How To Get Your Stolen iPhone

How To Get Your Stolen iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, 3G ? What would you do if your iPhone was stolen ? would you call the police or give up and get a new one, or you would help the police and give them the image of the thief and location of your iPhone i think that the last will be better we will show you in this post some tweaks and Apps will help you to determine your location.

How To Get Your Stolen iPhone
Method 1: For Jailbroken Devices

iCaughtU: is a free cydia tweak required a jailbroken iPhone allows your iPhone to take a front camera picture for anyone tries to access your iPhone by wrong Passcode then send the photo with some information such as location of your iPhone to your email also it doesn’t allow anyone to turn off the iOS device when it is locked.

How To Get Your Stolen iPhone

iCaughtU Pro: While iCaughtU is available on Cydia for free, iCaughtU Pro is available for $2.5 and here’s the difference

  • Save pictures to Photo Library.
  • Set a number of max attempts before taking picture.
  • Send SMS (only for iPhone) when Password is entered wrong.
  • Compatible with AndroidLock XT (Fully Recommended Tweak).
How To Get Your Stolen iPhone
iCaughtU is a free tweak available on cydia you can search for it and then install it while iCaughtU Pro is available for only $2.5 but with more features.

How To Get Your Stolen iPhone iTracker: Cydia App is a tracking app that will help you to locate your lost or stolen iPhone it has the ability to capture automatically a photo to anyone tries to slide and unlock your iPhone lockscreen, also this app can keep your sensitive information such as SMS, Contacts, Photos, video rendered inaccessible.
  • The ability to send GPS SMS & SMS to 3 of your registered mobile number.
  • If the SIM card changed you will receive an SMS by the thief number.
  • Powerful remote control features.
  • Reboot or power off the iPhone
How To Get Your Stolen iPhone
How it Work: to locate your iPhone you have to register this link then you will have an account to check your iPhone location.
iTracker 3.5 Cydia tweak is available for free through xsellize repo you can search for it at cydia then install it.

How To Get Your Stolen iPhone Method 2: Non Jailbroken Devices

Find My iPhone: Apple has released an app dubbed Find My iPhone this app will help you to find your misplaced or stolen iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac through the map, the app also can display a message on the lost iPhone or play a sound for two minutes at full volume in addition to that the app can:

How To Get Your Stolen iPhone

  • Remotely lock your device?: This option will put the device on the locked mode exactly as if you had setup a regular lock screen before it was stolen.
  • Remotely wipe your device to erase your personal data?: This option will format all your data, leaving your device like a fresh iPhone straight from the factory.
  • Support about 21 languages.


How it work: To be able to locate or control your iPhone you have to register an iCloud account this will help you to Locate / Control your location from your iCloud account through the website