How To install Siri on iOS 6

How To install Siri on iOS 6 on iPhone 4, 3GS and iPod touch 4G – Siri was one of the most prominent feature introduced in iPhone 4S, it was one of the revolutionary feature which urged all the Smartphone manufacturer to create Siri like digital assistant. Sadly, this feature is only present in iPhone 4S, 5 and the new iPad. Do you want to install Siri on your older iPhone 3Gs, 4 and iPod Touch 4G? Follow the step by step guidelines to install it. How To install Siri on iOS 6

How To install Siri on iOS 6 on iPhone 4, 3GS and iPod Touch 4G

Step 1: first you have to Jailbreak your iPhone 3GS, 4 or iPod Touch 4G on iOS 6, and you can follow our step by step guide to Jailbreak your iDevice.

Step 2: After Jailbreaking, Open “Cydia”

How To install Siri on iOS 6

Step 3: Tap on “Manage” and “Sources”

How To install Siri on iOS 6

Step 4: Now, Tap on the upper right corner “Edit” and then “Add” to add a new source.

How To install Siri on iOS 6

Step 5: Add the following source and Tap on “Add Source”

How To install Siri on iOS 6

Step 6: Once you have successfully added the source, Search for “SiriPort (Original) iOS 6”. Tap on it and install it on your iPhone

How To install Siri on iOS 6

Step 7: After installing Siri Port, go to Home screen

Step 8: Open “Settings” and Scroll down to “ Original”

Step 9: Tap on it and you will see “Install Certificate”. After tapping on install certificate, it will redirect you to Safari.

Step 10: From here, you can install the certificates, Tap on “OK”

Step 11: That’s it!  You can enable the “Siri” from General Tab Hold the home button to open Siri, Say “Hi”. Here, it may take some time to enable, please be patient and try again until you succeed.

How To install Siri on iOS 6

In case of any problem, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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112 Responses to “How To install Siri on iOS 6”

  1. Ko0bf4c3 says: are excellent. Follow this guide and once you get a working key you will be happy. Had siri on my iPhone 4 for months now and still working great! :)

  2. Luke says:

    My iPod Touch 4G just remains on apple logo after I rebooted it from the siriport(cydia)install :(

  3. Luke says:

    Never mind, it’s working now :D great guide :D

  4. Brett says:

    Welp, this just totally screwed up my iphone 4. Wont turn on, wont reboot, wont restore, wont charge, wont recognize power connected. What now?

  5. Nicolas says:

    I had the same problem but I solved it by plugging my iphone in on another computer and restore or set up as new iphone on a computer that never sync before with your iphone(u can also use a computer of a friend) after that u normally can restore your iphone on your normal computer!

  6. LukeeyMc says:

    Anyone else’s Siri (in settings-general-Siri) keep disabling itself?

  7. jpan84 says:


  8. PCUSer271 says:

    yeah…me…and now my siri wont response…just the shining thing keep rolling on the circle…please help…TQ

  9. nicole says:

    I tried to install this and when i click install it says “cannot comply” what does this mean and how can i fix it? I have a iphone 4 running ios6 thank you

  10. mpgrimes says:

    Ya, having hte same issue here, i hope just leaving it and trying it once in a while will help.

  11. bailya says:

    every time i got o general and then siri to enable it. It switches back to off really fast.then when i try to talk to siri it just says ” could you say that again over and over again it doesnt listen to what i say

  12. Chef23jp says:

    It bricked my phone completely. I couldn’t restore it or anything of my 3 computers. Stayed up all night and nothing but apple logo. Finally I went and borrowed a friends MacBook and downloaded blackra1n and that helped me restore and have a useable phone. But it’s due me update to iOS 6 and I need an untether jailbreak because without it my phone sucks. When will reds now or absinthe release an untether for ios6. Anyone know what’s up on an eta for that??

  13. vinmac3 says:

    Does it take a little bit for siri to activate because its just spins for a few minutes then tells me she is having problems and cant connect.

  14. kauli says:

    you have to reboot tethered with redsn0w

  15. Me says:

    Same here, i think she needs some time to connect to the servers?

  16. Very confused says:

    I followed all of your instructions and installed the siriport and ceritficate on my iphone 4 running iOS 6 and when i try to enable siri i turn it on and press enable and the switch just goes to on and when i go back and then back in it is turned off…. any help?

  17. Diego says:

    I couldnt help but notice no one has an answer to any of this people above that are having problems, Im also stuck on the on and off situation with enabling siri. Plz help this is one feature we are all excited about and will thank you deeply :)

  18. xX HoP3L3SS Xx says:

    i had the same issue but if you take and hold the power and home button and reboot your iphone it should start working or it did for me

  19. Diego says:

    my phone is working fine :) im on ios 6 iphone 4 unlock, I got siri to say the whole ” sorry i cant help you at this momment” speech but im not getting any further than that :/ when i check siri on settings its set to off, and when i switch it on, and go back it automatically switches off. Is there a fix for this?

  20. cas' says:

    I’ve tried to install Siriport several times now. Everything works fine, but Siri won’t stay enabled (as up to now many other users have described).

    I tried to google my way out of this, but at the moment there seems to be no adequate solution for this very common problem (or at least I haven’t found one). Here’s what I’ve already tried (nothing worked out for me):

    * Reset all seetings -> jailbreak won’t work, so I had to restore and re-jailbreak
    * Restore and re-jailbreak (several times, just in case) the device without restoring from my personal backups (to have a 100% “clean” jailbroken iOS 6) -> same problem
    * Fix the permission settings in my file -> same problem
    * Change language settings to english (just to exclude any language based incompatibilty) -> same problem

    I’ve been doing this for the last few days without any success. If anyone finds/found a working solution (fix), please post it here (If I succeed in any way, I will!). Until then I would highly recommend all jailbreak users not to update to iOS6 (I simply had to, because my 5.1.1 crashed and i hadn’t backuped any firmwares, so itunes forced me to restore on iOS6…), because siriport works just fine on 5.1.1 (untethered jailbroken)!

    Just wait until there is a) an UNTETHERED jailbreak for iOS6 and b) a FINAL version of (the version that’s available up to now is still a beta version!) – I’m sure the guys of both teams (absinthe and are working their asses off to provide that (THANKS FOR THAT!).

  21. joe says:


  22. Alec says:

    Siri isn’t working in my iphone it says to try later but sill will not connect and the siriport website it is online any one know what the problem is?

  23. xander says:

    siri port isn’t working on ios 6 for my iphone 4 any help

  24. Xander says:

    Okay I got it working after 12 hours mostly just waiting

  25. Togg2 says:

    Has any one actualy got this working on a 3Gs, I have yet to find any confirmation. Most people are saying that siri will not start without crashing to springboard as soon as its opened. All the sites say it works on 3Gs but have any of the cleaver people who compile the hacks actualy tested it on this devise?


  26. Arun says:

    Not working on my iPhone 3GS. It crashes to springboard and kicks safe mode. Tried several times but same result.

  27. Togg2 says:

    I’ve been on a number of the sites that support the jailbreak and siri on ios6 and they all imply it works on 3GS but I haven’t found a single user that has it working. At the moment it just rebooting springboard.

    Is it just a mistaken prusumpsion that it works on 3GS. I would need someone much smarter than me to work this out as I can only follow instruction :-)

    Please will someone who knows what they are doing, dig out an old 3GS and give it a go. Us old timers need some expert help .

  28. Daegan says:

    Anyone that is having a problem with the Apple Logo only on their screen, just go to the freeware you used to jailbreak your iPod (Such as Redsn0w) and click “Just Boot.” Follow the process. Worked for me.

  29. rubytuesdays says:

    it manages to crash my 3gs a couple of times so far had to use ibooty redsnow and TU just to get it back up and running after kickin it in and out of recovery but siri just keeps putting it in safe mode

  30. draya says:

    Thank you!!!I just installed my siri on my iphone4 and it works excellent!!!

  31. Tmel4198 says: is the repo for adding siri) ios 6, it is a fully working siri and even a free proxy sever is automatically added which the server never goes down and siri always will work everywhere.

    just select PAT for iOS 6 and it sets it up for you

  32. duncan says:

    Well I’m not seeing pagination for this thread so I’m assuming source fixed the problem for every1? Did we get a fix on the power cycle problem yet? Left me hanging with a month old post and no feedback lol

  33. Caitlin says:

    I have tried for hours on a jailbreaked iphone 3gs and have done it over and over again from a clean apple restore back into a jailbreak and still crashes the springboard and puts it into safemode

  34. Shane says:

    When i try to start Siri, my device reboots is safe mode.

  35. Shane says:

    Well I’m on ios 6.0.1, does that make a difference?

  36. mark says:

    Not working on my iPhone 4 iso 6. It crashes to springboard and kicks safe mode. Tried several times but same result.

  37. oefdjioefdhjvoidjsc says:

    Liar Liar plants for hire

  38. paul says:

    Oh my..dosen’t work in iphone 3gs.
    If i open siri there is no microphone button.
    If I sasy something, spring board crashes.

  39. random guy says:

    is there a way of getting siri on ipod 4g without havin to jailbreak it,please reply

  40. Leslie says:

    when I first installed everything, it wouldn’t go pass the apple logo. But, I rebooted it with RedSn0w and it works completely fine now. It’s like a have my iPhone 4s again! :) I love it. BUT be careful though. I thought my phone was lost forever when it wouldn’t go pass the logo.

  41. allan garcia says:

    i thought my iphone 4 6.0.1 (tethered jb) bricked
    after i installed this siri..

    after i reboot my device it stuck on apple logo
    then i tried to reboot and reboot again after a hour
    it works to boot tethered and show pineapple logo
    then i use siri after holding home button and it appears
    my god i thought im gonna junk this iphone..
    thanks for all the comment here

  42. allan garcia says:

    btw its better to wait for untethered jb 6.0.1
    rather trying this.. i thought my iphone will be waste
    for stucking apple logo screen for a hour
    its better to stay to this app until its full complete version siri not beta version siri

  43. christopher says:

    Is this STRICTLY for a tethered jailbroken iPhone?
    I have an iphone 4 with unterthered jailbreak from evasi0n, will it work?
    Thanks in advance :D

  44. christopher says:

    Forgot to mention, running iOS6.1

  45. San-J says:

    I followed these steps on my iphone4 which I jailbreaked with Evasion on ios6.1. Trying to run Siri the phone crashes and entered safe mode. Tried again and the apple symbol came up. Could not hard reset or anything. I had to restore the phone to the original backup.
    This has scared me from doing another jailbreak. Anyone else had this problem ?

  46. Sand says:

    doest work on iOS 6.1 untethered JB evasi0n as far as i can tell,i have tryed and had to restoe my i4 to backup,waiting for an update from

  47. tijead says:

    Same as Sand and San-J : Siriport original for IOS 6 does NOT work on untethered Jailbroken iPhone (with evasi0n).

    So I’m also waiting for an update from

    thanks guys!

    PS: I have tried 3-4 times and completly back-up each time… still not working… :(

  48. rafa says:

    Same problem as guy told before! It doesn’t work at all in i4 evasi0n jailbroken ios6.1!

    Hope the update will be release the sooner!

  49. Dan says:

    Yep same here! evasion jailbreak and not working on 6.1… repoots into safe mode after invoking siri :\

  50. George says:

    Hi guys! Yeah, same over here!!Please help! I installed it perfectly, installed the siri repo and then nothing… It asked me to reboot the phone and stays in the black screen with the apple logo, like forever… Any ideas? I have an iPhone 4… PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

  51. Jeff says:

    Okay so, I got the new iOS 6.0-6.1 Evasion Untethered Jailbreak, i Have iPhone running iOS6
    Go the siri port fine, download Siri Original iOS6 fine..
    installed certificate, device rebooted while holding down home button to test Siri, and now its stuck on the Apple Logo.

  52. Chris says:

    Same problem on iphone 4. Stuck at apple logo. The boot problem seems to be with ‘’ in the folder /System/Library/LaunchDaemons on your iPhone. The device is still accessible via SSH during apple logo after a little time. After installing SiriPort, there will also be another file in the folder /System/Library/LaunchDaemons called ‘’ . Just rename this bak file by removing the ‘bak’ and delete or rename the original to ‘’ . REBOOT. After doing this, your device should boot normally. (You can find instructions on SSH elsewhere via Google). I apologize for the confusing instructions. Unfortunately, until they fix SiriPort to work with evasi0n, the only option is to uninstall SiriPort via Cydia. BUT YOU WILL BE ABLE TO BOOT YOUR DEVICE.

  53. Phi says:

    Hi all,

    I have same problem, that I setup SIRI on my iPhone 4 using iOS 6.1.
    It is stuck at Apple LOGO and I have to reset itin DFU mode, and recover it from my iTunes.
    Can this SIRI port work with iOS 6.1?

  54. Jaden Miller says:

    okay, for those who cannot reboot. download program “ifunbox” plug your iDevice in while it is stuck on the boot screen. it should recognize your device, but if it doesn’t, reboot and wait. once it does, click on “raw files” then “system” and the “library”. click on “launchdaemons” find the file and delete it. then rename the file that says and rename is to reboot your phone and it should start up fairly quick. goto cydia and uninstall siriport and don’t do it again!

  55. Jaden Miller says:

    okay, for those who cannot reboot. download program “ifunbox” plug your iDevice in while it is stuck on the boot screen. it should recognize your device, but if it doesn’t, reboot and wait. once it does, click on “raw files” then “system” and the “library”. click on “launchdaemons” find the file and delete it. then rename the file that says and rename is to reboot your phone and it should start up fairly quick. goto cydia and uninstall siriport and don’t do it again!

  56. Jaden Miller says:

    okay, for those who cannot reboot. download program “ifunbox” plug your iDevice in while it is stuck on the boot screen. it should recognize your device, but if it doesn’t, reboot and wait. once it does, click on “raw files” then “system” and the “library”. click on “launchdaemons” find the file and delete it. then rename the file that says and rename is to reboot your phone and it should start up fairly quick. goto cydia and uninstall siriport and don’t do it again!

  57. smaipouri says:

    Hey so i did that but im still stuck on the logo is there anyway to manually delete the files or something else i could do without having to restore.
    Knowing that my home button doesn’t work anymore its hard for me to put in DFU MODE


  58. Mark says:

    on my second try, locked up both times now on my second restore.
    Like the others siri would instantly turn off. I’m trying to install on 6.1 3gs

  59. Jonathan says:

    Why I can’t install certification?after click for “instal certification”,nothing happen,thanks.

  60. chase williams says:

    yes it wont work for some reason

  61. joshua says:

    there is a jailbreak for it now

  62. Mas says:

    Hey ….i was wondering what i should do if i cant find a file named “”
    i see a file named ‘”
    i tried looking online for a download but all i found were downloads to the “.plist” file…
    what should i do….please help
    thanks so much

  63. Jay says:

    In the process of making step by step instructions stay turned

    ———- EDIT ———-

    FYI: This has only been tested on Iphone 4 running iOS 6.1
    (don’t know about any other iphone, ipad or ipod so use CAUTION)

    1. Open Cydia and go to manage and hit edit then add this source: i hack

    2. Once finished scroll down to the (S) and install the SIRI For iOS 6.1 don’t click anything else but that tweak.

    3. Once its finished installing click (reboot device) don’t worry the device will take a minute or two on the apple loco then will pop to your lockscreen.

    4. Now look for the icon named SiriDR open and you will see (Home) (Siri Servers) (Free Servers) (SiriDR Fix).. Click the (Free Servers) Tab.

    5. At the bottom you will see SiriPort.Ru hit that and once its done and says Successful (Dismiss) and remain in the app then hit the Download The Certificate

    6. Then Safari will open and direct you too another page, scroll down and hit the SiriPort.Ru Server that will direct you to yet another page, now scroll down again untill you see INSTALL you can’t miss it. then that will prompt you showing some in red saying not trusted go ahead and click install.

    7. head back to settings, go to SiriDR Settings make sure its enabled and dictation is ON and you should be then Respring the Device, might take some time like it did the first time but don’t worry. once your back to your lockscreen go ahead and test SIRI

  64. Reppy07 says:

    I hope you’re not taking credit for what someone else wrote. This was copied and pasted from the sinfuliphone forums. Unless you’re him, I apologize but it strains me when someone tries to take credit for what someone else accomplished.

  65. Tejswaroop says:

    The same proble. For me too on iPhone 4 aid iOS 6.1 jail teamed with evasi0n

  66. Leslie says:

    Has anyone tested it? Is it working properly? stucking apple logo problem?

  67. kelsey says:

    did you guys ever fix this? my siri keeps disabling herself!

  68. kelsey says:

    my siri keeps disabling herself!! so frustrating! help anyone?

  69. sanj says:

    i have an iphone4 running ios6.1 with the evasion jailbreak. i have followed these steps to install siri , but the certificate is not trusted and caused my phone to go into safe mode. how can i get siri working ?

  70. thomas thun says:

    ja et svar plzz

  71. sanj says:

    Okay thanks Jay. got siri up and running on my iphone4 but there is no response from her. the ring around siri just keeps spinning

  72. hi says:

    i know!wait, like, 20 minutes. you will see a white screen, then apple logo fast. wait some more. connect to computer so battery won’t die accidentally. very annoying wait, but what can you do?

  73. Lorain says:

    Mine too how do we fix this? Im running ios 6.1.2 on a 3gs . Anyone got the answer?

  74. Lorain says:

    Mine also we NEED an ANSWER!!!!

  75. Lorain says:


  76. Lorain says:

    I agree There ISNT A soution other than REMOVING siri from your phone.!!!!

  77. Lorain says:

    Someone needs to tell Myself and ALL the others why siri keeps disabling itself!!! Reinstalled and reinstalled, rebooted serveral times AND IT STILL DISABLES!!!! Yes im shouting very very loudly so someone with the RIGHT SOLUTIOn will hear me and respond. Come on there has to be something im not the only one this is happening to.

  78. Mnguyen says:

    Screw Siri guys! why don’t we use “NowNow”? and get over with.

  79. Tube says:

    Shit, it still does not work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Tube says:

    6. Then Safari will open and direct you too another page, scroll down and hit the SiriPort.Ru Server that will direct you to yet another page, now scroll down again untill you see INSTALL you can’t miss it. then that will prompt you showing some in red saying not trusted go ahead and click install.

    Yes, but the side is offline m8!

  81. Breakkoloss says:

    Hey Guys,

    is there a solution if the certificate isen´t online since some weeks? Did the description to point 8.And then: “The website is unreachable…”

  82. bnjkdnbvjkrd says:

    this happened to me too

  83. Sara says:

    This is happening to me too. :/

  84. Gaurav says:

    Hii i m gaurav when i click on install certificate then a web page is open in safari but the web show this site is offline … cached version is available…….so plz help me to resolve out this problem fast….

  85. Andy says:

    Wait so you cant use this with a untethered jailbreak

  86. meaghan says:

    help! mine too :(

  87. anonymous says:

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