UnTethered Jailbreak 5.1.1 Absinthe 2.0 – Video Guide

UnTethered Jailbreak 5.1.1 Absinthe 2.0 – Video, UnTethered Jailbreak 5.1.1 Absinthe 2.0 for iPhone 4S, 4, 3gs, iPad 3, 2, 1, iPod Touch, and Download Links coming here you can see the Video.

iOS 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak using Greenpois0n Absinthe 2.0, has just been demoed on video. Yesterday, Pod2g has confirmed that releasing iOS 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak is matter of days. Few minutes ago one of the Jailbreak Dream team has shown off iPhone 4 running iOS 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak using Absinthe 2.0.

It looks like that hackers has improved the quality of the new version of Absinthe 2.0 jailbreak. The video confirming that jailbreaking any iDevice using Absinthe 2.0 won’t need to put your device in DFU mode. Jailbreaking process will take 5 minutes and it will inject Cydia directly on your iDevice, unlike older version of Absinthe 0.4, you won’t need to tap on Absinthe to install Cydia

UnTethered Jailbreak 5.1.1 Absinthe 2.0 supported devices :

  • iPhone 3Gs
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4 CDMA
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPad 1
  • iPad 2 Wifi
  • iPad 2 GSM
  • iPad 2 CDMA
  • iPad 2 Wifi, R2
  • iPad 3 Wifi
  • iPad 3 Global
  • iPad 3 CDMA
  • iPod 3G
  • iPod 4G
  • AppleTV 2

UnTethered Jailbreak 5.1.1 Absinthe 2.0 will not support these devices:

  • AppleTV 3

Download Absinthe 2.0 Jailbreak 5.1.1 UnTethered

Absinthe 2.0 Jailbreak Guides:

How to UnTetherd Jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS Absinthe 2.0

How to UnTetherd Jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 iPad 3, 2, 1 Absinthe 2.0

How to UnTetherd Jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 iPod Touch 3G, 4G Absinthe 2.0

UnTethered Jailbreak 5.1.1 Absinthe 2.0 – Video

UnTethered Jailbreak 5.1.1 Absinthe 2.0 – Video Guide

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209 Responses to “UnTethered Jailbreak 5.1.1 Absinthe 2.0 – Video Guide”

  1. Mohamedmm says:

    Coool I can’t wait when it comes out I’m sooooooo happy write know..

  2. When will it be official???

  3. gc says:

    I believe it’s a matter of hours… Please don’t forget to give some insight on whether baseband preservation is possible. Thanks ;) You guys (pod2g and co) rock!

  4. mohsen says:

    Hi .
    Plase Faster

  5. Jack says:

    So this wont work on an ipod touch 4g yet? Or will it?

  6. marsofearth says:


    Well Played,

    Thank you for your hard work.

    looking forward,


  7. calson says:

    cool i like this

  8. Aleksandar says:

    Thanks from Serbia

  9. Bobby says:

    why cant i download the jailbreak

  10. Like Like says:

    Thanks from PH!!! Been waiting for this :)

  11. Septicskeptic says:

    Cant believe your French….how can someone that clever be French??……….anyway i love ya thank you so much cant freeking wait cheers!!!

  12. konain says:

    is it ready to download or it will come out soon some1plz reply???????

  13. parker says:

    IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. yousef says:

    thanks pod2g for the hard work on 5.1.1 jailbreak

    waiting for the links :)

  15. Frank says:


  16. TheLebaneseGuy says:

    Lebanon here, we thank you for your jailbreak!
    Ps: what is iPad 2 R2?

  17. mio says:

    Thank You for Your work from Istria/Croatia

  18. DigitalOne says:

    Thank you for your hard work and dedication to pull this off.

  19. NoName says:

    Thank you from the Bahamas!

    Any idea when an unlock will be ready?

  20. Mulin says:

    Thanks from republic of Belarus

  21. Ayesha Hayat says:

    release it ASAP , m so excited

  22. monica jae says:

    YEAH BABY!!!

  23. fidelya says:

    Thank you from Lebanon

  24. marcos says:

    many thank you very much from Concepción de Chile

  25. Aquel says:

    Merci à toi, c est cool!!!!

  26. Jojo says:

    thanks for the hard work… and when it be ready for download? :D i cant wait

  27. Mario says:

    Great work guys, thank you very much from Guatemala.

  28. Frank says:

    Many thanks from Thailand…

  29. Alex says:

    Should be ready by Friday

  30. Alex says:

    I already have the jailbreak but I’m not allowed to post it anywhere until our team tests all the devises

  31. lyn says:

    many thanks from indonesia.
    i’m so excited

  32. omar says:

    now iwant jail break please i want jailbreak 5.1.1

  33. omar says:

    i want jailbreak 5.1.1 please

  34. omar says:


  35. Ratana says:


    Will it work with Ipad2 3G?


  36. Elie says:

    Thank you from Thailand

  37. Kieran says:

    Thanks for the hard work. Will I be able to Jailbreak my 4s untethered running on 5.1.1 on Friday?

  38. Jose says:

    Does anyone have a good link to download?

  39. gallal saidi says:

    nice i can’t with pod2g do it and nice work guys

  40. Nyko says:

    Concepcion! yay!!!

  41. Nyko says:

    Thank you from Spain and the U.S.! Hope it comes out soon, you guys are the greatest and its nice to see free thinkers in this world. Free your mind!

  42. Luka says:

    Hey im on iPhone 4S 5.1 now and i have a question does the jailbreak work on 5.1 if not i will update to 5.1.1 CAN SOMEONE REPLY TO ME?

  43. Luka says:

    e brate i ja sam iz srbije i ja cekam sutra za jailbreak

  44. Ryan says:

    Will IOS 5.1 be supported as well?
    I’m running a 3GS. Thanks.

  45. syedz says:

    if u ask me update to 5.1.1 because it increase ur batery life and speed up ur phone and then u jailbreak u iphone it will be awesome

  46. Smaxa says:

    Hey guys, I am new to all this but I lie in the UK and I wanted to know my chances of getting my phone locked if I do this, plus do I need to get my iPhone unlocked before I do the jailbreak or something?

  47. Khaled says:

    Thank you guys for the great job, you guys rock, i am from dallas and i can’t wait….

    Great job ………

  48. Gabe says:

    Will It work on my regular wifi 16 gig iPad 2, 5.1.1??? -not 3G?

  49. Kevin says:

    jailbreak noob here, i have 4s ios 5.1.1 (9B206) MD235B, wil i be able to download absinthe V2.0 and jailbreak my phone as is, or do i need to do anything in particular with it before jailbreaking?? please reply as i do not want to mess my phone up!!

  50. Inverted says:

    Thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into this!

    Thank you from Zagreb (Croatia)!

  51. Tebra says:

    Poz braco I ja cekam jailbreak

  52. mestersat says:

    thank you very very much

  53. Alex says:

    Probably, if we manage to get all the devises tested and have the program ready to go

  54. Rowey20 says:

    Could neone tell me a ruff time when absinthe 2.0 will be released please cant wait

  55. Macvin Hidalgo says:

    Good job! and thank you for your hard work

    Pura Vida from Costa Rica

  56. wedihama says:

    waw thanks guys for hard work the jailbreak 5.1.1
    yesuf from ethiopia

  57. Andy Le says:

    HIx, i’m waitting every minutes.
    Please faster for up link download
    Very long time :(

  58. Hepei says:


    Well Played,

    Thank you for your hard work.

    looking forward,


  59. esteban says:

    Some one can confirm me if the absinthe for iphone 4s 5.1.1 version is already able to download?????? i need it

  60. bscott says:

    Thanks so much guys for all the hard work!!! Can’t wait!!!
    Go Dev Team Go!!!

  61. James81 says:

    Helllioooooo!!! It’s Friday!!!! Jailbreak time

  62. iPhone4Restrict00 says:

    Can’t wait !!

  63. bill says:

    I am trying to update my jailbroken Iphone 4 with IOS 5.01 to 5.1.1. Prior to the release of Absinthe 2.0 today. I seem to get an error message “software update failed” How do I solve this issue ?

  64. Peter says:

    Can you please hurry the fuck up and upload it?

  65. Luka says:


  66. Luka says:

    hahahah brate mi jedini iz srbije cekamo jailbreak.

  67. Jamie Boyer says:

    Thank you all for your hard work and dedication on this project! I am so excited. You guys are the BEST! Waiting in the USA!

  68. gilsh says:

    If you use tinyumbrella close itunes, open tiny , go to Advanced > unchack the “set hosts to cydia” , exit and then try to update from the itunes :)

  69. metalz says:

    will it work on ipad 3 64 4g+wifi version? flawlessly!!!

  70. gligor says:

    where downlod Absinthe 2.0

  71. las says:

    what time will it realese?

  72. not working says:

    Not working on iPad 3 LTE+WIFI 64GB. Fully reboots device, gets to unlock screen – unlock, don’t see any Jailbrake icon, Absinthe 2.0 reverses process and asks to try again.

    Almost no data on the device. :(

  73. Dyo says:

    “Sorry, the attached device is not supported” is the only one answer of Absinthe 2.0 when I connect my Ipad 2 (MC769ZP)!!!

  74. hunasdf says:

    It does not work with iPad 3 32 WiFi+4G :(

  75. RM says:

    Can someone please tell me which models of Ipad 2 wifi are R2…because the Absinthe 2.0 isnt working on my ipad 2….and I’m feeling pretty upset :(

  76. Low says:

    Not working for iPad 3 Wifi+4G 64GB even though I updated it to 5.1.1 :(

  77. tweeza says:

    Hey it’s really time to do so ! Thanks a bunch Jailbreak Team!

  78. dggm says:

    Doesn’t work with factory-reset IPT 3G. Tried it 5 times, seems to go through the process, hangs on “Waiting for process to complete,” then fails. No Cydia.

  79. ipad 3 64gb GSM says:

    Am experiencing the same issue as described by “not working” anyone else has such issue? it states “hmm.. something seems to be wrong”

  80. Kamil says:

    hey guys, i hope that you can help me! i updated to 5.1.1 and when i try to jailbreak my iphone 4 with absinth 2.0 it says : the attached device is not supported! :(

  81. uness says:

    Thank you!!!
    Thank you all.

  82. jessica says:

    When absinthe opens its just a command box sort of, what do i do?

  83. Blalalalaa says:

    Why windows download got problem?!!!

  84. dave says:

    cant get my iphone 4s to work with the new jailbreak?

  85. Gilmary says:

    Perfect in my iPad 2 wifi Thanks

  86. chiling liu says:

    not working on my IPAD3 LTE + Wifi too!

  87. David says:

    Says I need to run as ‘Administrator’. I don’t have access to the account called ‘Administrator’, however my login is a member of local administrators group. Bummer.

  88. smarvin says:

    its not working with my iphone 4s. says waiting for process to complete and then says recovery complete to try to jailbreak agian replug

  89. smarvin says:

    its not working for my iphone 4s it says waiting for process to complete and then says recovery complete to try to jailbreak agian unplug then plug in

  90. ipad 3 jb-en says:

    Thanks to Fredz7575 who posted at dev-team blog, i have successfully jailbroken my ipad on OS 5.1.1. I did a clean restore of the IOS and immediately jailbreak it thereafter. It worked. Hope this helps.

  91. Rene says:


  92. David says:

    I’m getting ERROR: could not connect to lockdownd.

    Ipad 2 5.1.1 — Ipad is ok. Had to kill Absynthe in task manager.

  93. Kirill says:

    good work!

  94. sky says:

    not working to my ipad2 wifi too

  95. sky says:

    it stuck at” Waiting for process to complete”

  96. Alphapitbull says:

    No Joy here on iPad3 wifi w/ 4g. Did full wipe then jailbroke and a restore. No Cydia.

  97. Pete says:

    Fantastic job compliment to the creator of this thank you so very much.

  98. biopool says:

    same here ipad 2 wifi ERROR: could not connect to lockdownd. any help would be much appreciated.

  99. Pete says:

    Works like a charm and the fix works also thank you so much

  100. Nick says:

    Im having a problem on vista where anytime i open the EXE its just a command prompt box, how do i fix this?!?

  101. Calpulz says:

    Worked perfect first time on iPad3 16GB WiFi only on 5.1.1

    But the sources are not working properly on cydia. First time when it downloaded all the sources they were in the list but when clicked on there are no apps or mods in the list. So i removed the sources and then redownloaded, 2 of them fixed them selfs but the main one BigBoss wont download, it gets stuck at Downloading: Paclages. I left if for 30 mins and was still stuck. Any ideas? Im really stuck.

    Also winterboard wont install, gives me error sayign that its conflicting.

    HELP D:

  102. Not Working(atleast windows) says:

    Tried jailbreaking my iphone4s, gets stuck after the rebooting message. Then resets all data and says to unplug and retry. Please post fix. Thanks to the jailbreaking team.

  103. Not Working(atleast windows) says:

    Have you used the mac or the windows jailbreaking tool?

  104. Calpulz says:

    Windows, im on win 7 64bit

  105. jamby77 says:

    New iPad (3) 4G-64 GB, initially would not jailbreak, after itunes restore, it worked

  106. GSB says:

    not working on my iphone 4s 5.1.1

  107. Cecil says:

    Is there a fix for this. I have the same problem.

  108. varun says:

    login from the local admin to ur computer and then try it.

  109. Bruce says:

    I have jailbroken my 3gs 5.1.1 05.16.05 successfully – thank you! I am getting ‘no service’ error. I am in Canada and I have a Fido locked phone and that I use on Bell. The phone was working fine jailbroken with a Bell sim card before this jailbreak (Absinthe 2.0)
    Any idea how to fix this?

  110. Andy says:

    How do I jailbreak my Apple TV 2? I have just updated to the latest version and connected it to my computer via USB.

    The ‘Jailbreak’ button is disabled. Anyone else managed to do this?

  111. btnewbie says:

    I tried with the absinthe v2.0 for windows, but it keep saying
    “waiting for precess to complete”, then “something went wrong…”, then “recovery completed. If you want to retry jailbreaking, unplug your device and plug it back in”.

    I tried it again and not working.

    Restored from itune and try again, not working.

    Reset to factory default and try again, not working.

    I’m using windows 7 64 bits and run as adminitrator. I even tried with windows xp 32 bits, same result.

    Someone please advise.

  112. toby says:

    For everyone having issues with absinthe 2.0

    I did a tethered jailbreak using redsnow 0.9.11b4, then i untethered it using rocky racoon 5.1.1

    It works great!!!

  113. Myth90045 says:

    I was having the same issues. What I tried was first connecting the 4s to Itunes. Back it up of course. once its done backing up, go back to Itunes, hit restore to factory default. Once that is done, run as admin on Absinthe and try again.

  114. Calpulz says:


    Had to remove all sources, reboot device, then install in this exact order, BigBoss, ModMyi, ZodTTD and it finally worked :D

  115. DLe says:

    iPhone 4S Jailbreak stops at part “Waiting for reboot” and never reboots. If I reboots manually, then Absinthe told about problems with lockdownd and failed. It’s a completely clean 64GB iPhone with just restored 5.1.1 FW. Tried several times both 2.0 and 2.0.1. What’s wrong?

  116. DLe says:

    Try Restore from iTunes first.

  117. sky says:

    successfully jb…do i still need to install rocky ragoon from cydia?

  118. Robert says:

    Doesn’t show up for me either. I’m guessing they did not put support for it even though it says they did.

  119. Ricky says:

    I have a iphone 4 and I did everything, but I seem to have a problem with cydia. For example, I added the source: cydia.hackulo.us and it froze during installation. It goes for other sources as well. Another error, I install sbsetting but received an error http:1.1 500 internal error something like that. What am I doing wrong?

  120. JDK says:

    nope, did this for me too…did restore..still no go.

  121. eddyboy says:

    I got ipad 2 5.1.1 n ipad 3 . When i connect to abst.
    It say ” sorry your device is not supported. ” yyyyyyyyy????????

  122. jason says:

    YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT !!!!!!!!! JUST TESTED ON THE IPAD 2 WIFI N WORKS U GUYS ARE THE BEST

  123. kenneth says:

    i did it but it will not add bigboss,modmyi or zodttd. it says “did not find repository”.. what will i do! pls help!

  124. chux says:

    same issue with me…1 hour passed, still waiting for reboot… :-/ any suggestions?

  125. bahi says:

    Not working on my ipad 2 Wifi 5.1.1.. Tells me sorry your device is not supported… feel sad

  126. hunasdf says:

    The new Absinthe 2.0.1 is worked for me!! Thank you all!

  127. dittohead says:

    Same issue. iPad 2,4 MC769LL.

    absinthe 2.0.1

  128. Queen says:

    The jailbreak dose not support iphone 4
    Its just support iphone 4S
    I have tried this jailbreak for iphone 4, but the following message appears:
    Sorry, the attached device is not supported.
    Is there any solution? please

  129. dave says:

    how long will it take to jailbreak ipad 2?tnx!

  130. Queen says:

    iphone 4 NOT SUPPORTED

  131. Blalalalaa says:

    still cannot la…
    still need to unplug and jailbreak again

  132. zayne says:

    iphone 3gs not supported

  133. wangk says:

    Hi, is iphone 4 GSM not supported???? can someone advise? When i launch absinthe, it says “device not supported”

  134. shawn says:

    same over here! :(

  135. shawn says:

    it WAS supported i jailbroke it, went wrong (lost photo’s) restored tried to re-jailbreak and now it says not supported.

  136. knight says:

    why iphone4 gsm IOS 5.1 bb 04.12.01 not supported in Absinthe 2.0?
    please help

  137. Jas says:

    There is a new version of 5.1.1 launched today. If you ale restoring device it’s automaticaly ugrading it. it’s silent uprage .This version is nit supported for absinthe.

  138. RKM says:

    I also lost all photos and wallpapers. Themes will not load through Cidia. I have a first gen iPad. During jailbreak, iPad kept locking up. I had to use Redsnow tethered , then run Rocky to make it untethered.

  139. RKM says:

    This al works if you loose your wallpaper and photos. If you use Absinthe by itself, you will loose pictures, wallpaper and themes will not install, will be able to change your home screen or anything.

  140. Cyril COUTANT says:

    sur mon nouvelle iPad en 5.1.1, je connecte mon câble et lance absinthe 2.0, mon ipad n’est pas détecté par absinthe (Je l’ai pourtant réinitialiser et recommencer les étapes de JB)`
    HELP ME PLEASE;;;;;;

  141. Knight says:

    Does anyone know if absinthe works for windows XP.

  142. max says:

    Seems that it works on iPhone4 only with the xxx206 Rev. and not the new xxx208

  143. Tyler says:

    If you’re still having trouble, download the xxx206 revision, open itunes with your phone plugged in, shift-click restore and manually select the ipsw file that you downloaded. worked for me, maybe someone can reply if its not shift-click for mac. I’m on windows and it allowed me to roll back.

    if you need the ipsw, i might be able to upload it on dropbox or something.

    Let me know if it works

  144. Tyler says:

    hey guys,

    see my post below about shift-clicking restore in itunes.

    If you’re on windows you can find the xxx206 ipsw in
    C:\Users\yourusernamehere\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates

    Hope this helps

    PS this is exaclty the situation I was in and this worked for me.

  145. John says:

    I’m using v5.0.1 jailbreak.
    I want to download v5.1.1 jailbreak.
    My question is do i need uninstall v5.0.1 jailbreak and install jailbreak 5.1.1
    install jailbreak 5.1.1 then it’ll over the old version

    Plz advice


  146. linkmaster says:

    Backup in iTunes, then update your firmware to 5.1.1, once update is complete, jailbreak during absinthe 2.0.1

  147. Helcoder says:

    When ipad 2 2012 will be supported?

  148. Kaz says:

    Many years later if you are not willing to search for the ans.

  149. reber says:

    hi guys pleeeaassseeee help me , my ipad 2 is stuck in recovery mode and it wont restore!!!!!! i don.t know what to do

  150. Leon says:

    Reinstall ios 5.1.1 using itunes(shift + ios 5.1.1 file). then do jailbreak again. it works

  151. Steven Soh says:

    I just jailbreak my ipod and the wifi went missing.????? what happen.

  152. Mai says:

    Please add support for iPad 2 WIfi 16GB model MC979C…. Still not have support for this model. Thank You.

  153. david says:

    hi, i just downloaded the latest jailbreak tool for my ipad, benchmark says im on ipad 2,1 i am on software 5.1.1 (9b206) and it says device not supported… any ideas?

  154. marri says:

    Jailbreak 5.1.1 Absinthe

  155. teftef says:

    Hi , I have jailbroken my ipad2 with absinthe 2.02 version. It is working but today I saw that the new version has released as 2.04. Question how can I upgrade absinthe 2.02 to 2.04 on my ipad ?

  156. Jack says:

    Thank You so much works great.

  157. John says:

    Iphone 4s IOS 5.1 FIRMWARE 2.0.10 CDMA and I think GSM. Bought in Untied States. Will it work and which jailbreak to use. please help in Europe and can’t use the phone. HELP HELP PLEAS

  158. rusz says:

    Is it possible to perform a Jailbreak using Absinthe 2.0.4 or 2.0.1 even if I dont have internet connection on my desktop but I do have the Absinthe extracted on my laptop.

    Any response is much appreciated.


  159. rusz says:

    You don’t need to re-jailbreak but u just need to update all changes in cydia.

  160. Bruno says:

    Can I keep the carrier unlock with iOS 5.1.1. I have an 3GS with 6.15 iPad baseband running iOS 5.0.1.


  161. ipodtouch user says:

    i cannot jailbreak my ipod. absinthe keeps not responding and crash. how to jailbreak?

  162. Wanted to drop a comment and let you know your Rss feed isnt working today. I tried adding it to my Bing reader account but got absolutely nothing.

  163. Monika says:

    I wanna download absinthe jailbreak but I still can not!!

    Please help me as a favor, thanks you so much.

  164. mike says:

    Hey all, I have an iPhone 4, BB 02.10.04, iOS 4.3.3, what can I use to Unlock and Jailbreak my iPhone? It’s blocked on another network.

  165. Brilliant, thanks, I will visit again later!

  166. While I really like this post, I think there was an punctuational error close to the finish of your 3rd paragraph.

  167. Anh Vo says:

    I have an Ipad 2 3G. Does Absinthe support my device? Thanks a lot

  168. I have got 1 suggestion for your webpage. It appears like at this time there are a handful of cascading stylesheet problems while opening a number of web pages inside google chrome as well as firefox. It is working okay in internet explorer. Perhaps you can double check this.

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  173. bob says:

    would i still have your carrier service and bill when i jailbreak my iPhone???

  174. bob says:

    *my and PLS HEEELLLLPPP!!!

  175. ahh…i see…for some reason i read that bottom part as available now and not available soon…my bad

  176. buy here says:

    When are you going to post again? You really entertain me!

  177. blah2 says:

    Wanted to drop a comment and let you know your Feed isnt working today. I tried including it to my Yahoo reader account and got nothing.

  178. Hank Nebeker says:

    Wonderful blog! I found it while surfing around on Yahoo News. Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Appreciate it

  179. Bilal J says:

    Hi i want to unlock Iphone 4G. And want to jailbreak . V-5.1
    Modem Firmware 04.12.01 . Model MC319LL. Please tell me the solution for it… Thanking You.

  180. Georgiana says:

    I was wondering is there anyway ik can jailbreak my ipad2 iOS 5.1.1 directly from the device without a computer because I have a computer but there is a password on it and we can’t figure it out and aren’t going to buy a reset disk. So ya anyway I downloaded absinthe onto my iPad on a downloads app but I don’t know if I can do anything from there PLZ PLZ PLZ HELP!!!!

  181. Georgiana says:

    Like seriously anyone reading this that knows what they are doing plzzzzzzzz *100000000000000000 help me cuz I really want my device jail broken but don’t have access to a computer to download stuff on

  182. Georgiana says:

    My email is GiGiGerm22@ gmail.com plz email me if u think u can help!
    Ps. Don’t hat I made this email ACOUNT when I was like 8

  183. Tolga says:

    Hi ,

    I wonder that, I downloaded the file ”iPad1,1_5.1.1_9B206_Restore.ipsw” , ? coudn’t find how to use ****.ipsw to jailbreakmy ipad. Would you help me, good day.

  184. Tomy says:

    iPad 2 Jailbroken ! Thanks Absinthe <3

  185. Tolga says:

    Hi Tomy how you did it. I downloaded the file with extention .ipsw. When I clicked it, itunes opened but then nothing happens. Would you help me?

  186. Tolga says:

    I got ‘oould not connect to lockdown’ message. what should I do?

  187. jason says:

    Hey there,


    I have a 4S 5.1.1 AT&T iphone I did iOS 5.1.1 Jailbreak (mac/Windos) link. Then installed and it said it was jailbroken. I have cydia installed. I then followed the instructions to unlock the phone.

    2 issues

    #1 Cydia says “This device is in the pending TSS Queue”

    #2 I did the manual steps to install the sn0w program under the sources menu to UNLOCK the phone. I get some errors. I added my mexico telcel chip and it would not accept it saying I needed to use the original chip.

  188. Peter says:

    Hello! I had jailbreak my iPad(The New iPad) last night. It was successful but I can’t open cydia after I restart the iPad. Is there any solution to fix this problem? Thanks!

  189. Stephen says:

    Hey! thanks for the jailbreak but I can’t find cydia at all.

  190. Superfahama says:

    Have you tried Restarting it…?

  191. Jared Rossell says:

    Hello , I got a ipad2 and wanted to jailbreak it with absinthe 5.1.1 . On windows xp . I downloaded absinthe hooked iPad up and. Got to screen where u hit the jailbreak button and jailbreak won’t light up to let me click it . I thought this was a easy process guess not lol. Some help please!!!!

  192. Cherelyn says:

    I downloaded Absinthe 2.0.4 on my my comouter and the jailbreak was finally successful after 5 or 6 unsuccessful attempts on my iPad 2 (wifi). Although the jailbreak was successful, the Cydia app will not open. I tap on it, it appears as if it’s going to open but it does a quick blink and returns me to my homescreen. After five iPad restores, I’ve decided that I wanted to remove this since it causes my iPad to restart slowly. It wouldn’t matter if the cydia app worked. I was told that restoring my iPad would remove the jailbreak. It has not. Can you assist with getting Cydia to operate a it should or provide instructions to get my iPad back to the it was prior to the jailbreak.

    Ive read a couple of places that I should download the firmware but I can’t seem to find anywhere to download the firmware or instructions on how to do so. Please post recovery information for those people who are having issues with their jailbreak. I’ve seen many people who have had this issue but nothing that has helped. Please help! Thanks.

  193. dan says:

    if ur on windows do a google search of 5.1.1 ipsw firmward and download your devices firmward be sure to click save as and not open with itunes. then after the download is done, open up itunes plug in your device and go to where its at on the itunes program, now where it says restore hold shift and clikck restore it will bring up a file, navigate to where u saved your ipsw firmware at and click on it. thats it well hope i helped

  194. dan says:

    i meant firmware not firmward sorry

  195. chris latimer says:

    I just got a iphone 4s yesterday and was considering jailbreaking.

    2 quick questions

    1) i jailbroke my ipod touch and that worked well is the process on iphone the same ?

    2) whats the chances of something going wrong and breaking my iphone ?

  196. orlando centeno says:

    keeps telling me “hmmmm.. something seems to have gone wrong, unplug device and plug back in” Has said this to me 5 times already. what to do to fix??

  197. Martin Hiebert says:

    Hi there. I’m a newbie when it comes to anything Apple and I just bought my first iPhone from a seller on eBay in the U.S. It is/was a legitimate phone and when I received it I checked it out. It was locked and it was obviously not jailbroken.

    When I got it I copied all the information for hardware serial number as well as the IMEI and I’m certain I copied it down correctly.

    So, after both processes were completed I went to check again and the serial number and IMEI have been changed.

    I asked the Apple store in my city and of course they couldn’t “talk about it” and I did find a few forums where some say it does happen, some dispute it. Now I know I’m not going senile but anyone else able to confirm it? I know that under Settings>About there aren’t that many other numbers to worry about (longer ones) except Wi-Fi Address and Bluetooth numbers/letters.

    Also, it was obviously used on a carrier and before, it was noted as such. (Under Carrier, just below Version) So, once jailbroken and unlocked, WITHOUT placing a micro sim card in the tray, will this previous carrier still show up?

    I ask about this because my current carrier and all my other cell phones use the standard sized sim cards, I’m now waiting for a cutter with adapters and I’ll be trying one of my functioning cards after I’ve re-sized it. I’m not willing to buy any other cards from my current carrier unless I screw-up the modification process.

    I’m assuming that when I do put another provider’s card in it, the Settings>About screen will then show the current one used.
    Any idea about how to tell if it is for sure unlocked WITHOUT the sim card I need to use but can’t because my wait for my cutter to modify one large card, is going to take a few weeks from the eBay seller?

  198. gabriel says:

    tenho um ipod 2 como faço pra fazer o jailbreak nele

  199. Myst says:

    It says my IPad (IPad 1) is not supported :'(
    Why ?

  200. galbatron says:

    just finished the jailbreak went through the instructions first…then once familiar went ahead with the jailbreak this is my first time jailbreaking any sort of device every thing went perfectly well with out any hiccups… thanks for the jail break…

  201. Reet says:

    i have Iphone 3g Phone IOs 4.. can i upgrade it to IOs 5.1.1…please help

  202. Robbie Rozay says:

    Absinthe Wont Work With Mac OSX 10.8.1?

  203. Enrique says:

    I jail broke my ipad2 but I then decided to uninstall cydia by using cydelete. However I feel I need to reinstall it? I’m running iOS 5.1.1 and I tried retail breaking the device but it says jailbreak detected.

  204. fadwa mawaheb says:

    me too… did u find a solution for that?

  205. Par says:

    Hi I had installed Jailbreak 2.0.4 in my Ipod touch 4g 5.1.1 .. After some time bymistake I had started updation for Ipod, finaly It is in stucked in Itunes mode .. I tried to recovery but it end with error 3195… I tried ireb..ect.. pls help me to restore the ipod back to normal mode..waiting for your reply..

  206. here says:

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  207. Online loans says:

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  208. Tumblr article

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  209. Apple now has Rhapsody as an app, which is a great start, but it is currently hampered by the inability to store locally on your iPod, and has a dismal 64kbps bit rate. If this changes, then it will somewhat negate this advantage for the Zune, but the 10 songs per month will still be a big plus in Zune Pass’ favor.

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