Jailbreak iOS 6.0.1 On iPhone And iPod Touch Using Sn0wbreeze 2.9.7

Jailbreak iOS 6.0.1 On iPhone And iPod Touch Using Sn0wbreeze 2.9.7 – The iOS 6.0.1 update arrived just a day before the release of the much-anticipated iPad Mini and the 4th Generation iPad. All it brought was a handful of bug fixes but still a lot of people like to keep their iOS device updated as after all, those bug fixes do improve the iOS experience but unfortunately, the lack of a reliable jailbreak keeps them from updating. Well we are happy to write that Sn0wbreeze 2.9.7 has finally been updated to include iOS 6.0.1 support for Jailbreaking pre-A5 devices such as iPhone 3GS, 4 and iPod Touch 4G.

Jailbreak iOS 6.0.1 On iPhone And iPod Touch Using Sn0wbreeze 2.9.7

Note: that this is a tethered jailbreak so it will stop working when your iDevice is powered down.

Supported devices:

  • iPhone 3GS,
  • iPhone 4 or
  • iPod Touch 4G

Jailbreak required

Jailbreak iOS 6.0.1 On iPhone And iPod Touch Using Sn0wbreeze 2.9.7

Step 1: Connect your device to the computer.

Step 2: Open the Sn0wbreeze app on your Windows comp.

(Note: that Windows 8 user will need to download and install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5)

Jailbreak iOS 6.0.1 On iPhone And iPod Touch Using Sn0wbreeze 2.9.7

Step 5: Click on the “Blue iCon” to proceed and select “Browse for an IPSW”. Now select the relevant firmware you downloaded earlier (iOS 6.0.1 in this case).

Jailbreak iOS 6.0.1 On iPhone And iPod Touch Using Sn0wbreeze 2.9.7

Step 6: Choose the Simple mode option from the available list of modes Sn0wbreeze will show you and click the next button.

Jailbreak iOS 6.0.1 On iPhone And iPod Touch Using Sn0wbreeze 2.9.7

Step 7: Now you will need to restore this custom firmware to your device through the familiar iTunes method but first, the connected iOS device needs to be put into Pwned DFU mode. It can be done by using iREB option found on the top of Sn0wbreeze’s File Menu status bar.

Jailbreak iOS 6.0.1 On iPhone And iPod Touch Using Sn0wbreeze 2.9.7

Jailbreak iOS 6.0.1 On iPhone And iPod Touch Using Sn0wbreeze 2.9.7

Step 8: Just close Sn0wbreeze and open up iTunes and select the connected device from the left hand menu.

Step 9: After you have done that, Press and hold SHIFT key + click the Restore button in iTunes.  Now iTunes will ask you to select the desired IPSW file. Select the custom built firmware file from the Desktop (that Sn0wbreeze has already stored their) and let iTunes restore it to the device.

Step 10: This is a tethered jailbreak so you will also require to boot-tethered. Sn0wbreeze has already created an additional folder on the desktop called iBooty. Open it up, and Select the device you want to boot into tethered mode and hit the Start button.

Step 11: Follow the onscreen instructions on iBooty to enter Pwned DFU mode on your device and then iBooty will automatically boot your device in tethered jailbreak mode.

That’s it, your beloved iOS device is now jailbroken.

Here’s a video guide will show you how to Jailbreak iOS 6.0.1 On iPhone And iPod Touch Using Sn0wbreeze 2.9.7

Update: iH8sn0w has updated iREB R6 to support iOS 6 restores for who don’t know iREB R6 windows tool allows you to fix itunes errors 1600, 1601, 1602, 1603, and 1604 while trying to restore custom firmware using Sn0wbreez and also used to fix recovery mode loops.

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161 Responses to “Jailbreak iOS 6.0.1 On iPhone And iPod Touch Using Sn0wbreeze 2.9.7”

  1. jesusgy says:

    that’s unthetered jailbreak???

  2. Tony says:

    LOL retard.

    learn 2 read faggot

  3. Daz says:

    You could just leave it as “learn to read”.

    jesusgy as stated in the “Note:”

    “Note: that this is a tethered jailbreak so it will stop working when your iDevice is powered down.”

    Please take the time to read things, as instructions are a big part in not breaking your phone also. :)

  4. shawnreal says:

    you are such an asshole!

  5. Carlos G says:

    It did work. iTunes showed error. Disappointed!

  6. rubentronics says:

    HI! thanks a lot for your work

    I’m not sure, and I’d prefer to ask before getting wrong: is it working for iPod 3rd Gen?

    I tried to download the firmware for it, but I’m afraid whether there’s no possibility or maybe I can’t see it.

    Thanks again, R.

  7. rubentronics says:

    ok, please, forget the question and the request, and please forgive my unconsciousness: the device is 4G, not 3rd

    Thanks again, R.

  8. Keks says:

    Ok,i have gone through the process but i cannot find the revised or sn0wbreeze version of the ipsw file on my desktop

  9. SAM says:


  10. john says:

    didn’t work with gevey sim ;(

  11. Sherif says:

    is it work for i phone 4s?

  12. SLW says:

    Worked flawlessly and I was even able to use iCloud to back everything up and get it back love this thanks. Cheers! :)

  13. Ivens Pontes says:

    is it work for i phone 4s?/2

  14. anthony says:

    I got all the way to the ibooty step and it will not reboot it stays in DFU mode and when I try and restart I cannot open cydia any suggestions?

  15. max says:

    Espectacular, perfect in iphone 4 16g THANKS

  16. ali says:

    hey does this delete all data when i restore?
    (i have jailbroken tons of devices, just not with snowbreeze)

  17. lex says:

    i tried all methods and everytime i get errors.
    with this method i get itunes error 3194 lookd up to sole it and stillisn t fcking working

  18. toto says:

    everything went fine except now my phone is stuck at activation screen i use gevey sim to unlock iphone4
    how to activat it i made custom ispw though? plz help

  19. iTripz says:

    Everything went good, except Cydia opens
    Up and them closes right after….

  20. ali says:

    hey does thus delete your data?

  21. Martin says:

    I am new in jailbreaking. If i tethered jailbreak amd the battery dies what will i do next? I want to jailbreak my iphone 4 using this jailbreak method :>

  22. iTripz says:

    Anyone have a reason why?

  23. Hugo says:

    Everything is ok. Except after trying to open cydia, opens up and then closes

  24. elijah says:

    hey will this jailbreak delete all my data??????

  25. Joseph says:

    why the Hackers dont give a good and compelet process for gailbreaking ios 6? Is that so hard for them or they wanna make money by that? I am sure they can but…! sorry

  26. Robert says:

    I have a problem with this jailbreak. Some apps are not working ( like safari, maps and apps downloaded from cydia) but cydia works perfect. What is the reason and solution?

  27. sss says:

    still getting no service after cydia… how to resolve this

  28. Heather says:

    No matter what I do, after creating the new ipsw through snowbreeze, when trying to restore it in iTunes it keeps telling me that it could not be restored because the firmware file is not compatible… HELP

  29. Ryan says:

    iPhone 5 jailbreak anytime soon?

  30. Keyston says:

    It didnt work for me when i tried to select the IPSW that had been saved on my desktop. (step 9)

  31. ars says:

    can i use ipsw that automatically download when updating my iPod or I have to download the ipsw that you provide?

  32. Maiquel says:

    Iphone 4S io 6 can be jailbreak with snowbreeza 2.9.7 ?

  33. plop says:

    use iBooty

  34. Gommers says:

    Hi !
    after i did this tutorial my Iphone 3Gs is stuck in recovery mode
    i tried to recovery fix with tinyumberella but it always fails it stops at 60000ms error ..
    please help me? :(

  35. osalde says:

    Hi, I was wondering if this would work with a iPhone 4S running iOS6.1? Thanks!

  36. Joe says:

    Cydia doesn’t open and it deleted all my apps. cool jailbreak bro

  37. Mark says:

    this did not work for me. when i try to restore my iphone 4 using the created sn0wbreeze file itunes says ” the iphone “iphone” could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (1600). Ive been trying to get my device to work now for half an hour so any advice would be good :)

  38. sincorp says:

    SORRY GUYS i am new to apple producs. but when i tried to use ftp into ipod using apps … came across a of other files in the device like app id auth agent,mobile core type bundle,auth breaker agent etc……reminds me of some poor builded website…….. some folder names such as core services really ge me worried……. so what are this files types. sorry for being noob

  39. Bernadine says:

    i have the same problem did u get it fixed?

  40. ben says:

    Thank you very much for the tutorial. I would not get cydia with another jailbreaking app but snowbreeze worked flawlessly! Thanks.

  41. Dalton says:

    Does it mess up ur computer

  42. Siqueira says:

    Hey Guy, I have a Ipod Touch 4G, I made the jailbreak iOS6 this week, I used Snowbreeze + Ibooty, It was working very good, but when I reset my Ipod when it turn on the Ipod, The cydia and all app software unlock don’t work! What I have for it don’t happen again! I already used redsnow but happen the same, it’s still a serious problem?

  43. Amad says:

    I have error 40 can u help me please

  44. TangZ says:

    How do i tether boot it after I off-ed my ipod touch 4g jailbroken

  45. Malik says:

    Hello there
    I am having Iphone 3GS and i upgraded to IOS 6.0.1 (Tethered). The phone and IOS is working fine but sometimes i loses signals even for hours and that happens mostly in the day from 8 am till 3 PM. Whereas in the evening or night, the signals are back, however sometimes also get interrupted in between. My Baseband is 6.15.00. Can anyone please advice me as i am in great frustration thus losing my signals at work all day long.

    P.S this problem was also encountered in IOS 5.1.1

  46. Soul says:

    Hi there!
    I realised that my phone did not need IBooty. Does anyone know the reason behind it?

  47. King says:

    Same thing happen to me. Help anyone??????

  48. avenger 402 says:

    Well, guys, just use redsn0w to do this.It
    does not show any errors

  49. asantana says:

    The iTunes doesn’t reconize the zn0wbreeze created file.

  50. David says:

    Looks like you have the iPad baseband on there. That might be the cause of your signal issues. One way to check is to see if you have real gps working. You can check with any GPS app from cydia.

    Read up on this issue. Good luck!

  51. chillyface says:

    well as long as you back up on cloud and itunes before you start, even if you mess up…you can recover… so go for it

  52. ivy says:

    hey i dont have a simcard for this to activate my iphone what should i do to activate my phone? it is from japan and i live in the philippines

  53. ivy says:

    the simcard on this iphone does not to be supported… what can i do? i cant activte my iphone.

  54. gray says:

    hey pls help .. i jus completed the hailbreak process evrytin fine but how do i activate the phone ..the fone is frm canada an im smewer else,, smeone pls suggest a way to get out of this activation an help me unlock to any carrier..

  55. scott says:

    U need to reboot it with ibooty and cydia will work after the reboot tethered…

  56. Janak Prasad bhattarai says:

    My I phone unlocked how unlocked?

  57. Diego Saletti says:

    I could do all the cydia worked perfectly, but when you install any app from the following error: “installation failed: invalid IPA” is something I can do?

  58. jimjo says:

    I have followed all the instruction. There was no problem during the installation. It install cydia in my Iphone. Run iBooty.. but phone does not recogonise SIM card .. Please help

  59. Carlos Arthur says:

    Will this work for “the new Ipad”?

  60. angelo says:

    it worked thx! does some1 know a ‘app’ to download games and stuff something like installous only a other name or thing..

  61. Lkhagva says:

    Will this work for “the ipad 4″???

  62. Ravjinder says:

    Great well done thanks for the instruction
    But fail to jailbreak 6.0.1
    I jailbreak 6 with this

  63. mat says:

    “learn 2 read faggot”


  64. raymond says:

    i hvnt tried d tethered jailbreak, but in preparing the custom firmware, doesnt snowbreeze give an option to hacktivate d firmware under GENERAL?? i guess dats ur answer, u better do d whole thing again….m nt quite sure though, its how it is 4 all untethered..

  65. raymond says:

    u myt b a 3GS old bootrom OR ur nt tryin with d correct firmware (6.0, 6.0.1)….

  66. raymond says:

    there used to b a way to downgrade 3GS ipad baseband to remove ur problem,…try googling it out…i tried it n it wrks out fyn!!

  67. raymond says:

    b more specific…any error messages??

  68. raymond says:

    no prob…just charge it back n run iBooty

  69. raymond says:

    there r a lot of reasons 4 dat…… i had it 1ce n found out dat i hvnt entrd pwnd dfu propply

  70. Johannes says:

    Same with me. Fuck this shit. I spent more than 100 dollars for this!

  71. Shiloh says:

    You got boned then. All I can say is tough titty for you.

  72. Shiloh says:

    Can’t you read? It says tethered jailbreak. Go buy a Blackberry and quit whining.

  73. wnbros says:

    hi I am always getting an error 1600 on my ipod touch 4G but I have ireb and have iTunes 11 please reply for solution cuz that would be great :)

  74. wnbros says:

    P.S I am not warner bros lol its just a name

  75. wnbros says:

    Plus its ios 6.0.1

  76. wnbros says:

    and whats soft DFU mode

  77. stas says:

    How to put the jailbreak tethered on ipad 2 ios 6.0?

  78. Dorilas says:

    i want to know when the untethered jailbreak will be out

  79. Mohommad says:

    tnx for this tethered jailbreak
    for a4&a5 device
    but i need for A6 device
    I’m whait for A6 untethered jailbreak

  80. tobeng says:

    is this compatible with iPhone 4S ?

  81. krunkyadig says:

    Is there any way you could do this on an apple computer running OSX? I do not have windows or a windows computer, but i would really like to do the jailbreak.

  82. Zihan says:

    It Worked Perfectly . YOU ARE THE MAN .

  83. zeehsanbutt says:

    after the restart device cydia icon nothing work so dont update the software

  84. buggs10 says:

    Thanks for the tethered jailbreak for iphon4 ios 6.0.1 , I followed the correct steps as they said and showed on the video. it went well and iam so happy with my mobile.
    Thanks again to the team.

  85. Tania says:

    Don’t know where I go wrong, I do exactly as you say, I reach the where you restore iTunes (did it twice) but it stays the way it was before. I’d be glad for any help, in case you’d suspect what it is. I have an iPhone4 and your tutorial is impeccable.
    Thank you.

  86. cheeks says:

    Tried Redsn0w without any success. This thing rocks! Don’t forget you will have to bring back contacts and apps. Awesome!!!

  87. SImot says:

    WE NEED IPHONE 5 JAILBREAK, where is it nerds?

  88. Anonymous says:

    Can someonebody help me? I’m not a newfag or anything, I’ve done this multiple times, but I tried to go into pwned DFU mode and it kept saying it couldn’t find the ipod or something like that, anyway so I tried to go ahead and do the next step which was have ITunes restore it with the file it created on my desktop, ITunes has tried twice now and I keep getting error message 1604. I messed around with the USB cord and even tried a new one, new PC everything, not working. What do I do now?

  89. shade69 says:

    thanks for the jailbreak, but why i can’t open the Cydia? it’s seems like crashed. hope you can help me to solve it.

  90. yorkman says:

    Yup, same here. Maybe it used to work but I tried it today, following the instructions carefully and all went well but when I boot with iBooty (or without) it all looks the same as if it did nothing. And I’m not a newb. I did exactly what the guide above says.

    I think it’s safe to say it no longer works with 6.0.1 (assuming the others that commented really did get it working).

    What a waste of my time this was.

  91. yorkman says:

    I followed the guide precisely and I got no errors during the process. In the end it’s always the same message in iTunes and on my iPhone 3GS (new gen.):

    iTunes message: “We’re sorry, we are unable to continue with your activation at this time.”

    iPhone 3GS message: “Your phone could not be activated because the activiation server is temporarily unavailable.”

    I’m getting the same message for 2 days straight now so it doesn’t appear to be temporary. Can anyone else confirm it’s working as of today?

  92. yorkman says:

    and before anyone asks things like “Did you boot with iBooty” the answer is YES. I’m using Win’7×64 and I tried running it as admin and in XP sp3 mode.

    I have a feeling when I click on Shift-Restore in iTunes and select the sn0wbreeze_iPhone_3GS-6.0.1-10A523.ipsw file…the file gets installed but when it says it’s verifying with apple it probably just restores it back with the original ipsw from apple. That’s probably why my iOS 6.0.1 starts with and without iBooty, because the custom (snowbreeze) version of my ipsw is being overwritten by apple. I can’t think of why else the original is still on there. I saw during the creation of the custom ios in SnowBreeze that it installed Cydia and did everything else it should so how can I still be booting into the original ios?!

    Someone help. I’m out of options.

  93. Sponny says:

    when i start my phone again, may i know what to do? just run ibooty, or do the whole long thing?

  94. Mehran says:

    Cydia abd safari Not working after Flashed Coocked Frimware

  95. sarowar says:

    iphone 4s Jailbreak iOS 6.0.1

  96. velanegra says:


    after having succes jailbreacking it, it doesn’t get any signal so I cannot make calls. My iphone is a 3gs from AT&T USA however right now I’m in Spain using another company. Any solution please?

    thank you in advance

  97. velanegra says:

    my firmware is 05.16.07

  98. Michael says:

    Duh…… It’s a tethered jailbreak, you need to reboot it on sn0wbreeze

  99. Michael says:


  100. Michael says:

    everyone knows that…:)

  101. totski says:

    hi guys! pls help me, im still getting itune error 1600 using the new snowbreeze. btw, im uisng ios 6.0.1

  102. Diana says:

    yo hice todo el proceso pero cuando le pongo el firmware 6.1.1 me sale error de ipsw…. no entiendo . alguien que me pueda decir que hacer

  103. Stinson says:

    Could you please make a jailbreak fro iPhone 4S on 6.0.1?

  104. Sami says:

    Can’t install cydia.hackulo.us .. It “says a server with the specified hostname cannot be found”. Can somebody help me?

  105. Bigloco says:

    Has been shut down, use vShare

  106. roland says:

    whats vshare?

  107. zgembo123 says:


    Tried to jailbreak as you were showing in the video and on the tutorial my Iphone 3gs, which is locked, don’t know on which carrier. So before I did suceeded to downgrade it to 4.1 and updated it to the ipad baseband and downgrade it to the desired needed baseband and unlock it with ultrasnow (i think), and everything worked fine, but because it was on the ios 4.1 a very little apps worked on it. so i decided to do the upgrade and tethered jailbreak with your program helping with the video/tutorial…did everything as it was shown there…make custom ipsw..done…ireb…ok…done…opened itunes…holding shift button….clicked restore, choosed the custom ipsw…the process started…and was doing fine…on itunes it was written ”restoring iphone software” but then it gets ”stucked” it doesn’t move anywhere for about 40 min and still counting how long would it take…PLEASE HELP HOW TO FIX THIS GETTING STUCK PROBLEM…it was in the dfu mode everything as described in the video and tutorial…please help :D thanks and a happy new year

  108. MyMendel says:

    Soft DFU mode is dfu-mode, but it won’t accept software. Hard-DFU is for jailbreaking.

  109. Melinda says:

    This worked perfectly…i’m just not sure what I need to do now to make it compatible with any network…does the imei need to be unlocked?

  110. jack says:

    thank you everything worked out great and working fine , i had to try it twice and it did great but how do i unlock it to be used with any carrier

  111. Simon says:

    I have tried this on my 3GS device. I am on Win XP, iOS 6.0.1 with basewidth 05.16.07.
    First I connect to Itunes and put the device in DFU mode.
    Then I start Snowbreeze, choose my downloaded 6.0.1 ipsw file, followed by “New Bootrom/I don’t know” and Simple mode. I also coose to Activate iphone.
    After extraction Snowbreeze says that the device is in PWNED DFU state. I then start iTunes that confirms the DFU state. After I Shift click on the modified ipsw file the extraction occurs followed by 3014 error.
    What am I doing wrong!?

  112. Simon says:

    Sorry, I got it to work by turning off my firewall in my router :). But the reason I JB my phone was to access Installous which does not seem to work anymore :(.

  113. Simon says:

    OK, everything is working apart from the fact that when I connect to iTunes it wants to reset the device or reset it to a previous backup. What do i do if I want to sync it to iTunes?

  114. Erichms447 says:

    I would suggest you to use Redsnow 0.9.15b3, which is
    easier and very explicit, compared to Snowbreeze
    It’s also a Tethered jailbreak iOS 6.0.1.
    Try it & i can assure you that even a 10y old
    Kid can do it.
    Hope that it helps….

  115. Erichms447 says:

    It’s an alternative to Installous 5; but you have to add this repo first
    “http:// repo.cydia.com”… Then you download vshare.;but don’t uninstall Installous
    As you need it to activate vshare. So when you finished downloading vshare,
    You must turn off your Wifi, to be able to open Installous 5.,otherwise it Will close
    Down . You open Installous, click on “Downloads”,& install vshare,….
    You are done….Enjoy!!

  116. Kasanete says:

    Is there a way to activate iPhone 3GS with iOs 6.0.1. Cause After I install the custome firmware I have to activate the phone but I don’t have the proper sim card.

  117. sam says:

    i turned off my ipod and tred to do ibooty again and they is no my device in select your device do i need to itunes it again it in dfu and i have apps but i dont wanna restore it again

  118. sam says:

    idk im wondering to

  119. sam says:

    could i do a back up to icloud to get everythng not restoring

  120. oscar fraire says:

    does it really workk bec i been wanting to jailbreak mines

  121. Mrsvedal says:

    Hi! i`m trying to jailbreak my iphone 4. but its stuck in the beginning of the prosedure.. been waiting 2hours on “decrypting root”. i`ve tryed it several times now, with same result.
    is it rly supossed to hang stuck for several hours?

    Please reply.

  122. Sami Hong says:

    Just reboot using ibooty.. It will work fine.. :)

  123. Jackie says:

    Will this work on iphone 5 ?

  124. Kayla says:

    What about Ipad 2? Will this work with Ipad at all?

  125. Tyson says:

    No you can not use An apple computer, well not just yet

  126. qqq says:

    You go back to Official firmware

  127. qqq says:

    Installous is down forever… Should find an Alternative…There is 2 or 3 working good

  128. Jackowacko says:

    Hi, i have tried to do this but it said that the ipsw is invalid?? i have downloaded the sn0wbreeze and ipsw both from the links in this website?

  129. Luke says:

    My ipod wont reboot after ibooty finished. What do i do?

  130. Nasir Orakzai says:

    Yahoooooooo ! Successfully jailbroke my A4 device.. Thanks a million ! Snowbreeze :)

  131. FYI says:

    I think snowbreeze has that option for hacktivate. I think you should enable that when you create your custom ipsw.

  132. FYI says:

    I have read that for iphone 3gs old bootrom iOS 6.0.1 jb is untethered, has anybody done it with snowbreeze? Is is untethered?

  133. sam says:

    i did all it was jailbroke i turned off my ipod turned it back on runed ibooty and i cant pick my device

  134. yurilopez says:

    does this support iPhone 4S?

  135. shiv says:

    thanks 3gs to go

  136. hassan says:

    ive seen in this tutorial video that there’s (no service) after this jailbreak, so the service should comeback or not? after searching? please help

  137. Tyler says:

    So when i went to restore my phone through iTunes and i held down the shift button and selected the jail-broken ios program it said it wasn’t compatible, I’m running ios 6.0.1 build 10A523 iPhone4, so i went ahead and restored it normally, but i didn’t open iTunes normally, i set the jail-broken ios program to open through iTunes, so i double clicked on the program from the desktop, is that why when i held down the shift button it said it wasn’t compatible? please help I’m restoring at this moment and I’m hoping its jail-broken my iPhone i don’t want to have to sit here for another cycle, this is taking forever!! PLEASE HELP!!!

  138. Stlewi says:

    awesome! u helped me solve my cydia problem! easiest video to follow soo happy thanks!

  139. Luke says:

    iPhone 3Gs, new bootrom… Cydia keeps crashing even after iBooty boot up… everything went like in a video, except the phone is not unlocked, and cydia doesnt work.. anyone can help?

  140. Marcus says:

    Hi Jeff, your video is really awesome and it really looks easy to do the whole process. Well frankly im not a newby and i’m having issues with error 3194 after going on itunes to restore using the new IPSW generated by the sn0wbreeze. Its been a pain in the arse to JB my Iphone 4 and i’ve tried redsn0w as well but without sucess. Any hints or tips on how could i do that? Many thanks in advance for your tutorial! x x

  141. LukPla60 says:

    I have followed the steps and even downloaded IREB because I was getting error 1600. Error 1600 is gonne, but now when I try to restore my Ipod 4 on Itunes error 2003 apears. IREB told me to unplug an plug again my usb and try again, and so I did, but error 2003 keeps apearing over and over. I have tried this a hundred times and it doesn’t work. Help plz?

  142. Noobie says:

    Hey guys I have no clue what Im doing everytime I attempt to put it into DfU mode it says it cant any suggestions?

  143. Mark says:

    Try a FRESH restore with just Itunes first. Restart PC, and try snowbreeze again. It can be a bit tricky, but it definately works, I just used it today on my Iphone 4.

  144. testman says:

    I have the exact same problem. Everything goes fine until the moment of activating the phone, please let me know in case you have figure it out .. thnks!

  145. Talvane Lopes says:

    This jailbreak is compatible with the ipod touch 5?

  146. Aedan Ridley says:

    I have the Ipad 3 IOS 6.0.1 is it possible to jailbreak? How?

  147. MrP says:

    Sorry, but what kind of JB you mentioned? untethered or tethered?

  148. yoanna says:

    I need help
    I did it all but itunes keep saying
    We sorry we cant complet the activation
    I have a iphone 3gs new ibo. I can’t even activate with apple now
    Please help is my boyfriends iphone he is gonna kill me

  149. Anonymous says:

    Yes I just jailbreaked mines.

  150. michael says:

    you would have to unlock your phone, yes. your imei number is something different and that doesnt need to change. if you want to unlock your phone, you might be Able to find a program for it on cydia (depending on your firmware) with a little searching around, but most cell phone repair stores would be able to do it for a small fee, but there are also a lot of internet sites that will do it for you.

  151. michael says:

    there arent any solid jailbreaks for the ipad 2 on 6.0 or later, but they should be out sometime in the next month or so. jailbreakme.com is the site i like to check for all the latest jailbreak updates because the check just about every programmer for jailbreaking methods. just go to the website and click the “try here” link to access their jailbreaking database where they have links to jailbreak every iOS that jailbreaking currently supports.

  152. michael says:

    there arent any solid jailbreaks for the ipad 3 on 6.0 or later, but they should be out sometime in the next few months.. jailbreakme.com is the site i like to check for all the latest jailbreak updates because the check just about every programmer for jailbreaking methods. just go to the website and click the “try here” link to access their jailbreaking database where they have links to jailbreak every iOS that jailbreaking currently supports.

  153. michael says:

    no, sorry. anything thats a5 (that includes ipod 5) takes much longer to exploit so developers might take a few months more. jailbreaks for these devices usually come out around the same time as the untethered jailbreak for non-a5 devices.

    p.s. just a quick tip: when you hear ” a5 devices” it refers to the computer chip thats being run inside your phone.

  154. cipera says:

    new jailbreak

    w w w . blackpois0n . n e t

  155. boyangiang81 says:

    ipad4 iOS 6.0.1 jb ? Thanks!

  156. shanup says:

    i m getting no service when i insert my sim card..pls hlp….

  157. james says:

    there is anything else that I can recovery sn0wbreeze than itunes? because i get a lot of errors in itunes

  158. Ramne says:

    I have same problem with my phone and dont know what to do….did u find any solution to it…please tell me. also..thanks..

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