Pod2g: Apple should Open up iOS for Tweaks and Mods

Pod2g: Apple should Open up iOS for Tweaks and Mods – Jailbreaking the iOS has already become very difficult, it has already been more than two months since the release of iOS 6 and we haven’t seen any Jailbreak since then. We have also told you that Apple has augmented the security of iOS 6.0.1 and 6.1 by making it more secure and this is the main reason that developers are not able to achieve the Jailbreak for iOS 6.

Pod2g: Apple should Open up iOS for Tweaks and Mods

Pod2g: Apple should Open up iOS for Tweaks and Mods

Pod2g, the main guy behind iOS 5 and 5.1.1 Jailbreak has tweeted some interesting facts about the iOS. He said that some of his geek friends are moving from iOS to Android OS and the main thing behind this migration is the closeness of the iOS system. Now to fill this hole, Pod2g wants Apple to open up the iOS, so that developers will be able to submit the themes and the tweaks in the App Store.

Making iOS system from closed to open OS is not a difficult task, Apple just need to enlarge some API/SDK so that developers will be able to submit the themes and tweaks. There was a huge conversation between the Pod2g and famous iOS security expert i0n1c on twitter and the Pod2g has finally signed up a twitition (twitter petition) with the title “WeWantAnOpeniOS”. The petition was made by FlawlessFox and he also said that he will send email to Apple after collecting enough signatures.

Pod2g: Apple should Open up iOS for Tweaks and Mods

Although iOS is a perfect Mobile OS, but Apple really need to bring some major changes in the iOS 7 regarding user interface and security changes. If Apple will open some holes for developers to bring some tweaks and modes, it will be the biggest change since original iOS and will surely bring many new iOS users. What do you think about this Twitition (Twitter Petition)? Do you want to sign it? Click Here? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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15 Responses to “Pod2g: Apple should Open up iOS for Tweaks and Mods”

  1. Devon says:

    As much as I’d like to say that this’ll work, I have huge doubts that Apple will listen to this, or even look at the petition..

  2. Mike r says:

    I feel the same way but theres always room for wishful thinking

  3. dustin says:

    How stupid is apple? dont they know the main reason consumers jailbreak their device is to customize it to their liking? the basic settings included in ios is very boring at best. small changes like bosspaper, colorkeyboard should be standard. If a person buys a new car and drivers straight to the rim shop then heads over to get a new stereo put in it its theirs to do what they want. apple has one of the best products on the market and only stands to make more money by let newer fresher ideas into the ios that people like me are waiting for. I have yet to update and will not until a new jailbreak is available. for the only reason that I like my device the way it is. its mine no one in the WORLD has their device exactly like mine! this is the freedom givin to us by the Geeks that pound away daily on apples ios making new tweaks for the masses.( I use geek as a term of endurement)

  4. Vick says:

    I think I apple should listen to this petition I’m pretty sure sooner or later apple will lose so much profit and people will consider to buy android !! People want to buy apple products is bcoz jailbreak .and I wil say hacker giving more profit to Apple

  5. Xaykham says:

    I agree with this for apple to add tweak to iOS

  6. Mário Alves says:

    pod2g, assino em baixo

  7. Mário Alves says:

    subscribe below

  8. Ebony says:

    Finally!! I completely agree. Can you make a petition for the not twitter owners? I’m very disappointed in Apple

  9. RoadRunner says:

    One more month without jailbreak and I leave apple
    forever !! When I have paid 500bucks for some
    that I want , I use it the way I want !! If apple
    Doesn’t change, I’ll buy a S3 or something else!!
    Who do they think they are ?????

  10. Avnit says:

    I don’t feel the same way! It’s not Steve Jobs who is working as the CEO.. It’s Tim Cook!! Remember, he fired Scott Forstall for a Map issue! Tim is not joking around. He is very serious about security and jailbreaking. He will never let that happen. He want everything perfect. He want to be on the top. But someone needs to convince him about it. Let’s wait and see what will happen.

  11. Ko thu says:

    Day by day I really so disappointed for waiting jailbreak. I love my iPhone with jailbreak. iPhone is not fun without jailbrake. I don’t really want to move to androidOS. But if apple doesn’t give chance all iUser to jailbrake I’ve no choice and my favourite phone will become Samsung.

  12. felipe de boni says:

    well if jailbreak for my iphone 4s appear in the next one or two months, I will send an email to Apple with a photo o my brand new Samsung S3 saying that I will NEVER BUY an iphone again until I can choose what to do with my fuck*n cellphone

    and I think all of us must do the same, so they can think about this crap they’re doing with a phone without options!

    I can’t even know the exact time I received/sent a SMS because some stupid at apple doesn’t think it’s important.. I just can’t believe this crap

  13. felipe de boni says:

    well if jailbreak for my iphone 4s DOESN’T appear in the next one or two months…

  14. gesda says:

    HA try having a ipad 2- no jailbreak- i foolishly updated to 6.0.1 and now i am fkd

  15. unknown says:

    Dream baby dream,…, never gonna happen. I really don`t get it, what is the purpose of having jailbreak ready for other devices and don`t make it public,. are you proud, need more attention. Have nothing against this group, have been in other group for hacking, cracking and developing stuff, but it was always made public, so other can enjoy it, if they close hole, we found another one, it`s game, it`s funny, brain against brain, that`s why some of us do this things. If you are affraid of Apple getting to find out, as I can read that is the main reason why is not made public yet, why just not end this project, keep it for your self and be happy the rest of your life. Wish you all the best.

    Best regards from Danmark

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