iPad Mini Battery VS iPad

iPad Mini Battery VS iPad 3G - We’re already getting to look at a picture (thanks to MacRumors) that is said to be of the battery which will come inside the iPad Mini. The model number of the battery is A1445 and an Apple part number of 616-0641. In tech terms, it has 16.7 Whr battery that runs at 3.72 volts and has energy of 4490 mAh.iPad Mini Battery VS iPad 3G

iPad Mini Battery VS iPad 3G

It packs just a little more juice than both the Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire HD, which have a 4326 mAh 16 Whr battery and a 4400 mAh 16.28 Whr battery respectively. But if you are looking to compare the iPad Mini’s battery with the current third-Gen iPad, then let me tell you that the New iPad’s battery completely blows it away with a huge 11,666 mAh battery.

Though there won’t be that huge a difference in the time that your iPad remains running because it is reasonably explained by the fact that the third-gen iPad has bigger 9.7 Retina display as well as an A5+ processor with quad core GPU while the iPad Mini will have a non-Retina display and a less power consuming A5 processor.