Update iPhone 4, 3GS to iOS 6 and Preserve Baseband

How to Update iPhone 4, 3GS to iOS 6 and Preserve Baseband ? Earlier today, we posted that the iPhone Dev-team has released Redsn0w 0.9.15 b1 with many new features. Fortunately, this updated version of redsn0w also supports the preservation of basebands. Unlike previous developer version, you can update your iPhone 3GS and 4 to iOS 6 while preserving basebands, so you can use Ultrasn0w and Gevey Sim to unlock your iPhone.

Update iPhone 4, 3GS to iOS 6 and Preserve Baseband

Before proceeding, please make sure that Ultrasn0w is not updated to support iOS 6. Moreover, Applen’berry also has not tested the Gevey Sim on iOS 6, so you might end up with locked device. But Dev-team will soon release the update to Ultrasn0w to support iOS 6. And you can also use the Ultrasn0w fixer for now.

How to Update iPhone 4, 3GS to iOS 6 and Preserve Baseband :

However, If you want to Update iPhone 4, 3GS to iOS 6 and Preserve Baseband, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Download the Redsn0w from Links [Posted Here]. Update

Update: (Nov 1) Version 0.9.15b3 fixes the redsn0w “error 2601” and fixes iTunes error 14

Step 2: Download iOS 6 for your iPhone 3Gs and 4 from links here.

Step 3: After downloading all the links,

  • Windows users: Extract the Redsn0w and “Run as Administrator
  • Mac Users: Right Click and open the “Redsn0w

Update iPhone 4, 3GS to iOS 6 and Preserve Baseband

Step 4: After opening the Redsn0w, Click on “Extras

Step 5: Select the last option “ Even More

Step 6: Now, Select the top most option, which is “Restore

Step 7: Click on “IPSW” and browse for already downloaded iOS 6.

Step 8: Redsn0w will give you a warning about “Modifying IPSW” which is basically the preservation of basebands. Click on “YES”

Step 9: Connect your iPhone with computer because “PWNED DFU mode” is required to create custom firmware file.

Step 10: After connecting your iPhone, Turn it off and click on “Next”

Step 11: Follow the on screen instructions carefully to put your iPhone in DFU mode.

Step 12: Once you have successfully entered in DFU Mode, Redsn0w will create the custom firmware file with preserved basebands.

Step 13: After the completion of Process, Redsn0w will update you.

That’s it! You can now restore your iPhone using custom firmware file from iTunes.

Video On how Update iPhone 4, 3GS to iOS 6 and Preserve Baseband

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36 Responses to “Update iPhone 4, 3GS to iOS 6 and Preserve Baseband”

  1. Alae says:

    unexpected error ( 2601 )

  2. Garbus says:

    unexpected error ( 2601 ) grrrrrr my 3gs dead….

  3. hari15 says:

    why there is error 2601 when restoring ipsw into my iphone 4

  4. Rey says:

    aaw, i broke my sister’s 3gs because of this..error 2601

  5. Dan says:

    Got the same error… Need help :)

  6. Ali says:

    I have the same error!what is it for!!!!!!how to fix it?!?!

  7. Fernando says:

    Same error on my 3GS 4.1 to 6.0
    ( error 2601 )

  8. Sham says:

    I geting this error Unexpected error (2831) Please help?

  9. Monserrat says:

    Same shit!

  10. cheucki says:

    oui besoin daide jai la meme erreur

  11. error 2601 says:


  12. Jose says:

    Same error 2601 when restoring ipsw into my iphone 4

  13. Jose says:

    Same error 2601 restoring iphone 4 on IOS 6

  14. Adil says:

    Same 2601 :(

  15. Rob says:

    i got itunes error-1 or error itunes – 1 cant remember now … :/.. ideas ?

    its a 3GS on 4.1 with iPad BB already on it and UAC off and run only as admin not with windows xp mode set to xp sp 2 or 3 please help !

  16. Rob says:

    arr damn now i get 2601 error when i run the thing as admin and XP Mode!

    will try with out xp mode again an UAC off !!!!

    getting different error tho ..

    thank you for the release im on win 7 x64 bit sp1

  17. error 2601 says:

    Nice Error 2601 for Dev Team…
    Anal Creampie GangBang Gevey BaseBand itunes restore fuck

  18. Rob says:

    the way i just used this was

    latest itunes
    fone in normal dfu mode
    4.1 – crack it with redsn0w then add cydia and ipad bb
    then apply 5.1.1 either hacktivated or activated normally either way – save your activation ticket

    then apply ios 6 via latest itunes same as above with activation ticket !!!!

    OMFG !!!!!

  19. Val says:

    Failed! Don’t bother to follow this instruction most specially 3gs user

  20. Laci says:

    2601 ERROR IS FIXED IN THE NEW RedsnOw!! Update and try again!:D

  21. Ht says:

    I am getting iTunes Error -1 while using 15b3 version. Am I doing anything wrong?

  22. Julian says:

    Hey guys,

    I’m unable to create or remotely download shsh blobs for IO6 while updating. Redsnow stops updating and asks for a io6 blobs and all i get is 6.0.1 blobs which redsnow doesnt accept. Can somebody help me?

    Thx in advance

  23. Edson says:

    My case is the same as yours,
    iPhone 4 on a device

  24. Chris says:

    I’m getting iTunes Error -1 as well. I’ve tried TinyUmbrella as well as blocking Apple in the “hosts” file, but then I get “Service wouldn’t launch” or something along those lines. Any help would be appreciated!

  25. Andrew says:

    Hello guys I have an Iphone 4, running IOS 4.3.5 with 04.10.01 baseband and I use the Gevey sim to unlock.

    Now my question is can i upgrade to IOS 6 while preserving the baseband? Will the Gevey work on IOS 6 with 04.10.01 baseband?


  26. Paul says:

    I have the same, dont have blobs too.

  27. kurt says:

    I tried to install iOS 6.0, but Redsn0w says it cannot find the shsh blobs for 6.0. My understanding is that you only receive the blobs once you install any give iOS. When I go on Cydia however, it says I have a blob for 6.0.1, but not for 6.0 (I have never installed 6.0.1 on my 3GS)… Any help?

  28. Munhe says:

    i have i phone 4 running on ios 4.2.1 with bb 03.10.01 on gevey card
    now my question is will this redsnow work,and will the BB stay the same after update to ios 6.0.1????
    thnx in advance

  29. Joey says:

    Hey, I just downloaded the 6.0.1 and then restored it using the ipsw and now i cant go into Pwned dfu becuase its in restore mode and i have to hook it up to itunes to update it and restore it? and when i try to shut it off it works and i click next on pwned dfu and my phone turns on and goes right back to restore mode. idk what to do!

  30. Rash says:

    Same here. Any solution on this -1 Error?

  31. CONNIE says:


  32. moc says:

    lol, you all are victim of this bastard..

  33. sherear says:

    Was anyone successful trying the above thing while upgrading from IOS 4.1, firmware 6.15 on iphone 3gs??

  34. LM says:

    Try recoveryfix. Search on Gooogle! It worked for me. (3GS)

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