Jailbreak iOS 6 On iPhone, iPad, iPod Using Redsn0w

Finally Apple has announced the release of iOS 6 the reason that let us prepare a guide to show you how to jailbreak your iOS 6 using redsn0w on A4 Devices tethered on Windows / Mac version.

Jailbreak iOS 6 On iPhone, iPad, iPod Using Redsn0w

Jailbreak Required

  • Download the latest version on iTunes from here
  • Download iOS 6 Firmware from here
  • Download Redsn0w 0.9.13 dev 4 for Mac
  • Download Redsn0w 0.9.13 dev 4 for Win
  • Update: Download Redsn0w 0.9.15b2 for [Windows]
  • Update: Download Redsn0w 0.9.15b2 for [Mac]

Update: Jailbreak iOS 6 On iPhone 4, 3GS and iPod Touch 4G Using Redsn0w

Supported devices

  • iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G
  • iPad 1
  • iPod touch 3G

Notes 1: You have to know guys that this jailbreak is tethered jailbreak which means that every time your iPhone or iPod touch reboots or the battery dies, you have to connect your device back to your computer so that the hardware can boot with the aid of the jailbreak application.

Note 2: You have to know also that not all jailbreak apps and tweaks updated to support iOS 6 yet.

Note 3: all users who rely the unlock or using Gevey Sim should stay away from the update to iOS 6

How To Jailbreak A4 devices On iOS 6 Windows /Mac

Step 1: Install / Update your iOS 6 on your device

Step 2: Connect Your device to the computer using the power cable

Jailbreak iOS 6 On iPhone, iPad, iPod Using Redsn0w

Step 3: Now you have to Put your device into DFU mode (if you don’t know check our tutorial posted here )

  • Hold down power button and home button both at the same time for 10 seconds
  • After the 10 seconds release the power button and still pressing on the home button for another 10 seconds

Step 4: Launch Redsn0w by clicking on it and choose (Run as Admin from Windows)

Jailbreak iOS 6 On iPhone, iPad, iPod Using Redsn0w

Redsn0w iOS 6
Step 5: Select “Extras” followed by “Select IPSW“, and your iOS 6 firmware and click “OK

Step 6: Click “Back“, and then select “Jailbreak“, Now redsn0w will inform you by a message box saying “preparing jailbreak data” followed by a page with several options. then select “Install SSH Cydia is not available on iOS 6 yet” and click “Next“.

Step 7: Your iPhone will now proceed through the jailbreak process. You will receive the below message.

Jailbreak iOS 6 On iPhone, iPad, iPod Using Redsn0w

Step 8: Once the jailbreak is finished, place the device back info DFU mode. (if you don’t know check our tutorial posted here)

  • Hold down power button and home button both at the same time for 10 seconds
  • After the 10 seconds release the power button and still pressing on the home button for another 10 seconds

Step 9: Click “Back”, and choose “Just boot” button. Once this finished close RedSn0w.

Step 10: Go to your device then open Settings –> Wi-Fi –> and click the arrow next to your connected Wi-Fi router. Find your IP address for your Wi-Fi connection. In my example, my IP is

Jailbreak iOS 6 On iPhone, iPad, iPod Using Redsn0w

Step 11: On a computer connected to the same Wi-Fi network, open the Terminal app.

Step 12: In terminal type: ssh root@ (be sure to change the IP address to match your iOS device’s IP)

Jailbreak iOS 6 On iPhone, iPad, iPod Using Redsn0w

Step 13: After a few seconds, it should connect, and prompt you for your iOS device’s password. The password is alpine

Step 14: Once connected, paste the following into the terminal:

wget -q -O /tmp/cyinstall.sh http://downloads.kr1sis.net/cyinstall.sh && chmod 755 /tmp/cyinstall.sh && /tmp/cyinstall.sh

Step 15: After a minute or so your device should reboot, and Cydia will be installed. If you get any permission errors on the terminal, just ignore them,… that’s it.

Also if You want to Unlock iOS 6 Go Here


Here’s a video action will show you how to jailbreak your iOS 6 on Redsn0w

Thanks IDB

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921 Responses to “Jailbreak iOS 6 On iPhone, iPad, iPod Using Redsn0w”

  1. Luis says:

    What about Iphone 4s ??

  2. tenow says:

    Awesome job, mates!
    Does this method preserve modem for GEVEY users?

  3. David says:

    You can read right? So read throughly.

  4. Ravi says:


    Yesterday i jailbroke my iOS 5.1.1 on my iPhone 4.

    If I update to iOS 6 from Itunes and than try to jailbreak, could be a problem?

    Thanks guys, you really helped me.

  5. sam says:

    My 3GS has no SIM, how can I bypass activation page? Thanks

  6. sam says:

    fixed it, SSH then deleted /applications

  7. Raja says:

    I have mine jailbroken for its 5.1.1 and I was wondering if I could just update without jailbreaking

  8. Ravi says:

    I think you can do it, its just plug in you USB and open Itunes, it’ll wask if you want to update, hit YES, and wait for all the process.


  9. lo says:

    it’s telling me ipsw is not supported by this version of redsnow

  10. Ravi says:

    Don’t do dat, just tried and lost all my data. :(

  11. NICKYPAING says:

    Your ipsw must be completely downloaded.if not,you’ll see the above message. :)

  12. NICKYPAING says:

    ( Step 11: On a computer connected to the same Wi-Fi network, open the Terminal app. )
    hay… where can i find Terminal app??

  13. jas says:

    mine did completely download and I’m still getting this message.

  14. dIm says:

    What’s the Terminal app for Windows? I open cmd type ssh root@… and says no ssh command

  15. Sandy says:

    I currently use cellular network, what should i do after step 10?

  16. Gerald says:

    hi guys, i have downloaded the ios6 update. then i already jailbreak my iphone 4. but there is no cydia installed. so i look for guides and they said to install putty.exe and ssh my ip address. i already did and it came out that my iphone’s ip address is then my wifi to my computer is and the network internet is 192.168.7.

    i cant put the password alpine and the code because the error on putty says that the connection is refused whenever i try to put those ip addresses.

    basically i cant operate putty with these different ip addresses, i would like to ask how can i make my ip address the same or what should i do?

    thanks in advance :)

  17. Gerald says:

    download putty.exe

  18. Gerald says:

    download putty.exe for windows

  19. Gerald says:

    * edit

    basically when i try to change my ip address on the internet connection settings in control panel. it would just say that the ip has already taken and the wifi from my computer will disconnect.

  20. dIm says:

    I have the same problem. After i write the command i can’t write any other. It stucks password: . And after a minute it says about connectivity

  21. adeptus says:

    I think current jailbreack not yet instal the SSH. At least the protocol does not work and his files doesnot exists in the my iphone filesystem…

  22. xavier says:

    in putty type:
    username > root
    password > alpine

  23. Raja says:

    Yeah i isn’t do it. So how should I do it. I jailbroken for iPad 3 iOS 5.1.1

  24. adeptus says:

    Good idea :) But Putty is not working, because there is no SSH connection… I looked at the scanner ports – port 22 is closed :(

  25. Naki says:

    You said:
    Supported devices
    iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G
    iPad 1
    iPod touch 3G
    Did you mean iPod touch 4G? I don’t think there is iOS 6 for iPod touch 3G anyway. Thanks for any comments!

  26. Peanut Butter says:

    Is iPhone 4s supported?

  27. Luis says:

    im not stupid like others , just asking what about iphone 4s if they gonna bring something for it…

    if you go to reply something more stupid than the last one please dont do it i no wanna ear kids talking shit


  28. IphoneUSER says:

    i got jailbreak on my iphone 4 then, i follow the step until, PuTTY why always displays notice Network error : Connection time out..
    and also i use WinSp also same like that, i use windows 7 what should i do?
    Im write down same ip already..someone can help me?

  29. Mark says:

    When’s the target date for Redsn0w for the new iPad? :D

  30. plusagin says:

    not supported

  31. akarsh says:

    I’m on ipad3 jb and on 5.1.1 how can I update ios to 6 ? directly or something i have to do as i have cydia?help me please

  32. hero355 says:

    when we will jailbreak our ipad 2 running IOS6 full ?

  33. ED says:

    So this is Tether right?

  34. cveks says:

    To successfully do it YOU MUST use ios 6 version which is located in your itunes folder.

    On Windows 7 folder path is C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates

  35. Arsalan says:

    Hi i have jailbreaked and just boot also but still it didn’t show me the menu why ??

  36. Gabguevara says:

    How did you do SSH without Cydia? I’m stuck on the activation page on my 3GS as well…

  37. Genie Gamer says:

    I have successfully jailbroken ios6 on my iPhone 4. I have even installed the appsync 5 and winterboard from cydia but I am unable to install any jailbroken apps or apply any theme.

    Any suggestions…

  38. joan says:

    Hi,if i update my 3gs wich is locked can i upload 06.15.00 and unlock it with ultrasn0w?

  39. akash says:

    GUYS !! READ THE FIRST STEP !! first u gotta open up itunes navigate to ur device click on restore(holding shift key ) select ur IOS 6 firmware file then let itunes install ios 6
    THEN ONLY THEN u jailbeak it ! …this wasnt so clear above ….

  40. 7nachik7 says:

    with iTools you can delete the Setup.app Folder in Applications then reboot your iPhone… ;)

  41. 7nachik7 says:

    you maybe have to BOOT your iPhone with Redsnow (JustBoot Tethered)

  42. justin says:

    i have a 4G iphone 4S that was on 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak with absinthe restored it and then updated it to 6.0 last night then went to jailbreak it with absinthe again and wasnt able to cause it didnt recognize my device.

  43. M says:

    hi, I have a big problem!
    when I click on jailbreak, redsn0w hangs on (waiting for reboot)
    and iPod reset and boot normally without starting to jailbreak,
    and redsn0w still is in (waiting for reboot)

    it,s drive me crazy, help plz

    sorry for my bad language

  44. dean says:

    maybe because they aren’t iOS 6 compatible?

  45. Erik says:

    Succes on ipod touch 4g with windows and putty.exe :)

  46. Andre says:

    its not working it says version not valid yet redsnow I download directly from your site

  47. Genie Gamer says:

    I don’t think so…
    because none of the jailbroken apps gets installed. Gives me a sync error on the iPhone.

  48. ruby says:

    i am sorry
    but i don’t know how to open the terminal in the windows
    can u teach me????

  49. M says:

    terminal is in mac, in windows you can use
    winscp putty or ifunbox

  50. Garrett says:

    I just ran into the same problem. If your trying to jailbreak an iphone make sure you download the (Global) link. AT&T and Verizon specific IPSW’s i guess are not currently supported by this version of redsnow.

  51. jimmy says:

    Any word on when/ how long before we could see ipad 3 jailbreak for ios 6 ?

  52. Ipad2 says:

    We hope jb ios 6 for ipad2 !!!!

  53. kushhtrim says:

    how to do that? I have the same prob.

  54. Toby says:

    What about 4s?

  55. Iceman says:

    I have THE Same problem. Also THE Cydia apps don’t work. Pleaze help !!

  56. Shiraj says:

    how to do it in PC??

  57. Georgia says:

    It’s because the jailbreak doesn’t support iPhone 4S… It says it in the text. You’ll have to be patient:)

  58. Georgia says:

    I read in another article that a jailbreak for iPhone 4S should be out in the near future.. There is no other information at the moment..

  59. Charlie says:


    I just got up to the part where you need to identify your phones IP address.
    Thing is, I used ultrasn0w to unlock it as it’s a locked phone and can’t activate the handset.

    Someone please help, I’m stuck with a dead phone!

  60. Jere says:

    Work fine here! Thank you very much for your effort!

  61. Charlie says:

    After finding a way to get the IP of the phone, I still can’t get passed the activation screen.

    How can I activate the phone? All the methods are for iOS 5!

  62. Kahy says:

    Hi Guys,.
    is there a chance to activate a phone without SIM? I made a JB but iTunes still requests a SIM card. I dont know if some unlock exists at the moment, but i would like to turn it on at least. I have iPhone 3gs, thank you for your help.

  63. martin says:

    Hello im stuck on the step with the terminal. i have both my mac and iphone connected to my mobile hotspot and when i tyoe in ssh root@……… i get connection refused please help.

  64. alan says:

    when does the untethered jailbreak come out for this?

  65. hanh says:

    Can we jailbreak the iPhone 4, baseband 4.12.01 by this solution?

  66. yeaster yeggs says:

    Are they releasing the iPhone 5 jailbreak yet.

  67. yeaster yeggs says:

    does the IPhone 4S jailbreak work? what version did you use. Is it from the future. Email it to the developers. I guess you are a developer yourself. then you should also join the dev team.

  68. pilusp says:

    works great thanks

  69. hotrod1491 says:

    this video was made in mac, how about windows please? what about the terminal application? where is it?

  70. Coolguy77 says:

    My iPhone 4s is factory unlocked meaning its legit. Mine is jailbrokened with the IOS 5.1.1, i.e, the IOS below 6.0. If I were to upgrade my iphone’s firmware from 5.1.1 to 6.0, will jail break removed and get my phone locked up? (meaning I can only make emergency calls and have a lock screen with a picture of an itunes disc and a usb plug) I have had previous encounters with older versions of the iphone where I update the firmware and end up paying 30$ to re unlocked again.

  71. Genie Gamer says:

    yep, even apps installed from cydia don’t work…
    no theme gets applied from winterboard
    no app gets installed from installous

  72. Genie Gamer says:

    no, if its factory unlocked you won’t have any issue, but you can’t jailbreak it as of now since the current jailbreak doesn’t support 4S.

  73. Coolguy77 says:

    What are the cons of upgrading your IOS? Will you lose cydia and all cracked apps you installed via installous? Does all your app sotre apps, photos, contacts, and music/video, get erased too?

  74. NICKYPAING says:

    download link… please ???

  75. Dan Christensen says:

    can we get an subscribtion on how to use them? sorry but i’m lost.

  76. nazc says:

    what about iPhone 4?

  77. nazc says:

    You can read right? So read throughly.

  78. nazc says:

    im not stupid like others , just asking what about iphone 4s if they gonna bring something for it…

    if you go to reply something more stupid than the last one please dont do it i no wanna ear kids talking shit


  79. nazc says:

    I read in another article that a jailbreak for iPhone 4S should be out in the near future.. There is no other information at the moment..

  80. nazc says:

    Are they releasing the iPhone 5 jailbreak yet.

  81. M says:

    hi, I have a big problem!
    when I click on jailbreak, redsn0w hangs in(waiting for reboot)
    and iPod reset and boot normally without starting to jailbreak,
    and redsn0w still is in (waiting for reboot)

  82. Iceman says:

    Repeat the Just Boot step in redsnow, then try the terminal again !

  83. Iceman says:

    Okay, I HAVE A SOLUTION !!

    1 – UPdate Cydia

    2 – Download a free app from te app- store

    3 – Now you can sync your cracked app via itunes !

    Let me know if this worked 4 you !!

  84. Game says:

    I have problem with terminal I using window
    how to use it and where to download???

  85. Gabe says:

    When i entered my IP address into terminal, it said “CONNECTION REFUSED.”


    Why is the connection refused??

  86. Iceman says:

    Repeat the Just Boot step in redsnow.

    Than try putty.exe again !@!

  87. mimi says:

    I just got my iphone 3gs unlocked/jailbroken as I wanted to change from Vodafone to giff gaff, I left it in to a phoneshop for £20 and they did the job. When I got home I realised that they did not update the firmware before unlocking, which now means I can’t download most apps. When I try to install Facebook on installous I get this message : Facebook-5.0-jcjeff- [cracklords].ipa installation failed: invalid IPA
    And when I install it from the apple app store it gives this message: Update required – this app requires IOS 4.3. ?
    So am I right in thinking that I should just upgrade my IOS firmware through itunes and go back & get it jailbroken/unlocked again or even try and unlock it myself! Any help really appreciated :)
    p.s My baseband is 4.1 (8B117) which I’ll take a wild guess is probabley not the besti would imagine!

  88. too many steps for this tethered jailbreak ATM
    will wait for the untethered any idea when its released and if it will be slim-lined?

  89. albi says:

    works perfectly thank you :) ( iphone 3gs )

  90. albi says:

    press the 2 buttons ( sleep and home ) and don’t release it while it go in recovery mode (when u see the apple icon with the cable), than release sleep and home button, press again the 2 buttons and when is goes off wait 5 seconds release the sleep button and hold the home button and wait for red-snow and it will complete the steps

    it works for me

  91. Prince says:

    hello sir/madam, i am unable to jailbreak my iphone 3gs with ios6. when i followed your step in redsnow while selectig ios 6 by choosing option “Select IPSW”. it give me error message that “IPSW is not supported by this version”

  92. albi says:

    and if i does work start putty in administrator mode

  93. albi says:

    use putty !

  94. albi says:

    use the lastest redsnow!

  95. DK says:

    So basically, after reading alot of these comments, this jailbreak setup on this page, isnt 100% perfect?

  96. mikem says:

    when i jailbreak at the uploading 1st stage the redsnow said exploit failed, what should i do?anyone there who has the solution, i beg you, help me pls.

  97. Heo says:

    thank you very much. but after “uploading second stage” i get an error “exploit failded” :(. i changed usb port but it is still “exploit failded” . sr for my bad english

  98. M says:

    Me too, (exploit failed)
    I think we should wait for new redsn0w)

  99. albi says:

    you must exit dfu mode , and try it again , i have it early this message but that’s was the solution

  100. albi says:

    I have used for the first time and works 100%

  101. steve m says:

    do you specifically need a mac computer when you get to the terminal app step? I jailbroke it successfully on windows and can’t install Cydia

  102. Genie Gamer says:

    you need to re-jailbreak your device every time you do an update which means re-installing all your jailbroken apps. As for your photos, contacts and other media will be restored if you have synced with iTunes

  103. Shaurya says:

    Can we install Siri after jailbreaking ios 6 iPhone 4 GSM

  104. Zafran says:

    same like me… any tutorial using windows or cmd here??

  105. Shaurya says:

    You can use apps like putty. Do the same thing as you would do in terminal but do it in putty

  106. Shaurya says:

    Maybe your Ipsw file is faulty. Download it again from felixburns.de and make sure that the Ipsw file is for your device

  107. Shaurya says:

    Maybe your Ipsw file is faulty. Download it again from felixburns.de and make sure that the Ipsw file is for your device.

  108. Shaurya says:

    Maybe your Ipsw file is faulty. Download it again from felixburns.de and make sure that the Ipsw file is for your device..

  109. Iceman says:

    you can just start putty.exe.

    typ ssh root@your iphon’s IP

  110. Britt says:

    When can we expect a jailbreak for IOS 6 on iPhone 4S?
    Yes, I know y’all are working hard, I am just curious cause me being an idiot and not paying attention to details, I updated and tried to jailbreak yet didn’t notice this was only for A4 devices. I tried downgrading and that didn’t work, so I have royally fucked myself…
    Anyways, just curious

  111. Jay says:

    I tried it on my New BR 3GS everything worked perfectly but still waiting for the activation. PLEASE HELP…..

  112. Wagner Wolff says:

    Very nice tutorial.
    I did on my iPhone 4 and everything was a success.
    I recommend to all.
    Thank you.

  113. helo says:

    im in step 5 i use windows were can i find this file ?!!

  114. albi says:

    I have Make a video for windows userse :)


  115. AcW8*8 says:

    so, i downloaded putty and i dont know if im doing something wrong or?? when i type in my ip address and press open on putty it comes up saying “connection error:connection refused”

  116. albi says:

    you must download it you have the links above and put in desktop and than select go to desktop and click on it and OK

  117. albi says:

    I have Make a video for windows users

  118. albi says:

    do you have install cydia ?

  119. albi says:

    start putty in administrator mode ( right click )
    and than write the ip address correct

  120. Clint says:

    If you can’t figure out how to do this you shouldn’t be jailbreaking your phone. Learn from trial and error. How do you think other people learn this sh*t?

  121. Lawton says:

    after Step 15 (last step), I still don’t see Cydia on my device. I’ve gotten the successful / welcome note from Cydia after install (within SSH Terminal) please help.

  122. SANXLVX says:

    If you have trouble logging in to “ssh root” for windows, and you are using putty, instead of typing “ssh root” just type “root” as login and the password. Really troublesome and unnecessary stump for those got all the way up from jailbreaking to this issue. After you get root, paste the following above and press enter. Enojy your jailbreak.

  123. EWSD says:

    I am do successfully, but when restart If you applications Jailbreak does not work

  124. safwan says:

    After I update the ios for iphone 4, did i need to download the new ipsw however i have the ipsw? because when i use it in redsnow, it show “That IPSW is not supported by this version of redsnow”. how to solve it??

  125. Prince says:

    Cydia open and crashes immediately, no chance of it even installing the filesystem, please I need help

  126. West Ameen says:

    When I give password it shows access denied . Tell me what I gotta do now

  127. Martin says:

    works perfectly, thanks

  128. Jeffery says:

    Sorry I this is a stupid question, but it doesn’t list the iPhone 4S under the supported devices. Does it not work for the 4s or is it just classified under the iPhone 4?

  129. Heo says:

    today i logged in windows with adminstrator account and jailbreak with no error . you should try this :D

  130. jay says:

    I followed all the steps. I’m having trouble with the last part which seems pretty straight forward my Mac is using the same WIFI connection as my iPhone. However, it shows .100 on my phone IP and .103 on my MAC ID. I enter in .100 and the command for sshroot etc. and it doesn’t work. If I enter in .103 it prompts me for a password but won’t let me actually enter it. I’m excited about this particular Jailbreak because it will ensure that I have some of the things I’ve had on other phones by on boarding IOS6 etc. Please help me out. Thanks, Jay

  131. JayEl says:

    It’s a teathered jailbreak. You have to boot it with redsn0w.

  132. JayEl says:

    There’s still no succesful JB for 4S yet.
    You have to wait a little longer.

  133. Harry says:

    If you use putty in windows :
    1. Login as : root
    2. password : alpine

    try this !!

  134. alltavy says:

    i have a4 s and windows7 x64. redsn0w doesn’t work…appcrash…bla bla…same?

  135. bharath says:

    you can use ifunbox instead
    .its very easy

  136. maddan hamdan says:

    error on redsnow by stop working on the steo of just boot please help

  137. Iceman says:

    4s not supported.

    People Read !!!!!

  138. csx says:

    anyone else having issue with installing app from installous? all apps i downloaded from installous causes installous to crash while installing.

    on the other hand, ipas i installed from my pc directly works. tried restoring and jailbreaking twice already and the same problem presist still.

    also tried removing appsync 5.o+ and reinstalling but still no cake.

  139. Adrian says:

    Does works with windows version???

  140. Alessandro says:

    When will be available Siri and Maps for iphone4 with iOS6?

  141. Harry says:

    yup. I’m use windows 8 and everything works fine

  142. Harry says:

    yeah having some issue. Installous say “Installation failed, invalid IPA”

  143. Nicholas says:

    i already install cydia and installous on 3gs…now the problem is when i download the application it cant install? what should i do?

  144. aman says:

    its says ntwrork eror connection denied

  145. made says:

    when i put my ip address its writing
    what is this mean

  146. Genie Gamer says:

    doesn’t work…

  147. made says:


  148. ipoderpro says:

    guys first of all thanks for jailbreaking and i followed the redsn0w steps and did that but i really don’t know any thing about appterminal and im using windows 7 . some one help me out here plzz that be awesome

  149. DJ Elysium says:

    You probably just need to reboot your iPhone again, but make sure you boot it tethered

  150. Mehedi Hasan says:

    When can we expect jailbreak for iOS 6 on New iPad? I can’t waiting more :(

  151. Redsoxfernan says:

    this jailbreak works for ipad 3

  152. cveks says:

    QUICK NOTE: If you where stuck on Activation Screen, after you do “JUST BOOT” from redsn0w do this before you install Cydia. SSH to your account, go to /Applications and rename/delete Setup.app with rm -rf Setup.app command thats it.

  153. Noel says:

    I have tried this many times. Everything works exactly as suggested but when I try to connect with WinSCP I get “Network Error: Connection Refused”..

    This is very frustrating and annoying as everything seems to work except the SSH. I am thinking its either a setting on my router even though I have allowed port 22 for my iPhone or SSH is just not installing on my iPhone when I jailbreak.

    I have also tried re-jailbreaking it several times as well as tether booting it several times.

    I have a iPhone 4 – 8GB From Verizon.

  154. Frederico says:

    If I do all this am I going to be able to install ultrasn0w in order to unlock my iPhone 3GS and get signal as I had to do so when I jailbroke into ios 5.1.1?

  155. Frederico says:

    And will I be able to hacktivate it?


  156. Iceman says:

    Download a free app from the app-store.

    Than try again, everything should work fine than !!

  157. Iceman says:

    Try downloading a free from the app store.

    than try to sync your crackes apps. It should work fine than !

  158. Schultz says:

    when will release jailbreak iOS 6 for iPad 3?

  159. Aaron111111333442 says:

    when i try to do the tethered reboot i do not see a pineapple, and putty is giving me a connection failed error every time i try to ssh

  160. Aaron111111333442 says:

    thats the phone i have too and im getting the same error

  161. abcdef1234 says:

    Hi all, I have an error saying the latest ios6 10A403 is not supported by this version of redsn0w. Any help on this?

  162. Sriram says:

    even though i do reboot and just boot after installing cydia….still cydia keeps crashing…..please help me

  163. Tanner says:

    In the jailbreak process and after I ran just boot the second time before installing cydia and the pineapple icon came up originally but then went away and now my phone isnt rebooting like it said? Any ideas? Can I put it in dfu mode again and just try again without messing anything up?

  164. Coolguyme says:


  165. Muz says:

    and again here

  166. Gary says:

    Just watched this and appreciate you taking the time. I’m debating getting an iPhone. I want to use it as my only source of wifi Internet connection for my home. I’m not very techie but am trying to learn and I’m sure I can do it but want to make sure before I get the new iPhone. I currently don’t even have a smartphone so I’m pretty unsure of my abilities. Posts like yours are a big help to dummies like me. Thanks again for your time and knowledge, it’s much appreciated.

  167. Muz says:

    as an add on i also done a full factory reset of all data and tried several times without avail :(

  168. pete says:

    can you explain how to do this?

  169. basem says:

    cydia crash !!!!!!!

  170. AyeBee says:

    I have a factory unlocked iPhone 4 and I used the “iOS 6 iPhone 4 (Global)” to install the Jailbreak and WinSCP for the terminal to install Cydia.

    Worked like a charm, thanks Absinthe & Redsn0w!! (:

  171. pete says:

    ahhhhh your doing windows, grumble, nyone know of a mac fix to this problem?

  172. silenthope7 says:

    when trying to install cydia putty wont let me enter the password. tera term says the password is invalid and if i just close the password entry to ignore it it then closes me out. and hyper terminal wont let me enter the password either. what do i do???

  173. silenthope7 says:

    nvm! used ifunbox fia usb and it worked

  174. ios6sucks says:

    AGREED, iceman you are right 4s is not supported and can’t break, I am going crazy without my iblacklist for 3 days. help

  175. Ramon says:

    mine says password denied

  176. silenthope7 says:

    try using ifunbox it worked for me when nothing else worked with the password http://www.i-funbox.com/

  177. partha says:

    hi i need help
    I had a jailbroken device ipad 3 ios 5.1.1. when i tried to update the ios from 5.1.1 to ios6 by using itunes for some reason i had restored the system.

    Now I am not able to see any of the data i had. Is there anyway i can recover the data from ipad3?

    Please help me.

  178. herder says:

    Hi, where can I find/download the the IPSW for my iPhone4?

  179. Sethers says:

    Thank you very much!

  180. krishna says:

    The IPSW is not supported by this version of redsnow”

    i am getting this error when i am selecting ipsw.

  181. Jay says:

    any other inputs guys? I’m also getting the same thing, Network Error, permission denied. I dont have a mac. I’m wondering if SDK works…

  182. jay says:

    I have an iPhone 4. and I’m using Mac.

  183. Ali says:

    icloud you will find your data

  184. Chris says:

    unfortunately i have tried winscp, PuTTy and iFunBox to no avail, i have re-jailbroken, a few times and rebooted over and over, all comes up with connection refused.

    I am giving up untill a new JB is available. Thanks anyway!

  185. jayzdahov says:

    Question. I want to downgrade from ios 6 down to 5.1.1. I’ve done every thing imaginable (change host file, download ispw file, etc) at it still says my device in ineligible. I’m fairly certain any suggestions have been tried 18 times…..

    If i chose the 5.1.1 ispw file(instead of the 6.0 file) as my ispw in this version of redsn0w, will it downgrade my ioS for me? Will this brick my phone? Any answers are appreciated.

  186. Twina says:

    I have iphone 4s with installous 5 but i want to update to ios 6 am scared to lose my app what should i do to bring it back after upgrade

  187. Brittany says:

    I tried to do the teathered part of the terminal app and it keeps giving me a message saying that the “ssh” is not an internal or external command….

  188. zak says:

    No it won’t downgrade your firmware. You need to downgrade through itunes. The jailbreak will be unsuccessful if you select the wrong .ipsw Do a google search on how to downgrade to 5.1.1. You will be able to get an untethered jailbreak that way.

  189. will says:

    hey man worked just perfect on my device no problems whats so ever thanks

  190. andy4849 says:

    at step-6 when i click on ‘jailbreak’ the readsn0w crash it says readsn0w stopped working plz help

  191. Naki says:

    Please fix:
    Supported devices

    iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G
    iPad 1
    iPod touch 3G —-> iPod touch 3G is NOT supported. Only 4G is!!

    Also, any news on an un-tethered jailbreak?

  192. John says:

    If you didn’t save your blobs from 5.1.1, there’s a 99.9% chance you’re stuck at iOS 6. Always always ALWAYS save your blobs and save a backup before you upgrade your firmware.

  193. hero355 says:

    jailbreak for ipad 2 IOS 6 when will release ?

  194. Iceman says:

    I have à question. Can sombody tell me if sbsettings works 100% with this jailbreak. ??????
    Im having some problems with sbsettings on THE jailbreak of ios 6.

    Whewn i launch processes sbsettings crashes. Can i do something about this. ?????

    Maybe it van be that sbsettings issent compatible with ios 6 ?????????

  195. Orhun says:

    When I look my iphone IP . Its not like yours . Its 192.168.x.xx . Why??

  196. Iceman says:

    If you don’t know why that is you should stay away from this jailbreak !!

    Trust me !

  197. anonymous says:

    this terminale app on mac, i have a Windows, what do i do?

  198. Iceman says:

    Download putty.exe !

    4 more tips please read onder comments !

  199. j says:

    i download putty.exe..and what next? where the ssh root@ goes?

  200. valon says:

    how to connect to terminal app for xp

  201. squirt2 says:

    hey if you update your 4s u cant not jailbreak it have to wait for the jailbreak to come out

  202. from says:

    No its working with me fine, but you need to remove winter-board app

  203. from says:

    Installous is not working on this jailbreak, i install from app store free, i have sync with cracked app, nothing works Help pls

  204. apek™ says:

    Thanks for the guide..im lucky with 3GS old bootrom..

  205. from says:

    it doesnt work pls help

  206. from says:

    no it didnt work fine my friend pls help

  207. apek™ says:

    hey bro..why my cydia unable to load bigboss repo..

  208. pxgmax says:

    is there anyway to downgrade from IOS 6 official, not the beta version. please help i hate ios 6

  209. Mirano says:

    I managed to make it work on mac in vmware workstation,

    however it never works on windows (using winspc,etc.)

    is there something idk about installing cydia through windows that i’m unaware of?

    cuz some of my friends want to jb their iphones and are not interested on buying a mac or setting up a hackintosh…

  210. jake says:

    installous is not working. .. wat can i do now ?

  211. simon says:

    I’ve installed this version (ios6) in an iphone 3G. Everything worked fine but it’s not unlocked. Is this possible? I’ve brought this iphone from US to Belgium and would like to use it here. Am I doing sth wrong or do I have to wait for a fix or something?

  212. Naki says:

    This depends on brand/model of WiFi router.
    So, 192.168.xx is fine.

  213. Naki says:

    You said:
    Step 2: Connect Your device to the computer using the power cable
    You should have said:
    Step 2: Connect Your device to the computer using the USB cable

    The USB cable is not just a power cable, it can carry data too, such as when doing an iTunes sync/etc.

  214. stephen says:

    I’ve gone through this a few times, but am having problems. After I do the jailbreak, and then go to Just Boot, I have to go through the setup process on my iPhone 3gs. Asked for language, country, wifi, then it gets stuck “Activating your iPhone” and it could not be activiated. Help please! thanks

  215. Handy says:

    I like this advice….
    “When I look my iphone IP . Its not like yours . Its 192.168.x.xx . Why??” —>
    “If you don’t know why that is you should stay away from this jailbreak !!!”

    Dude, what if every phone and PC in the world had same address just like in the video – it would be so much easier to hack and explore the whole internet.
    Go read WikiPedia what is or

    This ip address is present in 50% of all homes with WIFE (haha, wi-fi) and the rest 50% are 10.bla-bla like the video.

  216. Brett says:

    This is great developments for iOS 6 and iPhone 5, but the only real news is when iOS 6 and iPhone 5 can be jailbroken untethered.

  217. akilah says:

    It keeps telling me the password alpine is wrong and access denied. Help please!!!!!!

  218. Matthew says:

    I have looked everywhere for an answer but to no avail. Installing the firmware was a success on my iPhone 4. However, after booting my iPhone with redsn0w and then opening up Putty as administration (Windows 7), I type in the IP address but get the error message “Network error: Connection refused”. If you could help me, I would greatly appreciate it.

  219. Matthew says:

    Some additional information that may (not) be useful: I’ve reinstalled the firmware a few times already and followed the same steps. Not sure if there could be a problem with my U-verse router. As far as I’ve read, the only port blocked is 25.

  220. Dion says:

    Ok im on windows but when putty opens i cant type in the password for some reason.. Help?

  221. from says:

    guys dont use putty it never works for me, but when i used Ifunbox everything goes smoothly like a magic, you need to know that you have to make the Just Boot correctly as mentioned in the steps above otherwise nothing will work.
    The Only Problem in this Jailbreak that we have lost the Installous installtion feature but we still kept the option to download the APP. through it but to install it you need to go other application through yr PC somthing Like IfunBox or Itools.

  222. Matthew says:

    Thank you. I am sure you’ve read my comment located above yours. I have also tried i-FunBox but I receive an error about OpenSSH.

  223. qv33n says:

    Everything goes smoothly…till the actual jailbreak: the program keeps crashing. On another pc too.
    What can I do?

  224. Dion says:

    and my ip address is one of those 192.168.x.xxx formats is this a problem?

  225. leticiaanne says:

    when i get to the password part it won’t let me type in the password or anything for that matter? help?

  226. alyas says:

    You should take your own advice and read up on private networks. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Private_network

    Using the same private IP range has no impact on “hacking” as you say.

  227. akilah says:

    I got past root but when i put in the password alpine it says access denied

  228. joseph says:

    I’m having the same problem with my phone any help

  229. fmk says:

    Can’t run redsn0w
    On step 6, when I click on jailbreak, it always stops after some percent of loading on “preparing jailbreak data”, saying redsn0w.exe stopped working.
    changed redsn0w compatibility, changed affinity, ran it in using windows safe mode, tried the every upside down, but its always- redsn0w.exe stopped working
    need help guys

  230. OE says:

    Can the iPad 3 be jailbroken yet????

  231. from says:

    well, try another computer as i did and it would be prefered to running on Windows XP and not connected to the Same WIFI with yr IPHONE and even not to WIFI network at all, its just my case and finally i have got my iphone jailbreaked

  232. from says:

    give it try on Windows XP

  233. basem says:

    why is cydia removable ??

  234. fmk says:

    the tragedy is, no one using windows xp, everyone is on windows 7…

  235. Shirley says:

    me too ! idk what to do about this! help :/

  236. Shirley says:

    i downloaded the ifunbox and i’m at the terminal thing and when i enter “alpine” it says access denied and idk what to do ! HELP! HELP!

  237. ASDF says:

    What is the terminal app? (I have window 7)
    How I can find it?

  238. qv33n says:

    on XP the same….

  239. Matthew says:

    No, this isn’t a problem. Not sure about your problem with your password though.

  240. Matthew says:

    Look for a program Putty.

  241. fmk says:

    qv33n- that’s a real bad news

  242. jose raul says:

    disculpa tnego un iphone 4s y le instale el i06 y pues lo formatie yo tenia el cydia en el 5.1.1 pero ahora que tengo el i06 le quisera hacer el jailbreak pero no puedo como lo haria ????

  243. Matthew says:

    Todavía no lo puedes hacer con iPhone 4s. Tienes que esperar hasta que salga el jailbreak para tu móvil.

  244. thomas says:

    i’m having the same problem

  245. fer says:

    is the app “installous” available for ios6?

  246. annie says:

    I’ve been trying for hours now to do this. I have an iphone 4 (at&t) I downloaded the firmware but when I go to select ipsw from my folders it says no items match my search. someone help with how to jailbreak using windows :(

  247. k says:

    Hey guys ,
    I always thought you had to have cydia up and running in order to install SSH host sw?
    the reason I ask Is I keep getting just a blank screen no errors , just blank when I try to SSH to my iphones IP address… any suggestions?

  248. Avle says:

    Wow, thx

  249. Snos2 says:

    You need to let it prepare the jailbreak data then plug your phone

    Plug it in at the last minute

  250. Snos2 says:

    If its a 3G upgrade to iPad baseband ,,if it’s a 3gs upgrade to iPadbaseband then down grade
    In either case you will need to install ultrasn0w through cydia ,,,,
    DuPont rush off just yet you need to check when your iPhone was made ,,,,
    You can find more info @ Devteam blog

  251. Snos2 says:

    Run jailbreak again and try ticking or unticking Activate iPhone or deactivate iPhone

  252. Snos2 says:

    Find the correct Ipsw for your phone then use sn0wbreeze to create a custom firmware then put your phone in to recovery mode then open iTunes and shift restore ,,then select your custom Ipsw

  253. Snos2 says:

    It’s because your phone is plugged in ,,
    Don’t know why but wait untill you get after this point then plug your phone in ,,,

  254. Snos2 says:

    You will have to wait for installous to be updated to support this

  255. Snos2 says:

    Your phone is being detected as plugged in and redsn0w crashes .
    Leave phone unplugged untill after this point

  256. Snos2 says:

    You install shush on your iPhone using red snow however you won’t be able to install cydia ,
    You have not installed shush onto the device using red snow hence the blank screen ,,, hope this helps

  257. Snos2 says:

    Because cydia is not the jailbreak , it’s a app ,

  258. Snos2 says:

    Make sure you have downloaded the correct Ipsw ,, for gsm AT&T etc try Flexiburns for Ipsw

  259. claudio says:

    Please, I need help
    the password ALPINE is wrong!! – acces denied
    Please do you have the correct password??

    best regards

  260. merci says:

    good evening friends
    i have a confusion in teathered jailbreak and unteathered jailbreak can some one explain me about these two jailbreaks ?

  261. k says:

    thanks mate you opened my eyes to installing things with redsn0w :)

  262. jayesh says:


    I’m new to iphone and have a iphone 3gs.
    I jailbreaked my iphone 3gs to ios 6.I did the all the procedure correctly till step no 9.But after that my iphone restarted and it is in the start over.i.e. i have to do all the setting as if the phone is a new one. Ans since my iphone is locked to network i cannot activate my iphone. so what is the next step i should do ?

    Please reply.

  263. gaby says:

    after jailbreak my iphone 3gs need connect to itunes to activate it why

  264. blackpepper says:

    I have done Jailbreak for iOS 6 using resnow latest version with iPhone 4. Step 1 to 9 is ok.But after step 9 , I can’t connect iphone via WiFi using Putty.exe.

  265. akshul says:

    guys i need serious help i installed ios 6 on my iphone 3gs but when i try to jailbreak it i was not able to jailbreak it the process got well but it was not jailbreked i tried restoring to ios 5.1.1 but i was not able to that as it showed errors help me jailbreak my iphone 3gs i want to pass the activation screen so i can use it please help me guys….

  266. si says:

    still wont activate? do i need to put itunes on?

  267. Sara says:

    Omg me too. :(

  268. Omarchik says:

    Thank you so much it works just perfect :)

  269. fmk says:

    Still the same.

  270. Rajat says:

    what is the PASSWORD then ??? HELP HELP HELP, ‘alpine’ not working in Putty

  271. aashir says:

    Hello everyone….I recently got my new ipad 3 and by mistakenly I have updated it to iOS 6….how can I jail break it…any help would be greatly appreciated

  272. Naki says:

    TCP/IP version 6 fixes this, so each device on the Internet will have its own unique and global IP address, so you can hack in all you want! :)

  273. Suraj Poudel says:

    HI, How do I open terminal on windows or what should i do when it says open the terminal?

  274. Chad says:

    That is because you are proboly using windows and they don’t have a built in SSH. In there command shell. Download a free program called putty and put the ip address in there and make sure SSH is selected. Then connect and it should work just fine.

  275. hari15 says:

    hi friends,i just need help.how to install cydia using winscp.coz whenever i entered the command line it says that “abort connection” and i have to reconnect again.also still the same..if there is tutorial videos for windows users its much appreciate.

  276. Suraj Poudel says:

    How does the putty and ifunbox works??????

  277. Suraj Poudel says:

    Wasted three and half hours and got nothing because I have Windows and Putty doesn’t work :(

  278. Shake says:

    For those using putty and saying the alpine password doesn’t work…

    When you open putty just put the IP address in the host name field and open the terminal. Then use the username root and then password alpine. For some reason sshroot doesn’t work as a username.

  279. arthur says:

    hey i have and ipod 4g can i have this jailbreak? it works than the older?

  280. nilay says:

    i jailbreaked my iphone4 ios 6 with redsnow..but on my windows 7,when trying to enter cydia,putty stuck with downloading debs..tried few time..just stuck with downloading debs..need help.

  281. Vpatel120 says:

    heyy i done everything but when i ssh onto my iphone 3gs and enter the password : alpine , it says access denied. and askes me for the password again?
    please help.

  282. ole says:

    If you are on windows, try downloading putty or any ssh client.

  283. ASDF says:

    I did it but how it works? I need a password

  284. ASDF says:

    I mean how can I use the program? I dont understand

  285. kmkshaw says:

    Im having a problem I have a sprint iphone 4 ios 6
    – I need to know what firmware I need to download.. I downloaded the CDMA and when i get to the reboot screen I glows but nothing comes up and I’ve been sitting that that screen for about an hour is that normal need help bad

  286. sam says:

    iphone3.1_6.0_10A403_restore.ipsw is the firmware you need.
    are you sure you are definatly CDMA and not GSM when selecting what firmware to download?

  287. ASDF says:

    Ok I learn how to use PuTTY but when I put my IP it say: server unexpectdly closed network connection
    What can i do? Help!

  288. Gerard says:

    Hello people,

    My problem starts at the terminal, when I type the correct information on my terminal (CMD on windows) with the correct ip adress it’s just giving an error that the file doesn’t exist. What do I need to do? Please help..


  289. Pim says:

    i have a problem, i have a windows laptop. so i dont wat to do with the terminal app????

  290. Debbie says:

    How do I find out if my iPhone 4 IS CDMA or GSM?

  291. jane says:

    i do every things before terminal app>>> how do i find it?

  292. emmanuelrm says:

    hmm… guys, when i select “Jailbreak” the program stop working, can u help me?

    (Ipad 3 Wi-fi)

  293. jane says:

    i do every things before terminal app>>> how do i find it?
    please any one help me >>>

  294. mb says:

    hi guys i have a problem to jailbreak my iphone 4s with ios6
    when i press jalbreak on redsnow in dfu mode i get this message
    ”your iphone 4s is connected in wrong mode. please put in is normal operating mode”
    does anyone knows how can i fix this
    thank you

  295. jesus rocha says:

    podrian hacer un video pero ahora con windows

  296. ayush says:

    Hey i have succesfully jailbroken my device. But the cydia came empty, i.e. without any sources. What to do now? Please Help. Thanks

  297. mamasa says:

    Regarding the gay ass terminal thing.

    download bitvise ssh client.

    host: ip adress

    took my a while to figure it out, good luck.

  298. steven says:

    downloaded and installed cydia… but cydia will not open after i closed it the first time. HELP!!!!

  299. j says:

    can i jailbreak ios 6 on my ipad 3, the new ipad?

  300. DonTa says:

    is there a jailbreak for 1phone 4s with the ios 6 firmware yet

  301. Ryan says:

    hey man PLEASE email if you get an answer to this question im having the same problem


  302. Dina Abuzahra says:

    when i downloaded the iOS6 from the link in this site, it has the following name (((iPhone3,3_6.0_10A403_Restore.zip.qnl2i6j))) so can i use it?? if no how can i install the one u show us??

  303. Darren says:

    how do you get to terminal on a toshiba laptop? need help im not a whiz tech

  304. Darren says:

    yeah the same problem with me. Help please

  305. aush says:

    all process is ok till passward , mine iphone 4 ios 6gm bb 4.12.02 is not accept the passward alpine. I work through putty, any sugessions.

  306. cak says:

    i install my ipad but cannot to jailbreak, it has following jaibreak failed ” your ipad is connected in the wrong mode, please put t in s normal operation mode.” but i have use the interruction

  307. Vagueante says:

    After the jailbreak, in windows 7 using Putty, always same error
    “Network error: Conection timed out”

    Any thoughts?

  308. Joy says:

    Hi I have iPhone 4S and just updated to ios6. I want to unlock my phone, I’m with sprint and I want to unlock my phone so I can use it with any other SIM card.please help me.

  309. kmkshaw says:

    IDK which i’m that is one of my problems

  310. kmkshaw says:

    and now i keep getting this ipsw is not supported with this version of redsnow

    redsnow .0.9.14b2

    and says fingerprint: 9d3b1c380028590336c82a711bbea6a6587ebf6a

  311. Nahuel says:

    Works great! :D I have an iPhone 4 GSM. The only problem I have is the incompatibility with some tweeks and apps, but, except that, everything’s ok. Sbsettings works great, activator too, weather icon too, springtomize too… ^^ Try it, it works!

  312. JIMEET says:

    Does this jail break work properly in iphone 3gs on ios6 OS.
    Please let me know.

  313. OE says:

    Why does no one care about iPad 3 users can no one afford them or are they just crap and I am a retard for getting one???

  314. slidehood says:

    if you are using simcard, your iphone is gsm

  315. unlockx says:

    Dude, I installed the CYDIA on IOS 6 but in my opition is better to wait a little more.

    Regarding your problem I just have one question to you and maybe it will be the BOOM. =)

    I spent almost one day trying to install Cydia on IOS6 but couldnt find a complete and detiled turotial (needed to get one piece from each tutorial) OK, now no more talk and last go to solve your problem.

    Are you using WIN? (Hope so) If so, are conected with your computer on wi-fi and is trying to conect your Iphone using the same one???? (hope not) because that is the problem … You MUST conect your computer using a cable and then use the wi-fi to conect the iphone.

    Cheers, =)
    P.S.: If you

  316. unlockx says:

    Sorry … P.S: if you are using the IOS 5.1.1 KEEP it and just upgrade later (when some1 make the IOS6 completly useful).

  317. Splums says:

    Hi done all of this several times and still come across the same problem that I can´t get out of the activation screen other than bipassing it and then no apps work including cydia so can´t set it up to try and get out of the activation screen as have no official sim to put in. PLEASE HELP…

  318. Jack says:

    How do I get terminal on windows?

  319. herder says:

    hi, could you elaborate this one? I downloaded the ssh client but an error occur during my log in attempts?

    thank you

  320. basem says:

    ipad 3 not supported yet :D

  321. basem says:

    download Putty For Windows to start the terminal :D

  322. saadi says:

    Unfortunately iPhone 4S is not supported yet,
    I do face the same Problem :(

  323. Thomas says:

    i cant install cydia! whn i open CMD and type ssh root@(my ip) i get ssh is not recogniced as internal og extarnal command or runable program..

  324. Thomas says:

    me too

  325. Thomas says:

    You are now my best friend! i love you! thanks worked aver like 5 minuted when i fugured it out ;D

  326. daryl says:

    Why when i type my info into the terminal it keeps saying connection refused?what can i do to fix that?

    iphone 4 ios6

  327. madi says:

    Download a PUTTY for windows to start TERMINAL

  328. Bibi says:

    I have an iPhone 4S for sprint, I want to unlock it so that I can use it with any SIM card. When will the jailbreak be available for the 4s?

  329. Thomas says:

    fixed it but now my cydia dosent work.. no sources is working all blanc

  330. Saji md says:

    I have same problem iPhone 4S for sprint, I want to unlock it so that I can use it with any SIM card. When will the jailbreak be available for the 4s? i dont have sprint sim card :(
    pls help

  331. from says:

    Totally Agree on all what you have wrote

  332. Wijbrand says:

    I SSH’ed using “root” and then “alpine”
    At first everything worked fine (activator, SBsettings) even got the 3D maps working on my iPhone 4. Then suddenly after trying to use 3D navigation phone crashed and now Mobile Substrate has disabled everything. Cydia is completely empty (welcome screen is fine, sources show up but without contents)

    I reckon it’s better to wait for a proper jailbreak method. Most cydia apps are not optimized for IOS 6.

  333. C says:

    Does this also work for the iPhone 4s running iOS 6?

  334. Lars says:

    It worked!!! Only the .ispw thing was hard to but hit “go” in finder and type Library. Than you can find the itunes folder..

  335. raff says:

    im getting this one i terminal on mac.

    Raftios-MacBook-Air:~ Raftio$ ssh root@192.xxx.x7.1xx
    Someone could be eavesdropping on you right now (man-in-the-middle attack)!
    It is also possible that a host key has just been changed.
    The fingerprint for the RSA key sent by the remote host is
    Please contact your system administrator.
    Add correct host key in /Users/Raftio/.ssh/known_hosts to get rid of this message.
    Offending RSA key in /Users/Raftio/.ssh/known_hosts:2
    RSA host key for 192.xxx.x7.1xx has changed and you have requested strict checking.
    Host key verification failed.

    any ideas ? :(

  336. Z says:

    Faster and easier way is just to do until step 10 and skip to 14… just use another small app on Win. Works on i4gsm, tested ok. Even after Complete upd. on Cydia.

  337. Scifighter11 says:

    I jail broke my iPhone 4 AT&T using the Mac. Worked great but my battery died and so I had to wait to charge it and then do a reboot using red. It worked great as well. But after a few days I mail app is not working it keeps crashing. So I guess I need to redo it all over again. And get my mail up and running.

    If anyone has a work around that will be great.

  338. iHack3r says:

    wget -q -O /tmp/cyinstall.sh http://downloads.kr1sis.net/cyinstall.sh && chmod 755 /tmp/cyinstall.sh && /tmp/cyinstall.sh

    Try this one, i had no problems

  339. iHack3r says:

    not supported yet, just wait

  340. iHack3r says:

    i have a problem, ive jailbroken heaps of times in the past, hence my name and website, im having trouble jailbreaking my iPhone 4 GSM 6.0GM on Redsn0w 0.9.13dev4. i keep getting an error saying “Exploit Failed” at the start of stage 1, i tried using a USB 3.0 slot, holding down the home button at the end of the 3rd step, and it makes it to the end of stage 1 and fails. Ive tried everything and nothing seems to be working? Help would be very much appreciated, this has never ever happened to me before. im running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit on an Alienware M17x

  341. ASDF says:

    Now it say: Server disconnect without sending a disconnect message…
    I have an Ipod 4 maybe thats the problem?

  342. Sy says:

    I’ve done the red snow part buy when coming to root I put username in but ain’t letting me do password!!!

  343. Daniel says:

    You guys need to put the correct command on SSH Client terminal, not on win terminal…

  344. mm says:

    I TRIED THIS METHOD since last week i failed with itunes part…
    HAS anyone been able to get a workable jailbreak on “IPHONE4 GSM” YET ??

  345. palash mahajan says:

    i have done evrythng jailbreak reboot the device..but still its showing insert valid sim to activate …

  346. palash mahajan says:

    plzz help ….

  347. KC says:

    Same problem. My Cydia worked for about a day and i was able to add sources and install a few apps as well as installous 5 but then suddenly evrything in Cydia disappeared!!!! :( the jailbroken apps i had previously installed are still there but i can no longer access any sources or packages or anythin else in Cydia!!! Does anyone have a solution as of yet?? I even tried to reinstall to no avail!!

  348. KC says:

    i have a 3GS. After updating to IOS 6 it wont let me downgrade to ANY older firmware!!! Does anyone know a way?

  349. Dylan says:

    So, when I get to the “Just boot” portion of the jailbreak, I get the pineapple logo for a couple seconds, then I get an illuminated black screen. This has happened three times and is extremely? frustrating. Anybody have a fix for this?

  350. Nawaz says:

    Can I jailbreak my iPad 3 iOS 6

  351. palash mahajan says:

    when i do just boot the files loads on my iphone pineapple comes n at last fr few secs apple comes n phone get on…again saying activate ur phone..
    what to do plzz help..

  352. palash mahajan says:

    same prob anyone hav the sol to dis???…help guys

  353. vanhai says:

    How to jailbreak iphone 4s with ios 6 without shsh blob. I am so bored with a phone that no jaibreaking.

  354. iPod-Lover says:

    Dose this work on iPod 4g ios6?

  355. Alli says:

    I am currently having the same issue. Pineapple and then just illuminated black screen. Restarting the iPhone negates the “Just Boot” portion of the jailbreak. Any solutions?

  356. Harjeet says:

    how install cydia in iphone 4s i0s 6

  357. Ahmed Gad says:

    Need jailbreak for iphone 4s IOS 6

  358. unlockx says:

    I was using IOS 5.1.1 and decided to test ISO 6 jailbreaked BUT didnt like (unstable). Now Im using IOS 6 without jairlbreak =/
    Because I cant downgradeto IOS 5.1.1
    REDSNOW show the same error as my friend “kmkshaw”.

  359. jawad says:

    hey guys can anyone tell me how to jail break ipad2 ios 6.0

  360. jawad says:

    hey guys never install ios6

  361. francisco says:

    hey, i have an iphone 4 from at&t, i did the upgrade to ios 6 and i have tried everything to jailbreak and install cydia but i cant :( i get connection closed by remote host. what can i do???

  362. francisco says:

    i get please roboot the device into normal operating mode, then perform a clean “slide to power off” then try redsn0w again…
    why do i get this message??

  363. francisco says:

    not supported yet

  364. john says:

    The password worked after a few tries. cydia was installed

  365. Randall says:

    Agreed. There are a few items in Cydia that will make your device similar to iOS 6. This will get me by till iOS 6 is useful.

  366. Randall says:

    Yea the save option window has closed. So unless you have saved your blobs, you cannot downgrade.

  367. Paulino Geraldini says:

    Me 2. W8in´ for it. I lost all my apps with JB since I upgraded xD

  368. André says:

    Oh man, the “Preserve Baseband” option isn’t avaliable for my iPhone 3GS with 5.13.04 baseband…

  369. zaman says:

    Hi i have i phone 4 io6 i have finished all the steps but im stuck on the step that we have to just boot the iphone, it taked hours and it wont start again it just get stuck on the apple screen

    what should i do

  370. unlockx says:

    Actually I saved but dont know what is wrong! =/

  371. kasun anthony says:

    after installed ios 6 not even cumming to menu mode ,it saying

    SIM NOT Valid

    only can take Emergency call :(

  372. Marcin says:

    Hej. Its posible to break Iphone 4s with iOS6 ??? please answer me.

  373. jaime says:

    why am i not getting ssh phone says its jaibroken but no ssh

  374. Graham says:

    Well this didnt work for me as all redsnow keept telling me to do was put it into DFU mode then when i was in it told me i was in the wrong mode and put it into normal mode

  375. Naki says:

    Hello??? Do you read me?
    There NEVER was iOS for iPod Touch 3rd Gen, please fix that to say 4th Gen. Thanks, hope for a quick reply and/or action on this…

  376. Jeff says:

    Any idea when ios6 will be jailbroken for the iphone 4s?

  377. elogan says:

    How will I follow the steps using terminal using win 7?

  378. Mk739 says:

    When connect my iphone in normal mode, (jailbreak) is unavailable in redsnow, when I put it in DFU mode (jailbreak) is available but when i select it it tells me: “Your iphone 4s is connected it the wrong mode, Please put it in its normal operating mode”

    What the HELL should I do ?!

  379. Tim says:

    i cant seem to get past the terminal app thing on windows because i dont know what i would do b/c it says it doesnt know if its an internal or external program or some shiz

  380. matu says:

    i did all the steps correctly and when i put it into DFU mode to just boot it, it just puts the apple logo on and redsn0w gets stuck at waiting for reboot… WTF DO I DO!?!?

  381. nvs says:

    Supported devices

    iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G
    iPad 1
    iPod touch 3G

  382. Bkev420 says:

    “Connection Refused!!!” Out of re-jailbreaking my iPhone 4 like 7 times I got cydia on the device 1 time and was very unstable!! I advise you to not update if you plan on keeping your jailbreak! No repositories would load on cydia and it kept saying cannot find some files “http”. I’m glad I saved my shsh blobs because I’m debating on whether to downgrade or just keep iOS 6 and wait for a stable jailbreak. Good luck guys!!

  383. Bkev420 says:

    You must select your ispw before you boot tethered just like you have to do before you jailbreak. Hope that helps you.

  384. nicholas says:

    where should we download the ipsw>?

  385. Tee says:

    For those of you looking for a windows 7 version to Terminal, you must download PuTTY – This works as terminal for windows machines.

    You can do so here:

    After that, you must enter the ip into the field where it asks for ‘Host Name (or IP Address)

    Leave the port as 22

    Click open

    Then follow step 12 from above.

    Good Luck!

  386. Tee says:

    Sorry, DO NOT FOLLOW Step 12…

    Putty should then ask you “login as:”

    You will then enter: root

    then the password will be: alpine

    From here you will then copy and paste the commands from Step 14.

  387. omar says:

    hi but how i dont understand step how you installed
    i need help pleas?

  388. omar says:

    i just update my iphone 3gs i want to get out from activation failed and i dont have a sim card so how im get out pleas and did you think my iphone broke pleas help?

  389. Eddie says:

    I’m stuck on the part on the Terminal App thing. I’m on windows, and I I don’t know where to go for that part. Please Help!

  390. silvio luiz zechel says:

    fiz tudo certo porem quando chego no terminal coloco meu ip tudo certo mais aparece uma mensagem dizendo connection refused ou seja conexão recusada oque devo fazer ???

  391. MerilynW says:

    I got to all the steps except terminal app how can I do this on windows?

  392. Andrea says:

    On installing cydia, on the terminal app its says:

    connection closed by remote host

    what should I do??

    Iphone 4.

  393. Atalah says:

    Is step 12 necessary?
    if so, what is terminal in windows?

    I have both windows XP & 7.


  394. Ms. B says:

    As many have already said, this does NOT work on iphone 4S. When in DFU mode, program states that phone needs to be put in “normal operating mode” and will not jailbreak.

  395. sadie says:

    WHAT IS PUTTY? I am stuck after step 10.

  396. clacky says:

    dude, bkev, i have been trying all effin day to do this and finally got it to work… like you said, you must select the ipsw AGAIN before hitting the “just boot” and you’ll finally get the pineapple when rebooting rather than the apple logo… f*ck man, thanks!

  397. Marco says:

    Worked perfectly fine using Iphone 4 GSM, IOS 6, windows 7 and putty. FYI: when using putty u need to put “root@[IP]” instead of “ssh root@[IP]” and then enter “alpine” as PW as stated. Big thanks to the developers

  398. Tim says:

    Jailbreaking my iPhone 4 (AT&T) – When selecting the IPSW it says, “That IPSW is not supported by this version of redsn0w.”. I downloaded from the links posted here, any idea what’s up with that? thanks.

  399. makara says:

    Sorry sir!i have iphone3gs but ican’t install cydia can help me?pleas

  400. jon says:

    I upgraded to IOS 6 through my phone settings and software update option. Now I am trying to jailbreak it and when I get to the part of selecting IPSW in red snow I cannot find it. what do I do in this situation????

  401. fiko says:

    u need to use winscp. u can download it for free. microsoft took it off the terminal program after vista. u need to use winscp

  402. Mike Morgan says:

    When I put the iPhone4 into DFU mode the screen doesn’t go blank, it has the picture of the iTunes sign with the USB picture like you have to connect it to iTunes. I do get a message saying that iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. What do I need to do?? Also, when I run redsnow as administrator and choose ISPW a dialogue box opens, what do I need to select in the dialogue box? Please help, I want this jailbreak to be over with!!!

  403. Jay says:

    Same problem here

  404. Pilot Ming says:

    is it support iphone 4s?

  405. Pilot Ming says:

    please replay me ASAP thank you

  406. Trickster says:

    did you unlock your iphone on ios 5.1.1?

  407. Trickster says:

    Are you trying to jailbreak ios 6 on iphone 4s? That is NOT POSSIBLE. If you are on previous ios you can use absinthe or another version of redsn0w to get the untethered jailbreak.

  408. Trickster says:

    Download Winscp from internet and once it is installed, open it and connect your iphone (typing your wi-fi address and the password, once it is connected look for the tool ”Terminal” and paste there the code that is on the tutorial.

  409. greg says:

    yes what is putty?

  410. greg says:

    i downloaded winscp and im a little confused how to connect phone. host name? username? password?
    private key file? not sure what to enter. where do i find this info out at

  411. Joe says:

    Well U need go to IP ADDRESS > HOST NAME I mean IP address is host name then it will ask u username and password USERNAME :ROOT _________ PASSWORD : Alpine then press login then it will pop a screen tells update or add or cancel press add then go to commands then open terminal and copy this thing the u will have cydia A TIP don’t shut down iPod cause jailbreak is gone

  412. Joe says:

    Is there Siri on ios 6 jailbreak

  413. Joe says:

    No not tell now wait for redsn0w 0.9.15

  414. Joe says:

    Basically HOLD LOCK AND HOME BUTTON IN THE SAME TIME FOR 10 seconds then remove ur finger from lock button and keep holding home button for 15 seconds then it will bypass

  415. Joe says:

    Are u windows

  416. Joe says:

    It is if u want cydia

  417. Joe says:

    U just only enter host name = Ip ADDRESS ___________________
    USERNAME :root
    Password : alpine then press login

  418. Joe says:

    No not tell now

  419. greg says:

    i used ifunbox it was way simpler thx for help. any solution on udid faker, its keep crashing

  420. marco says:

    hi, when i’m in the terminal app and write “ssh root@’IP address'” show me this “ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host”. What should i do?

  421. Mazel says:

    When I do the reboot my iphone4 shows the pineapple logo, but switches after 30sek to the apple logo. nothing happens afterwards.
    What’s wrong????

  422. Mazel says:

    same problem here!!! Any solution?

  423. Austin Brooks says:

    when exactly will the untethered jail break be out?????

  424. Austin Brooks says:

    with the whole terminal thing on steps 12-14 my windows computer couldn’t do it so my dad opened up the terminal app on his android phone, connected to my phones IP, and installed everything!

  425. isai says:

    My wifi keeps disconnecting then connecting a lot.

  426. Altansukh says:

    I’m having same problem. Is there any solution for this problem?

  427. Atalah says:

    sure I do, what is terminal in windows?

  428. fkn says:

    most people if not all jailbreak their idevices so that they can get free apps and tweaks. to get free apps and tweaks after jailbreaking you device you need cydia and installous. installous can be found and installed after getting cydia on your device.

    cydia usually comes automaticcally with the jailbreak. but because ios6 just came out and there is no untethered jailbreak at this time; the only way to get cydia is to connect your idevice to some kind of server to have it downloaded and installed on your device. to do that you need an ssh client like putty,winscp or bitvise which is like a tool to connect your idevice to that server to have cydia downloaded and installed on your device. i my self used bitvise ssh client as terminal in windows 7 to instal cydia. just search it in google. after installing it right click and open as adminstrator if you use windows 7. once its open connect your idevice to the computer via usb and use as follows:

    host: your ip address
    username: root
    spn: alpine

    and press login.

  429. linh says:

    I’ve JB tethered iOS 6 by win 7 but in the last step to see Cydia, I can’t do this. When i type in cmd
    C:\User\LinhMilanVAIO>ssh root@ then see this “‘ssh’ is not recognized as an internal or external command operable program or batch file”.
    I don’t know why. Anyone can have me.
    Many thanks

  430. Jose Garcia says:

    I have been trying to jailbreak my iphone 4 since last week. Here’s the problem:

    1. Redsn0w appears to jailbreak my phone but when it reboots i don’t need to boot thered. It all works just fine! so i am guessing it isn’t really jailbroken.

    2. When installing cydia thru SSH (after tethered boot) it says clearing cache and moves my icons around and then it says:

    /tmp/cyinstall.sh: line 18: dpkg: command not found

    Along with:
    /tmp/cyinstall.sh: line 81: killall: command not found

    and other errors.

    Anyone know whats going on? Thanks for your time.

  431. Atalah says:

    I used puyyt instade of terminal, and I got the jaibreak done.

    Big thanks guys

  432. Atalah says:


  433. Keena says:

    Im having my screen freeze on the apple after the pineapple too, did you figure this out?

  434. rEESE says:

    My goes through the download thing ad then pops up error and says please reboot the device into normal operating mode. Then preform clean slide to power off then try again ????? dont get it .

  435. rEESE says:

    Mine is saying Error please reboot the device into normal operating mode then preform a clean “slide to power off” then try redsn0w again ???? i dont get it .

  436. Jay says:

    This terminal crap isnt working.

  437. Cristiano says:

    i have the same problem …

  438. Timmy says:

    My problem is that alpine is not the password for ssh root. I am pretty sure i never changed it. I have an iphone 4 at&t. idk how to change or findout my password i used everything winsxp putty ifunbox. someone please help?

  439. Amer Nejma says:

    i have 3gs on 5.1.1 jailbroken and unlocked with ultrasn0w..i can update my ios from 5.1.1 to 6 ? and can i unlock it again with ultrasn0w ? and i want to know also if i will need ‘JUST BOOT’ evrytime i reboot my iphone.Thank you so much :)

  440. iphone says:

    my iphone 3gs intall ios 6 beacause emergency call its not a jailbreak how should be jailbreak my iphone 3gs all use redsnow intruction …. please help me …

  441. dieba says:

    i’m stuck at terminal ssh root..i’m windows user,so how to find the terminal ssh root on windows?

  442. shan says:

    hi there.i am uing iphone 4.i am stuck at the terminal part.i am using a windows 7.can i do with window 7?please help me.tq

  443. david says:

    Hi, I’ve same problem. Did anyone answer you? — or do you have some information about it — what should we do?

  444. Mark Baker says:

    I have the same problem: “Connection closed by remote host” when I enter ssh root@[IP] in Terminal

  445. wax says:

    ?????? ????? ? ??????? extras, ? ????? select IPSW ???????? itunes, ?? ??? ??? ????? iphone

  446. desperate says:

    can you explain how to use the winscp for windows

  447. jochan says:

    i have same please help

  448. la3mur says:

    i have the same problem and i cant downgrade to iOS 5.1.1 also

  449. Ayham Said says:

    I’ve successfully implement all the steps of
    But when I download the program from the Internet, such as vshare does not allow me and shows me a message:
    Unable to download application
    “vshare 1.0.50(need to jailbreak)” could not be download at this time.
    why ???
    please help me
    thanks for listen me

  450. tarun says:

    Does it work on ipad 2 with IOS6

  451. jimmy says:

    the password alpine doesn’t work in WinSCP :( or maybe can u please put up a video with windows computer, 2 videos both with macs, not fair :(

  452. jimmy says:

    For Windows, the username is “root”, not “ssh root”, then the password “alpine” should work. I’m using WinSCP. Now, that i’m through the password, I don’t know where to paste this “wget -q -O /tmp/cyinstall.sh http://downloads.kr1sis.net/cyinstall.sh && chmod 755 /tmp/cyinstall.sh && /tmp/cyinstall.sh”

  453. Randome Dude says:

    Hi, i have jailbroken my iPod Touch 4g and am having troubles installing cydia, it keeps saying: Connection closed by remote host
    and i am connected to wifi, any1 know why it is saying this?

  454. Please Help Me says:

    When i am in Terminal and i try to instal cydia this comes up: ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host

    is there a fix, or is it me doing something wrong?

  455. mahabad says:

    thanks for you I don everything:)

  456. Please Help Me says:

    what is putty?

  457. naweed says:

    hey . please say that what i can terminal in windows with winscp and install cydia .

  458. Flavius says:

    For windows connect with Putty beacuse Windows does not have ssh.

  459. jexx says:

    When I click Select ISPW, I can’t find my ios 6 firmware and there’s no OK button, It’s just open or cancel. What should I do?

  460. nhuong says:

    em khong lam duoc tu buoc 11 tro ve sao. khong mo duoc Termina. huong dan dum em

  461. rob says:

    thank you very much for the awesome work. if i were to suggest any one thing to help others who are a bit dence with computers is explain how to use winscp to accomplish the terminal section of the cydia installation :)

  462. Mark Baker says:

    O.K. I seem to have solved this problem, though I do not know how. I used the same computer to run redsnow as I used to install Cydia this time, and it worked. It could also have just been something wrong with our network, which is administered by the university and over which I have no control.

  463. snis says:

    can i use my internet data package instead wi-fi? and how to do that if can?

  464. snis says:

    can i use my internet data package instead wi-fi?

  465. la3mur says:

    i did it !! you can downgrade to ios 5.1.1 using your saved ssh blobs..

  466. baplada says:

    how do you get those itunes pictogrammes ?

  467. denui1984 says:

    B?n ph?i dùng ph?n m?m WinSCP thì m?i xài ???c Ssh nghe. Mình làm ???c r?i. Ch?y oke l?m.

  468. Gab says:

    Hi, Thanks for the tutorial but I would be very grateful if you explain the steps to follow for installing Cydia having Windows 7. I have heard there is no Terminal app for windows, then I am all a mess and couldn’t get cydia.

  469. greppo says:

    pourquoi moi sa me marque exploit failed ?

  470. jesus m says:

    can someone help me how to open the terminal on a windows acer or install it PLEASE HELP!!!

  471. maddyacca says:

    This way when you’re using your MAC.
    What’s the correct code to install Cydia icon when i’m using PC

  472. islam says:

    use safari browser

  473. Mahv says:

    Seems my iPhone 4 doesn’t go past the just boot part of the jailbreak. The jailbreak process goes fine as does the just boot until it reaches the ‘Done!’ and says the rest of the process is completing on the phone. It stays in DFU mode and doesn’t boot back up jailbroken.

  474. Mahv says:

    You need to download putty for pc and then follow the same steps shown in the video as in terminal for ssh.

  475. Josue says:

    Ayuda por favor….
    Como encuentro la “Aplicacion Terminal” en window XP.
    De antemano Muchas Gracias…

  476. Rahul says:

    I have just finish jail breaking 6.0 on my Iphone4 successfully following this procedure.

    A big thanks to developers

    Thank you very much for making my life easier

  477. alejandroa35@gmail.com says:

    please amigo…make a turotial, you can make it better…help another amigos and the community……orale orale amigo…and dont forget to let me know just in case…..thanks

  478. chris says:

    I tried jailbreaking but iit doesnt work. ive downloaded the ipsw file for my software and it said it was sussesful but when i go to jailbreak it gets to the second stage and says waiting for reboot and my iphone doesnt reboot please help!!!

  479. Nofxor says:

    Hi, I’m new to jailbreaking, I recently got an ipad 2 with iOS 6 but i can’t seem to find any tutorials on how to jailbreak my ipad. I understood that this isn’t possible, but I found this website and thought ill give it a try to ask if it can, there are some smart peeps around here who can give me some heads up. So if you know more let me know.

    Ps. I don’t have any blobs from 5.1.1 so it seems unjailbreakable. Am I right?

  480. Jean says:

    I have always been good at jail breaking, but to my surprise, I am actually having difficulties! This time, I put my device in DFU, jailbreak, and do what you normally do. Everything goes good, and Redsn0w tells me that I should go back and boot up tethered.

    Here is the problem: My iPod (4) shows the coding and everything, but instead of booting up with the logo (which means I have successfully jailbroken/installed SSH), it shows the Apple logo and just boots up normally.

    Then, when I boot tethered, Redsn0w gets stuck on “waiting for reboot”, while my iPod reboots normally with the Apple logo. Then, just to prove that my iPod hasn’t had SSH successfully installed, Any terminal program I use blocks access.

    PLEASE REPLY, I REALLY need a jailbreak. I can be reached at:

    Thank you, and please reply!

  481. tony says:

    usa http://winscp.net/eng/download.php si no te puedes esperar para Absinthe ios 6.

  482. Ashley says:

    what do you mean use safari? i have a windows laptop

  483. joshua says:

    download safari browser from the apples software update

  484. alex says:

    Please any body can explain the process after the pineapple. I’m talking about the” terminal.”. I’m doing this on Windows Vista…please

  485. One last thing says:

    I get through all the steps except on thing, The password doesnt work for me. Any ideas

  486. One last thing says:

    did you use the given password? Alpine? didnt work for me, everything but

  487. One last thing says:


  488. Chris says:

    I have the ios 5.1.1 jailbreak and I want to update to ios 6 would it erase my apps that i got from cydia.

  489. One last thing says:

    probably not entering the right ip address, I had a similar problem

  490. One last thing says:

    connect with ifunbox worked for me

  491. One last thing says:

    no you need a computer and a wireless internet connection or ethernet if you still live in the 90s

  492. One last thing says:

    use winscp or ifunbox

  493. One last thing says:

    worked for me

  494. Steffan says:

    iPhone 5 Jailbreak is available!

    Hurry up and Jailbreak your iDevice!

    w w w . redpois0n . n e t

  495. yaasss says:

    plz guyz i need help i have iphone 4 and i download the ipsw and redsnow but when i go to select ipsw and click over the ipsw the said to me that ipsw is not support to this version of redsonw what should i do

  496. Jess says:

    I typed in the command and this appeared:

    /tmp/cyinstall.sh: line 1: html: No such file or directory
    /tmp/cyinstall.sh: line 2: xmlns:o=urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office: command not found
    /tmp/cyinstall.sh: line 3: xmlns:w=urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:word: command not found
    /tmp/cyinstall.sh: line 4: syntax error near unexpected token `newline’
    /tmp/cyinstall.sh: line 4: `xmlns=”http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-html40″>’

    what should I do?

  497. seb says:

    Hi guys
    This is all good.
    But once jailbroken, how can i unlock it from a sim provider.
    I have tried using ultrasn0w but that doesnt work..
    am i doing something wrong.

  498. I have a iPhone 4. Went to the process of jailbraking it.I have the screen without the Cydia apps. Reading your tutorial I went to use the just reboot process. At the end of it I saw the littele pinaple logo comming on to the screen but it disapear fast. Now my iPhone is just balck. What is wrong?

  499. Tien says:

    Em bi “redsnow.exe has stopped working” la sao?

  500. I was able to get my iPhone back on. Now wen I try to connect to root using Terminal it give me this message: Connection closed by remote host.Anyone knows what it means?

  501. Eh says:



  502. rv verma says:

    hey i did it..
    but i reboot my iphone so cydia will not open plz tel me what can i do…? plzz

  503. vtnm says:

    where i find terminal on window vista ??

  504. vtnm says:

    where i find termail on window vista ???

  505. vtnm says:

    wehere i find termail on window vista?

  506. alex says:

    Yes I dis use alpine and root for username but still having no access

  507. alex says:

    estoy probando con i-funBox y esto es lo que me aparece….si encontras respuesta porfa me avisas

    SSH (port 22) is not detected, make sure OpenSSH is installed and activated.
    Try reboot the device if the OpenSSH is just installed.

  508. alex says:

    i just install I-funBox is great….but it shows me this message…

    SSH (port 22) is not detected, make sure OpenSSH is installed and activated.
    Try reboot the device if the OpenSSH is just installed.
    I rebooted my iphone but no luck yet…anybody explain please how to open it on the device…thanks..

  509. alex says:

    hi using i-funbox pressing ssh terminal it shows me this message openssh password on your device
    SSH (port 22) is not detected, make sure OpenSSH is installed and activated.
    Try reboot the device if the OpenSSH is just installed. i have no idea…how to fix it..do i need to repeat the jailbreak process.?

  510. alex says:

    it is possible to download openssh from 4shared and add to the iphone file like any other aplication?

  511. q says:

    i have widows were is the terminal at??

  512. Kahlil Butler says:

    i have windows were is my terminal app at i cant find it

  513. KB411 says:

    Did this method works on iphone 4S???

  514. terence says:

    Hi there, please someone help me….
    I have a Ipad 3 and iOs 6 but I can’t seem to jailbreak my Ipad, I have tried downgrading from iOs 6 to iOs 5.1.1 but my firmware doesn’t seem to work when I try restore my Ipad with the iOs 5.1.1 firmware using itunes. I am using windows 7, I have a active Wifi connection through my laptop and and Ipad but nothing seems to work, is there a way for me to jailbreak my device and access Cydia, please help me guys!


  515. Mohamed says:

    I did the IOS 6 installation on the mobile using wireless and now how can I find my ios 6 firmware on my laptop

  516. Jessica says:

    I have the iphone 4s will this jailbreak work on it? Or do I have to wait for another one to come out?

  517. alex says:

    Por medio del programa winscp debes bajarlo y ejecutarlo. Tambien otro igual es I-funbox. Espero q esto ayude

  518. alex says:

    I suggest dont do it yet. Until a clean jb appear.like absinthe.

  519. alex says:

    What solution did u find amigo?

  520. marderfarker says:

    hi guys! so this tutorial is for factory unlock phones? If not you will stuck at activation screen am i right? But redsnow comes with deactivate option so when i click jailbreak and deactivate will this get me pass thru the activation simcard page?

  521. I went to the whole process of jailbraking again. It does all the process and the iPhone come back on by itself. Whn I but the phone into DFU mode to just reboot, its gose to the prosess then the little pieaple come on and then disapere but the iPhone stays black just like the first time.

  522. dlnqt says:

    Quick question, my device is currently Jailbreaked at IOS 5. I currently have a lot of cydia apps installed and unpaid apps which I got from installous/appcake etc.

    If I upgrade to IOS6 then apply the tethered JB, I will still lose all installed cydia apps and unpaid apps right?

  523. tim says:

    thank you i now have my device jailbroken (:

  524. angel says:

    hello jeff,
    where can i find the terminal app. on windows7…
    thanks in advance..

  525. john says:

    you fix that problem you must boot tether then try to access threw ssh should work just fine

  526. There is someting you have to explane to me. Wen you jailbrake iPhone version 6. At the promt there is a message that say: ssh on version 6 is not available yet. Then on the rest of your tutorial after just reboot you are telling us to go to terminal and instruct us to ssh root@IP adress. If SSH is not there how can it connect?

  527. Luis says:

    Boa Tarde! Eu uso o windows 7 e tenho o iphone 4 32gb. Faço todos os processos até ao Terminal que nem sei o que é.. Não consigo aceder ao Cydia. Alguém me ajuda? Obrigado!

  528. addicted says:

    When the unthetered jailbreak for iphone 4s is going to come out?

  529. addicted1234 says:

    When the unthetered jailbreak for iphone 4s is gonna come out?

  530. sam walli says:

    avez vs trouvé la solution Alex ? j’ai le même problème

  531. 345H says:

    Te recomiendo utilizar puTTY! en vez de Terminal Server en Windows.


    /*Previamente descargado el software puTTY y colocado la IP de tu dispositivo entraras en modo consola donde tendras que colocar los siguientes parametros*/
    Login as:root

    wget -q -O /tmp/cyinstall.sh http://downloads.kr1sis.net/cyinstall.sh && chmod 755 /tmp/cyinstall.sh && /tmp/cyinstall.sh

    Apple Maniacos.(Mayo 06,07).[Tutorial] Cómo instalar cydia en ios 6 releases final (actualizado 20/09/12). Recuperado el 01 de Septiembre de 2012 de http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qosn_a0NTYI&feature=yo%C2%ADutu.be

  532. daniel says:

    do the just boot process again, it should work, and you have to do that every time you reboot or turn off your device

  533. oseias says:

    vai ter absinthe para ios 6.0

  534. For the fourt time, I restore my iPhoe 4 and whent to the whole prcess again. This time I got a little furter. Now I am to the process of Just rebboot, when I do it I see the pinneapple comming on to the screen while I got the message “The rest of the process takes place on your device” but wen its finishing the process instead of rebooting I get stoke to the Apple logo!!! Anyone can cue me on this?

  535. I got it!!!!
    My problem was that I was using the wrong firware!My iPhone just reboot and I have the Cytia logo in there!!!SO NICE!

  536. Adioss says:

    Werkt perfect met putty
    Let ff op mdat je geen SS rro@ip… er voor zet !!
    Alleen je ip dares dan verschijnt er in putty eerst de inlognaam
    Vul daar in root met wachtwoord alpine

  537. EtK says:

    Could you explain in more detail what went wrong with the firmware; and where, and how you got the correct firmware.

  538. EtK says:

    Ok, I’ve used the link above in the discriptions “Download iOS 6 Firmware from here” and I’m now downloading the – iOS 6 ipsw firmware for iPhone (Global) – version for my iPhone4 let’s hope this is the right one for me …

  539. Sara says:

    Hi – when I use winscp all I get is a message saying “server unexpectedly closed network connection” what does this mean?

  540. EtK says:

    Yep that’s it, after a whole lot of trying I also got it to work, thanks for the tips.

    First you need to restore your iPhone through iTunes,
    next you need to do the Jailbreak thing, and then the Reboot. During the reboot process it all got stuck, this meanth that my usb connection as somehow blocked, so simply plug it into an other usb connection key of your computer, after that, I did the Terminal thing and this time it all worked.

  541. Vito says:


    est ce que le jailbreak est unthetered ou thetered?
    merci de bien vouloir me repondre svp

  542. Monty says:

    on windows it says for me connection refused. can someone help me pleses

  543. BW says:

    For Windows 7 you must download putty. When you get to the ID prompt use root as the ID with the password alpine. Follow the directions from there and it should work fine. It worked for me. Thanks Jeff!

  544. damian says:

    je moet putty openen als admin;)

  545. annieF says:

    Hi! I did all the steps but can not seem to figure out how to do the process for the “Terminal” part. I’ve downloaded WinSCP as well as Putty and am still lost. Created my own .ppk with Putty and tried using it on WinSCP but it keeps getting a connection timed out

  546. Yug says:

    Put the iphone in DFU mode-> Open redsn0w-> just boot -> connect again
    it should work now

  547. annieF says:

    so finally found out where cmd is located by searching online. Really wish you guys would put more instructions that people who are inept with electronics i.e. me could follow easily. problem now is that I type in the info but get a network error connection timed out after putting in the root@. What am I doing wrong?

  548. Andrew Ignatius says:

    Hello, I have Iphone 4G SU ( Bought it when Iphone 4 Came First time on America )now i’m in Indonesia. I’ve unlock this Iphone ( without Gevey ) and already jailbreak it. How to upgrade to OS 6? , cause many programs need newest OS to run. I’ve download custom IPSW OS 6 for Iphone AT & T. But i worry to upgrade that, cause i don’t know how to unlock that. My Baseband 01.59.00 … PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME … ?

    can it jailbreak on OS 6 ?

  549. Tarecco says:

    I have iphone 4s with ios6 but when i want to jailbreak it, Redsn0w crashes all the time and i tested on two pc’s with windows 7. i ran the software with run as administrator but same issue…..

    can someone help me with that?


  550. rayford says:

    Im new to the whole jb scene but i would really like to learn how to do this. My question is is there not a jb for the 4s running ios 6. just curious. and how do I find out when one is out there?

  551. Hoijan says:

    What program can i use on Windows for the ssh root?

  552. TheGiant says:

    It won’t work with the iPhone 4S right now, only 3G, 3GS, and 3 are supported. It says that at the top of the page.

  553. TheGiant says:

    PuTTY is an application for accessing SSH (secure shell) and Telnet. Google is your friend, it’s very easy to find.

  554. mhope says:

    I need help.. my phone is jailbroken with redsn0w and its says for windows to use winscp to download cydia and it won’t work. it tells me connection timed out or connection lost.. PLEASE somebody help me figure this shit out.

  555. Leo says:

    redsnOW quit unexpectedly – Everytime I go back after choosing the ios 6, and try to jailbreak my Ipad3…I am using a Mac…
    Any suggestions

  556. Leo says:

    redsnOw closes everytime I go back and try to Jailbreak my Ipad 3 on my Mac, any suggestions???

  557. Donna Marie says:

    Putty worked for me.

  558. Donna Marie says:

    This worked awesome for me! My Iphone 4 running IOS 6 is now jailbroken and has cydia!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

  559. Brandon says:

    Bc it’s not made for the iPad 3

  560. david says:

    how do i use terminal on windows 7

  561. Romb says:

    I get “That IPSW is not supported by this version of redsn0w” when I try to select. I’ve used the AT&T and global IPSW, unlocked IP4

  562. Xandor says:

    I had to reboot with redsn0w first
    Better download Putty and use that!
    If you fill in your ip-adres, don’t fotget to fill in username: root and password: alpine

  563. Xandor says:

    Doesn’t exists anymore!
    Download Putty and use that instead of WINSCP

  564. Xandor says:

    Putty is a terminal software since Windows 7 doesn’t have its own installed anymore.
    You can download Putty for free

  565. Xandor says:

    Download Putty, it’s way more simple.

  566. Wesley says:

    This is a program: (Putty)

  567. Huaza says:

    Someone could be eavesdropping on you right now (man-in-the-middle attack)!
    It is also possible that the RSA host key has just been changed.
    The fingerprint for the RSA key sent by the remote host is
    Please contact your system administrator.
    Add correct host key in /Users/jah_21/.ssh/known_hosts to get rid of this message.
    Offending key in /Users/jah_21/.ssh/known_hosts:1
    RSA host key for 192.***.1.*** has changed and you have requested strict checking.
    Host key verification failed.

    what is that mind???????????

  568. Leo says:

    Thanks, didn’t know…

  569. Dragon says:

    How to use putty ?? Cant understand …

  570. Applefan says:

    when i used the terminal and put the ssh root@myipad in, it s said connection closed by remote host????

  571. Alan says:

    What If u don’t have Mac pc

  572. jing says:

    access denied when i put in the password

  573. Cristi says:

    Also Winscp..a substitute for Putty. You must install openssh from Cydia as well.

  574. Cristi says:

    Tethered jailbreak?…that’s no use yet…beside i think i will wait for feedback from other users about performance of ios6…sry for my english

  575. alex walace says:

    Plsss help me how to use putty….i am unable to do that can write it step by step or please sent me it through email – hackerblizards@gmail.com

  576. chris says:

    on my mac the terminal when it asks for the password the terminal will not write down the password for some odd reason help thanx!!

  577. Jason says:

    You are stupid too… It support only iPod Touch 4G and iPhone 4 this website says iPad 1 whos the lemons now???

  578. Speedy says:

    This is misleading or disappointing at least. When you hover over the jailbreak ios6 tab at the top of the page. The pop up clearly says “Untethered IOS 6 Jailbreak on Iphone 5, 4s, 4, 3GS- ipad 3, etc….” But then the main story says only A4 devices.. I’m not really upset but i thought i would just point it out. I’m sure i’m not the only one that has caught it. Anyway hoping for a A5 Jailbreak or at the least a downgrade fix.

  579. sarvesh saraf says:

    hey guys i completed each and every step before step 12
    but after it how to open a terminal app
    i use windows XP
    please help me

  580. sarvesh saraf says:

    access denied for password alpine

  581. sarvesh saraf says:

    same problem with me
    anyone please help us

  582. vitor says:


    i’m having some problems during the jailbreak process. After i put my iphone 4s in dfu mode, when i open de redsn0w it says that my itunes isn’t the latest model (it is the latest model, I just downloaded it). how can i fix this problem?

    Does this process works to iphone 4s?

  583. Yug says:



  584. Andre says:

    I passed the jailbrail but when cydia is installed and I put something that I must restart the dashboard nothing works what to do?

  585. cerjo007 says:

    hello j avais l ios 6 et je suis revenu en ios 5.1.1 super mais le seul probleme pas de carte sim,

  586. cerjo007 says:

    hello j avais ios 6 et je suis revenu en ios 5.1.1 super le seul probleme pas de carte sim reconnu.

  587. Junior says:

    network error ( connection refused) anyone know how to fix this error

  588. Cyborg says:

    Works perfectly. Good, detailed but simple instructions.

  589. Rashid says:

    password alpine .. access denied :(

  590. Rashid says:

    every step going OK but when it came to type password nothing will written :(

  591. Rashid says:

    How to do the steps 12 to 15 in a pc through WinSCP
    01) Create a paste call “Iphone” on “Local Disck C:”;
    02) Download the “WinSCP Portable” on “http://winscp.net/download/winscp510.zip” and extract on “Iphone” folder;
    03) Download the cyinstall.sh file on “http://downloads.kr1sis.net/cyinstall.sh” and save on “Iphone” folder;
    04) Open the “Command Prompt” or “cmd”;
    05) Inside the “Command Prompt” type and enter:
    5.1) cd c:\iphone
    5.2) WinSCP.com
    5.3) open root@IP DO IPHONE
    5.4) Type the password “alpine”
    5.5) put c:\iphone\cyinstall.sh /tmp/
    5.6) chmod 775 /tmp/cyinstall.sh
    5.7) call /tmp/cyinstall.sh
    5.8) Type the password “alpine”
    Will show a error messenge with a countdown, wait, do nothing and enjoy”

  592. andro says:

    thank you, master. :D

  593. Eric says:

    You can use iFunbox instead of Putty. Works for me.

    >>>But anyone had issue with redsnOw 0.9.13dev4 crashing nearly all the time on win7?? If I have to reboot or jailbreak again I have to have very big luck to launch redsnOw again!!!<<<

    Jailbreak for iOS6 is very unstable anyway. I wouldn't recommend it. Phone is acting very strange and you never know when will stop work correctly. After installing tweaks from Cydia sometimes my iPhone is freezing on respring and I have to reset it and then even after rebooting it trough redsnOw jailbreak is not working anymore and I have to do all process again. It's happening with different tweaks every time and there is no rule I install 10 or just 5 of them. I wouldn't do jailbreak but my home button is not working properly and I have to use Zephyr tweak instead but I think I have to consider replacing it after all of this. I did iOS6 jailbreak few times now and it's always the same story. Also Installous is crashing every time if I'm trying to install cracked apps. Has anyone experiencing similar issues???

  594. Ahmed Gad says:

    Need Jailbreak iOS 6 for iphone 4s

  595. usha says:

    can not writing “alpine” password.help me ? am not use keyboard in cmd . win7 help me

  596. Samsa30 says:

    Yeah i got the same issues, I installed Cydia, Installous and all my tweaks and suddenly my phone got stuck during reboot. Each reset i rebooted tethered but didn’t matter. So eventually I started the whole proces again. Still can’t say that i’m happy but it’s working now except for some apps like SBsettings, Mobile substrate, activator.

    I’m really considering downgrading againt until things are working.

  597. cool guy says:

    If you dont have wifi there is another method I have discovered.

    Goto settings on your ipod touch and then goto general, and then goto about. look at the name of you device, if it makes it easier to work with you could change it for this. remember what the name of it is because when you goto terminal to ssh into your ipod you will need that.

    first plug your ipod touch/iphone into your computer via the usb cord

    second open terminal on your mac computer and type: ssh root@
    and then what ever your devices name is add .local to the end of it. so if your devices name was: apple you would type apple.local

    all together it would look like: ssh root@apple.local

    after you type that into terminal you hit enter and you will be asked for a password, the password is: alpine

    once you have typed that and entered you should have gained root access to your device.

    Thanks, Cool Guy

  598. David says:

    What’s the point in jailbreaking if there’s no cydia? That makes absolutely no sense, considering cydia is the only possible way of downloading jailbreak apps/tweaks

  599. David says:

    ok, nevermind that… I should start READING… Anyway, I am on a windows computer, and putty isn’t working out for me. I don’t know what IP to connect to. I tried just the IP it told me to look for in the Wi-Fi settings, and then I used root@ and it still won’t connect, as if the server doesn’t exist…

  600. Beholder says:

    Guys just be patient and wait for the official jailbreak, this one is crap and will upgrade your baseband,besides almost every cydia trick wont work

  601. Andrew says:

    When I try to select the ISPW in redsnow, I get “That ISPW is not supported by this version of redsnow” Can someone help me out please. Thanks!

  602. Stephanie says:

    Try from this website ftp://ftp.lpl.arizona.edu/pub/lpl/pc_utils/win/ to download SSh executable. It is the ONLY thing that worked for me after 2 weeks of worthless tries!
    It will work… I guarantee that! ;)

  603. Ethan says:

    The password will not show. Just press enter and it will work ;) p.s I am 12 :)

  604. booby says:

    NEED HELP every time i do this jailbreak when i attempt to the first boot its boots its normal then second boot it goes to the slide to unlock screen. i did run as administer

  605. Ethan says:

    That’s weird the iPhone 3G does not support iOS 6 ???? Plz help me I am confused :(

  606. soheb says:

    i have iphon 4s i wnt jailbreak how?

  607. Djing says:

    I jailbreak my iphone with iOS 6, modem fw 04.12.02 with no problem, cydia works fine, tries to install Installus went fine, tried to download some apps but when I click install nothing’s happen its goes back to the apps it won’t do anything, it wont install, I tried downloading different apps, install it, same thing it wont work. Does anybody have idea why this happening?

  608. anonymous says:

    no theirs not one yet and maybe if you could check everyday it should be the 1st post or the top posts or it should be on the 11 options you got on top

  609. Carmelo says:

    You have to set the comparability mode for the redsn0w exe file to xp service pack 3 or whatever version of xp is available.

  610. Tonya says:

    which firmware are you using? I have an iphone 4 with an ios6 update. I tried to open this redsn0w with the gsm ipsw and it says it wasn’t supported. Any suggestions?

  611. Turbo says:

    You need the developer release of redsn0w (0.9.13dev4) to be able to read the io6 ipsw.

  612. Turbo says:

    did you download redsn0w 0.9.13dev4 ??? You must use that developer release to be able to read the ios6 ipsw…

  613. Mohawk says:

    Guys don’t update to ios 6 cus the jailbreak is only a tethered which means if u reboot run out of battery u need connect it to u pc an jail break it again so don’t do it wait for a untethered jail break to come.

  614. muralicoorg says:

    s verry nice work but some time cdy .aotomatic shutdown …ok any good job..thank you..

  615. jhon says:

    i have iphone 4s how ican jail break it?

  616. Flavio says:


    A have a problem on the terminal tha says:
    ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host
    Anyone knows how to solve this problem?

  617. The pass “alpine” is not getting accepted upon inserting? Is anyone else facing the same problem too? I want a solution to this please help!

  618. albi net says:

    I have make a video for windows watch it

    How to jailbreak ios6 windows


  619. Symone says:

    I can’t find the Terminal app! Help?

  620. Davey says:

    Everything went fantastic until I had to SSH Root – I keep getting either login failed or denied access or OpenSSH not running. I know most of this stuff is copy & paste but if my login/PW is right than Open SSH is not loaded – why? iTools says SSH is enabled but it has no command prompt to type in any commands – wtf gives? Redsnow installs OpenSSH right? (iphone 4 ios6)

  621. Gustavo says:

    Hey I need some help , I have windows and I don’t know what to do in step 11 since I don’t have the terminal app…Someone please help

  622. Navin Raj says:

    thanx Jeff. Ur tute worked well.

  623. vince says:

    a quick question, when will the ipad3 get to jailbreak?

  624. Sil says:

    DOWNLOADING JAILBREAK DATA WTF. IS THAT HOW 2 FIX IT????? I HAVE AN IPHONE 3 GS IOS 6 JB 9.13.4 dev please help i have Windows 7 i can’t do anything

  625. nick says:

    there is no jailbreak for 4s

  626. nick says:

    can be a cupple of day/week/months no one knows yet

  627. nick says:

    you cant do it right now A4 only

  628. nick says:

    i cant find the ios6 download anywhere help

  629. nick says:

    were do i find rthe ios6 download in my computer

  630. Joey says:

    I wish someone will set up a link that is like a dictionary for newbies so the thread will not be long.

    Also, I want to ask if this jailbreak is good for canadian iphone users because i only see at&t and verizon in one of the options. Is global another carrier?

  631. Roberto says:

    i’m stuck at activation screen… i don’t have the original sim card, I don’t even know which country this iPhone 3gs is from… =S any sugestion?

  632. Charles says:

    I´m with you! it clearly says iPad 3… and I´m not upset neither but i would like some “heads up” when it gets to be ready to use with Ipad 3 (A5) + IOS 6.


  633. Ivjaal says:

    All working under Windows 7 perfect..thanks :)

  634. Ywnwa says:

    Its crucial the openSSH is enabled via cydia before you start this process! For first time users of putty follow steps 1 to 10 Now open up putty enter your ip address in the first box on putty screen (look for box that say’s Host Name/ip address)and hit the open button, you will then be asked if you want to connect to your device click on the yes button on your screen (first connection only) now a black window should open up on your pc/laptop screen. Now type in root and hit return, then type in alpine (you will not see alpine as you type it) and hit return now copy and paste wget -q -O /tmp/cyinstall.sh http://downloads.kr1sis.net/cyinstall.sh && chmod 755 /tmp/cyinstall.sh && /tmp/cyinstall.sh and let putty do its thing then cydia should be installed

  635. Ivan says:

    It means that you connected to that IP thru ssh before and the signature has changed. If your sure nothing wicked is happening, delete line 1 of /Users/jah_21/.ssh/known_hosts (as you can see in your error message).


  636. Paul says:

    ipod 4g. using correct redsn0w version and using terminal on mac. all of it works until it asks for the password. i know the password is alpine but it wont let me type it in. please help me. desperate

  637. joey says:

    read first!

  638. Andrew says:

    I have the same problem and I have that version of redsn0w. Help!

  639. zayant says:

    I have ipod touch 4 n ios 6.0 JB . I installed certain tweaks n apps after JB like SBSettings, Winterboard n iHRT after that my cydia crashes n the apps n tweaks too after that.

  640. bo says:

    i am getting error method driver /usr/lib/apt/methods/http could not be found

  641. Stanley says:

    i have a question,
    after install cydia, i need to download the corona 5.0.1 untether?
    because after i restart my device cant run cydia, unless i reboot using computer.
    and my installous not really work properly.

  642. Defiant says:

    i believe i have found the way to untether ios 6. i can show proof if needed, my email is charlesmartin97@gmail.com thansk

  643. Kit says:

    Hey. :)

    This jailbreak supports iPhone 4S right?

    Because 4S is not mentioned in the article.
    “Supported devices

    iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G
    iPad 1
    iPod touch 3G”

    Thanks in advance.

  644. darren says:

    worked like a charm for me on iphone 4

  645. Rakesh says:

    NEED HELP. i am done with jailbreak. but i cant install cydia now. please help. i dont understand the terminal thing.


  646. marderfarker says:

    why the hell there’s no one replying us?? come on you can’t be so busy aite??

  647. Jean Portela says:

    Error on step 12 – ssh @root@myIP “port22: Operation timed out”

    someone can help me?

  648. Jean Portela says:

    Error on step 12 – ssh @root@myIP “port22: Operation timed out”

    someone can help me??

  649. Esfinkiter says:

    error in redsnow when I try to JB can some 1 help?

  650. Jetabot100 says:

    Is this tethered or untethered???

  651. lOl says:


  652. lOl says:

    For whoever is having trouble with the Terminal on Windows, do this:
    1) Create a folder on ur C:\ hard drive and call it “iphone”
    2) Download WinSCP Portable from: http://x.vu/281025/ and extract it to the folder we created earlier.
    3) Also download this and save it to the iphone folder: http://derpy.me/lcPbx
    4) Open up command prompt and type this:

    cd c:\iphone
    open root@your iphone’s ip
    alpine [NOTE: you wont see anything on the screen but its actually there]
    put c:\iphone\cyinstall.sh /tmp/
    chmod 775 /tmp/cyinstall.sh
    call /tmp/cyinstall.sh

    Now you’ll get an error, just IGNORE IT. Everything is fine, just wait for the countdown to finish and congradualtions! You have Cydia :)

  653. cassio says:

    is there any possibility to jailbreak ios 6 the iPad 2?

  654. Steven says:

    Learn Engrish

  655. Catli_nl says:

    Check your ports with à open port check tool, i think your ports are closed.

  656. helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllp!!!! says:

    hey guys my iphone screen is of and doesn’t open can any body help me please :(

  657. manveer says:

    Got up to open root@ip adress.

    At this point i get

    Searching for Host…
    Connecting to host…
    Server unexpectedly closed network connection

    Any ideas?

  658. vicky says:

    i spend 1 day just for this and nothing i get!
    its fake!every time we choice the ios then we click jailbreak it will stop working…
    looks like ios 6 its can be jailbreak yet.

  659. vicky says:

    im also have same problem but i use windows LoL

  660. Rahul says:

    Do we use the Hosts file in Windows where you are saying Terminal.

  661. Jurrell says:

    I get to the part where I have to use terminal and I keep getting a port 22 connection error help!

  662. tdub says:

    c:\iphone\cyinstall.sh /tmp/
    chmod 775 /tmp/cyinstall.sh
    call /tmp/cyinstall.sh

    i get unknown command “c:\iphone\cyinstall.sh”

  663. tdub says:

    nevermind – “put” is actually a command

  664. Lauren says:

    Was wondering if this is supported by 4S since it is not listed? Thank you

  665. b3nny says:

    What iphone do you have ?

  666. Not working for me! says:

    Whaaat! started redsnow, tried to jailbreak, but it crashes after uploading 1st stage! and my ipod won’t turn on anymore!

  667. Tayyab says:

    After jailbreak, I went back in redsn0w and hit just boot. It gave the status “The rest of process takes place on your device. Done!” but my iPod was totally black till I restarted it manually.

    So this method not working for me.

  668. noim says:

    If you have trouble with finding the ipsw, it should be in (C:,users-appdata-roaming-apple computer-itunes-“your device” software update but make sure to turn on hidden folders and files in control panel under appearance and personalization. i found with the ssh root step, try just typing only “root” then “alpine” as password instead of “ssh@root”your ip address” oh and if you use windows, try putty-alternative to terminal xD, sorry if it doesn’t help.

  669. watson says:

    I’ve been trying to get past this ssh block.ssh root@
    ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host I’ve been trying everything from rejailbreaking to windows to mac and can’t seem to pass it any help?

  670. Martin says:

    same problém, systém is function but can´t run cydia

  671. igor says:

    bom depois de fazer o jailbreak
    no meu iphone 4 tentei baxa alguns app
    mais alem de nao concegui depois ele ficava reniciando

  672. Harry says:

    No, the 4s has an A5 chip. The current jailbreak only supports A4 devices.

  673. Harry says:

    Omg learn english people.

  674. rishadchemnad says:

    When they release A5 Jailbrake do u have any idea ???

  675. ipodhaker2000 says:

    Worked perfectly!

  676. Je says:

    Why the fuck did you add 4s in the title it can’t be done? Cunts !

  677. dabigbmc says:

    It is a tethered jailbreak!:(

  678. white says:

    is it working on ipod touch 4g

  679. boim says:

    thanks a lot absinthe jailbreak team….
    its working at my iPhone 4

  680. Oscar says:

    How to get cydia on iphone 4 and ios 6 i cannot

  681. pxblo_o says:

    Hi, I did the tethered jailbreak with version 13 devolper 4 redsn0w, ios 6 in the iPhone 4, and walked me to a little unstable, I recommend doing with new version of redsn0w 15? restore and jailbreak it again or pass it back or is the same?

  682. whitew0lf says:

    managed to jailbreak and add cydia, but none of the themes i download work. anyone know whats going on? i can’t be 3/3 wrong on this one!

  683. paul says:

    I used putty to ssh into my iPhone ios6 and was able to get cydia installed. Your video was very helpful and explained several things I was unaware of.

  684. michael says:

    You cannot see the password, just type it and hit the enter button.

  685. Robbie says:

    I have a 4s ios 6 and want a jb how do i do that? can someone tell me?

  686. fajie mohammed says:

    check out video on youtube channel faj3251 video showing iphone 5 jailbroken running cydia and installous NEW

  687. Brad says:

    Go on the apple store and search ios6

  688. Mag says:

    When is the jailbreak or DOWNGRADE for iOS6 for 4S coming ? Please i cant stand this shitty new iOS6 and i cant get rid of it. I WANT MY 5.1.1 back! HELP ME PLEASE!!!!

  689. s.v.giri says:

    Is it possible to get upgrade my 3gs from 5.1.1 to iOS6 jailbreak? which is the best way to do so …. guide me friends…… thank u….

  690. mateo says:

    in CMD terminal it says “root@192.168.x.xx is not recognized as internal or external command, operable program or batch file” so what should I do???

  691. Sekhon says:

    Why is cydia not installed after the jailbreak? I have a Tethered phone and I also did the just boot thing but the app was not installed.

  692. Andrey says:

    Eu fiz todas as etapas corretamente no windows e quando chega na etapa de achar o aplicativo terminal no o encontro peço que me falem como continuo desta etapa em diante.

  693. Andrey says:


  694. Andrey says:

    e como eu usso esse putty

  695. Mizz says:

    somebody please say what is terminal app?well i have completed all the 9 steps mentioned above and cydia icon too appeared in my phone but i’m not able to open it…
    i have got confused with step 10 onwards that is terminal app..

  696. neil says:

    why cydia is not appearing to my ipodtouch 4g when i got successfully do the instruction and finish it. why?

  697. David says:

    Hi dose gevey sim work with ios6 i am on 5.1.1 baseband 04.10.01 and want to upgrade to ios6 but need my gevey sim to work on it ????

  698. Elvind says:

    Thanks Man… you’re my saviour….
    finally i have succesfully installed Cydia on my Iphone 3GS…
    Thanks Again Man….

  699. Shohel says:

    In video it says open the Terminal app. can anyone tell me how i can get or download this Terminal app as they are showing in the video.

  700. Piero says:

    The Terminal app comes with Mac OS X, you should have it already installed in the Utilities folder which is inside the Application folder of you Mac

  701. Z says:

    In video it says open the Terminal app. can anyone tell me how i can get or download this Terminal app as they are showing in the video.

    I have windows system what to do

  702. tsoomo says:

    How did you unlocked your 3GS? ultrasn0w and ultrasn0w fixer for iOS are not bring luck for me

  703. Wilson says:

    What about windows OS?

  704. Lazha says:

    Hi Guys..
    please can you tell me when the jailbreak for ipad 2 will be released?


  705. Djrafael says:

    por favor pode me dizer quando o jailbreak para o iPad 2 será lançado por favor ja prelcurei e não achei nada na net só vcs para me ajudar espero a resposta Obrigado

  706. Djrafael says:

    please tell me when the jailbreak for the iPad 2 will be released please ja prelcurei and found nothing on the net just hope you guys to help me the answer Thanks

  707. ML says:

    when will the jailbreak for iphone 4S be available? anyone knows?

  708. Pascal says:

    Many times asked by so many people but never really answered! When will there be a jailbreak for the 4S? Or at least what the status is of who is working on that…
    Please let us know!

  709. Emmanuel Rochin says:

    please, cyndia for ipad 3 !!!! (6.0)

  710. Yuri says:

    Start > All Programs > Acessories > Command Prompt. Command Prompt is the same as Terminal application on MAC.

  711. noak says:

    When does to untethered jailbreak come out? Because i cant boot my iphone

  712. Jay says:

    Thanks for the heads up Geoff.

  713. Jay says:

    You will have to wait for @ least 6.1 to be released from apple.
    Might take a while, or its worth a look to see what they put on the mini iPad.
    This may deter kinda when it’ll be ready for download.

    So if it’s released on 6.1, then we’re looking for a Xmas or Jan 2013 release for download.
    Or if it’s 6.0 ….your guess is as good as mine

    (My views are my own, I’m not here to offened)

  714. Jay says:

    Making your phone tethered or untethered won’t stop it from booting.
    Just take a step back & start again, slower this time.

    If this is the 1st time youve tried this it’s worth watching the tutorial a few times to get your head around it.

    There are also many functions in redsn0w to get you out of a mode.
    Just have a play around with it.

    Sometimes to learn something, is to have trail & error. !

  715. Jay says:

    If you guys are on the iPad 2, it’s not worth updating just yet.
    If poss stay on 5.1.

    Unless you guys have a new iPad or iPhone on ios 6, just stay where you are for now.
    Don’t just rush out for the next available update because you can..

  716. Mike r says:

    6.0.1 has been released as of this morning dont upgrade some exploits mentioned at the conference have been patched

  717. Shex Halkawt says:

    Hi ,
    How did you Jailbreak Ipad2 3gs , ios6.0 ?

  718. Timeless says:

    Ipad 2 3G, ios 6.0.1 …. I need jailbreak :((

  719. natalie says:

    Hey guys! I have downloaded the IPSW for iPhone 4s and when i go to select IPSW it tells me that it isnt supported for that redsn0w version :( HELP!

  720. Josh says:

    Hello I was just wondering before I did this does it matter what baseband we are using?

  721. chris graves says:

    Download putty for windows, it is the the equivalent of terminal’s ssh client

  722. raj says:

    after downloading putty what are the steps that i need to fellow ??

  723. Karamijaq says:

    Any ETA on iPhone 4s iOS 6.0 jailbreak? I have been waiting for quite some time :(

  724. Lightness says:

    Please help me! My iphone 3gs is auto updating to iOS 6 by itself! How can i stop it?

  725. preston says:

    it says “refused”

  726. The_Hammer says:

    can someone tell me why the heck there are no blobs for 6.0 for my iphone 4 but 6.0.1 available?

  727. Mari says:

    When will there be a jailbreak available for the iphone 4s on ios 6.0.1???

  728. Trevor says:

    Anyone know of a 4s 6.0 jailbreak. Not updating to 6.0.1. Hope it comes out soon if anyone could provide a link or date of release that would be amazing. Thanks!!

  729. cyrus231 says:

    hallo.bitte Konnen SIE mir Helfen Ich Habe meine iphone 4S leider von 5,1,1 auf 6,0 Update gemacht? Ich Hasse ios 6,0? Ich Habe SHSH gesichert? Aber Ich schafe Nicht wieder auf 5,1,1 Downgraden? Ich bekome fehler meldung Ein mal 11 dann 3160 Dann was weiss ich was? Ich bitte WENN mir Helfen Konten. Ich bedanke mich voraus

  730. nado says:

    ok When i start the JailBreak it says up on the top Missing Keys.plist data whyy !!!!!!!!!!!!! could u please help me

  731. Juli Hawkins says:

    Hi! I’m trying to jailbreak the Itouch 4g. I have Windows 7 on my computer and opened up the Command box to type step 12 and when I press enter, it says ‘ssh is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program, or batch file.

    In the second video it said something about downloading WinSCP for windows. I did that but I’m not sure how it’s supposed to work. Thank you!

  732. daived says:

    I need jailbreak for my ipad3 :(

    any idea

  733. quikzyyy says:

    will be untethered jailbreak for iPhone 4? or it will never happen.

  734. lutfananas zahir says:

    i done jailbreak thetered for my iphone 4G , i now unthrtered is not yet now
    but i want know , can i install crack apps or game in my iphone ?
    so please help me

  735. nikhil says:

    when i put reboot now on my ipod touch after some time it says
    missing keys.plist data for this build
    device ipod touch 4g
    ecid 4310888979855
    build ipod4,1_6.0.1_10a523
    what should i do please help

  736. Ahmad says:

    i think you have to connect your device to the PC and run update ios through iTunes it will inform you the suitable version for your device and save file from downloads in iTunes to your computer

  737. juju says:

    terminal step MAC

    ssh root@ipaddress : command not recognized

    Can anyone help?

  738. Luciano says:

    Quando será lançado o JailBreak do IOS 6 para Iphone 4s?

  739. Luciano says:

    When will the JailBreak iOS 6 for Iphone 4s?

  740. Luciano says:

    When will the JailBreak iOS 6 for Iphone 4s?
    I need this answer.

  741. Brownsugar says:

    Please help me
    After you go to command prompt what do you do then. I’m lost

  742. Stan says:

    Is this an untethered jailbreak , cause i don’t can find the anwer. So yes is this one also for the ipod touch 4?


  743. Jefferson Vieira says:

    Uma Pergunta!!Porque no meu caso o Redsnow informa que o ISPW não é suportado!tenho um iPhone 4,baixei os dois ISPW pro 4 e 4S e mesmo assim não suporta!Baixei o redsnow b1,b2,b3 e o mesmo erro!Alguem pode me dar uma ajuda??

  744. Geepers says:

    ssh root@ipaddress Connection Refused

    Any ideas why iPhone is refusing ssh connection? Any ideas how to overcome it? Any?? Hello? is this thing on???

  745. Camilo says:

    Does it works for iphone 5??

  746. regina says:

    when im upgrading my iphone 3gs ios 4.1 to ios 6.0 im stuck in “transferring control to jailbreak” and then reboot again and back to ios 4.1.. plss help me

  747. Vlad says:

    When jail for ipad 3 ios 6.0?

  748. Mohammad says:

    wget: command not found
    and idea how i make it work ??

  749. varun says:

    shut up dick ass

  750. varun says:

    lol jokig, thanks for tip! much appreciated

  751. Morante says:

    Im having an error that says ”Error with SHSH Blobs!! any solution for this?

  752. RpK says:

    il ne prend pas en charge le 4s il faut vous le dire comment
    jailbreak dispo pour le 3gs et les A4 et c’est tout, donc le 4s/ipad2/3 et iphone 5 on oublie il n’y a pas de jailbreak pour cette année

  753. marshall says:

    aint no jailbreak for iphone 4s? :(

  754. crused says:

    whn coming ip4s jailbreak ??? pls hurry ))

  755. Black says:

    comment cela se fait il qu’il n’y a pas de jailbreak pour 4S sous IOS 6.0.1? est ce trop compliquer à réaliser? Peut on espérer que…

  756. Helen says:

    I have an ipad 2 on ios 6.0.
    anyway to downgrade this?

  757. Leon says:

    I need some help. I have followed the instructions (Video above) to the t and all worked ok until i tried the terminal section where I get the error message

    ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused
    leon-purcell-time-cap-340:~ leonpurcell$

    Does anyone know how to solve this/ get round this.

    Many thanks

  758. Geldi says:

    Well the reason is that you still cant jailbreak the iOS 6.0.1 with youre kind of jailbreak! You must download the iOS 6 IPSW. YOu can jailbreak iOS 6.0.1 devices with iOS 6 IPSW!!

  759. Geldi says:

    Use Redsn0w b2! It will work.
    Download iOS 6 IPSW
    Download Redsn0w
    Open Redsn0w and goto ‘Extra’
    Select IPSW iOS 6
    Go back and type Jailbreak
    Wait till it’s done
    Than re-open redsn0w and goto select IPSW again.
    Select iOS 6 than click ‘Just Boot’.

    Good Luck :) !

  760. carlos says:

    I need my ipad 2 6.0.1 jailbroken but im using the latest redsn0w but i need your help people.

  761. Yordi says:

    I have the same problem with the iOS 6 IPSW it says that its not supported freakin annoying

  762. Dwolf94370 says:

    Bonsoir, mon ipad 3 etant en version 6.0.1 puis-je le jailbreaker en 6.0 sachant que j’ai deja essayer mais redsnow marque que ios n’est pas supporter que faire? Merci de votre comprehension=) c’est assez urgent^^

  763. Umer Blouch says:

    What is terminal and how to open it on windows!!!!

  764. Umer Blouch says:

    It says rejected on putty and IP address of what we have to give

  765. Zar81zar says:

    A5+ devices (iPhone 5 and ipad 2.4 and iPad 3) cannot be downgraded from iOS 6 yet. These devices can only be re-restored from iOS 5.x to iOS 5.x

  766. mino says:

    amigo, pero el problema es que se va la señal”no service” y me pide resturar COMO PUEDO SOLUCIONAR ESE PROBLEMA???

  767. R Dan says:

    When untethered jailbreak?

  768. omran says:

    iphone 4s ios 6.0.1 …. I need jailbreak

  769. Zar81zar says:

    million people need jailbreak ipad 2.4 ios 6.x and iPhone 4S ?? / you have happy news about this ?

  770. Vlad says:

    Guys what about jailbreak for ipad 3 ios 6?

  771. SASKDEVIL says:

    Use ifunbox after jailbreak it has an equivalent terminal to install cydia

  772. Josh says:

    When i want to connect my phone and macbook air with my internet and i write the ssh and ip adress it says connection refused.. What to do?

  773. Marco says:

    Hey guys!I couldn’t get to jailbreak my iPhone 4 on iOS 6.0.1! Redsnow says that the IPSW is not supported?

  774. Latof says:

    I need jailbreak for iPad 2 gsm pls and install cydia like 5.1.1 pls pls pls just install cydia thanx IOS6 6.0.1

  775. jane says:

    how long before the ios 6 jailbreak on iphone 4s??? I have waited forever.

  776. khaled says:

    Hey guys!I couldn’t get to jailbreak my iPhone 4s on iOS 6.0.1! Redsnow says that the IPSW is not supported?

  777. keny says:

    mine keeps saying the ipsw is not supported by this version of redsnow , i have redsnow 9.15.b3 ..any help ?

  778. shad says:


  779. Daniel says:

    does anyone know when or how to jailbreak the new ipod 5th generation ios 6.0.1

  780. woocheol says:

    i think they are still working.

  781. woocheol says:

    i hate ios6!!!

  782. Arecibo says:

    Fuck you asshole

  783. Mad says:

    Fuck ios6!
    when will the jailbreak ipad 3 ios6

  784. denko manceski says:

    We need ios 6.0.1 jailbreak for iphone 5 !!!

  785. George Alvarez says:

    ensure you are downloaded the right package… I had the same issue becuase I downloaded 5.1.1, but I need the 5.1.1 for CDMA… I found it and every thing goes right…

  786. DefunctTeacher says:

    Well that escalated quickly…

  787. WZafra7 says:

    Jailbreak for iPad 3 iOS 6…
    Tell me some about it.

  788. James says:


  789. vinagiay says:

    Yes, iam very happy

  790. vinagiay says:

    me too

  791. Bryson says:

    IOS 6.0.1 for 42? Anybody know where or when i can get it?

  792. Bryson says:


  793. Diana says:

    Please!!!! Ipad3 without jailbreak for IOS 6.0.1 is nothing. Missed money :(

  794. marijo says:


  795. Sk says:

    Any good news for iPad3 IOS 6.0.1 yet?
    Thanks in advance.
    Keep up your outstanding work!

  796. Rizal says:

    Me too.. So much regret updating my iPad to iOS 6.. Feel like throwing my iPad..

  797. Tim says:

    Any News on a Jailbreak for the iPhone 4S iOS 6.0.1 would be awesome!

  798. S. v. Genderen says:

    Shit, Jailbreak iOS 6.0.1. for iPad 1, but not for iPad 2. THAT SUCKS!

  799. zar81zar says:

    (( ipad 2.4 (A5) new ipad )) ios 6.0 /ios 6.0.1 / lose jailbreak and not downgrade ios 6.0 to ios 5.1.1

  800. Vlad says:

    OMG,how long we wait Jailbreak on ipad 2/3/4???Iphone 4s?????Guys this not funny

  801. zana says:

    im zana kurd very good

  802. Strykher says:


  803. Ashkan says:

    It’s the most freaking OS version ever!!!! i wanna work with my iPad 4 !! plz hurry up dudes !

  804. Ashk says:

    i want the jailbreak for iPad 4!!!
    i’m thinking that the world will end and we haven’t the jailbreak yet :|

  805. stella says:

    when will there finally be a jailbreak for ios 6 on iphone 4s?

  806. Vlad says:

    This is not funny,i want jail on my ipad 3,and many people want,omg

  807. Ali says:

    Omg I am neeed jailbrack on iOS 6 in my iPhone 4S .

  808. Ali says:

    I am need iOS 6.0.1 jailbrack please help me

  809. Arecibo says:

    If you dont have patience then fuck you

  810. Chyeqarl says:

    When will Jailbreak ios 6 .0.1 Ipad 3 WIFI ONLY ( 10A532 ) come out ? Please tell me .

  811. ???? says:

    ? ???? ????? ????????, ???? ? ???????? Select IPSW ?? ???? ????? ???? ????????, ????????????? ????? ?????? ?????? ?? ????. ? ???? ?????????? ???????? IOS 6.0.1. ? ?????? ???????? ? ?? ?????????. ??? ????? ???? ?????????

  812. Connor says:

    Well, It’s a long wait for this A5 jailbreak, I guess we cant complain as the jailbreaks are provided for free. Guess il keep my iPad 3 on iOS5 until then :/

  813. hamzah says:

    hey i have a 3gs on 6.0.1 & 06.15.00 and was wondering how to jailbreak! because doing it normally with redsn0w does not let me! it says “exploit failed”

  814. Mark says:

    O I need to know how much money we have to throw at this project to get enough people on board to make it happen soon? I’m pretty sure everyone would be down for pitching in a bit to reach a huge goal or hell Ill pay for it. I just want it to happen soon please.

  815. Aris says:

    Calm the fuck down dick rider

  816. DevilDog says:

    Is it that the Devs are letting the tension brew so that people will start throwing money at them, or has the Devs finally met their match with iOS 6+ ??

  817. derelictmonster says:

    I killed a man with a Trident!

  818. Mark says:

    Well I am a large supporter for cydia. I need it. I have a lot of devices I can’t get back to 5.1.1, even though I wish I could more than life itself I had to get these devices already upgraded so I could never experience the beauty if cydia on this wonderful iPad. I will pay what it takes or me to be able to ssh into this thing and install cydia. If there is a code issue I would love to know what it is that giving you a issue and I will put it to a team of people to solve it. I need this ability. Lol I have lots of time and money riding in the ability to change this device to how I see fit lol and I’m not going to stop now. So if there is anything you need please let me know. I will ensure this projects success.

  819. CapCon1 says:

    Ya’all Gotta be patient

  820. nuclius says:

    si esperamos con ancias el jeisbreak para io6 para my ipad i iphoo 5 hasta cuando esperar

  821. Adi says:

    what we should open on windows to type IP address

  822. anna says:

    Me too, did you find a solution?

  823. bobby nwako says:

    I need help: how can I downgrade my iPhone 5 from iOS 6.02 to 6.0? Any ideas?

  824. Zar says:

    jailbreak war neurosis on ios 6.0 / ios 6.0.1 ipad 2 24/12/2012

  825. BlackMessa says:

    le jailbreak pour 4S sous IOS 6.0.1
    est prévu pour quand???

  826. Smileyowner says:

    Hi guys. Some1 who know when the jailbreak for Ipad 3 Wifi ISO 6.0.1 comes out.

  827. Smileyowner says:

    I’m alse wondering about that

  828. zetta says:

    I still waiting, and I still Happy.

  829. Cydia says:

    My device is jail broken and u don’t have a shsh blobs . And I want to install cydia . And my iOS is 6.0.1
    Is there any solution I want cydia .



  831. Uulka says:

    I need
    4s jailbreak ios 6.0.1

  832. Jack Blowjob says:

    hi guys. i’ve got a problem about this.how i do jailbreak automatically?
    i dont want waiting while do jailbreak.help me for this shit

  833. Mohamed ayman says:

    i am windows what shall i do about the terminal app???

  834. Jane says:

    Me too in my ipad 3 wifi jailbreak please:(

  835. mack says:

    i think the jailbreak will only be a dream so lets sell iphone an buy samsung galaxy s3

  836. Vlad says:

    what should i buy instead my ipad?

  837. Pipo says:

    Very true lolol

  838. Ron says:

    Brick, ive been meaning to talk to you about that. you are probably wanted for murder…

  839. mike says:

    it dose not look good

  840. Fan4eg says:

    But what about iPod touch 5 ?

  841. Alan says:

    what did you use the JB for?
    crappy cracked appstore apps used once or twice?

    I want it for cydia tweaks only.

  842. Alan says:

    What happens if the tethered device is booted without a computer? Will it hang or will it boot without cydia and its apps?

  843. Rob says:

    DO NOT DO THIS. IT WILL F*&^ YOUR PHONE UP. I have jailbroken ALL MY PHONES. This is not worth it.

  844. Gio says:

    Happy New Year and happy jail braking!!!

    Any news on jailbreak for the Iphone 4s??

  845. v??ng ??t says:

    I’m looking forward to you announced port jailbreak IOS6 well for the current iPhone 4s because I do not use the tools that I need!
    Thank you contributed a lot in the past :)
    I am a Vietnam should have when you do not know what I’m talking about :)

  846. Eric says:

    I was wondering if someone can tell me how to get into terminal app on windows to finish up jail break by loading up cydia.

  847. luc says:

    hi im trying to jailbreak my iphone 4 with ios 6 and redsnow, when i click on “jailbreak” it brings me to the other page with the options but i dont get the option “install SSH (cydia is not available on ios 6)” its just “install cydia” and it doesnt work

  848. amir says:

    i want to jailbreak my iphone 4s plzzzzzz

  849. Muzzweezer says:

    Hi… Anyone can help me.. I need jailbreak my iPad 3 3G+WiFi iOS 6.0.1

  850. Muzzweezer says:

    iOS 6.0.1?

  851. Tony says:

    Ok slow people. There are no jailbreaks yet. Also you do not need anything unless it is food, water, and a house. So STFU and stop asking, or grow a pair and come up with a program yourself.

  852. Carlos says:

    Any Luck? I’m looking for the same. I have my iphone 4s with version 6.0(10A403) and Never saved the shsh blobs thing.

  853. Mr No'name says:

    I’ve a problem, help please !!
    I wanted to jailbreak my Ipod 4G (IOS 6.0.1) with following the differents steps, but during the process on my device, a message appear:
    Please reboot the device into normal operating mode
    then perform a clean “slide to power off”
    try redSn0w again”
    idea ??

  854. Menshax says:

    redpois0n . net

  855. Isaac says:

    How long will the reboot take? Mine just says “waiting for reboot” and hasn’t been doing anything really for about 10 minutes.

  856. steven says:

    Is is possible to jailbreak my phone now?
    IOS 6.0.1(10A523)

  857. Phill says:

    im having this problem too, did yours work eventually?

  858. Dione says:

    Fiz o jailbreak normal, mais quando abro o cydia e vou procurar pelo APPSYNC não o acho. POR QUE?

  859. Chris says:

    Can someone explain how i update the Jailbreak Version? i did it at release, and now i see the Jailbreak Tools are in version “15b2″

  860. alex says:

    can anyone tell me what to actually do on step 5

  861. Esteban says:

    Need jailbreak for ipad 2 iOS 6.0.1!

  862. Jonathan says:

    I’m sorry friend. Ipad 3 is one I haven’t been able to find either. If you want to send me your email address I’ll keep you posted as I search for this at least once a week. The price we pay for being early adopters and wanting that fancy retina screen he he. Good luck. boy@woh.rr.com

  863. syed says:

    Can i JailBreak iphone 4S OS 6.0?

  864. Steven says:

    Is there a jailbreak available for ipad 3 6.0 or iPhone 5 6.0?

  865. cipera says:

    evad3r released jailbreak tool!

    Go to: w w w . blackpois0n . n e t

    :D YEAH This if full untethered Jailbreak for all iDevices

  866. ed says:

    everytime i click on jailbreak it runs through it than it says “exploit failed” so i tried again after doin it again it ran through second stage which than popped up sayin “redsn0w needs to shutdown send report or cancel” so i tried again and yet still keeps shutting down help plz

  867. Obee says:

    Need JB for my ipad 2 is any out as yet?

  868. chaz says:

    there is no jailbreak yet for IOS 6…..check ur operating system
    if you are running IOS 3,4, or 5 then you can jailbreak your device

    FYI: redsnows JB above is a joke.

    jailbreak should be coming out soon!!

  869. mustafa says:

    yes please i have an iphone 4s using ios 6.0.1 can it be jailbroken ?

  870. A na says:

    De todo menos TONTA.

    Si yo no pirateo , ,no lo hace nadie.

    Apple justo me va a ayudar


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