Top Cydia Repo – Sources – Repositories

What is the Top Cydia Repo – Sources – Repositories 2012 – 2013 which can be used on iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS and iPad 3, 2, 1 and iPod Touch 2G, 3G, 4G, 5 on any Jailbroken iOS 4.x, iOS 5.x and iOS 6.

Top Cydia Repo - Sources - Repositories

Available Cydia Repositories Languages :

We made a collection of Cydia Repositories in most popular Languages like

  • Arabic
  • English
  • Dutch
  • Scandinavian
  • Hebrew
  • Vietnamese
  • French

Top Cydia Repo – Sources – Repositories :

Many Cydia users didn’t know the benefits of the Cydia Sources, guys you have to know that Cydia is full of a huge list of cracked def files with direct download links for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch so you can access to thousands of Themes, Games, Ringtones and Tweaks for Free, adding many Cydia sources to your cydia will help you to get paid Cydia tweaks, Apps for free don’t miss the chance to improve your Cydia sources and add more sources. check the list of sources below

Note: for who don’t know how to add Cydia repo / Sources check here.

Top Cydia Repo – Sources – Repositories :

  1. Repo Cydia :
  2. BiteYourApple
  3. HackStor repo
  4. HackYouriPhone
  5. iHacks
  6. insanelyi
  7. idwaneo
  8. ihackstore
  9. theiphonespotrepo
  10. myrepospace (iAP Cracker)
  11. Xsellize :
  12. SinfuliPhoneRepo :

Top Web Sites Sources

  1. iClarified
  2. iSpazio:
  3. Theme It App:
  4. French Repo:

Additional Sources

  • iFone1 Norway:
  • Ste: (ScuummVM)
  • Intelliborn (IntelliScreen) :
  • Games Team source:
  • SOSiPhone:
  • Pushfix:

Cydia Repositories Languages :

  1. Arabic: 
  2. Arabic:
  3. Dutch (iFoneguide) :
  4. Scandinavian (iPuhelin):

Note: Guys you have to know that Installous Shuts down check App VV Alternative Installous link

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57 Responses to “Top Cydia Repo – Sources – Repositories”

  1. eric says:

    hi there,

    where can i find mywi 5.0 cracked?

  2. karal says:

    hi where’s found intelliscreen x free

  3. MoRasta says:

    hello,, where can i find a working cracked airblue sharing (what source) ?

  4. adora says:

    hi there! don’t know what to do w/ my fone. pls help me how to upgrade iphone 3g iOS3.1.3 in layman’s term pls… thank u

  5. Ed says:

  6. where can i find it that are like hacking satellite?

  7. And then where can i find amazing tweak for theme?

  8. pccapso says:

    the above listed have many winterboard and dreamboard themes. one of the best sources is

  9. Nafil says:

    Installous 5 Is Not Working On IOs 4.1 From Hackulo.Us What Can I do?

  10. anonymous says:

    where can i find iphonevm???

  11. barkathulla says:

    where can i found New RockyRacoon v2.0 – Untethered Jailbreak iOS 6 iPhone.

  12. hola por favor quiero instalar cydia al samsung galaxy s2 lo descargue de paga pero dice instalado en play store pero no aparece el icono en las apps del celuar como puedo instalarlo en mi android

  13. papa says:

    whats that

  14. ProHP says:

    im not use mywi as a modem router. but i use standard feature, go to setting and choose personal hotspot. hope it can help. i use iphone 4 gsm, ios 5.1.1. hihihihi.

  15. jattin says:

    guys help me with this….is the untethered jailbreak for ios 6.0.1 released?

  16. nathan says:

    yes go to my link i will show you how to

  17. Go to my website u will know how

  18. qais says:


  19. Louie Orama says:

    This is an amazing day in history to me. Sorry to sound hyperbolic, but I am on my 11th iDevice (all iPhones) and got the 64 GB 5 on release date. Wow, 4 & 1/2 months… Almost 150 days later, the moment of truth has arrived. Just want to send an enormous thanks to the Evad3rs for the accommodation and if it is fitting, I would line to thank you guys ESPECIALLY for all of the people out there that are inpatient and don’t appreciate the work you guys do. They should create a Mount Rushmore for you 3 ALONE! Thanks again…

  20. nubnu says:

    any one can send me the jailbreak for ISO 6.0.1? i cant find it anywhere :/ please?

  21. siraj says:

    Repo Cydia : not working

  22. M4G says:

    installous 5 is for ios 5 so download installous 4

  23. M4G says:

    There is no rocky racoon 2.0
    to jailbreak untethered ios 6 simply go to and download it then open up the program and click jailbreak and wait till its completed

  24. abed22261226 says:

    what can i replace installous with ????/

  25. Hussain says:

    hello ,
    thank you very much for all of this you are giving to the usedr
    would to know where to find whatsapp2 ,3, 4?

  26. Bensaleh says:

    Hi i need your help!
    i had jealbreaken my ipad 2 ios 6.1 and i want to install my cracked games and apps from my computer to my my device, but when i do that it gives me a note” failure in installation” what should i do? i really need help

  27. chris says:

    add app sync

  28. mirwais says:

    installous 6 ??

  29. Sandro says:

    Eres un poco retrasado, busca eso en la tienda. Gracias

  30. Chris says:

    Anywhere I can find mywi that works with iOS6.1 free?

  31. Rizal says:

    What is the updated In-Apps Purchase source? Can anyone share?

  32. LuLz says:

    u can find at

  33. Bonnie says:

    I need to get Airblue Sharing 1.0.1 but there aint a single cracked version of it !

  34. XweAponC says:

    There is no hacked version of that app. I’m not saying I haven’t used hacked cydia apps, but I usually buy them.

  35. Gilles says:

    I got a Quistion how can i hack the limit of cydia packacge i can not mis 1

  36. XweAponX says:

    Installous and its source repo were shut down months ago, it was a pretty big deal.

    There are many other places to get IPAs, usually Torrent sites.

  37. Edwin crespo says:

    I need help Choosing from mywi or PDAnet or Tetherme I have AT&T and I’m in a Grandfather account I have Unlimited data.

  38. nYx_1c0n1x says:

    Just delete Installous 5 and Hackulo.Us source and install brand new source.. Look for the App V Share or iPAStore source in Cydia. That is an alternative for Installous.

  39. nYx_1c0n1x says:

    No more RockyRacoon.. Evasi0n is ALL-IN-ONE JB.

  40. nYx_1c0n1x says:

    just go to everything is there.

  41. Greg says:

    TetherMe 2.4-1 is working for me on 4S iOS6 :-)

  42. Brett says:

    Why not stop being a cheap bastard, pay the dev who made it for it so he can continue to make it? Plus that app save you a fortune on your cell bill.

  43. inder says:

    i hv installd vshare bt its nt workng

  44. Peter says:

    Seriously? Damn

  45. Khalid says:

    Where can i find app vv

  46. Seelver says:

    add repo url for your deb

  47. Felipe Soares says:

    Ola boa noite.

    Meu nome é Felipe estou com um grande problema não estou de forma alguma conseguindo instalar o cydia no meu iphone 3g 16GB.

    Tem ha possibilidade de você me ajudarem eu estou conseguindo instalar e nem baixar o cydia.

    Grato Desde de já.

    Felipe Soares

  48. pavlos says:

    where i can find satfinder free?

  49. mohammed says:

    how are you

  50. SIDIBE ISSA says:

    Je possède un iPhone 4S et je voudrai savoir si je peu passer de IOS 6.1.3 à IOS 6.1.4 ou IOS 7.0 ?
    Y’a t-il une solution une solution pour installer cydia sur IOS 6.1.3 OU le dowgrader à une version inférieur ?
    S’ils vous plait aidez – moi.

  51. TheAlphabetSoup says:

    I’m very fine, thanks for asking.

  52. Available Cydia Repositories Languages :

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