iPhone 5 Unboxing and Hardware Review

iPhone 5 Unboxing and Hardware Review – Have you got your iPhone 5 yet? Or you were unlucky to Pre-order for one in the first hour? Within just one hour Apple got the Pre-orders for the first badge of the iPhone 5 and the delivery date was pushed back to one to two weeks. Now, Apple has also sold the second badge and the delivery date is pushed back to 3-4 weeks. If you are busy and couldn’t find time for Pre-order, you can get in line to buy a new one or you will have to wait for a month to get this amazing gadget.

unboxing iPhone 5

The folks at iMore have posted an amazing unboxing and hardware review video of the iPhone 5. First, he unboxed the iPhone 5 and showed up all the accessories that come with the box. Afterwards, he has made a beautiful video of iPhone 5 depicting the complete hardware review of it from Centered Facetime camera to lightning dock connector and double toned back. The iPhone 5 shown in this video is black one and personally I like the black one. Which color do you like? Let us know in the comments section below.