Untethered Jailbreak iOS 6.0.2 Running On Planetbeing’s iPhone 5

Untethered Jailbreak iOS 6.0.2 Running On Planetbeing iPhone 5 – Many rumors all over the web regarding the extinction of jailbreak after the release of iOS 6 due to the bad news from hackers all over the twitter and the Pod2g last story, but the iOS hacker Planetbeinghas break the bad news by his comment on Reddit that he already has an untethered iOS 6.0.2 jailbreak running on his iPhone 5 and explains why it hasn’t been released yet.

Untethered Jailbreak iOS 6.0.2 on iPhone 5

Untethered Jailbreak iOS 6.0.2 Running On Planetbeing

Untethered Jailbreak iOS 6.0.2 on iPhone 5

Yeah, I’m not really sure what all the doom and gloom is about. The fact is, I have an untethered iOS 6.0.2 JB running on my iPhone 5 right now. The reasons it’s not released are because 1. releasing it would burn an exploit we want to save for ourselves so we can always get in to look at new firmware and help JB in the future, 2. iOS 6.1 is coming very soon and will likely break a small part of it anyway, there’s no point in sacrificing the many bugs it won’t break.

Anyway, where there are 4+ bugs (that it took to get this to work), there’s gotta be one or two more so while jailbreaking is getting harder, reports of its death are highly exaggerated.

This is not stuff I want to say over Twitter with 140 characters because I’m afraid of starting some sort of riot, but I like the smaller /r/jailbreak community more. ;)

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116 Responses to “Untethered Jailbreak iOS 6.0.2 Running On Planetbeing’s iPhone 5”

  1. Suleiman Ibrahim says:

    I really hope so, I want to buy the Iphone 5 but without jailbreak then I will stay with the 4 that I am using now.

  2. bobby nwako says:

    Thank you for a good job well done. I was beginning to give up hope. If this happens, then I will continue to buy Apple products. But if not, I will switch to Android. Do please hurry. I need it ASAP!

  3. Nima Yazdani says:

    Thanks god! I almost was switching to android… And I love apple and its past but its really bad to make customers wait for a JailBreaK!

  4. Mike says:

    You people act like we are ENTITLED to have a jailbreak. Just calm down and wait!!

    We are even lucky this shit is free. I’m surprised it is free. Cuz I know damn well people would pay for it.

  5. Nik says:

    Even if it has some bugs, wats the big deal…
    Ther r people who can’t jb their idevices….
    Just upload it hackers nd wen u guys fix the bugs update this page with jb for 6.0.2 with fixed bugs….
    At least having this is better than having nothing in ur idevices……
    Hope u will upload it ……

  6. FnB says:

    @Nik: You really don’t get it, do you?

    The JB doesn’t have bugs! JB-ing DEPENDS on bugs… Without bugs in iOS there’s no JB! They do not want to bring out a JB for 6.0.2 with 6.1 on the doorstep, and risk Apple closing those bugs before 6.1 comes out, and thus making the windows to JB 6.0.2 so small it is almost irrelevant!

    Just relax and wait… They’ll release it when they’re ready to release it. It’s not like you’re entitled to JB, it’s a courtesy from the hacker community to us normal users! (And the bragging rights, of course )

  7. Face says:

    Thanks guys! I almost gave up! My iPhone 5 will be a BEAST when it is jailbroken. I’m not a hacker or anything so I can’t even begin to imagine all the hard work and long hours you spend making this happen. I appreciate it even more now.

  8. Ah bhat says:


  9. Ah bhat says:

    Why my thumb up icon doesnt appear?
    Anyway,agree with u.
    We as normal user didnt do/pay anything.
    So that we didnt have any right to force them
    to release or do the JB
    Just wait and believe.

  10. J says:

    Hey buddy! People do need to calm down, but jail breaking isn’t free! All the people who create a jail break hate piracy. Once you jailbreak, you have to pay for everything. You don’t have to pay to walk into Walmart. But once your in there nothing’s free! Don’t think these people don’t get paid! They are going to be up shit creek when apple does this on there own.

  11. Greg says:

    I’ve been sitting on iOS 6.0 without updating because of the possibility of a JB. Is it safe to update to 6.0.2 now?

  12. Dinis says:


  13. ME says:

    Wankers have had this jailbreak for ages while the rest of us suffer waiting, ios6 has been out ages so why didnt they release it before 6.01 or 6.02 there is always going to be updates and as soon as someone discovers a jailbreak a new ios will be out so whats the point in saying we are holding out, apple make these devices and custom build bugs into the firmware on purpose purely because they know that when the device is jailbroken the only way to get people to update and risk there jailbreak is if they all of a sudden develop a fix for there devices

    devs used to do this for the fame now they only do it for the donations, they make you wait for months while teveryone slowly update there devices and get sick of waiting for a jailbreak

    same old story, money talks… sell yourself out devs

  14. Nik says:

    @FnB – dude chill, its not like I want it ryt nw…. My iPad is already jb’d so I don’t mind let them take their time…… Nd they mentioned one of the hackers already have an iPhone which is jb’d for iOS 6.0.2…..
    So wats the problem????….. Do u know????

  15. Mike Roberge says:

    The dumbest excuse for not releasing a new jailbreak is that a newer version of iOS is coming and they don’t want to ruin their exploits. News Flash, THERE IS ALWAYS going to be a newer version “coming”. If that philosophy were used years ago, a jailbreak would never have been released to the public to begin with. If one exists, release it. If exploits are fixed, either new ones are found or nobody upgrades until it is, and if not, oh well, been a good run.

  16. Mike r says:


  17. Teos Verdi says:


  18. fucking reality says:

    you know what dev team guys…

    stop telling people to calm down.

    you’ve had/could have the potential to make untethered jb’s for ios 6 for (conservatively) at least two months.

    your trying to make money on it. that’s ok!!!!!

    we all have to pay rent, well most of us.

    but stop fucking lying, it';s not your game and you suck at it…


  19. joachim says:

    you dont have to pay for anything, in cydia everything thats out on cydia is cracked for free with diffrent sources.

  20. Tomme says:

    As long as we can not jailbreak our device ourselves, we gonna have to wait for the people who can do it, for us … for free…
    While humble waiting, show some respect for the work they do for us, and be grateful if and when they deliver, because that is their decision to make.

    Don’t be a pain in the a** because you have to wait for new toys and behave, children!

  21. Wankers says:

    i dont owe them assholes anything i dont care if it never gets jailbroken if it does then bonus if it doesnt then so what but im not going to sit around like you and suck ass like you dude for a piece of shitty software these guys sold themselves out so i owe them sweet F.A…
    if you want to sit around a worship some geeks that lie to you and make you wait for months for no reason like some prat then more fool you, i used to n they did it appreciate there work in the early days when they did it for the fame but there only motivations are money the sooner you realize that the sooner you will see what a twat you are, now follow the flock like the little sheep that you are

  22. Tomme says:

    Allthough you don’t care, you complain a lot…
    Sitting around is all we can do. And i have the feeling you are waiting as well (for months…). You are not on this JB-forum for nothing… Are you? So, as long as you are checking for that JB on this site you are one of the so called sheeps.
    Anyway, feel free to stop the waiting and try a JB yourself. If that doesn’t work out for you, wait for the capable guys to do it for you and say THX to them. If you think “planetbeing” is lying to us, don’t listen to him and find someone else to jailbreak your device. If you want them to work faster and quit their real job because you can’t wait, you should contract them and pay them. But since you are still reading this, they do not work for you, you do not pay them and they do have a real job and family, they are free to choose if, when and how they do you a favor…

    Taking this free JB-thing for granted and being frustrated because they don’t make them as fast as you are used to, again, is being spoiled. Ask your parents a samsung, enjoy the widgets and stop complaining!

  23. Jackson says:

    Hell, I’m still on freaking ios 5.1.1 on my iPhone 4, because I don’t wanna give up my untethered jailbreak, but on my ipad mini I’m on ios 6.0.2, I wish an untethered or even semi tethered jailbreak would come out for ipad mini on ios 6.0.2! I think soon I should update to ios 6 on my iPhone 4

  24. Mentelkick says:

    I’m running iOS 6.1 beta 4 do u think I should go back 2 stock 6.0.2 get bac 2 me cheers

  25. zetta says:

    4 thumbs, with my finger and foot

  26. salomo abraham says:

    just showing off, not proven … clownish

  27. salomo abraham says:

    Someday ios be crushed by android

  28. wuxiawuxiawin says:

    We will always support you

  29. fuck pod2g i fuck that shitter in mounth mother fucker have jailbreak and he dont wont to post him for public eat shit all pod hackers fuck you all catholic shitters suck my dick pod2g

  30. Pang says:

    @Nik you are the most ignorant “thing” there is. Did you even red the entire article? I totally agree FnB! IT would be stupid to just throw these findings to Apple and let them fix it in the upcomming update…

  31. shox says:

    would say your rite but not everything free and also games and most apps still have to be brought so you can download licence and crack it but thanks those hackers who love shafting apple lol

  32. Hippie says:

    Love when someone cannot argue a point, they always resort to claiming the other is a child. Kiss the hackers ass, see how much quicker they release the jailbreak, oh, right, they won’t, there’s an update coming soon…

  33. Brandon says:

    Creating jailbreaks isn’t their main job people do need to calm down as the other guy said people think they’re entitled to a jailbreak when if it wasn’t for the dev team jailbreaks wouldn’t even exist yes you have to pay for some apps and tweaks but the developers of the jailbreaks aren’t the only ones creating them and some of the people do rely on it for income but if you created an app or tweak that you put countless hours into that you didn’t get paid for would you want people stealing what you created and were selling and being given away for free?? It’s sad the jailbreak community is turning into a give me everything for free community. A jailbreak is intended to free your device allowing tweaks mods and third party apps to be installed but now all people want is to use it for piracy. Yes the dev team is against piracy because they never intended a jailbreak to be used for that purpose. And you bring up nothing in wal Matt is free this is true so do you go and have someone steal whatever you want out of wal mart? People are so ignorant and unappreciative now a days

  34. Brandon says:

    You do realize that them shafting apple is them providing root access to devices which apple restricts or “jails” it’s not them allowing piracy of apps which apple doesn’t create apps it’s independent devs that create apps. Yes, apple does profit off of these apps but the majority goes to the people developing the apps so really it wouldn’t be “shafting” apple it would be “shafting” developers who give up their time to create an app which if you worked for countless hours and didn’t receive any paycheck I’m sure you’d be the first to complain. Realize what your saying lol

  35. Brandon says:

    You’re an idiot lol they’re holding to what they have to use it to find other bugs. You think they burned all exploits found in previous jailbreaks? No, if you watch videos of them speaking on the subject they always have an “ace up their sleeve” and older devices were bootrom exploit jailbreaks not usrland exploits meaning they weren’t able to be patched by apple that is why older devices can be jailbroken on iOS 6 if they give up everything that’s the end of jail breaking and then EVERYONE won’t stop bitching like they already are now only ten times worse people need to learn to grow up and be patient enjoy your device as is and when the jailbreak comes out just be grateful

  36. Brandon says:

    They’re trying to make money? Lol when do you ever hear them asking for money? If it was about money they would just sell jailbreaks and make millions rather than giving them out for free lol people have no proper thought process thinking this is about money lol

  37. Brandon says:

    Not proven ? Lol the devs have shown multie pictures of i5’s jailbroken lol

  38. Brandon says:

    Pod2g isn’t even working on the jailbreak lol and you need to learn how to speak properly I can barley even make any sense of the jibberish you’ve just spit out lol and you talk all this shit but I’m sure you’ll be one of the first people to jailbreak when it’s released ;) you fuckin idiot lol

  39. twat says:

    hey chap, you forgot to put your phone number and address in the post so you can offer your tongue licking services to there ball sack areas.
    just out of curious which one of the devs taste best to you???

  40. twat says:

    this scene is dead,instalous is dead and gone, pod2g has dropped the jb scene and is now moved onto developing apps do you really think he is now going to provide with the software to not pay for his apps by making any further jbs obviously not!! and for all those that think these devs do it for free you need to take a big fucking look at the shit you post and take your hands of your dicks, they make there money in sponsorships and press releases and donations, the days of doing this for the fame is long dead for these people, if they was doing it for fame they would have bragged about already having a jb for a5 devices on 6 or above and your commitment to them is appreciated so much that they leave you in the dark with no jb while you continue to lick there hairy sacks.
    the devs have 2 or 3 different ways to jb new ios`s that they dont release they keep them away from public so they are not pestered by anyone for them and are for personal use.
    everyone sits here and plays the same old card about them doing it for free and have no time what aload of bollocks tell me how they manage to travel all around the globe to make attendance at all these hacker conventions that are held. yet they have no time to do anything. ffs you people need to get real and stop sucking ass.
    i say again jailbreaks are dead, infact they are not even needed anymore there are plenty of ways to install apps onto your non jb device and even when these options fade out there is always ways to sign your own apps in development mode. so before anyone tries to make out they know me and im only posting this becuase im pissed of there is no jb`s well say it again now and make a even bigger cunt of yourself..

  41. salomo abraham says:

    work in picture, not on device Lol (lucifer O L )

  42. salomo abraham says:

    lu jual gua beli

  43. salomo abraham says:

    real men only provide proof, not promises, and not just show off their work unfinished. are u realy grow up mr brandon ?

    sedikit ngerti ngaku sudah paham, kerja sedikit maunya keliatan

  44. Alan says:

    How can I install tweaks without cydia? Idgaf about itunes apps and games.

  45. Alan says:

    Btw: installous still works perfectly…

  46. Alan says:

    WTH is wrong with tethered?
    Just think: how manytimes do you reset your device?

    And if you do, only your apps and tweaks installed with cydia stop working.

  47. Alan says:

    are you man enough to talk fully in english if you’re talking to them?

  48. Alan says:

    They want to prevent whining of people who accidentally updated to 6.1

  49. Alan says:

    back up your blobs

  50. Alan says:

    slanina ies lekker

  51. Jianni says:

    I heard apple took down hackulous so they can adopt and bring out Jailbreak tools like sbsettings.

  52. Alan says:

    you just prove him right

  53. twat says:

    by pouting your lips and getting ready to suck some dev cock like the rest of em in here

  54. twat says:

    its dead, your just linking from upload sites which will soon fade out

  55. twat says:

    apple have no interest in hackulous it closed because the jb scene is dead and who do you have to thank for that… the devs that make jailbreaks and dont release them to there ever so faithful supporters

  56. Alan says:

    the store and startpage are dead

  57. Alan says:

    because you said
    there are plenty of ways to install apps onto your non jb device and even when these options fade out there is always ways to sign your own apps in development mode.

  58. Hasan says:

    ????? ?? ?????

  59. Hasan says:

    and what about orthodogs?

  60. twat says:

    oh right i get you, signing your own apps is a doddle to do, but the things you require will require root access thats something no signing off apps is going to give you
    if you like tweaking then your better off with android

  61. twat says:

    so is the repository so when you up or downgrade or restore your device it will be gone

  62. twat says:

    he knows nothing just another sheep who is passing on something he read on another forum, there is a violation of civil contract with Apple re: license agreement for there OS and against cooperate policy and a breach of there violations of terms of the contract
    modification of the os is illegal but it is a civil matter meaning that it would have to be dealt with via a civil court which costs time and money, in which the devs dont have because they dont charge so is of no interest for apple and no financial gain, now if it was in apples financial interest to take them to civil court because the devs were making enough money to from it then the jb scene would have died off within months of a first release
    this is why they dont charge but they do accept donations
    the donation is voluntary so not illegal if it was mandatory then they would be breaking the law and apple could sue

    basically stop believing all the shit you read online…..

  63. salomo abraham says:

    problem ?

  64. salomo abraham says:

    you always joke mr brandon, because you always lol.

  65. Sjsjs says:

    Rebot kamu binatang kampang

  66. musclenerd-rims_planetbeing says:

    and you just prove me right.. now bleat like the sheep you are…

  67. musclenerd-rims_planetbeing says:

    lets hope your suspenders support your stockings the same way you support dev fags..

  68. palembang pempek says:

    jia ada anak palembang… komen jangan siko baris, cak mano yang kampang ? wkwkwkwkwk

  69. V says:

    You are a fucking beta moron.

  70. zonner says:

    conclusion : the day of jailbreak is already dead ( fuck this )

  71. Chris-M- says:

    I miss sbsettings, I still find myself swiping across the top bar hoping for that drop down toggle menu…

  72. box says:

    small box

  73. WankThis says:

    HEY WANKER you dont care!! I know, thats why you troll on a daily basis to see whats up and when its up!
    So here you go, bend boy, now you can have it up….
    Just STFU

  74. JP says:

    Okay so if there is no jailbreak that comes out because i don’t know if any of you know of the BOGUS excuse they give for not releasing the JB. Since APPLE doesn’t hold a gun to your head and say hey Update your iOS, Where is the money that we paid to be able to use these “tweaks”?? I’ve put well over 70.00 USD on tweaks where is my money or my jailbreak???

  75. Anonymous says:

    Wow. I totally agree with you dude. They haven’t realeased it yet so they con find an exploit that will allow them to always jail break it!

  76. Super small box says:


  77. shev says:

    3 February 2013, I still waiting

  78. Roger says:

    Thank you for you post.

    WOW there are a lot of ignorant people out there. They should educate themselves before they make they’re ignorant post about jailbreakers.

    Thank you jailbreakers keep up the good work.

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