Unlock iPhone 5 on iOS 6 Possibilities

What is the Unlock iPhone 5 on iOS 6 Possibilities ? Have you just got an iPhone 5 which is locked to a specific network such as AT&T ? Do you want to unlock your iPhone 5 ? Are you searching for a reliable method to unlock your iPhone? This is a basic guide about everything you need to know about iPhone 5 Unlock and how it works.

Unlock iPhone 5 on iOS 6 Possibilities :

Unlock iPhone 5 on iOS 6

If you have Verizon iPhone 5, you don’t need to Unlock it because it is already factory unlocked.

Unlock iPhone 5 on iOS 6 Possibilities :

There are basically three methods to unlock an iPhone.

  • Ultrasn0w:

Software Unlocking or Ultrasn0w unlocking is based on iPhone basebands; this method is only compatible with iPhone 2G, 3G, 3Gs, 4. However, this doesn’t work on iPhone 5 and we don’t see any support in the near future. So, forget that Ultrasn0w will work on iPhone 5.

  • Gevey Sim Unlock:

In this method, a Gevey SIM or Gevey Ultra SIM is used to unlock iPhone 4 and 4S. But just like Ultrasn0w, it depends upon iOS and basebands. If you will update your iPhone, you might end up with a locked iPhone again. So far, It is not supported with iPhone 5, especially with the release of Nano SIM, it will be very difficult to release Gevey SIM in near future.

  • SAM Unlock Ticket:

SAM unlock method was come out last year, but it was very limited, only for a week. The persons who saved or Backup their SAM unlock ticket were able to unlock their iPhone 4 and 4S. Don’t ever expect this method for iPhone 5 again.

  • Factory Unlocked or IMEI based unlock method:

This is the most reliable and only available solution for iPhone 5. You don’t need to Jailbreak, use Gevey SIM. This method doesn’t depend upon your basebands. The even best part is that you can freely update your iOS without fear of getting locked again. All in all, Factory unlocked method can increase the value of your iPhone 5. In other words, it will convert you iPhone to an Off-contract iPhone 5.

You can use My IMEI Unlock.com for best Price Unlock for AT&T.

Now, the next thing is that how to get factory unlocked?  The price of Imei Unlock will vary according to your country and carrier. AT&T locked iPhones have one of the cheapest unlock available. There are many scams on the internet so, please make sure that you are using a reliable source.

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