iOS 6 3D Maps To Run On iPhone 4

iOS 6 3D Mapping To Run On iPhone 4 - One of the most popular features that has been integrated on iOS 6 is the 3D mapping that will allow users to zoom in and out, rotate, see buildings appear and disappear and change the angle of viewing in 3D mode similar to Google 3D  mode in Android.

But unfortunately the 3D mapping is available for iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and the new iPad only cause these products feature more firepower than the iPhone 4, but you will be glad to know that an iOS developer in Russia called Anton Titkov has found a method will help the iPhone 4 users to run 3D mapping integration, this method called 3DEnabler which requires users to jump through several hoops just to make it happen, including jailbreaking iOS 6 and installing third-party software. In other words.

iPhone 4 3D Mapping

Anton Titkov has also confirmed his method by a videos below that will show you the 3D mapping function works on the iPhone 4.

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