iMessage For Android !

iMessage For Android - Yes, you read it right, a team of Android developers released an unofficial version of Apple’s famous messaging service, iMessage to Google Play Store. This new application looks like iMessage and works perfectly on Android devices. You can send/receive iMessages between iOS, Android, Macs and even PC. But wait, before you head over to Google Play Store to download this application, please read some other important information in the second paragraph.

iMessage For Android


Released under the name of “iMessage Chat”, this application doesn’t only looks pretty similar to original iMessage app but also works in the perfect way possible. On the other hand, several developers have some serious security issues regarding this application because the hack used in this application works by spoofing iMessage requests as a Mac mini and hackers are using China servers to make this application work.

iMessage For Android

This application works by using your Apple account, so, it means you are giving some very important information to the developers which may lead to serious consequences such as this user name and password can be used to login your iTunes account and they can download any app they want using your credit card. So, It is very unhealthy to use this application on your Android Device. All we can say is that “Stay away from this application; this will be good for your own best.”

Update: Google has pulled the iMessage Chat from Play Store, but still you can get .apk file from different unauthorized sources which may lead to some serious consequences.