iPhone 5 Jailbreak On iOS 6 Status by Planetbeing

iPhone 5 Jailbreak On iOS 6 Status by Planetbeing - iPhone 5 users have been craving for a jailbreak since it hit the shelves on 21st September. Pre-A5 devices have already got a tethered jailbreak but the mighty iPhone 5 is still un-exploited, though that may not be the case for long. Planetbeing, a notable jailbreak developer, has released some details about a possible iPhone 5 jailbreak. Early today, we started getting reports about a fake IntelliScreenX app making its way to the App Store. IntelliScreenX is a great Cydia Tweak that shows your desired information on your lock screen. Soon after, a tweet by Planetbeing (who also happens to be a developer of that app) cleared it up by posting a photo of his iPhone 5 running IntelliScreenX.

Here is his tweet iPhone 5 Jailbreak On iOS 6 StatusiPhone 5 Jailbreak On iOS 6 Status by Planetbeing

There is no way IntelliScreenX can run on an iPhone 5 without jailbreaking so initially, we thought Planetbeing’s iPhone 5 to be running some failbreak exploit but that is not the case here. Here is what he said in another tweet,

Can’t say too much, but we’re still missing critical pieces so it’s not releasable right now. Believe me, we’d love to release it asap.”

So we now know that the devs are working hard on developing a jailbreak for Apple’s latest smartphone even if we don’t have it. We sincerely hope Planetbeing and the rest of the jailbreak developers work out the critical pieces to releases a jailbreak soon. Good Luck Devs!