How to Run Absinthe as Administrator mode

How to Run Absinthe as Administrator mode ? I upgraded to Absinthe 2.0.1 and experienced no change in behavior.

I don’t know what administrator mode is but I will try again and see if I can find a way to do so.

How to Run Absinthe as Administrator mode


In a simple way you can Run Absinthe 2.0 or 2.0.1 or any new Absinthe by Right Click on the Program and Choose [ Run as administrator ].

that is fix some bugs and errors.

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  2. Don says:

    Hi, Running the service with elevated rights is not resolving the error. tried multiple times. Any solution?

    • Aravind says:

      even I have the same problem… though I am running it as an admin in win7 pc, it is still showing the same error. btw, I do have admin rights to my pc. thanks for your help… :-)

  3. Omkh says:

    Same problem. Running as admin on Win7 but it says “Run as Administrator”.

  4. ron goebel says:

    try this:

    in windows 7, make sure the administrator account is not disabled.
    click the start button and type in “user accounts” and press Enter.
    click Manage User Accounts
    click the Advanced tab
    click the Advanced button in the middle
    click the Users folder in the left pane
    right click Administrator in the middle/right pane (middle if you have the Actions pane visible)
    click set password, and set it
    right click Administrator again, click Properties
    uncheck the box that says the account is disabled

    now SHIFT+right click absinthe.exe, choose run as a different user, and type in the credentials for the administrator account. if your laptop is on a domain, make sure you type YOUR_COMPUTER_NAME\Administrator as the user name.

    this is what I had to do, even though my user account is a domain admin and I followed all the steps listed on this page about compatibility settings. I did still set the compatibility settings before I did my steps.

    when you’re done, you might want to go back and disable the administrator account, in case it was disabled for a reason.

  5. AlanOfTheBerg says:

    FYI, “Run As Administrator” does not work for everyone. I’ve tried it from the right-click context menu, updating the compatibility for All users, and also trying it from the command line adding /runas:administrator and it always prompts with the same ‘must run as administrator’ error. And, yes, I am an admin on the box and all other previous tools for jailbreaking have worked just fine. Absinthe is not friendly. The Mac version will probably work better.

  6. dinoide says:

    Same for me
    No way to run the file on Vista.
    Could you fix this stupid problem?


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