Jailbreak iPhone 5 on iOS 6 Done – Image

Jailbreak iPhone 5 on iOS 6 Done – Yes, you read it right; Apple’s most amazing iPhone is Jailbroken on the very first day of its launch. Few minutes ago, Grant Paul aka Chpwn tweeted that “Taller Screens like Cydia Too” and he also uploaded a screenshot of Jailbroken iPhone 5 with Cydia in it. The uploaded screenshot has five rows and confirms the display of iPhone 5.

Jailbreak iPhone 5 on iOS 6 Done :

Jailbreak iPhone 5 on iOS 6

Jailbreak iPhone 5 on iOS 6

Later in a tweet, the Jailbreak developer has confirmed that iPhone 5 is Jailbroken. It is totally amazing because it is even less than 24 hours that iPhone 5 is released and it is jailbroken. You can see Chpwn confirming about iPhone 5 Jailbreak in tweets:

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132 Responses to “Jailbreak iPhone 5 on iOS 6 Done – Image”

  1. Chris Millan says:

    I think it’s GREAT & AMAZING, you guys really do work hard on this stuff and set a standard for ALL, thanks again HACK ON!!!

  2. Breezy says:

    When can the rest of us expect this?

  3. charger says:

    what about iphone 4s, is there an ios 6 jailbreak?

  4. Kurtis says:

    Dang. We need this!

  5. aditya says:

    plzz guyzz bring something for iphone 4s i updated it to ios 6, its no fun without jailbreak…..:(

  6. Liam says:

    Awesome but waiting for an untethered because cant always be round my pc an don’t wanna risk it keep up the great stuff would like something as good as the jailbreakme 3.0 but don’t really care that is a luxury. Would like to see an untethered jailbreak

  7. Rey says:

    can it work on iphone 4s?

  8. Kay says:

    When would a untethered jailbreak for iOS 6 be out? also I have a 4s, so when the untethered version comes out will I have to redo whole jailbreak again. Or is there a update or something?

  9. Rey says:

    with what,can jailbreak iOS 6?

  10. Breezy says:

    Yes if u jailbreak tethered, u will need to re-jailbreak untethered later. I high doubt we see a tethered version seeing as day one we have jailbreak, it took them 2 months with the 4s

  11. Vladislav says:

    can it work on ipad 3?

  12. Nossy says:

    Then downgrade to 5.1.1 just like i did and wait for the ios 6 jailbreak to be released before updating and to start begging to help you!

  13. Mikael says:

    why the fuck this is not for Mac!?

  14. TayyabSadiq says:

    you can easily get your iPhone 5 permanently unlocked for less than $50 or you can buy an iPhone 5 from Verizon Wireless which is permanently unlocked. By this way, you will not have to use Gevey SiM or Ultrasn0w :)

  15. TayyabSadiq says:

    It’s not released to public. Stay tuned to us and we will let you know! :)

  16. TayyabSadiq says:

    Yes, Buy from Apple Website for $299 and it will be automatically unlocked. Please make sure that you select Verizon Wireless as carrier.

  17. BPhone says:

    The question still wasn’t answered, when will the rest of us iPhone 5 buyers be able to jailbreak? Can’t stand not having BiteSMS!!! Keep up the awesome job!!!

  18. woocheol says:

    my iphone4s can jailbraek?
    whan does it releas?

  19. Carlos says:

    Can I jailbreak an iPad 3 with IOs6?

  20. Miles says:

    Thanks for all your hard work on this, I really appreciate it!

  21. Diane says:

    I’ve tried going back to 5.1.1 so I could jailbreak my phone again.. It didn’t work!

  22. Andrew says:

    me too! not having bitesms is killing me!!!

  23. Rey says:

    mmm ok,i’m waiting 4 u,, -__-

  24. Rey says:

    yah i have same problem,i’m using iphone 4s from verizon,can it using gsm card?when i’m come to ASIA i can’t use carrier in asia,,

  25. bgr says:

    we need jb on 4s plz fast, its boring

  26. TayyabSadiq says:

    but iPhone 5 is different. I am talking about only iPhone 5 from Verizon US

  27. Kay says:

    Cant wait for the untethered version, iphone so boring without it jailbroken

  28. gemnilocs says:

    keep up the great work guys. I am going to be getting the 5 soon and hopefully by the time I get it, I won’t have to be without biteSms and SBSettings for too long:)

  29. woocheol says:

    how to make jalibreak tool?
    please teach me

  30. Hassan says:

    how to unlock iphone 4 5.1.1 ??

  31. Mohammed Zameer says:

    Hi guys any news about jail break for IOS 6 when is it going to release without JB IPONE is nothing so I m eagerly awaiting for untethered JB to be get out if any one know plz let me know thanks to the jailbreak team they are doing the best

  32. Glue says:

    And wath about ipad 2? :(

  33. woocheol says:

    how to jailbreak my iphone4s(ios6) with out tool?

  34. ss says:

    Where can I find the iPhone 4S iOS6 Jail break?

  35. Trace Witt says:

    Will there be an untethered jailbreak for the iPhone 4’s on iOS 6?

  36. Grammar nazi says:

    So many grammar errors in these comments…

  37. Tanshi says:

    i never trust screenshots… unless they can show a live video stream with the iphone 5 showing that it loads cydia then they actually confirm that they did it

  38. maxmac says:

    why do you upgrade to ios 6 so?
    you’d wait, looser!

  39. maxmac says:

    wait and be patient. Its peoples like you that ruin the release of the tool!

  40. maxmac says:

    sell it!

  41. Taha says:

    Hey guys
    I’m using iPhone 4S how to jailbreak my phone help plz I need it because it is too boring and I’m Turk ;))

  42. Mitch says:

    Heh, it’s exactly the reason I still jailbreak too.

    If BiteSMS had been bought up/integrated into iOS 6, I doubt I’d bother jailbreaking!

  43. _Del says:

    Nothing amazing about putting an icon on iphone 5 that’s all he’s done. I’ve done it using what I suspect is the same method but that is all the icon does. Shame that’s not a real Jailbreak

  44. Casper says:

    Great job guys, keep it up! Can’t wait for it to come out. Got an iPhone 4S on Simple. Sucks to be on an EDGE connection, think i’ll ever be able to get even at least a 3G signal with Simple on iPhone?

  45. Fucker says:

    Only a publicity stunt , so cheap.

  46. Bob Ross says:

    I agree. Have we ruled out the possibility it was simply photo shop? I could put out some really wild looking Iphone 5 pictures too.

  47. woocheol says:


  48. woocheol says:

    how to downgrade iphone4s ios6 to ios5.1.1?

  49. Cosmo says:

    When we will jailbreak IOS 6 on iPad 3?

  50. K5754 says:

    Please let me know when an official jailbreak makes its way out for the iPhone 4S. Everyone is right: iPhone blows when it comes to customizing icons, fonts, etc. thAnks:)

  51. BPhone says:

    Ya I’m in the same boat. I’ve done everything I can with jailbreaking all the way back with my 3G so now BiteSMS and MultiCleaner are my 2 big reasons for JB.
    P.S. the speed of the iPhone 5 is nuts!

  52. r4 says:

    Holy crap I can’t wait. I am picking up my iPhone 5 today (have stayed with the 3GS all this time – it’s a damn good phone!!!) and hope this is released soon, so I can take all my jailbroken apps and put them back on my iPhone 5. Hats off to everyone involved. I am always stunned (and completely thankful) for all of the hard work these guys put in to this, and for small / if any reward in terms of time vs getting paid!

    Great work!

  53. _Del says:

    No it is a real icon however it does not function that’s why he has not shown a youtube vid.
    Download photo.PNG (106.4 KB)
    would be nice if I could share mine to prove it.

  54. David says:

    When will this be available, I’m so eager for this :(

  55. JD says:

    Why don’t you just give it a shot jailbreaking your iOS 6 device instead of talking like sh*t….

  56. kinetic says:

    All you doubters, do you know who tweeted this? He is not some 10 year old kid, and is a very credible contributor to the jailbreaking scene. Even MuscleNerd retweeted this. He does not need to make a YouTube video.

    News Flash: You can fake a YouTube video as well. I could make an app with the cydia icon and name, all it needs is a simple webview and a site mocked up like cydia. Done deal.

  57. OE says:

    Yea an it work for iPad 3 or do none of you have one???

  58. OE says:

    Ipad 3 Please what do i doo???? who cares about the iphone its all about the ipad

  59. Caliguy says:

    ATT just unlocked my new iphone 5 (brand new 2 year contract). All I did was fill out the online form from ATT and get an instruction email to unlock it. I have been ATT customer for 10years. Maybe it has something to do with this easy unlock process.

  60. Caliguy says:

    If any of you guys want to unlock iphone 5 through ATT. Just fill out the online form. Don’t call. ATT just unlocked my new iphone 5 (brand new 2 year contract). All I did was fill out the online form from ATT and get an instruction email to unlock it. I have been ATT customer for 10years. Maybe it has something to do with this easy unlock process.

  61. Arsdfcsd says:

    CMON do it faster!!!!

  62. fmk says:

    I’m too waiting for !!!

  63. MangoBrown says:

    Definitely looking for an Iphone 4s with OS6 method

  64. kor3k says:

    me too.. bring it on!

  65. John says:

    I thought you can’t downgrade 4S, no custom fw yet.:)

  66. Goe says:

    No one care about unlock you dum b, its about jailbreak!

  67. John says:

    No. it’s not possible by any tool.

  68. Caliguy says:

    I am trying to help others that look for unlock their phone through jailbreaking so that they don’t have to wait. Maybe jaikbreaking serves you different purpose. But your comment is fucking annoying. Get a life!

  69. Cash says:

    Thanks Caliguy very helpful!

  70. mike hunt says:

    this Jailbreak? Works Without any problem Confirmed, Windows only Download IOS 6 Jailbreak From here tinyurl(dot)com/8f7x6yw

  71. Cass says:

    me three, haha

  72. lgularte says:

    Why don’t you move to H2O or Straight Talk?

  73. Mike says:

    You’re a cunt.

  74. Casper says:

    What will that do for me?

  75. jmfsanjurjo says:

    The video shows an untethered jailbreak for iOS 6

  76. murdock says:

    Yes It’s possible… I did it!!!! I updated my 4S to iOS6 but it sucks (by now) so after hours of searching I manage to go back to 5.1.1 … its easy. The catch is that you really need the SHSH Blobs of 5.1.1 or 5.0.1 (without these..well you’re stuck on iOS6) the firmware 5.1.1 and RedSn0w… do the known steps to downgrade with RedSn0w and there you have 5.1.1

  77. FakeUserNameHere says:

    *grammatical errors.

  78. iPhone says:

    Finally, someone that isn’t bitching or whining or griping about wanting it right now! These guys work hard to bring these jailbreaks out and don’t release them until they work and are stable and I’d bet not one of you whiners that are bitching about it taking a while have ever donated a nickel to them. If you don’t like your unbroken iPhone, quit updating until the JB comes out!

  79. iPhone says:

    Well said. I’d only add that if half of these guys that are whining would actually donate something to the developers that are busting their asses to bring us the JB, maybe we’d have more developers doing it. Hell, most of these whiners can’t even spell Jailbreak!

  80. tankmurdock says:

    I love how ppl who reap benefits of hard labor by doing NADA are trying to rush the Devs. How about learning yourself or not upgrading your phone before you know what will work or not….oh that’s right b/c your fucking idiots. Great work by the team and thanks for all the hard work.

  81. lucas says:

    e pra 4S?

  82. Josh says:

    im definitely grateful to the devs! not gonna bitch at all! i would love to learn this stuff so i could help with development but dont have the slightest clue as to where to start. im sure it has to do with some formal training though and that isnt an option for me right now. on a side note. will somebody please tell me how to downgrade if you have updated to ios 6 on iphone 4 and 4s. i have tried downloading the 5.1.1 ispw but itunes keeps having errors when i try restoring with it. thanks in advance!

  83. JS says:

    When it’s coming out ??? I’m stick on iPhone 5 without jailbreak
    And can’t even jailbreak iPad 3 on iOS 6

  84. shogun says:

    ^ awesome

  85. steve says:

    Probably the best thing I’ve read on this forum so far. You’re absolutely right that most, not all maybe 80%, don’t understand what goes into all the work these geniuses do and very little monetary recognition is given if ever at all. Frankly if they charged for the jb and gave unique user id codes based on UDID or something to limit it most would not bother, but because its free everyone seems to expect something for nothing. I for one have gladly PayPal’d a small donation from whenever friends have asked me to jb their aptv or iphones. 10 bucks is a joke considering all the savings you get for xbmc and installous but I personally ask for it and explain why in very simple terms. To date no one has ever bitched about it. Just remain patient its coming shortly and donate to help the cause so we can continue to enjoy these great advances. Its to all our benefit and no one is getting rich from jb except the corporation selling these gadgets for which we are paying inflated prices and ironically lining up to throw our money at them, why not the same for the community??

  86. steve says:

    next time save your money or educate yourself before blowing it and crying about it on forums. heres a good one for you, try donating some cash to the devs for them to work harder and faster for your free jb then you can enjoy your stupidity a little quicker. ;)

  87. Simon says:

    Guess what I had cydia on my iphone 5 before he did. All you do is use zeusmos to install it manually. The device is not jailbroken at all and you find that once you actually get in to cydia you can’t install jack as the security is still in place on the device so for everyone who reads this tweet etc that a guy named Simon beat him to the punch. I hate publicity stunts. There is no JB at present

  88. Gabriel Gulla says:

    I greatly appreciate what the devs are doing for us they are doing all this hard work for a FREE jailbreak me defiantly want to donate. Me have question how do I learn how to make jailbreaks and stuff me want help too!!!

  89. Waiting for iPad 2 jailbreak on ios 6

  90. JS says:

    I already donate more then $100 now what you want me do huh?
    donate you to make me a jailbreak ?

  91. Andhika says:

    How to downgrade 4s from 6.0 to 5.1.1? can explain that?

  92. Sean says:

    Looks, great! Can’t wait for the jailbreak to go public.

  93. Alex says:

    You’re “” stuck “” in IOS 2.1 or 3 maybe CHIMP. Get a live and give that phone to a person who REALLY know how to use it. DUMBASS !!!!

  94. Alex says:

    My eyes burn, can’t even write correct the text….. IDIOT

  95. sarfraz mohammed says:

    check out the video on my you tube channel showing iphone 5 jailbroken running cydia&installous FINALY! you tube channel is under faj3251(look under videos)

  96. bob says:

    you’re heated niggerfuck, let the guy write what he wants.. immature little nergin.

  97. impulse says:

    to all you cocksuckers moaning bitching and complaining saying this is a publiicity stunt you dont write any code so shut the fuck up kill your self etc etc these programmers work their asses off so dumb fucks like the moron that said publicity stunt can get free apps

  98. Twstdfeatrs says:

    I’m running a iPhone 4s untethered with rocky racoon been that way for a while

  99. Twstdfeatrs says:

    I’m 4s on straighttalk 45$ a month plus tax unlimited everything … Some ppl complain about getting cut off .. I haven’t had any issues and I tether my data plan…. You have to change your apn and get a tweak called youmail for your voicemail … Will never go back to stock iPhone that’s for sure …KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK HACK-DEV ‘s

  100. shezi says:

    can’t I jailbreak iphone 4s running IOS 6.0
    PLZ reply as soon as possible

  101. Jon says:

    Tried it..didn’t work. Got return email next day telling me I was not eligible.

  102. wiznino says:

    want buy an iphone 4 s from the apple store but in ghana sombody help

  103. Kajan says:

    When the untethered jailbreak for ios 6.0.1 come out? Im still waitng for it.. Can u please give me a date for that so i caan check?

  104. Mary Dyka says:

    how did you jailbreak iphone 5? pls tell me!

  105. Florida says:

    Thanks! I didn’t realize that at&t was doing this. I just filled out the form.

  106. Joe says:

    Would like to see the video to prove it. Or else it’s just a bullshit.

  107. Jay says:

    Ur the cunt mike

  108. Gabriel says:

    When is the jailbreak for iPod touch 5g coming out or is there gonna be a JB for it

  109. Anonymous says:

    You sir, are a dumba**. Installous was shut down retard. Nice try

  110. Peyton says:

    I need help please. I downloaded evasi0n, ran it, plugged in my iPhone 5, but it wont let me click jailbreak. Does anyone know why or what I need to do so it will allow me to jailbreak and allow my phone and I to be free? Thanks, Peyton.

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  119. Hi! I’m at work browsing your blog from my new iphone 3gs! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Carry on the great work!

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