How to Cracked in-App purchasing without Jailbreak [Tutorial]

How to Cracked in-App purchasing without Jailbreak ? Do you know what In-App purchase is? Certain apps in modern smartphones such as Android or iOS allow you to purchase digital items using your money. Let’s say: if you are playing Temple run and want to purchase some coins, you can do that by using your credit card associated with your iTunes account.

How to Cracked in-App purchasing without Jailbreak

A Russian Hacker, ZonD80 has successfully cracked the iOS in-app purchasing so you can get any digital stuff in your games or apps without spending a single penny. The even best part about this hack is, it doesn’t require any Jailbreak. All you need to do is to follow some simple steps and you are good to go. This hacker also posted a proof of the video which is taken down by Apple due to copyrights claim by Apple.

So, anyone can get in-App purchases on any iDevice running iOS 3.0-6.0 for absolutely free of cost. How to perform this on your iDevice? Follow the instructions below.

You should be aware of all the risks and problems associated with this hack. We at AbsintheJailbreak are not responsible for any problems.

How to Cracked in-App purchasing without Jailbreak :

  • Download the two certificates on your iPhone [Certificate 1] and [Certificate 2]. Install them on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.
  • After installing those certificates, Connect your iPhone to internet via Wi-Fi and change DNS server to “91,224,160,136”.
  • Now, simply open an app and purchase any thing, you will be shown the following windows instead of the Original Windows.
  • It will ask your Apple ID password, after entering, go to Wi-Fi Settings and change DNS server to normal.
  • That’s it! You have successfully done it. However, the hacker’s site is down due to Apple Copy write claim and now he is transferring to BlogSpot. Quoting the developer’s words:

Hi everyone. I Moved info blogspot site go. Currently Service is down due to high Load. We Currently Have VPS with 512MB memory aboard, and there is  no way to Satisfy everyone with such hardware . Apple is a Big Company, I am not . If you want to help me to buy really dedicated four-quad core server with at least 4gbytes of ram – donate to paypal account

Setup of dedicated server usually took 2-3 days. Sorry, guys.