 1/2 hour if it just got a couple drops and much longer if it got soaked.
    Check every few minutes to be sure the phone is warm, but not too hot. max 90 degrees.
    6. turn on the phone, Play a song, and be happy and dance as I did, when it came alive!
    If you have an Iphone 4S, as I do, and an otter box to protect it as I do, but you accidentally drop it in the hot tub momentarily, as I just did, then take note.
    1. The otter box saved most of it, but water still gets in to the speakers.
    2. By patiently blowing on the speakers for a good 1/2 hour, you might be able to get the sound to work again. This works for many electronic devices. Even though I turned it on before it was completely dry, it survived, so before you let someone open your phone, or sell you a new one, try this, you will be happy and back to work in minutes!

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