Install Siri on iOS 5.1.1 Spire – Spite – SiriPort

How to Install Siri on iOS 5.1.1 at iPhone 4/3GS or iPad, iPod touch 3G/4G without Siri proxy. All that you would be doing is adding a repo, getting a certificate and that should do it. and also if you have a proxy we will show you How to Install Siri on iOS 5.1.1 by Spire using Spite.

Install Siri on iOS 5.1.1

How to Install Siri on iOS 5.1.1 Using SiriPort :

Step 1: Jailbreak your iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 1G or iPod touch 4G on 5.1.1. Here is instructions on How to Untethered Jailbreak iOS 5.1.1.

Step 2: Head over to the Cydia app on your phone.

Step 3: Tap on Manage and then on Sources and then add this source:

Install Siri on iOS 5.1.1 - SiriPort Repo
(if you want to add a repo, you should tap on Edit (after the tapping on Source), and then on Add.

Step 4: Once done, head over to Search and search for “Siriport” – install the package.

Step 5: Reboot. Make sure what you are having is an untethered jailbreak.

Step 6: Now, download the iPhone 4S certificate by visiting – email the certificate to yourself, and then open that via your iPhone. That will install the certificate.

Step 7: Reboot again.

Step 8: Try speaking to Siri. Say “Hi.” and if doesn’t respond within 4-6 minutes, repeat the process again. If even this fails to activate Siri, reboot again and try the same thing.

You might have to repeat Step 6 sometime before Siri gets activated.

And you are done.

How to Install Siri on iOS 5.1.1 with Spire / Spite 3.0 :

Please Read Carefully Before installing Spite : 

Spite has been known to cause errors to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad upon being installed that can force you to restore your iOS device. Thus, please proceed at your own risk and back up your iOS device before continuing.

Step 1: Jailbreak your iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 1G or iPod touch 4G on 5.1.1. Here is instructions on How to Untethered Jailbreak iOS 5.1.1

Step 2: Now, open the and add the following repository by going into the Manage Tab > Sources Section > Tapping the Edit Button > Tapping the Add Button:

Install Siri on iOS 5.1.1 - Spite Repo

Step 3: Install Spite 3.0 to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad now by searching for it through the Search tab or by going into the Technetec source section.

Step 4: Once Spite 3.0 has been installed you will need to reboot your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Now you are done and you can use your Own Siri Proxy to Play with Siri.

Have Fun.

If you have Siri Problems Check post below :

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530 Responses to “Install Siri on iOS 5.1.1 Spire – Spite – SiriPort”

  1. I enjoy, cause I discovered just what I was having a look for. You have ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

  2. Nick says:

    now ipad wont turn on. thanks.

  3. Jose says:

    Thats your fault mate look

    “”Please Read Carefully Before installing Spite :

    Spite has been known to cause errors to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad upon being installed that can force you to restore your iOS device. Thus, please proceed at your own risk and back up your iOS device before continuing.””

  4. Jon says:

    All I am getting is ‘sorry I can answer u now..’ does this mean not working even though she is talking??

  5. hi says:

    guys! dont use the first option cause u will get stuck on aapple logo and will have to restore. 2 option havent tried yet

  6. Jon says:

    Are these methods applicable for the new iPad ?

  7. sandesh says:

    i have used throug spite but it doesnot work and i have to restore my iphone again any body have another idea please

  8. Ashvanale says:

    yeah I tried the first option on my ipad 2, stuck at loading screen will probably restore

  9. dude says:

    trying option 2 on my 5.1.1 itouch untethered…

  10. Jon says:

    I had working with siri proxy I think servers are just slammed thanks….

  11. ray says:

    Try this if you’re stuck on apple logo:

  12. kellyann says:

    thanks for fucking my iphone.

  13. Jose says:

    yea that wont work on my itouch

  14. Alex says:

    My iPad 3 (WiFi) Rebooted But Its Stuck On Apple Logo

  15. Dom says:

    DON’T DO THE FIRST ONE. It will leave your iPad stuck on the Apple Logo.

  16. Leoven says:

    Hi…to everyone…why is rainstone not n the list…..its the best one i guess….
    I just tried it now and it works on my ipad 3 running ios 5.1.1…..and it just need the certificate without entering any adress amazing….i used paradox-productions proxy cause they are always up….cool

  17. Ashvanale says:

    So would the second one work then? Thanks :)

  18. Ashvanale says:

    Mind telling us how to do this? thank you <3

  19. Leoven says:

    I went to and then i followed their instruction…i added their repo…. “” then install the rainstone for ios 5.1.x when done installing reboot…if it stock when you click rebook just hold the power and home for hard off then turn on and install your certificate then done….try your siri…. :)

  20. Logan says:

    I did option 1 on my 5.1.1 iPhone 4. Didn’t work, and now I can’t get out of apple logo. tried rebooting with redsn0w, tried restoring…nothing is working for me. Any ideas?

  21. Leoven says:

    Did you try dfu mode….after try rainstone

  22. Leoven says:

    Or try to turn on your iphone holding the power button and volume up button

  23. Logan says:

    i put it in dfu for the reboot through redsn0w and for the restore in iTunes. neither worked. my computer sees my iPhone in iTunes right now, but all my data is orange and classified as (other) and i can’t see anything on the screen other than the apple logo of death

  24. Logan says:

    in what mode?

  25. Logan says:

    no shit…. my work iPhone is now shit. my boss is going to flip a tit

  26. Logan says:

    did you get a successful restore?

  27. Leoven says:

    idk…sorry i just saw that when i installed something on cydia…it says that if my ipad stock at the apple logo i just need to press those button to enter normal mode….so i can delete anything that causes mine to stock…i am not really good at stuff like this sorry…but just try and try like i do when i dont know what to do

  28. Leoven says:

    hey…did you get it working?

  29. Leoven says:

    try rainstone

  30. ERic says:

    Does it have to be turned on?? When I press to try to activate it only does voice control

  31. Leoven says:

    try tiny umbrella… Hope that will work for sure

  32. says:

    I tried option 1 on my iPhone 4 and got Siri to talk to me but says it can’t help me now try later. Is this a certificate thing or a server thing?

  33. Leoven says:

    server thing for sure….just wait for some minutes then try again

  34. says:

    Ok cool thanks :)

  35. ERic says:

    DId you have to turn off voice control???

  36. Ashvanale says:

    middle of downloading the big update xD i deleted my update file that was on my ipad

  37. Alex says:

    For Mac Or Windows?

  38. Leoven says:

    if you really cant just find another server

  39. says:

    Where can I find alternative servers and how do you use em?

  40. Leoven says:

    did you install spite?

  41. says:

    Nah siriport I did the 1 st option

  42. ERic says:

    Hey when I try to use it i just get the voice control option help please

  43. Leoven says:

    ok…. Download siridr on cydia after ur done open it and it will list you a lot of siri proxy servers and just click it and install and go to their website and follow the instruc

  44. Leoven says:

    try to turn it off…

  45. ERic says:

    how do i turn it off???

  46. Leoven says:

    you can press the home button 3 times or go to settings general accessibility then voiceover

  47. ERic says:

    Voice Control not voice over… i can’t turn it off

  48. Leoven says:

    do you have iphone 4?

  49. ERic says:

    Correct iphone 4

  50. Leoven says:

    did you try the three times home button

  51. ERic says:

    yes says voice over off but then if I press and hold home it brings it back up is there anything else to be installed?? I did option 1 certificate installed and all

  52. Leoven says:

    install “disable voice control” on cydia

  53. ERic says:

    i did resprung nothing still comes on damn it

  54. Leoven says:

    now go to winterboard setting and check that thing

  55. ERic says:

    still nothing I give up I feel like I;m missing something there is nothing else that has to be installed?

  56. Leoven says:

    you know what i’m only 10 so i am really sorry if those what im telling you is working or not but i am sure you can diy

  57. Leoven says:

    settings-general-pascodelock-voice dial off

  58. R3V1L0 says:

    SiriPort just bricked by iPad 2 on 5.1.1. Stuck at boot logo. Tried removing via terminal but no dice… Had to do a restore :-(

  59. Leoven says:

    install rainstone and then you just need a server certificate

  60. Pedro Furtado says:

    Just f***ed up my iPad2… had to restore on itunes and jailbreak it again, don’t use this!!

  61. Mike says:

    mine wouldnt work either, just hing on the apple logo, had to restore it and re JB it.

  62. Me says:

    This bricks your phone. Don’t do it.

  63. BDiPhone says:

    The first link (just named Siriport) will mess up your iDevice as it is formatted for something else. Maybe an iPad. If you download the Siriport (original) file, it should work. The first time I did it I got stuck at the Apple logo, but the original link works as it should.

  64. Guys, on iOS 5.1.1 download Siriport (original) package, not just Siriport package. Siriport (original) has been ported to 5.1.1 and will work. Dont install Spite, it doesn’t support 5.1.1

  65. Installe Siriport (original), not the Siriport package.

  66. Muzammil says:

    Vinay you are right…. this tutorial is also good and working with me.

  67. This guide is good but not working..

  68. Siri is AWESOME! Running on my ipod touch 4G with ios 5.1.1 jailbreak. GUYS, FOR IOS 5.1.1 PLEASE DOWNLOAD Siriport (Original) package and install the certificate. After you install the certificate, you will be registered with the apple servers in some time. Give it some time like some 5-10 minutes and your Siri service will be activated. ENJOY!!! Don’t download Siriport package if you’re on ios 5.1.1, download Siriport (original), it has been ported to ios 5.1.1.

  69. padjo says:

    turn OFF your iPhone with out USB connected by keep holding the power button until screen goes dark.. then press & hold home button and plug-in usb cable until you see iTunes logo.. then restore in itunes… enjoy

  70. fundix says:

    My 3GS died … after reboot show only logo

  71. frs says:

    my new ipad with ios 5.1.1 just got stuck on the apple logo after installed the siriport,,anyone know how to fix this? help me plizz

  72. venkat says:

    cool… man its working great… thanks mate

  73. Raph says:

    Yeah use the first option but make sure you get Siriport (Original) Everything else locks your iphone/ipad.. It’s working on my iPad and I’m going to put it on my iphone as well…

  74. Nick says:

    Who ever made this guide either fucked up badly or wanted to fuck up everyones devices because now i had to restore my iPhone!! DO NOT DO THIS !!! IT WILL BRICK UR PHONE AND U WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BOOT UP! ALSO IF U TRY TO DO A TETHRED BOOT WITH REDSNOW THAT ALSO DOES NOT WORK!! TAKE THIS GUIDE DOWN!! OR TELL US WHAT WE R DOIN WRONG!!

  75. Ice8lue says:

    It is possible to restore it but it took me 3 hours for getting it restoring without 21/160X errors. So I wouldn’t try #1 if I was you. There should be a big fat warning on top

  76. Leoven says:

    try rainstone…b

  77. Dave says:

    Admitedly, I didn’t see the problems ahead when I tried spite. My own fault. Luckily I’ve got a back up so I was prepared. Be very careful with spite 3.

  78. nasir says:

    Download Siriport(Original) not Siriport.It will work man

  79. Dave says:

    I’ve had to restore my device as I had exectly the same problem. put fone into DFU and restore device to 5.1.1. Make sure you have a back up

  80. Muhammad says:

    I have tried the option 1 and my Iphone was also stuck on apple logo. guys you need to restore the phone in DFU mode.

  81. Mel says:

    Why would someone who has just helped millions of people get jailbroken phones, and saving you money big time want to fuck up your phone????you’re an ungrateful fool who doesn’t deserve anybodies help.

  82. Leoven says:

    can some try Rainstone please… This is their repo ” “

  83. lepercan420 says:

    I am running IOS 5.1.1 on an iPhone 4 CDMA
    Jail broken with AbsinTHE 2.0.1

    Every time i attempt to install something siri related it reboots and gets stuck at the apple logo, i can still see the phone in iTunes but it has no information (such as what apps it has installed)

  84. lepercan420 says:

    i also forgot to mention i did not find the Siriport(origional) in the repo

  85. lepercan420 says:

    i reinstalled and added the source again, but when i try to install siriport(origional) it ends up in a “size Mismatch” and cancels

  86. Leoven says:

    try rainsnow

  87. Leoven says:

    its rainstone not snow

  88. Mike says:

    How did you fix it?
    I got 21X error several times..
    I don’t have any more idea to fix this.

  89. jarjarbinks says:

    spite works for ios 5.1.1 (9B208)?

  90. Chris says:

    Same for me. After spending the whole sunday for updating it to 5.1.1, I bricked it today.
    Never again will I install cydia tweaks without checking the program before. I’m really angry, because I didnt make a backup :(

  91. Trololo says:

    I fuc*** up my iphone 5.1.1 with rainstone.. frezze on aplle logo..

  92. Farhan says:

    hey, im installing siri with rainstone as leoven said but no wonder the bar is not moving…..its current status is preparing rainstone siri for 5.1.x……plz Help

  93. Luca Parra says:

    after installed siriport , iphone was blocked on the apple on the restart.. I ‘m doing the backup.. :(

  94. Rob says:

    This is garbage. Don’t bother. Really not worth the trouble at all.

  95. gettybilles says:

    is siri only working in english or it’s possible to have it in french ???

  96. Ginadiva says:

    Does really work I got stuck on the apple logo n had to restore everything on my iPad 2 5.1.1 and I really don’t want to hav to do this again it takes to damn long

  97. FTSS says:


  98. SoftKill says:

    Fuck you`r method , i need to restore now , fuck you !

  99. karan says:

    Hi tried doing the above mentioned steps and my phone dnt even start…it was stuck at apple logo for almost half an hour

  100. Leoven says:

    yes it really works in all devices…i have ipad 3 and my mum ipad 2 running ios 5.1.1 and its working you just need a crt

  101. Leoven says:

    soon i will post a video showing you guys how to install rainstone because you need a lot of time for that and when you’re gonnna click the reboot button it will stock but no worry just hold power button and home button…

  102. kurt says:

    Make Sure You Use “Spite 3.0 Untethered” the other versions are Crap
    The Untethered Spite will take about 5-10 mins to reload because during this time it is performing numerous tasks.

  103. Shaurya says:

    download redsnow
    for windows
    for mac
    now connect your iphone to pc
    click on extras
    click on just boot
    follow the steps
    when cydia is open
    go to Mange->sources->edit->add
    go to search spite 3.0.1 (untethered)
    for ipad spite 3.0.1 for ipad
    download it
    reboot your iphone,ipad,ipod touch
    all done

  104. rajith says:

    after i install what do i do

  105. James says:

    i got it done on 3gs and now just waiting for activation…

  106. leoven says:

    sorry guys but remove the deb of rainstone siri 5.1.x on their repo

  107. James says:

    if you would like me too tell you exactly what to do email me on facebook james thinks cullen

  108. Rainstone says:

    Hey guys,
    Rainstone here.
    We are updating the 5.1.x package to fix some bugs. it will be back soon. :)

  109. destro says:

    i did all steps right but when i reboted my iphone 4 stucked like others, did you do anything different?

  110. leoven says:

    ooohhh….thank you so much….i accidentally remove mine and i was shock that i havent saw it…..but your the best….ever

  111. rajith says:

    hey leoven, can u make the video asap

  112. leoven says:

    where are you going to post when ur done fixing it?

  113. rajith says:

    how long will it take to fix it.

  114. leoven says:

    sure….i’m just waiting for the to fix some bugs….tnx to them…. they offer a 15 doll proxy server if you want a fastest siri proxy

  115. leoven says:

    i saw their facebook and i think about 5 hours because he needs some rest….

  116. Pissed says:

    Guys as said make sure you install SIRIPORT (original)

    That works, the other one is wak.

  117. Pissed says:

    slow as fok tho, I think SIRI is having a nervous break down.

  118. James says:

    So I reluctantly tried the siriport before reading the comments. Stuck on apple logo. Tiny umbrella to enter recovery mode, dfu, then tried to just boot. Not stuck on pineapple. Whats next

  119. JosephS says:

    Spite 3.0.1 works on iPodTouch4G. but doesnt work on iPhone4.

  120. James says:

    I installed Siriport as said, but when I go and install the certificate it just automatically installs it? I don’t understand what they mean by emailing it to yourself if it installs it and also it only comes up with the voice control and not Siri?! Please help!!!!

  121. JosephS says:

    Siriport worked on my iPhone4 GSM!
    installed “Siriport (ogirinal)”
    install the certificate.

    say hi/hello, if that didnt work try again in 5 minutes. if it didnt work reboot and try again.

    JUST KEEP TRYING, i did mine for 30 minutes.

  122. JosephS says:

    turn on siri and it will automatically remove voice control

  123. JosephS says:

    if you got siri working, do not ever ever reboot your your iPhone! i will reset the certificate!

  124. Leoven says:

    rainstone siri v 2.4 is now available and work for all idevices….

  125. Jester says:

    I have an iPhone 4 iOS 5.1.1 I think I got Siri working its telling me it can’t take any requests right now and to try again later this means it’s working right!

  126. James Bullard says:

    Help me please!!! I tried downloading siri with the bitemyapple repo along with the assistant package I have the proxy address but all that comes up is voice control and when I try to go to settings I cannot turn siri on manually either. I tried using the tech repo but it says bad url and won’t work, please help me!

  127. enzo says:

    it’s not connected yet i guess….

  128. Nick says:

    I have siris function working but it just says sorry I can’t connect right now, try again later, I’m on an iPad two help!!??

  129. drew says:

    siri is installedbut keeps saying this
    “there is something wrong, and i cant answer your questions right now. please try again in a little while

  130. ilia says:

    I install SIRI and I Restart My IPHONE is not started. Please help me

  131. Mark says:

    I followed this and the iPad got stuck showing the Apple screen. I tried two times after a restore in between, and have given up now.

    Sounded like it would have been cool.

    Guess wait for the next iOS

  132. Denion says:

    after installing Siriport i rebooted my iPod touch but it stuck at apple logo….. i made a complete restore, re-jailbreaked, added the sourced once again and tried to install siri but its the same problem. it stuck on apple logo . can you please help me ?

  133. Denion says:

    i have the same problem

  134. Jester says:

    I used and downloaded siriport(original) and it worked for me and yeah when it says that it can’t take requests right now it is working but you might have to reinstall the authentication hope it works for y’all thanks for everything!

  135. fodari says:

    Do not use spite it will make ur iphone stuck in apple logo

    i downloaded siriport its the best till now

    download siripot (original) for 5.1.1

  136. fodari says:

    what is ur ios ? 5.1.1 or 5.0.1?

  137. Hish says:

    what about the ipad 3/HD. jailbroken 5.1.1. does it work. i tried to do this but i couldnt find the siri on button in the settings.

  138. Matt says:

    every time i keep trying, it just gets stuck at apple logo when i reboot from siriport. just be carefull people make sure u have a back up.

  139. cristian says:

    after installing Siriport i rebooted my iPod touch but it stuck at apple logo….. i made a complete restore, re-jailbreaked, added the sourced once again and tried to install siri but its the same problem. it stuck on apple logo . can you please help me ? [2]

  140. hafyz says:

    i same like u

  141. omar says:

    its not working for me

  142. omar says:

    I the same like you

  143. Matt says:

    thats happening to everyone, i guess its a bug they have to fix.

  144. Hish says:

  145. Webmaster says:

    Attractive component to content. I just stumbled upon your web site and in accession capital to claim that I get actually enjoyed account your weblog posts. Anyway I will be subscribing in your feeds and even I achievement you access constantly quickly.

  146. Bob says:

    same. it seems like it is down. Also technetec is aswell

  147. omar says:

    yes I know,
    I already added the source but cant install it

  148. speghead says:

    You really need patience for this but its worth it :)

    just want to share my experience with first of all its the BEST out there as far as free goes, just need some patience. The article says to install SiriPort but you actually want to install SiriPort (original) as this is the right one for 5.1.1. Siriport will just leave you unable to boot.

    1) install siriport (original)
    2) reboot
    3) visit install the cert and reboot again
    4) make sure siri is turned ON in settings -> general and try telling it “hi siri” every 5 minutes
    5) i have activated a few times and i would say it takes me about 30-60min each time to get it working.

    this is on iphone 4 gsm 5.1.1. it really is Siri , but the servers are not that great and sometimes you will have to re-activate :|

    i make lots of iDevice videos and this is next on my list. please feel free to contact me on twitter: @speghead if you have any questions I will try to assist as many I can.

  149. enzo says:

    the fun thing is….rainstone for all devices including ipad 3
    1- add source “” on cydia
    2- install “Rainstone Siri 5.1.X”
    3- reboot device
    4- go to your choosen server and install cert then reboot again
    5- try siri and say “hi siri” (make sure siri is turned on settings-general-siri)
    6 if it says try again wait some minutes and try again

    ps? rainstone cleans automatically expired cert….tnx

  150. leoven says:

    the fun thing is….rainstone for all devices including ipad 3
    1- add source “” on cydia
    2- install “Rainstone Siri 5.1.X”
    3- reboot device
    4- go to your choosen server and install cert then reboot again
    5- try siri and say “hi siri” (make sure siri is turned on settings-general-siri)
    6 if it says try again wait some minutes and try again

    ps? rainstone cleans automatically expired cert….tnx

  151. Sami says:

    Okay so I got stuck at the apple screen. They really need a warning about this kinda shit.
    OR don’t even release until all the bugs are worked out completely. I followed the directions perfectly 100% and it still made me restore. Very annoying to go through this. I will attempt this one more time and if it does it again I’m gonna have to go ahead and say fuck Siri and I’ll do things on my own. :)

  152. leoven says:

    when your done trying that…if it fails then try rainstone ok?

  153. leoven says:

    its not com

  154. lucas says:

    somethings wrong, When I start to download “Siriport”, it says “HTTP/1.1 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable” 2x

  155. leoven says:

    try again later….cydia is full? coz many users use it i guess

  156. leoven says:

    its not com ok?

  157. omar says:

    the same happens to me

  158. Mel says:

    Worked perfectly with Siriport (original) took two attempts to connect, rebooted and connected first time on the 3rd attempt. Many thanks.

  159. omar says:

    how much time should it take?

  160. Corey says:

    Had the same problem last night, you’re downloading the wrong siriport, MAKE SURE IT’S SiriPort (original)

  161. aeon says:

    untethered 5.1.1 using newest jb, After installing Spite, forces you to reboot, apple logo. tried “just boot” from redsn0w more options, just goes in a loop of pineapple logo, apple logo. (from a previously un jailbroken phone) Such bullshit! Why put out Spite without a warning that *THIS CAN AND PROBABLY WILL BRICK YOUR PHONE!* argh, at work too, restoring with iCloud after iTunes does it’s thing, thank goodness Apple has their shit together.

  162. catcherben says:

    But you have to donate $15 USD!!!

  163. omar says:

    does the package include siri dictation?

  164. Matt says:

    Ok as of this comment, it worked for me with the new jailbreak 5.1.1 (2.0.2)
    1.Add source
    2.add sirport (ORIGINAL) THIS IS IMPORTANT must be original or u will be like me having to restore and JB over and over and be stuck at the apple logo.
    4. Download the certificate from your computer and email it your Iphone just copy and past it into your computer url and it will download by its self. your email from your ihone and install the certificate from your iphone.
    6.Make sure u reboot once u installed the certificate or else siri will not turn on when u try.
    7. Once your phone reboots u will be asked general stuff like when u first turned on your iphone like accout info, do u want to use icould and to what we all came for enable siri.
    8. say Hi! siri in till she works.

  165. Scott A says:

    Everytime i try to download siriport orig, it comes up theres a size mismatch and it wont let me download the file. Im running 5.1.1, not sure why im having a issue with this.. anyone else?

  166. Somethings wrong.I have my iPod Touch 4G and I don’t know how’s this. I have the untethered jailbreak. When after installing it, yes it reboots, but it stuck with the apple logo PLS HELP ME!!!

  167. Aniket Shah says:

    Will it work on Ipad 3 ???

  168. Mochaemiro says:

    Now I Know, what’s wrong with mine. Cause I’ve install the wrong package (that is kind of shit) poor me, look at the description of Siriport (Original) that is fully support to 5.1.1. now I’m still trying for the luck :D

  169. lucas says:

    you mean if you stuck at the apple logo, you should restore it?

  170. Patrick says:

    I had the same problem. Iphone 4 GSM running Absinthe 2.0.2 untethered Jailbreak 5.1.1
    I restored my phone, did the jailbreak again and after installing whichever package you used instead of hitting reboot device simple turn the phone off. Then use latest version of Redsn0w to boot tethered. You wont have to boot tethered after the first time. If you get a error with redsn0w saying it does not recognize it use the select ispw and click on a 5.1 instead of 5.1.1

  171. Patrick says:

    Read my comment above.

  172. Stephane says:

    You mean reinstall the certificate?

  173. Dave says:

    Same damn thing happened to me now I have to do a restore because my iPhone gets stuck on both the apple logo and pineapple logo. I have a custom BB FW that isn’t letting me restore on iTunes. So frustrating. I will just have to wait until a full-proof method comes out that won’t brick my phone!

  174. Cando says:

    I installed SiriPort on my Ipod touch 3g, bur when I rebooted, it got stuck in a boot loop. I couldn’t do what Patrick said because I got an error in Itunes when I tried to restore. Please help.

  175. frank says:

    yes it have siri dictation on the iPhone 4 NOT the 3gs

    i don’t know about the iPod touch

    good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  176. Cando says:

    ALSO I did force shutdown and it just got stuck in boot loop. I also tried to restore again and the error was a 21 error.

  177. Matt says:

    Yea if your stuck at the apple logo, its never going to reboot, unless u plug it into your computer and restore it through itunes

  178. Matt says:

    Try to plug your phone into a different usb port, that should do it.

  179. Cando says:

    Thanks Matt.Eventually I was able to restore it by putting it in DFU mode. I am now going to try Patrick’s method.

  180. Spyros says:

    No. It doesn’t work my iPhone got stuck not on the apple logo but when i tried to turn it on the apple logo showed up then the loading screen thing just loads…

  181. LP says:

    where do i find the server?

  182. I couldn’t concur far more with this submission. Properly Stated!

  183. AppleEngineers says:

    the problems with that is itunes wont work after all this instruccions and its wont sync after that .

  184. Evan says:

    Tried this using Siriport and am now stuck on the apple logo (reboot). I’m having trouble restoring my iPod. Can someone help explain how I do that?

  185. alfie hammy says:

    tried downloading siri, got the black apple logo. when i go to itunes to restore it, it says it needs to update the iphone files, it tries downloading a 600 something mb file but fails to complete the download saying connection timed out check network connection. an error occured. so im stuck at the apple logo, untethered jailbreak absinthe on ios 5.1.1 unable to restore or load an earlier state. itunes says it needs to be restored before it can be used with itunes

  186. alfie hammy says:

    iPhone 3GS 32GB

  187. Mel says:

    It can take up to an hour

  188. Jonathan says:

    I installed the siriport package, hot the reboot button and it’s been stuck on the apple logo for about 30 minutes now! Any help?

  189. britt says:

    to by pass the apple like its stuck press and hold power and home keys for about 3 sec and wait should power back up

  190. JohnStyles says:

    Thanks, this worked first time for me. 3GS 5.1.1

    All I did was make sure that the repo links installed fine with no faults apart from one at the end. Something about the tickets missing for repo. I installed the siriport (ORIGINAL), turned off the phone, turned it back on. installed the 1.crt, turned off and on. (Not just reboots) worked first time, while having my wifi on the whole time!

    Thank you!

  191. RIYA says:


  192. JoeStl says:

    I was able to download but initially Siri would only say to try back later. I got caught up thinking it was the certification and kept re-installing it, rebooting, tinkering with on/off for Siri but not until I tried Speghead’s advice of turning location services for all other apps did I get it to work. That was a few hours ago and she’s still working.

  193. Jon says:


    1. ADD REPO “”
    2. SEARCH “Siriport (Original)” NOT USE “Siriport” you get stuck up!


  194. Daron Mimbs says:

    thank you..thanks …..thanks…wary much sir.
    This is nise job.

  195. AS says:


  196. Jon says:

    So I have siri installed, but When I type in the url for the certificate, it says its been removed? wtf do I do?

  197. desmond says:

    Tried Siriport.. follow the instruction given.. managed to get Siri up but it always say the request cannot be process right now or i’m having problem

    prepare to get white apple logo screen if you uninstalled via cydia. do a backup b4 u install siriport

  198. jerry_a says:

    Did you turn location services “OFF” for all of your apps. Or did I read that incorrectly. I could not find Speghead’s instructions on Location Services on this thread. Sorry if I missed it.

  199. lucas says:

    Hey, a new update of SiriPort (ORIGINAL)


  200. JohnStyles says:

    OK, I did the update, but it didn’t work. So I restored the iphone, deleted the old cert. Turned off the iphone, and then turned it back on, and followed the steps again but this time got the cert from and emailed it my iphone. Worked first time!

  201. omar says:

    the same I did, and it didn’t work also

  202. cydia says:

    it works thanks people

  203. derek says:

    Hey guys. I’m jb untethered using the Absinth 2.0.1 on iOS 5.1.1 (9B206) and have a iPhone 4 GSM. I installed siri port original with great success but once it rebooted my device, most of the apps won’t work. I read in another thread about removing Sbsettings and that helped with the native e-mail app. But still no safari and other apple made apps a long with third-party apps. Do any of you guys know how to fix this?

  204. omar says:

    A new update for siriport(original) is released.

  205. alfie hammy says:


  206. OE says:

    how many times did you guys have to restart your phone in order to get that Siri to work? mine keeps saying “i cant take requests right now. try again later”

    thank you!

  207. Dan says:

    I installed it on my iPad 3 and the cert also but I still don’t see where you can turn Siri on and off? Any idea’s

  208. Lance 3GS 5.1.1 says:

    you need to put your iphone in recovery mode, press the top button for 3secs, keep it pressed and press the home button until you see itunes say it is in recovery mode then restore os.(keep in mind that the phone is to be plugged in and itunes opened)

    hope it works

  209. Matt says:

    thanks to this shitty port, i had to restore my iPod due to infinite boot loop.

  210. Dan says:

    Same here!! There is no option in settings to turn Siri on… Anyone else get it working on the new IPad? I got it to come up on my iPod touch 4th gen….,, maybe it’s not supporting the A5x yet?

  211. Zavehrndz says:

    Yes i got the same problem install siriport (original) and stuck in re-spring and then try to hard reboot and stuck in apple logo and i had to restore using a custome ipsw and sn0nbreeze and finally came back up. Look like everybody have a issue with this .

  212. alpha says:

    iphone 4, 5.1.1-
    “im sorry i cant take your request right now” :(

  213. alpha says:

    doesnt work! :(

  214. alpha says:

    does n0t work! :(

  215. alpha says:

    i could say hi siri till im blue in the face, still DOES NOT WORK! (

  216. oak says:

    If you have 5.1.1 you need to remove ” siriport ” and install “siriport original” as only siriport original is compatible with 5.1.1 Using the same source as siriport. This is the cydia repo source
    All you need to do is turn siri off, remove certificate by going to settings<general<profile then click remove then a hard reboot(do not use sbsetting to reboot). Install new certificate through Safari by going to web address This will install new certificate directly, all you have to do is confirm. After this do a hard reboot again. Then turn siri on, activate by asking a question or saying hi siri. May take up to 24 hours to activate. this is the web address to verify what i have said This is the right fix. Enjoy!!!!

  217. Shaurya says:

    Hey Guys I installed spite successfully
    add this source to cydia to get it for free
    And don’t quit when it starts installing
    It’s gonna take a good 30 minutes for installation to complete
    And people think its stuck at some point but it is not
    It is your wifi connection
    If you quit the installer when it has started to install it should brick your iPhone/iPad/iPod
    Search for spite and install “spite 3.0.1-1 (untethered)” for iPhone and iPod
    install “spite 3.0.1-1 for iPad” for iPad
    Hey I got Siri working but how do I install Siri dictation??????
    Please answer

  218. Shaurya says:

    And for people who have installed spite download any certificate from safari(just search google for Siri certificate.)
    And then in setting-spire(spite says spire in settings) “″ without quotes

  219. Darkiq says:

    Check out Ac!D, it’s free, it supports all devices, and the dev is cool as hell. I’m using it on my iPad 3, and it’s awesome!

  220. TheHerk says:

    Installed on iPhone 4 / 5.1.1

    Siri says she’s sorry… guess Im stuck waiting… :(

  221. Joshua says:

    Siri reply me these :
    “I’m really sorry about this, but I can’t take any requests right now. Please try again in a little while.”
    “There’s something wrong, and I can’t answer your questions right now. Please try again in a little while.”
    “Sorry, I’m now able to help you right now. Please try me again in a little while.”

    Are these mean that I need to reinstall it ? Thanks.

  222. ed says:

    Do you have links or anything for acid siri? please ? thanks

  223. kevin says:

    Can Siri be installed on a JB 5.1.1 iPad 3 Wifi ?

    Thnaks for the help!

  224. Adrian says:

    I got a problem, guys. After jailbreaking with the newest absinth, I installed “Siriport (original)” from that repo, everything went fine, but after installing it cydia forced me to “respring” which I did using the button that appeared. But from now on I got stuck in loop: first theres a spinning “wheel” for a few min, then the apple-logo appears for a few minutes, then the wheel again and so on. I tried everything, I tried to do “recovery fix” and “just boot” from redsn0w, I tried to rename the “Applications”-folder while booting and some other crap, no result, still that damn loop. (btw the secound time I tried to install siriport) I don’t wanna recover again and loose my data :(
    Is there anybody who has an advice for me? I’d be very glad.

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  263. Jd9090 says:

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  355. Charlie says:

    I’ve tried numerous times to get SiriPort to work on my iPhone 4 simultaneously with Safari. That may sound weird, but once I install SiriPort and the certificate, Safari won’t work – or any other iDevice web browser for that matter so it’s a toss up between internet or a talking robot.

    Well, I’d like both… Also tried the Spite version but that bricked my phone and I’m re-jailbreaking it. Just wanted to let someone know seeing as I can’t speak Russian to go directly to the devs.

  356. Rich says:

    Use google chrome on laptop to convert the text to English find the certificate then on your idevice follow the same navigation and download the certificate straight to idevice – this is what I did and tested Siri firstly didn’t work but waited few days and now it’s working

  357. Dude. This website is amazing! How did you make it look this good ?

  358. Ralph Schubert says:

    Repo dos not exist

  359. Kohl Williamson says:

    Im getting the same error. Fix Anyone?

    “Verification Error. Could Not Connect to the server”

  360. mfaruxx says:

    Siri was installed but when I said Hi the first time, she took sometime and replied this ”Im really sorry about this, but cant take any request right now. Please try again a little while” then I reboot my phone and Siri still replied the same thing. Any suggestion?

  361. rainbowrunners says:

    i have removed spite and rebooted and when it turned back on it took me to the start up/set up menu and is telling me about dictation but has no buttons other then a “next” button on the top right corner and its not highlighted to i can tap it. someone please help

  362. Bryan says:

    I was wondering how long does it take for Siri to start working. I’m on iPod touch 4g running siriport 5.2.1-1

  363. jim says:

    It worked! thanks a lot dude:)

  364. kelly says:

    So I installed siriport after a fresh restore. Downloaded the certificate and now its saying spire not connected open settings to configure proxy server. Going into settings just tells me to install certificate which I have about a dozen times. I don’t get what I did wrong?

  365. Ron jr says:

    Hi wondering if anyone can help me I don’t want upgrade to 5.1.1 because I have spire and I paid for a proxy server slot Siri works great . If I upgrade and use spire spite can and how do I still use the proxy server slot I paid for. Thanks for any help Ron.

  366. Chris says:

    Same thing has happens as previous users, installed fine but it doesn’t respond to me whatsoever and all my 3G and wifi is shot!!! Anyone know a fix?

  367. Amir says:

    Hello, Would someone please send me the certificate of ’cause the website is down for maintenance.
    Thanks in advance.

  368. Sascha says:

    Hy! Nice Homepage and nice guide. I tried to install Siri on 3GS with 5.1.1! This was no problem, but the Cert doesnt longer exist. They have linked a new url, but i cant work with them. On the new link is only a text!!! The new link is:

    Can you help me with the Cert???? I have no proxy and must use the Certmethod! Thanks!!!!!!

  369. Sascha says:

    Here I found the Guide from to install Siri on our iDevices! Enjoy it =)

  370. William says:

    I had this installed before (but removed jailbreak so lost it). I have just re-jailbroken and installed this again.

    It all depends on when the server grants your device access. If you are lucky, it will happen in a day. If you aren’t, it will take up to a week. Have patience, they cannot give all devices access. When a 4s key is used to process the command, Apple checks how often it’s being used. If a single key is being used too often Apple know it’s being used as a proxy and blocks the key. For this reason, will limit the amount of usable keys and commands to keep keys active. This also means there is a limited number of keys available (about 20 devices per key). If all keys are used, then you will not get one. You will need to keep trying. once another key is available, if you get there before others, then it will allocate you a key and it will work in the future (just don’t expect it to work time after time – while you have a key secured to your device, they still limit the number of commands for security. If it doesn’t respond in 15 sec over Wifi or 3G (show a translation of what you said/give a result) then it’s probably not gonna work.)

    Anyway, keep trying randomly throughout the days and eventually you will get it :D

  371. Siyad says:


    Kindly advise how to remove Siri (spire) and associated file completely from my iphone4 as its became very slow after installing it.

    Kind regards.

  372. dylan rush says:

    if you cant figure that out, you fail and should take your iphone back and get a jitterbug

  373. Jf says:

    Jus press for a while till ir reboots he años power button

  374. ipad2 ios 5.1.1 says:

    please help me my ipad 2 ios 5.1.1 how to install siriport

  375. MATT says:

    my siri when i turn siri on it turns off auto>?

  376. eric says:

    i installed siri and i wasnt able to get it to work so i deleted it from cydia and i had to reboot it so did now it wont turn on and tried dfu mode and nothin worked!so please so help me! :(

  377. Mikkey says:

    Hi Sascha,
    maybe you found it by yourself, if not: just copy the text in a new text-file, rename this file to “siriport_ru_original.pem” and email it to your iPhone.

    But take care, my iPhone 4 got really slow, no clue how it will be with your 3GS… :-(

    Have fun…

  378. The magical taco says:

    I went to install this, but my memory got full, then cydia froze, I did a hard reset, now I’m missing 300mb storage on my iPhone 4! PLEASE HELP, Settings says 0 kb is avaliable, but sbsettings says I have 270 mb on/ 88mb on /var. PLEASE HELP

  379. The magical taco says:

    I ment “bytes” instead of kb

  380. Haider says:

    What about Ipad2 ??

  381. leoven says:

    hi to all…i just wanna share a secret but not really a secret just copy and pasting…but i will share you on how to get easily connected to a siri proxy it’s only on one proxy…if you want to get easily connected imessage on …bye…it works…prove it…it’s limited..i can only help 6 persons so hurry up!!!! greetings to all….good day

  382. leoven says:

    its FREE

  383. leoven says:

    update* i can help 18 persons now

  384. Dude says:

    It works! Using siriport. It took couple trys for siri to work but it works. I have a iPad 2. Thank you
    Tips: try rebooting idevice couple times and say “hi” to Siri to communicate with it and if Siri responds by saying hello or some other form of greeting. Good Luck people.

  385. Jaret says:

    it wont let me go to my settings. help!!1

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  387. James Simpson says:

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  388. nick reyes says:

    thank you guys your site is very helpful i did jailbreak and the seri keep it up guys. your the best!!!

  389. joe says:

    I need help my is stuck in the apple icon and my computer cant find the phone when i pug it in…

  390. Lone Crusader says: does not exist anymore… now your option to install certificate is in your settings menu instead…
    (Step 6: Now, install the iPhone 4S certificate by going into ‘Settilngs’ scroll down to ‘Siriport’ when you enter it, you will see the option to install the certificate. Install it…)
    it installs no problem, but….
    like most others, saying ‘Hi’ after a long pause only comes back with ”Im really sorry about this, but cant take any request right now. Please try again a little while”

    I have tried other suggestions, like set an alarm & whats the weather etc… you can get 2 other responses but means the same, no luck what so ever… :(

  391. cpguy5089 says:

    Look I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but I add the but it takes too log on the last bit, it isn’t stuck it’s taking ages and it won’t even do it after one hour so please give me another way to do this and siriport installs fine but I accidentally removed the blank Siri activation method and now cannot use it so if anyone can help me please reply
    iPod 4G
    8 gig
    Untethered using redsn0w (heard about it by my friend)
    And I need help now!

  392. Atharva says:

    i have the same problem :/

  393. omar says:

    its not working for me
    it always says “POSIX:connection reset by peer”
    or “POSIX:connection timed out”
    how to fix that??

  394. scrabydu says:

    HELP!…i installed siri n spire bt siri won’t work, each time i give a command (so to say) n after a min or 2, it’l come up with ”Im really sorry about this, but cant take any request right now. Please try again a little while”…i’ve bn trying for hours n no luck…any help will do…thanks

    iphone 4g

  395. BGS says:

    Hi, I jail broke with Absinthe (iPhone 4 iOS 51.1.) and installed Siriport. It all worked fine and I got a certificate (long list containing Certificate, version, serial number etc) that I emailed myself. But from there I have no idea what to do with this email.

    Something works on my iPhone : it’s called voice control and it appears when I press the starter button for 2 seconds. But it only let’s me give commands like “call, dial, play, FaceTime, pause, shuffle” and few others. These commands scroll past on the screen. There is no microphone icon and it doesn’t respond to “Hi” or questions. It this because I didn’t install the certificate?
    I also tried your other method and installed the repo.technetec/vip. But there is nothing in there and I can’t find Spite, when I search for it, it comes up with Marvin The Martian Theme and that’s it. I also tried to find and install Spire but it won’t install, saying that Spire doesn’t work with 5.1.1. Any suggestions?

  396. Joel1099 says:

    Me :(

  397. Joel1099 says:

    I got that to ! Help?

  398. Swellam says:

    I guess the certificate is no longer working is it?

  399. Swellam says:

    I had this problem, solved by deleting the certificate, rebooting device, installing certificate, rebooting, and voila !

  400. Ashely says:

    I can’t get my iPhone to install the Siri port on cydia…all it says is downloading and then just gives an anyone????.:(

  401. monther says:

    You through mis download flash 4 on iPhone iPhone 4 S What I do

  402. james says:

    this shit is the bomb….works awsome on my 3gs

  403. jshoots says:

    this actually, surprisingly worked LOL

  404. Capuccino says:

    It worked… first time I asked her!! Great job guys… :)

  405. myles says:

    do you just copy the text in an email to send it to your ipod

  406. choco says:

    same here

  407. Katra says:

    i tried siriport with my iphone 4 on ios 5.1.1 and it said she cant take any request right now. HELP!!

  408. KSaigal says:

    try “.us” on the repo. worked for me. Found the repo.

  409. jayp says:

    when i first downloaded this i was stuck at the same problem you can get siri on ios 5.1 but its tethered siri. which means you have to go to and get the download and boot tethered. even if your running rocky roccon or whatever. (p.s. not a real email dont bother emailing)

  410. Martin says:

    Yes, also here she wont take my commands by replying something wrong…

  411. Ben says:

    THis siriport is a waste of time. Some pple say it works others said in doesn’t. And so i thought maybe mine is one of those that’ll work. So i’m activating siri right… after rebooting i get stuck in the loop of apple logo reboot. Tried all methods to get out but nothing worked. Restoring on itunes was a problem too, kept getting all kinds of errors, i have iphone 4. what finally worked immediately was deleting all old IOS firmwares and old Redsn0ws. i just restored, now going on to jailbreak. Stay away from these unsupported fake ass SIRI.

  412. rob says:

    i cant install certificate was wondering if you can email it to me.Tia

  413. Paul says:

    Thanks for the advice, I was just about to risk trying it. If you ever hear of a fix I would appreciate it

  414. Paul says:

    why are you still sending these articles in your blog emails that I get everyday if they don’t work or exist anymore> Doesn’t make a bit of sense to me….I really liked and respected your site til I went thru this mess..

  415. RellNola says:

    i can’t get the cert installed , my safari won’t even open up!

  416. Ojeh says:

    I install spire on my 3gs 5.0.1 and after the reboot, most of my apps stopped working. i could not even get safari to open. i had to uninstall the spire to get my apps working again. i would have loved to have siri working on my 3gs but it is really no good if its going to break my apps

  417. Amber says:

    Siri takes a long time to respond, and says there is something wrong, too! Did you fix it?

  418. karthi says:

    is it .us instead of .ru ?

  419. karthi says:

    yo cant even add the source into cydia…takes long time…
    i have rpeated so many time alrdy :/

  420. sandman says:

    Thanks to all….. To above comments… IT DOES WORK…! As per the usual arm wrestling that is part of this game we all like to play with jailbreaks. The new cert site as mentioned above is
    “” Again thanks to all for the work. sandman

  421. cpguy5089 says:

    And a waffle #

  422. Perry Van Den Akker says:

    Works beautifully here and I am not even a native speaker, but my English is perfect.
    No crashes, boot problems or any other problems, This can’t be said of Intelliscreen or lockscreen, they both crashes my system.
    Tops Cheers

  423. Perry says:

    Erm, works well except dictation, is that available, siri does not show up in keyboard.

  424. José says:

    Hey guys I did it with my iPad 2 Wi-Fi but it doesn’t works, can anybody help me?

  425. John Wickham says:

    I found it doesn’t work with iPad, only iPhone. I tried for hours to get it to work, and nothing. Works well on my iPhone 4 though!

  426. austin says:

    i did this on ipad 2 wifi 16 GB 5.1.1 and it did not work, i clicked on the ipad version where all the options were displayed and when i rebooted, the only thing that happend was that all the apps loaded onto my screen but no siri, please help, i really want siri.

  427. COdy says:

    Did this on my ipod touch 4th gen and it keeps saying “Im really sorry about this but i cant take any requests right now. Please try again in a little while.”

    What am I supposed to do to fix this?

  428. Ken says:

    When you have installled siri turn off siri then download certificete and reboot. It worked for me

  429. curious says:

    so let me get this straight… does this work on 5.0.1? i know its about 5.1.1 but i got told its same for 5.0.1? is that true?

  430. pullcinella says:

    Hey, just wanted to let you know that Siri now works great on 3GS iOS 5.1.1 (production year 2009, BB 05.13.04)

    The first method is painless and easy, just at Step 6 you have to use the “Install certificate” option under Settings -> SiriPort.Ru Original and after a completed setup give Siri some time (in my case it was ~10-15min.) to start working. Thanks guys!

  431. Valtan says:

    I install in 5.1.1 in iPod 3G but when I press home button I can not see Siri what do I do also I install certificate

  432. Marcel says:

    So I installed this and every time I held down the home button I got voice control. Tried to delete it and locked my phone up I’m rebooting the whole thing back to factory now. So annoyed

  433. MAICCEL says:

    same happned to me

  434. Juls says:

    th same hapepened to me!
    I’m trying to fix… I want heplp too

  435. Keren says:

    Try to enable Siri from settings :)

  436. mehdi asadi says:

    install siri on ios5.1.1
    inestallus 5

  437. cpguy5089 says:

    Please help me so bad
    5.1.1 untether iPod touch 4g
    I got siriport and it worked but I removed voice control from my activator and it still came up with voice control, I have the certificate but I think it may be my V.C. Theme and voice activator that allows custom commands

  438. Caleb King says:

    Just Keep doing it over and over again every two minutes.

  439. Evan says:

    I setup this on my iphone and on the first try Siri responded and has been working fine awesome walkthru and great work on the app

  440. Rj says:

    It was working great until I accidentally turned it off then back it’s not working…is this normal and do I have reinstall it?

  441. cpguy5089 says:

    Okay wait I think I may know now
    Just get (forgot name very sorry) or ifile and delete assistant.plist
    I have not tried this yet but i seem to recall this guy saying about that

  442. cpguy5089 says:

    You get out of your home and go to a gum tree at 12:00 am SHARP, run around it twice and eat a live bunyip while kissing the slender man and then it will send you and email for -1000 dollars, accept and then spam this website and you will have your emil

  443. mike says:

    me too i’m was learn with my uncle last year that i remember to reboot the deviceafter install heavy package

  444. jeff says:

    okay so i have it installed easily enough on 5.1.1… but it doesnt really do anything. I click on the siri voice button and say the basic commands that i know works and it just spins that little purple chaser for ever doing nothing. I tried on my Wifi as well as 3G. I am in Canada.. which i know is limited but i do know it works on the commands that i said as i have used it many times on a 4s. Anyone else experience this after installation?

  445. Aikeem says:

    I installed Siri and the certificate and rebooted but when i go to settings to turn it off it automatically turns it back off. What have i done wrong?

  446. Aikeem says:

    #Oops iment to say when i turn siri on it turns off automatically.

  447. Misanthropy says:

    It works… ish. After you’ve installed the program… you will be redirected to the newer certificate on that site. Download… sent that to yourself. AFTER REBOOTING AFTER INSTALLING THE CERTIFICATE…
    Go to settings -> general -> siri and enable then reboot.
    This is where I am having trouble.
    I have to hold the home button to bring up siri and when I ask her something…
    “im sorry but I cant take any requests right now- please try again in a little while”… will post back if I figure that out.

  448. anon90 says:

    same thing happens to me, trying to figure it out….

  449. payam says:

    I installed it , ….then i went to setting / siriport …. install certificat….. then reboot ….but iphone hanged on apple pic …..I tried to home+power to reset …but again not come up ……… what can I do , please help me out …….thanks

  450. FNCPro says:

    so for ios 5.0.1 Or 5.1 as they call it you should use spire
    instead of spite. USE SPIRE FOR ios 5.1/5.0.1

  451. FNCPro says:

    to fix go install Assistant Extensions and then go into activator and to whatever gesture you want to open siri with and then use Open Assistant Helper or something like that and then use that gesture to open siri :)

  452. Dude says:

    Wow! Thanks man! That is so easy. I did it in less than 5 minutes and it worked on the second “Hi” I said. So happy. Thanks again.

  453. chris says:

    Brilliant worked on my iphone 3gs 1st time!!!!! top website cheers :-)

  454. Pilou says:

    I have a 3gs too , install went good , but siri cant answer to my request? Anyone can explain,

  455. Dave says:

    I have a iPhone 4 first gen, and the repo installed, but I get a 500 gateway error when I try to install Siriport. What am I doing wrong?


  456. mohamad says:

    from were?????

  457. mohamad says:

    how we instal spite? please help me

  458. Joefrey says:

    I cant add the source….all it tells me is DID NOT FIND REPOSITORY, the indicated repository could not be found. this could be because you are trying to add a legacy installer bla bla bla, whats the big deal….im on 5.1.1 just updated to this firmware. crack it with snowbreeze so its jailbroken with untethered…so why doesnt it want to install the repo.siriport url…..i need help

  459. Klajdi says:

    I really hope this works.

  460. Caleb says:

    Please tell me someone figured this out?! Im gonna choke siri OUT

  461. Bryan says:

    Why doesn’t Siri respond to me?

  462. Andrew says:

    help, my phone has been locked and it just has the apple, i restarted it and its still doing it. I dont know how to fix it…

  463. Arya says:

    How do we download Cydia on iPad 2 5.1.1 without PC

  464. Henrik Stahlberg says:

    Hey, i have an 3GS 1.5.5, and installed siri, using Siriport, It works fine, but she always reply, ” I’m really sorry, i can’t do that right now” , and i think the proxy server is the problem, so is there any way to change server it’s connected to ? Becuse spire dosen’t work with 1.5.5. or at least i can’t install it. And i can’t fins anywhere on the phone to change siri server.

  465. Henrik Stahlberg says:

    Yeah i had the same problem at first, but try this, in settings –> general –> siri you have to enable “Raise to speak” When i turned it on, it didn’t go back to off when i want back to home screen.

  466. rajbir says:

    i had installed siri in iphone4 ios 5.1.1
    but siri not responding , i am from INDIA , does siri don’t work in india , or i can run it in INDIA

  467. boen says:

    how to uninstall this app?thank you :)

  468. boen says:

    3gs 5.1.1

  469. sajid says:

    it should work in India as well as its a global feature, all you need is strictly follow the procedure.
    After installing siriport, reboot the device, got Settings->General->Siri->switch off the siri & then install the certificate. The URL for siri certificate written in this blog is no longer in use, new URL for certificate is
    Install the certificate & reboot the device again, switch ON siri from Settings, now say Hi to siri, it might take from 10 seconds to 15 minutes to respond (in my case it took just 10 seconds), once its responded, you are done, try several time with intervals, it should work.

  470. sajid says:

    its seams a problem with the certificate, try removing the certificate, reboot the device, switch off siri from settings, re-install the certificate with this new URL
    reboot the device, switch on siri from settings & try say hi, wait upto 15 minutes & try again

  471. sajid says:

    put the device in DFU mode (google it, how to put in DFU mode) & then start the device again

  472. sajid says:

    would you please explain the procedure you applied in detail, step by step

  473. sajid says:

    Restore your device & jailbreak with “Absinthe 2.0.42, then try to install the repo

  474. sajid says:

    put the device in DFU mode (google it, how to put iPhone in DFU mode) & then start the device again

  475. sajid says:

    its not an app, in first procedure its a Cydia repository & in second procedure its a Cydia tweek
    Jailbreak your device with “Absinthe 2.0.4″ & follow the procedure strictly, its straighforward

  476. applepro says:

    wtf i enable it and it automaticly disable itself
    siri port method
    voice control pops
    WHat the fuck

  477. samantha says:

    i have an ipad 2 and i dont know how to do the jailbreak on it. any help? please

  478. Fasil says:

    Just download absinthe for your version, and just click jailbreak. Its so simple, no need to download ipsw.

  479. Fasil says:

    Just reboot it…

  480. Guilherme says:

    works great on my Ipad already did
    but I’am brazilian and this tutorial is in portuguese!rsrs

  481. Michael says:

    I got siri working using the first choice and I got it working in my first try (in less than 5 seconds). Boom baby!!!
    Probably because I just erased all the content of my phone so it was like a fresh install. I’d recommend backing up your phone, erasing all content and setting, reboot, install siri from cydia, reboot, install certifcate, reboot, say hi or wahatever, Boom shakalaka!!!!

  482. Adrort says:

    I’m getting the Same error… Can’t help you right now… Pls let me know if a solution is found… Thanks… Btw I’m using iPhone 4… 5.1.1

  483. PHOENIX says:

    check if siri is switched on in Settins>General.

  484. ash says:

    u need to install certificate and reboot. over 24 hours u need to hold the home button and say hi siri. hopefully it will appear and it will soon start working

  485. Brenda says:

    I have an iphone 4 5.1.1, I followed all the steps step by step and it just keeps saying: “I’m really sorry about this, but I can’t take any requests right now. Please try again in a little while. I try it again later and the same thing comes up, I re-installed the certificate even re-installed all the other steps, still nothing,

  486. cekodok says:

    say ‘Hi Siri’ instead of ‘hi’

  487. Willieee says:

    work on ios 6?

  488. pradeep says:

    I have iphone 4 runing on ios 5.1.1 n my baseband z 04.12.1 i installed siri port from cydia i works fine it searches but the thng z siri is not talking … In da screen it jst takes my command in reply it doesnt sys ” hi pradeep ” n other thngs …. But it finds my location … Siri dictation is also working fine the main problm is its not talking cn u plz tell me da solution i hve reinstalled it almost 10 times even the certificate

  489. Bob says:

    You can’t :(

    Only iTouch 1st gen –

  490. The tweak father says:

    I have one word of advise for you all in regards to installing this tweak on your i device PLEASE DONT DO IT your phone data and sensitive information becomes insucure and easily accessible believe me at some point you will get hacked i know from personal experience when i installed this last year the same thing happened to me just upgrade to a 4s its really not worth it trust me lol
    just abit of advise for you hope it helps

  491. pradeep says:

    If i wil delete dis siri i wil loose my hackd activate n unlock of SAM n u knw SAM z blocked by apple n doesnt works n i cnt do cuz my iphone z locked from canadian network n i m here in UAE

  492. amin Nadirali says:

    Thanks Guys! Works perfectly on my ipod touch 4th gen running ios 5.1.1. It worked on the first try!

  493. theus holic says:

    work amazing. .
    i just install it, and i love it. .

    work perfectly on my new iPAD 4G 32gb

    tq ^^

  494. Noah Muchnik says:

    So, I went through all the steps, and it barely works for me. I managed to get it to answer about 5 questions (1 question after every reboot). And during the reboot it would get stuck in between the apple logo and the lock screen. There would just be a loading circle on the screen and the only thing it did was make the phone vibrate. If someone could just tell me what I’m doing wrong, that would be lovely. Thanks


    iPhone 4 GSM 16GB
    Version: 5.1.1 (9B206)
    Modem: 04.12.02
    Cydia: 1.1.6
    SiriPort (Original) 5.4.0-0finalRev2

  495. Noah Muchnik says:

    Thats happening to me too

  496. Joseph says:

    Siri won’t answer anything. :\

  497. Nader says:

    The website to install the certificate is currently unreachable please fix it i want to install siri !!!

  498. Nader says:

    The website to install the certificate is currently unreachable please fix it i want to install siri !!! Please Reply Asap

  499. limera2n says:

    siri sometimes works and sometimes does not. very slow and unstable. Unfortunately …

  500. calambanga says:

    works great!

  501. JomJom says:

    Worked for me! Siriport was easy to install and the certificates were easily installed using Safari and typing the cert site into the address bar.

  502. Cico says:

    Why don’t answer Siri?

  503. hashim says:

    siri works perfectly

  504. Tmel4198 says: repo has PAT (siri port) for iOS 5.1.1 which works perfectly and even sets up a proxy server which never goes down, the server is always working

  505. taher says:

    dude the certificate isnt der

  506. JC513 says:

    Couldn’t ever get siri to anwswer before with other servers on my 3gs. Goodlookin out, Worked perfect

  507. nico g says:

    so does that work^^^^

  508. nico g says:

    Tmel4198 can you explain how to do this

  509. Zermelo says:

    The server has been down for the last 24 hours. Anyone know what’s going on?

  510. Toby says:

    I have searched everywhere for the answer to the same question, still no answer…

  511. Sergio says:

    Fácil e rápido, funcionando perfeitamente… Porém, é o SIRI com suas limitações, mas isso é outra história…

    Easy and fast, working perfectly … However, SIRI is with its limitations, but that’s another story …

  512. damian says:

    I’ve installed Siriport & the certificate installed successfully.
    but it shows voice control, not siri. and this voice control like siri is really stupid to answered the questions.

  513. Mit says:

    it’s easy your supposed to go to setting and select enable siri

  514. anthony says:

    listen i know how to fix it

    1. dowload spite as soon as it says its done just spite cancel it trust me spire will be in settings and use sara its easieryour welcome no rebbot or restore needed

  515. mihir says:

    when i say launch the app store…
    then it says:If You Update To Latest Version Of Ios i’ll be able to do that….
    help me i hav an ios 5.1.1 untethered jailbroken ios device

  516. Trey1100 says:

    Bricked my phone ! help iphone 4 ios 6.1.2 cydia jailbreak ! help please !

  517. Bob says: is always offline. I can’t get a certificate

  518. Tohin says:

    I wouldn’t risk this because nine out of ten times your device will get bricked. I tried this with my iPod touch 4G 5.1.1 and it got bricked straight away. I had to restore and re jailbreak and it happened again when I tried it once more. I tried it on my iPhone and my iPad and it only worked on my iPhone.

  519. read review says:

    I simply want to tell you that I am newbie to blogs and actually enjoyed this page. Probably I’m planning to bookmark your site . You definitely have good posts. Regards for sharing your webpage.

  520. Zune and iPod: Most people compare the Zune to the Touch, but after seeing how slim and surprisingly small and light it is, I consider it to be a rather unique hybrid that combines qualities of both the Touch and the Nano. It’s very colorful and lovely OLED screen is slightly smaller than the touch screen, but the player itself feels quite a bit smaller and lighter. It weighs about 2/3 as much, and is noticeably smaller in width and height, while being just a hair thicker.

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